Chapter 24

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I walked out of the termite nest and headed towards an empty spot by the lake.

‘Alpeon, what about Ian and Gwyn?’

‘They are asleep.’

‘Oh right, it’s nighttime isn’t it?’

While in an undead’s body, I failed to sense the passage of time. Days and nights held little meaning to me. Well, actually at first, daytime was a bit troublesome, but since I had gained the golden blessing from the nectar, there was no longer any difference in my eyes.

In the distance, saw the Golem Matilda talking with a group of strangers.

‘Is it them?’

I opened up their status pages to learn the skills of my new visitors.

‘Rank G… how suspicious. They must be using Decoy or a similar skill.’

If their rank was a least E, I would be able to accept it, but G… that was the same rank as my Avatar. Of course, it was still possible for it to be their real rank, but I estimated that they were either stronger, or at the very least the same level as Matilda. After careful consideration, I decided to go ahead and greet them despite not having the full picture of their stats and skills. I was simply confident in the progress I had made as an ArchLich.

‘Alpeon, have everyone back up about 100 meters.’

‘Yes, my Lord.’

“Hello, fellow Reincarnators, welcome to the Pit!”

I opened up my arms and gave them a friendly welcome, like an ambassador NPC in a game.

“Matilda, Is he…an AI or something?


I was standing up with my arms open in an awkward position.

“Oh…do you guys not have any sense of humor?”

“Hmm… I heard he was a former student, but judging by his jokes he feels more like a senior.”

The woman wearing a full set of platinum armor came over to greet me with a small smirk, holding her helmet in one hand. From the Status page, I knew her name was Lorina.

“Oh Lorina, did you not like my joke?”

“You quite the strong undead, how many humans did you have to harm?”

“I have seen humans die in the Catacombs, but it’s been quite some time since I’ve met one.”

Giving Lorina a quick glance, I used Death Stare to test her out. I was hoping to get a measure of her true strength.

“Hmm… seems like you’re not worth the trip here.”

She easily kept eye contact, showing me a confident smile.

‘No effect whatsoever?’

Clearly she wasn’t Rank G, otherwise just that quick glance would have put her in a critical condition. Since she didn’t seem to suffer at all, it became clear to me that no part of her Status page could be relied upon.


The little vampire had just arrived from behind.


After a short sprint, she leapt through the air and into Lorina’s embrace.

“I was worried!”

“No, it’s okay I’m fine.”


Standing upon the shoulders of Matilda who had just spoken, were the other two strangers, each with different sized swords. they stayed silent, with their eyes closed during most of our greeting. When Roslin arrived they took a quick look before closing their eyes, clearly uninterested.

‘What about those two?’

From the moment Lorina had casually disregarded my Death Stare, my opinions about the League had been completely flipped on it’s head. Roslin and Matilda were almost certainly their weakest members.

‘League of Reincarnators… if we were to become enemies it would be troublesome indeed.’

Even though they had been a bit rude, I decided to go forward with a friendly attitude.

“Now that we have secured Roslin, it’s time to put an end to your evil doings!”

“Evil doings? What are you harping on about?”

I was so confused by Lorina’s words that I didn’t even have the chance to get angry.


The Golem Matilda seemed to take my side.

“No, just take a look at that guy’s level. Just how many lives did he have to end to level up an ArchLich so much? He must be the same as Soleste. He can probably hide his status with Decoy, he’s someone I will never recognize as a companion.”

“What’s so bad about it? I just got rid of a few pests to level up.”

“Pests? You called living beings pests? He’s worse than Soleste!”

“I didn’t know what to say, it would probably be another situation where I needed to persuade others with my strength.”

“I welcomed you as a guest but you treat me so -Save a stranger from the sea, and he’ll turn your enemy-.”

“Ha! Save a stranger from the sea, and he’ll turn your enemy….I have not heard that expression in long time. Enough! Matilda, Roslin, Nabe, Sigdal, to me! Help me out! We do our best and subdue him!”


Boo Wooong! Boo Woooong!

When Matilda’s Large body positions itself aggressively, my insects respond.

‘Bianca, Alpeon, leave them to me, I can take care of this alone.’

“I shall annihilate all evil with this heavenly sword! Doombringer, bring thy enemy to justice!”

Lorina pulled out a large sword from behind her back and cut through the air, causing a white blade aura to shoot towards me.

‘What is this ridiculous technique?’


My surroundings were devastated by the skill, and I was scared by the deep scar left on the ground.

“You…now you’ve really made me angry, prepare yourself!”

I rarely became this worked up.

“Whoa! You could stay standing despite receiving an attack from this sacred sword, he’s too similar to Soleste. Let’s all work together to get rid of him!”

‘Her logic was so twisted, if someone were to be of similar strength to Soleste, then he would necessarily be just as bad?’

“Gravity rise! Gravity rise! Gravity rise!”

I quickly manipulated gravity to increase the power of my next spell.

‘Every one of them looks strong so I can’t afford to hold back.’

“Sigdal prepare your shield, it’s coming!”


I aimed my Meteor at Lorina, limiting it to a 20 meters squared area.

“In the name of the God which defends against all evil! Aegis Shield!”


It was Sigdal, wielding a one-handed sword like a western styled knight who held out a round shield and covered it with a vibrant membrane,allowing it to endure my Meteor’s impact.

‘Is that a special skill applied to his shield? Shit, just who are these guys!’

“Nabe! Take the chance to finish him!”


A man resembling a Japanese Samurai rushed towards me, wielding a black iron katana.

‘Uhm…my Physical Immunity should be able to endure that… right?’

Very shortly after my thoughts were proven wrong.


The black katana pierced through my bones and proceeded to nail me down to the ground.

“Cut – Rip -Multiply”

Nabe shouted out a spell and the number of black katanas piercing me increased several fold, securely fastening me in place.

“How are you not affected by the increased gravity?”

“What? Waaaah”

As soon as I had finished speaking, he was slammed to the ground. Perhaps he had used some dashing skill to delay the gravity effect.

“This… I can’t move my body. What have you done to me!”

“Hahaha! You can no longer run, just sit there and accept my final skill! It’s the one I have been preparing expressly to take care of Soleste. Doombringer! Go forth and destroy all evil in the name of the god, Deusgarth!”

This time around the light which poured out of the sword formed into a round ball and slowly approached. If I had not been trapped, I could avoid it while yawning, but Nabe’s Katana held me in place with some strange magic.

“Damn! Lorina, I won’t let this go!”

“I don’t care whether or not I am cursed by villains. Sorry Nabe, we will always remember your sacrifice!”

“Live well in my stead Lorina!”

“Wait, since when have I been a villain? Those stupid, crazy guys!”

I tried to screamed but the circle of light was only 2 meters away.



I heard a deafening sound and was bathed in a bright light, everything within a 10 meter radius of me was completely devastated.

‘Am I just going to die like this? Uh… didn’t I have the resurrection skill? This light is a kind for holy cleansing right? I hope it doesn’t have any effect on my resurrection. Damn! Why didn’t I make a life vessel beforehand!’

I had been to proud and overconfident with my recent powerups. I hadn’t prepared adequately for the situation and could no longer think of any possibility which didn’t lead to my death.

“This isn’t fair!”

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Lorina: Member of the League of Reincarnators, seems to be calling the shots.
Sigdal: Member of the League of Reincarnators,Western knight-style with a strong shield.
Nabe: Member of the League of Reincarnators, Samurai-style with a katana.

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