Chapter 18

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The fateful day finally arrived.

‘Lord, the envoys are here.’

Standing at the precipice of the cliff, three groups were waiting to descend, a full moon hanging behind them in the night sky.

‘Come along Alpeon, and message Bianca to meet us by the lake.

‘I will see to it.’

I had been working hard to improve my strength during the past ten days. But, when compared to Soleste, it was still like the difference between a grown man and a child.

‘These envoys… well, at least the King managed to defend this place from them for so many years. That feat alone is worthy of respect.’

“Chompy! Are you going to teach them a lesson? Do you want me to go out and do it?”

I wanted to smile because of Gwyn’s overconfidence, but of course I had no lips.

‘No way Gwyn, You…you’re not at all on their level.’

I somehow crushed Gwyn’s dream.

“Johra, although they call themselves a delegation, their numbers are much smaller than I thought.”

Ian seemed to be more confident in our side seeing their small numbers. Possibly when learned from me that 3 groups would send envoys to try to capture our land, she expected a larger show of force.

‘It seems that their low numbers is due to the longstanding pact between the former King and their respective powers.’


Noticing the envoys, Mallepi let out a cute roar.

As they entered within the boundaries of my territory, I became able to observe their Statuses. They were six in total, just as in Alpeon’s story, there were 3 delegations with 2 members a piece. Although they tried to present themselves as envoys, their intentions were all but diplomatic .Their names were all marked in gold, demonstrating their unique status and their levels, stats and skills weren’t much different from the previous King I had defeated.

‘They’re all just E rank.’

They were of course strong, and held respectable statuses within their organizations. But, for me who had narrowly escaped from a life and death situation facing Soleste, their intimidating posture simply caused me to yawn.

‘Would I be able to win facing all six of them together?’

I had been obsessed with improving my strength, so I was imagining ways to challenge myself.

‘Are my chances about 50/50?’

“My Lord, how are you planning on handling them?”

Nymue had just risen from below the lake, and asked me in a cordial manner.

‘The King will do what he has to do.’

“Are you confident you can keep possession of the territory?”

‘No one should have any designs on what is mine!’

Kuwoong! Thud! Tak Guwoo!

It was the sound of 5 beings landing on an empty spot by the lake shore.

‘Let’s go.’

I brought my subordinates over to greet the envoys.

As I approached, I was shocked by their actual appearance because it was not at all what I had imagined in my mind, based on their status pages.

“Are you the new King? How disappointing, I was expecting a great battle.”

It was a massive a Asmodian which spoke out with a deep, rumbling voice. It stood at 2 meters tall, with dark skin and black and red horns on its head. Its name was Talvin and his clan was a mixed race, half-human and dragon. Judging by his stats, he seemed to be the strongest of the 6.

‘Lord, I’ll bring you back the head of that noisy fellow.’

‘Enough, without my command, you are not to engage them.’

When Bianca had wanted to go out to battle, Legol, Arin and Hattan had readied themselves to join the brawl.

‘Lord, this envoy is a bit too rude’, Alpeon said

Boo! Woong! Boo Woong! Boo Woong!

Alpeon flew in the air appearing menacing, with Mir, Tagan, and Jenna by her side.

‘You too Alpeon? Are they not my guests?’

‘Yes my Lord, as you command.’

“Baby King, do you know why we have come?”

A beautiful Elf warrior Leon asked me, in an arrogant and aloof manner.

‘You Elves and Asmodians wish to return to your homelands right?’

I answered them telepathically. At that time, the Asmodians and Elves appeared flustered. Perhaps they didn’t expect me to have mastered Telepathy.

‘And are you from the League of Reincarnation?’

I directed my attention towards a gigantic golem with a little girl sitting on its shoulder.

“” he spoke each word separately its voice thundering across the Pit. The golem’s name was Matilda.

‘All of you today are welcomed as my guests.’

It was something which I had already decided on.

“We do not require your hospitality, we are simply here to compete and select who would be the one to take you on.”

It was the smaller Asmodian named Pylbiam who spoke out, she had a paler complexion compared to Talvin.

‘Fine, all six of you can come at me together. If any of you manage to knock me down, I’ll gladly relinquish ownership of this place. However, If you don’t succeed, you’ll have to agree to one request of mine. Let’s st the time limit as the next sunrise.’

“How could we agree without knowing in advance what your request might be?”

An Elf hunter, Naarin, seemed sharp and caught the trap hidden within my conditions.

‘How can your resolve be so lacking! In order to return to your long lost hometown you’re not even willing to accept a single request? If that’s the case you don’t even have the right to challenge me.’

I had managed to provoke him, as he started an intense discussion with his partner, Leon. Meanwhile, Talvin came forward to speak after exchanging a look with his comrade Pylbiam.

“Baby King, can the requirement be limited to just us?”

I nodded.

“Good, I like your confidence, I’ll challenge you alone.”

“Stop, Talvin! Are you trying to steal the territory before us all?”

Naarin rushed out to intercept him. Most likely he was worried that were Talvin to win, he would become the new King by default.

“Hm… worry not, if I am to win, I will accept all challenger after the fact. Baby king, Is it acceptable?”

I nodded again

“Hmm, a Golden Lich, I’ll be the first to verify how great the new King is!”

Talvin rushed towards me, swinging a large log which he wielded with but one hand.


I lifted my arm nonchalantly to block it. My opponent was shocked by the powerful vibrations which resulted from our clash, indicating my incredible physical strength.

‘You are indeed the King. Please forgive your subjects for not knowing their place.’

Alpeon showered me with praise and apologies, indicating his respect.

In the past few days I had been training constantly to improve my power. I had continued my Magic Research while staying submerged underwater in my nectar pond, choosing to focus on Falling Resistance and Physical Resistance. Possibly, due to the natural environment of the water pressure working against my body, my Magic Research managed to merge the two into Physical Immunity. At that time, my body became coated in the color of the World Root’s nectar, giving my bones a rich golden hue.

It wasn’t an evolution, but rather a significant upgrade as my two skills merged into one. Also, despite its name, my [Physical Immunity Lv2] didn’t provide me with a perfect immunity. Instead, it allowed me to ignore physical damage within a certain threshold.

With Talvin’s attack stat being at only 350, I was completely confident in my ability to block it. Of course, If my opponent had been Soleste, I would never had exhibited such boldness.

Despite the several hundred kilograms of power behind his swing, including his power, momentum and the weight of the log. I was able to block it with just a single finger. My Physical Immunity skill created a situation which defied all logic, as my single finger was deeply embedded in wooden log.


Talvin cried out in surprise, he pulled back the log to rest upon his shoulder, before withdrawing back hastily.

‘I don’t require any tricks to face you all, so stop wasting my time and come at me together. My patience is wearing thin, I don’t have all day.’

Talvin exchanged a glance with his comrade Pylbiam, before taking an offensive posture, both of them ready to pounce on me at a moment’s notice. I faced then calmly, stretching out my arm with my palm facing to the sky, slowly curling my fingers in. I felt like Neo from the Matrix, striking a confident pose. I didn’t know if they’d recognize the provocation in this world, but I figured they’d be able to read the mood.

“Fine, these are your words so don’t regret them later!”

They were getting ready to attack.Likewise, Leon and Naarin began using reinforcing spells and enchanting their arrows.

I looked over at the the golem carrying the little girl.

Why don’t you guys join in as well, it’s too much of a hassle to take care of you individually.


The girl who had yet to speak a single word bared her fangs at me. Perhaps I had finally gotten under her skin. Her name was Roslin and she was a vampire.

Kuwoong! Kuwoong! Kuwong!


The angry golem was stomping its way towards me.

‘What’s the hold up? I’m not escaping or anything, just come on over.’

I continued my endless provocations.

Kuwoong! Kuwoong! Kuwong!

The remaining 4 envoys followed closely behind the giant golem, we were now about 5 meters from each other.


The golem held up its fist, ready to strike, but I had been preparing my magic spell. I pointed beneath the foot of the golem and casted.


Kwaddddddddddd, Kwadddddddd, Kwawang!

The ground exploded violently and red scorching hot magma spurted out. At approximately 1000~1400 degrees Celsius, magma was the hot substance on Earth. It would certainly melt anything it came in contact with, including a golem.

Volcano was the highest level spell I had obtained by researching Inferno.


The explosion from the volcano had knocked the golem Matilda backwards, causing it to lose balance and fall down on it back.

“Kyak! Die. you, worthless. skeleton!”

The vampire girl Roslin was running along the golem’s body, rushing towards me wielding her sharp nails which stretched out longer and longer.

‘Wow they look like lion claws.’

It was a skill I had noticed on her Status page previously, but seeing it first hand I began to think that it might not be so simple.

“Magic Arrow!”

At the same time Naarin let loose an arrow from behind while Pylbian threw his javelin after having locked onto me.

“Firewall! Inferno!”

A great wall of fire rose before me, and Roslin who had lept into the air from the edge of the golem’s foot, was pulled down into my Firewall through Inferno’s vacuum effect. Likewise, the arrow and javelin’s flight were thrown off with the vacuum, causing them to miss.



The golem Matilda tried to reach out with her hand to pull her out, but unfortunately it wasn’t very agile and couldn’t stand up quickly.

Thud! Thud! Thud!


Leona and Tavlin broke through the Firewall in a heroic attempt to catch me off guard.

‘You’re wielding enchanted weapons.’

They seemed to have rich fighting experience, and having seen the infectiveness of physical attacks, quickly pulled out their enchanted weapons.

“Evil Crush”

“Sonic Blade!”

They rushed over, shouting their skills out loud, which didn’t actually matter since I was familiar with their Status page. Still, Leona’s Sonic Blade caused powerful shockwaves which blew away my Firewall, helping Roslin roll out as she tried to douse the flames on her body.

“Gravity Up!”

As the two Asmodians were closing in, my Gravity spell sent them crashing down to the ground.


They fell down awkwardly on each other, unable to cope with sudden increase in weight.

‘Wake up, the night is still young and my fun has just started!’

I once again provoked the envoys who had such arrogance when they arrived, but now had faces flushed with embarrassment.

“We’ll make you regret this!”

I calmly watched them as they organized their formation, feeling not the least bit threatened.

“We have to give up our honor and pride, and focus solely on defeating the King.”

Leon was telling Talvin, while wiping the dust off her face

“I will simply try do my best in my fight with the King.”

Talvin had finally accepted the current situation, this King was not an opponent he could afford to underestimate.


Roslin and Matilda looked more serious.

All the while, Naarin stood at the back, ready to let loose her arrow if I were to show the slightest opening.

‘Hmm… what’s the fastest way to take care of these clowns.’

Such arrogant thoughts were running through my mind.


Tavlin: Powerful Asmodian envoy (Half-Human/Dragon).
Pylbiam: Female Asmodian, uses javelins.
Naarin: Elf Archer.
Leon: Female Elf warrior
Matilda: Golem from the League of Reincarnators.
Roslin: little girl vampire from the League of Reincarnators.



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