Chapter 101

After guiding Melpomene to a clothes store, I spoke to Lena. “Would it be possible to cure Melpomene’s eyes?” “Well, it’s quite complicated because she’s lost her eyesight for quite some time, so it’s likely that even her brain has been affected and not just certain nerves. Trying to replace it with an artificial eyeball

Chapter 100

“Follow me.” The clerk who had introduced himself as Ben led me to a dark, secluded room in the back. Inside sat a guy  who looked like some astrology gipsy after removing his hood. Kung “This room is protected by a magic spell to prevent others from eavesdropping on our conversation. You can go ahead

Chapter 99

“Why has the Count’s manor been burned to the ground?” Clearly the place I had just teleported to was the magic circle in the Count’s library, but there was nothing but a scorched building in sight. Exploring further I noticed that the village at the foot of the manor had likewise suffered the same fate.

Chapter 98

For Viezda this house we built was like one out of a fairytale. What other than magic could have allowed for such a manor that has never before been built in the past thousands of years. About ten days later, it was finally completed. From the outside it appeared like an old medieval structure. There

Chapter 97

“I guess I can be considered as a spirit form of Jeduth.” “So it’s like that?” I had heard from Lena that Jeduth was a god who had the appearance of a gray haired old man with a powerful and intimidating voice. “Weren’t you sealed away?” “Ho ho, so there is a dragon with you?

Chapter 96

Buuwong! Buwong! Flying in the air were countless bees, mostly in groups of at least 5, and about 60~70 centimeters long. “Why are there Killer Bees here?” Lilinor named the flying creatures quite confidently. According to Lena’s data they lived in large Hives and could communicate with each other through high-frequency waves. Also, just like

Chapter 95

“Come with me Viezda, let’s hunt a few more of those Giant Termites.” It was inevitable that Lilinor would get bored since she couldn’t join in on the fun, but the priority right now was to get Viezda’s level up. “Johra!” The termites were still a bit hesitant to attack us, so I had no

Chapter 94

OhOoooh! PoooAah! Lilinor’s Ice Breath landed at the Hydra’s feet, locking it into place. “Great job Lilinor! Viezda circle around from the back.” “Yes Master!” The Hydra tried its best to break free, but Lilinor sent another breath to consolidate the Ice. Kuooo! Hwarrr Koooo!Pahaaaat Six of the Hydra’s heads spewed out fire and four

Chapter 93

I returned an hour later and met up with the girls. “What did you go out to do Johra?” Asked Lilinor curiously, but I simply shook my head. “You’ll see later.” Lilinor wanted to know what I had planned, but a secret arrangement doesn’t surprise anyone if you reveal it in advance. We took the

Chapter 92

According to the data Lena had obtained from the books in the Count’s library, there were four famous dungeons in this world. Although there were other, smaller dungeons in which monsters would also appear, these four were the most mysterious as adventurers would often go missing in their pursuit of the legendary treasures they supposedly