Chapter 20

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‘Lord, did you call me?’

Bianca claimed she wasn’t guilty.

What do you mean you’re innocent, there’s evidence, who else can shoot out webs?. Except for the Golem, all the envoys were trapped in numerous, tightly spun spiderwebs.

‘Bianca, have you forgotten what my instructions were?’

The appearances of the poor envoys were quite miserable.

‘He told me not to touch any of them.’


‘I indeed didn’t touch them and simply shot some webs.’

‘Ugh, this guy! How dare you interpret my words as you see fit!’

‘Anyways you know they are our enemies, so let’s just use them as nutrients. Also, we completely wasted some nectar on them.’

I knew that it was Bianca’s style to never forgive an enemy, but I simply couldn’t just let her insubordination slide.

‘Legol, Arin, Hattan, tie her up.’ (TL: It seemed there were others that could shoot out webs present…)


‘Lord, I was just giving our enemy the treatment they deserved!’

I shook my head.

‘You interpreted me command to suit your will. Reflect on your actions by hanging on the ceiling for the next week.’


‘Quiet Bianca! Stop being so noisy.’

She was stuck to the ceiling, the spiderwebs keeping her tightly bound.

I approached the delegation which was still trapped in the webs.

‘Alpeon, proceed with removing the spiderwebs.’

‘At once my Lord’

‘Please forgive us for the disrespect that has been shown.

I bowed slightly to the envoys which were in a miserable condition, showing my sincerity.

“King What are you doing!”

The Asmodians were examining the webs, they seemed curious about the ingredients of the web The Elves however, were furious and protested angrily against the treatment they had suffered. The Golem Matilda was too large to be affected by the webs, and was busy trying to help Roslin out.

‘Forgive me, It was my subordinate which acted out.’

“You are responsible for the actions of your servants! It seems you are far too lenient with them.”

Leon had gone slightly too far. It looked like because I had constantly been emphasizing to treat them as guests, they had forgotten that they were actually my captives.

I gave Leon and stern look.

[Death Stare level 4 ➢ 5]


Although he didn’t die from just a single Death Stare of mine, his HP had dropped by a third and he fainted on the spot.


Kuk ku ku!

The Asmodians watching from the side seemed to delight in the misfortune of others.

‘I had asked for your forgiveness because of my subordinate’s previous actions, but don’t go and take it as a sign of weakness!’

I made my position clear.

‘Come, follow me Asmodian envoys, I wish to speak to you privately.’

We walked along the lake until we reached we reached a spot with large rocks, stacked together to form a small hill.

“Lord, forgive us for our disrespect.”

Talvin came up to me and knelt down on one leg.

‘Although he has his pride, Talvin seems capable of admitting his mistakes, I could work with that.’

Pylbiam seemed to hesitate for a second before joining him on one knee.

‘Do you wish to return to your homeland?’

“Yes, us Asmodians have been wandering the world, separated from our homes for generations, it is our most dear wish.”

‘Where is your Homeland?’

“ Our homes are in Ibilsa.”

‘And where is that?’

Tavlin shook his head, expressing his ignorance.

“We don’t know.”

‘Then why are your people so intent on taking ownership of the Pit?’

We learned from old historical archives, that a long time ago this territory was named after the stomach of Ibilsa.

‘Is that the only clue you guys have?’

I groaned inwardly, It seemed like the former King had never bothered to discuss with his opponents and only thought about keeping ownership of the land. It definitely seemed possible to have come to a compromise, but perhaps that was a limitation of insects.

‘I can help you return to your homeland.’

“Lord! Will you really?”

Talvin’s voice seemed to have changed drastically.

‘Yes, just pledge your loyalty to me. By the time I’ve returned, I’ll show you my sincerity by helping you find your homeland.’

Well my Lord… I would first have to discuss it with my tribal chiefs.

I pointed to Pylbiam.

‘You stay here while Talvin goes and to ask the chiefs for their decision. How many days do you need?’

They looked at each other and seemed to have come to an agreement. Talvin turned back towards me.

“Give me a month, by that time I will have your answer.”

I nodded.

“I’ll be departing immediately, please help me get across the cliff.”

‘Alpeon, help Talvin get over the cliff as he’s in a hurry, and find some quarters for Pylbiam, he will be our guest for the coming month or so.’

‘I will see to it, my Lord’

Boo Uoong Boo Uoong~

Dozens of flying termites arrived, and in unison hoisted Talving up, giving him a free ride past the precipice. Pylbiam headed back to the Alpeon’s hill, escorted by a few giant termites.

‘Now it’s time for those stubborn elves.’

I messaged Alpeon once again.

‘Guide the elves to where I am on the rocky hill by the lake.’

Nymue had come up from the lake for a chat while I waited.

“Lord, Elves are a hard headed race.”

I nodded in response.

“When dealing with a stubborn child, a strong, forceful hand at the decisive moment is more effective than a gentle approach.”

I nodded once again. She seemed worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle the elve’s temperament.

‘Thanks Nymue, but I think I have it covered.’

“Lord, then I’ll be watching from beneath the water. Sounds like fun, watching those stubborn folk fall into your hands should be good.


She plunged back under the lake surface with a mischievous smile. In the distance, I could see the pair of Elves approaching, escorted by a golden termite. It seemed that Leon had not yet recovered from my Death Stare and needed Naarin’s support to walk. I hadn’t expected it to do so much damage.

‘Did I go too far?’

I had used Death Stare for just a moment, but it was still too strong for them. Elves have strong magic and attack power, but their HP was too low. If I didn’t control my strength properly, I could accidently kill them.

‘I’ll have to go a bit easier on them next time.’

“ King, what is so funny? Why did you harm Leon?”

Leon’s lips were blue, and she couldn’t seem to get a hold of herself.

‘You questioned my relationship with my subordinates, so I had to draw the line.’

Naarin bit her lower lip, trying to accept the humiliation.

‘Why do you Elves want to take possession of this Pit?’

I changed the topic as we weren’t getting anywhere. I didn’t care much about their feelings. They seemed to have some hostility towards me, but I didn’t regret any of my actions.

Naarin stared at me for some time before answering.

“To return to our hometown.”


“Yes, at the top of this world lies our hometown, Elfheim. We wish to return there at all costs.”

Since it was located at the top of the World, I guess there would be a connection to the World’s Roots which would justify their interest in this Pit.

‘But I am the owner of this place, it’s impossible for you to take possession.’


Naarin was gnashing his teeth so hard I thought he would start bleeding. He seemed frustrated by his powerlessness.

‘But, if your tribe makes a deal with me, I could help you in your search for your hometown.’

“What kind of deal?”

‘It’s simple enough, serve me for the next ten years and I’ll aid you in your search.’

Actually, I already had a good idea as to where it might be, but I kept that to myself.

“Lord, what you fed us… was it the nectar from the World Roots?”

‘It was indeed, but you should keep that fact to yourselves. If others find out and come seize this place, you’ll lose your chance to go back home.’

The carrot and the stick, these were the tools I chose to tame the rebellious Elves. Although Naarin seemed troubled, the result had already been decided. When there is such a large discrepancy in power, the weaker party has little choice but to follow the will of the strongest. Such was the way of this dog eat dog world.

‘I have no intention of causing you or your people any harm. Also, although it will be a 10 year, master/servant relationship, I will grant you 3 occasions to reject my commands.’

I felt it was a pretty reasonable proposal.

“Lord, I would need to confirm with our leaders before coming to a decision.”

I nodded and pointed to Leon.

‘Naturally, but the woman stays behind.’

“Is she a hostage?”

‘Well, since you are still my enemies, she will have to remain here as Alpeon’s guest.’

“I accept Lord.”

Booong~ Boooong!

The flying termites which had been stationed nearby carried Naarin past the cliff.

‘Treat this woman as a guest.’

Giant termites came and helped carry Leon back towards their nest.

‘It’s time for the long talk.’

I tried to visualize my next conversation, pondering with arms crossed.

“Lord, you are very cool. You managed to make master/servant relationship with those picky Elves. Even if you created a situation where they had little choice in the matter.”

Nymue had already come out of the water and sat on the rock for a chat.

‘As long as the Elves desire it, I can use it against them. In order to protect this place, I should guide the lost sheep, so to speak.’

“The old King simply tried to defend the place, but it seems you are thinking one move ahead.”

‘It’s nothing special, if you stop someone from achieving their desires, they would only return stronger. But, if you give them some small hope, their defiance crumbles.’

I headed back to the forest, leaving Nymue behind. There, I met the Golem Matilda holding Roslin with both hands, as one might hold a precious jewel. Despite being exhausted from our fight and Bianca’s subsequent treatment, it still seemed to care deeply about it’s comrade.

‘Matilda, can we talk?’


The tone was a bit strange, but I didn’t feel any hostility.

‘I couldn’t help but be a bit forceful in our previous fight, please understand.’


Roslin was fast asleep, perhaps now that the sun had come up we should move her to a darker place.

‘Alpeon, could you transport Roslin to a dark room please.’

‘I was waiting for your instructions, Lord’

Giant termites arrived near Matilda.


‘You have my word that she will be safe,’

Matilda carefully handed the sleeping Roslin to the termites, who then disappeared into the forest. Most likely bringing her back towards their nest.

‘Why does the League have an interest in this place?’


‘Is your group made up of people who have reincarnated?’

The golem looked around cautiously, perhaps afraid of eavesdroppers.

‘Worry not, all my underlings are far away, it is just the two of us here.’

Everyone was at least 20 meters from our location, so if Matilda controlled it’s voice, there shouldn’t be any problems. (TL Uhmm…. The name of their group is League of Reincarnators…)



I nodded

‘How many do you have in your league?


‘Then. you’ve had more in the past?’


At least I could take some comfort in that I was not alone, but it also brought a certain amount of insecurity.

‘What kind of presence is Soleste?’

“ in.the.Catacombs.”

‘Was it the League that sealed him?’


I could more or less understand the current situation. Soleste seemed to be the first to reincarnate in this world, but his thirst for power was too strong, forcing the other reincarnators to band together and create the League, which sealed him away.

‘Well, at least I’ve confirmed that Soleste is properly sealed, and with the tunnel being blocked, that’s one less thing to worry about.


I remember seeing the Summon ability in his Status page. Perhaps I was also summoned towards that gate and he had been secretly influencing my thoughts without me knowing.

‘Alright, knowing your good intentions, I wish to have an amicable relationship with the League.’


‘He ignored my goodwill, should I go ahead and use some more forceful methods?’

A dangerous thought crossed my mind.


It seemed like the entire League would be coming to my place. Well, I realised it was just 3 more people so it wasn’t very threatening, but they had managed to seal a power like Soleste, so they couldn’t be disregarded.

‘In the future you should ask for my permission before organizing a visit. However, we can consider this time as a special case, so I’ll allow it.


Despite his apology, I didn’t get the feeling he regretted his actions.

‘Okay, I have something to take care of so we’ll talk some more later.’

I still had many unanswered questions, but my business with Alpeon was the priority so I left the golem behind.

‘The League… it’s still unclear whether we will be friends or foes.’

Just another headache I might have to deal with. I had many things on my mind as I headed down to the room with World Roots to meet Alpeon.

‘Is it about time for another adventure?’

I was a bit afraid, but mostly filled with anticipation as I watched the World Roots.





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