Chapter 19

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‘Would you like me to show you something awesome?’

It was one of the strongest spells which I had researched in combination with the Roots’ nectar. We now only had about 10 meters of distance between us, so I cast my spell, trying to suppress its range as much as possible.


As my Fire Mastery rose, I was capable of controlling the power and size of the AoE. Focusing on my Meteor spell, limiting what was originally large scale magic to only a dozen meter area.


Just a single impact caused a large cloud of dust to form. Everyone fell down to the ground from the tremors and the ancient trees in the Jungle shook violently. Birds took to the sky in panic and any loose rocks along the cliffs came tumbling down.

“Gravity up! Gravity up! Gravity up!”

I suddenly manipulated to gravity to 8 times the norm. I had a good enough degree of control over the spell that I wasn’t under it’s influence as the space would seem to bend around me.

Thump! Thump!

I advanced slowly toward the envoys who were in a terrible shape. They had suffered greatly from the Meteor, despite me having held back my power considerably. For them, the increased gravity that followed was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The first to fall was the giant golem, his face contorting in pain, followed by the Asmodians who dropped down to their knees. In fact, only the two elves and the vampire girl were left standing. Naturally, having a smaller mass was very beneficial under an increased gravity.

“I summoned the power of the spirits to aid me vanquish this evil before me….”

The elf had begun chanting Spiritual Magic which was the spell I had been most wary of.

Luckily, it had a long casting time so I was able to easily interrupt it.



Naaring was brought down to his knees as he was hit by the backlash from his failed spell. Even if elves had a strong and light physique, the combination of the 8x gravity and the spell backlash was simply too much to handle.

Perhaps if he had managed to hit me with it I would have taken a lot of damage. It was after all, an elemental spell tailored specifically for the undead. For this reason I had been constantly watching for it and was able to react quickly.

Right now, there was only the female elf, Leon and the vampire Roslin. The little girl had been extra careful since her ordeal with the Firewall, and Leon held a defensive posture near Naarin, clearly worried about his condition.

I slowly walked over to the center of the delegations.

“You…! What are you doing!”

Talvin who had his knees glued to the ground, still held a stubborn attitude.

It was the main reason I came over. I was intent on using my passive lifesteal on these trapped opponents of mine. My goal was to deeply imprint on them a fear of me and quash all thoughts of rebellion. I figured that a hopeless situation where you were trapped and your life force was slowly being stolen would be quite the traumatic experience.


Roslin seemed to have understood my intentions and lunged towards me, deciding to go all out. Her long nails shining with a deep blood red colour. Even Leon had gathered her spirit and backed her up, wielding an enchanted sword.

It was finally time to take out my new spell which I had been saving for just this occasion.

It was an upgraded version of the lightning attack which the former King had used against me. The only downside was that it wasn’t able to distinguish friend from foe and would even strike the caster.

“Chain Lightning!”

I didn’t know how many people would get hit by this attack.

Pazzzzzi Pazzzz Pazzic

Thousands of lighting bolts danced between myself and the envoys, creating a gorgeous fireworks show.

[Lightning Resistance level 1 ➢ 2]

[Stun Resistance level 1 ➢ 2]

Although most of the lightning had bounced off me because of the dragon skin I was wearing, I did suffer from a short stun because of the small gaps in my armor. Still, compared to the envoys around me, I was in excellent shape, the combined effects of the 8x gravity, lightning, repeated stuns and lifesteal put them out of commission. They had already been struggling to barely hang on, but the lighting stun put them over the edge and they all fainted. The sole exception was the golem which just stayed immobile on ground because of the increased gravity.


‘Ah. I just wanted to challenge myself and see how strong I was, don’t be too angry.’

I spoke to the golem and them looked at the other delegation members.

‘Alpeon, take in the envoys and treat them well. Bianca, make sure you tighten up security along the borders.’

Having given them each their tasks, I walked over to my comrades.

“Chom…py!!! You were wonderful out there, like a great evil Demon King!”

‘Is that supposed to be praise, Gwyn?’

“Well… don’t you know how much I admire the Demon King?”

“Ha! If King Oberon were to hear you say those things…”

Nymue who had been watching from the lake, naturally intervened.

“Uhm.. No problem! He won’t hear about it.”

An argument spontaneously occurred between them. Meanwhile, Ian approached carefully with Mallepi and asked

“Sir Johra…will you kill them?”

I shook my head

‘I will spare them but I will have them serve under my command.’

“Wow, I’m glad to hear it. I was worried you were going to kill them, and was thinking how to convince you not to.”


Ian seemed troubled.

“I was afraid Johra would stop being Johra….”


Mallepi’s inquisitive roar might have been the first sign of its intelligence.

‘But, If I considered something to be a threat to my friends or this place, I won’t hesitate to kill.’

I had come to a difficult decision in my mind. Someday in the future I might even have to kill some humans. It was why I had to share my decision with my comrades, especially Ian. Although that day had not yet come, it was bound to arrive down the road.

‘Alpeon, when the envoys awaken, treat them to a small amount of the Word Root’s nectar.

‘Lord, wouldn’t that be a bit risky? What if they spread our secret?’

‘Don’t worry, if I thought they had that kind of personality, I wouldn’t be sparing their lives right now.

‘Of course, pardon me for not recognizing the Lord’s will.’

I had gotten a good idea of their character during our fight. They had great self esteem and confidence, but also held strong bonds of friendship. I judged that these kinds of people would not easily go back on their word.

I was planning to shackle the 6 envoys to me using our earlier promise. And to smooth over the process, I was going to use the nectar as the carrot. After drinking it, perhaps even the most devious among them would not consider breaking their promise.

“Chompy! Are you an evil guy now? Hehehe! I also want to try being bad!”

Gwyn who had been following me suddenly used her hands to attempt a menacing face, which only ended up as an adorable expression.

“Chit!! Did you see me laughing just now?”

The best part about Gwyn was that she would always steer me back towards the light, if I were to walk along the path of death, Through her cute and childish facial expressions, my evil side was somewhat curbed.

‘Gwyn, I have to have a cold heart for the sake of protecting us all.’

“Oh…that, then me too!”

I once again chuckled inwardly at the silly expression she made.

‘Ha…Gwyn, you’re making me laugh too much.’

“Hehe~ do you feel better because of me? That’s great! Have I done well?”

I gave her a small nod.

“I want to rest in my skull for a long time! Can I?”

Without waiting for my answer, she rushed in to lie down in my head.


I was slowly walking along the lakeshore, when Nymue approached, matching my pace.

‘Yes Nymue?’

“My Lord, am I disturbing you?”

I shook my head, I was simply enjoying a rare moment of peace, as I waited for the envoys to gain consciousness.

‘Nymue, could I ask you something?’

“Sure, just ask away.”

‘What do you think about the outside world?’

“It isn’t nearly as beautiful as it is here.”

‘Although I’ve never been outside, I’ve never felt the desire to leave this place for another….’

Nymue was watching my expression intently, as she matched my pace along the lake shore.

‘In the future, I’ll almost certainly have to leave, but…’

“It’s not something you want to do.”

‘Exactly, everything I love is here, but I feel I’ll have to leave’

“Will you be coming back?”

I nodded.

“Then isn’t everything you’re doing for the sake of this place?”

I nodded again.

Seeming to reached an important decision, Nymue then reached out into the lake and drew a long, pale sword. It looked simply magnificent, seemingly attracting the starlight to it.

“I can’t think of any other way to aid you, so I’ll simply give you this.”

‘What is this?’

“It was the item which the fairy King Oberon threatened us to hand over, but we were stubborn and refused, leading to our current bad relationship. It is a magical item with many abilities but it was not meant for us to wield. I hope it will help the King defend the territory.

I checked the status of my new sword.

Name: Excalibur

Attack: 2499

Durability: N/A


[HP Regeneration Lv1] [Blessing of Light Lv9] [Magic Resistance Lv7] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]

No way, my heart could not stop beating after having read the name. Among fantasy enthusiasts, who hasn’t heard of the tale of King Arthur and his legendary sword Excalibur. Also, in the legends it was mentioned that the sword came from the fairies in a lake.

‘Wait, but wasn’t the fairy’s name Vivien?’

I could immediately sense Nymue’s displeasure at my question.

“Vivien is nothing but a turncoat which betrayed us all by informing Oberon about the existence of Excalibur. If ever I meet her, I’ll make sure she pays for what she’s done.

It seemed like Vivien was a touchy subject for Nymue, so I made a mental note to avoid the topic in the future.

‘Thank you Nymue. After my journey, I will return it to you.’

Nymue shook her head.

“This sword is useless for us. We want you to keep it for as long as you promise to protect us.”

In the end, I became the owner of the legendary sword Excalibur.

‘What did the locked abilities in the sword mean?’

Although I was curious about its hidden abilities, simply possessing such a great sword was more than enough for me.

‘Lord, the envoys have awakened.’

Alpeon had messaged me.

‘Have you provided them with a portion of the nectar?’

‘Yes, well….’

‘What’s happened?’

‘The representatives from the League of Reincarnations refuse to drink.’

There were many things to discuss with them as I was especially curious about their organization.

‘Not a problem, just treat them properly as guests.’

‘But… Bianca is causing a ruckus. What should I do if she doesn’t heed my words?’

‘Say that it’s my command, she is not to touch the envoys.’

‘As you instruct, my Lord.’

From the beginning Bianca didn’t seem to see eye to eye with the delegation members. In fantasy worlds, it was usually the case that spiders and elves would be mortal enemies, so it might have been that which triggered her.

‘I should pay more attention to Bianca.’

Well, it was too late to regret so I simply hurried up to arrive sooner.

‘Please don’t create any problems, Bianca… control yourself!’

Finally arriving to the scene, I was left speechless.

‘Bianca! You…’

Furious, I called out to her telepathically.



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