Chapter 25

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[+31412 experience points]
[You have gained a new Identity]

The bright light began to fade.

‘Was I not annihilated? And what about these experience points, was it me who killed Nabe?

‘I gained a new identity, what happened?’

“Wha… what’s going on! Why hasn’t he disappeared? Answer me Sage!”

Lorina was frantically calling upon her Sage’s Wisdom.

‘Oh, did she also have this skill?’


It looked like they were arguing with each other.

“Shut up Matilda! Don’t you remember how you were also hesitating to kill Soleste and for that reason we lost a comrade? And how’s that possible Sage’s Wisdom, have you lost your mind? He didn’t die because he had insufficient evil Karma? Don’t say such stupid things! How could he achieve such a level without accumulating evil Karma? Hey Sage’s Wisdom! Answer me, don’t go back into hibernation! Damn, what’s going on, how could Nabe die!”

“Lorina, Nabe was sacrificed because he believed in you, but is that king not evil after all?”

Lorina and the other League members continued amongst themselves, while my insect minions rushed to surround them.

‘Lord, are you okay?’

‘I’m fine, but I can’t move at all because of these swords.’

The swords which held me in place were impossible to dislodge, even when I tried pulling with my full strength.

‘I will kill all these intruders!’

‘Be careful Alpeon, they are quite strong. If possible, catch two of them alive, I need to learn how to remove these swords.’

‘Lord, I’ll tie them up with my webs.’

Bianca was shooting out spider webs, and along with the help of the termites, I was confident they would be capable of defeating the enemy. Although the League members were strong, their numbers were small and their HP and MP weren’t very high.

“Uh… time to go back, there’s nothing to gain here anymore!”

Lorina was panicking as she sensed the impending crisis..

‘Bianca, cover the sky with your webs!’

I ordered her to block their escape route.

Tshhh! Tshhh!

Bianca and the other Arachnids shot their webs into the air, crisscrossing them every which way, completely sealing up the sky.

“Damn it! What are you trying to pull by keeping us trapped here? It’s not like we can help out with your situation. Only a Chosen human warrior can pull out that sword, so just stay there and reflect on your actions for eternity!”

“What do I have to reflect on? I regret none of my actions! I swear this, you and your so called League members will pay for your actions today!”

I once again tried with all my might to pull out the swords, but it was all for naught. If Lorina’s words were true, she might have inadvertently given me a clue. I was beginning to formulate a plan to get out, but figured it was more important to focus on dealing with them first.

‘Bianca, Alpeon, don’t let them get away’

“Sigdal, Can you use that skill now?!”

While I was commanding my minions, she spoke to the western styled knight..

“I am ready, quickly come near me! Harken my words, in the name of God, return us to the Temple! Byfrost!”

‘Bianca interrupt that warrior!’


Just as the spider web was about to make contact, 7 multi-colored lights shot down from the sky. Like a rainbow enveloping Sigdal’s group, before disappearing in a flash.


‘Lord, the intruders are gone!’

Bianca web shot flew through the air harmlessly, I assumed that the previous spell was a form of teleportation magic.

‘There is nowhere in this world where I won’t find you!’

I had made a solemn vow to myself to hunt down the League members to the ends of the Earth.

‘Alpeon, order everyone to gather around me.’

The League had left, but the magic of the sword remained and I was still stuck.

‘Hu… I will first help them evolve. I should really have done this earlier.’

I had plenty of opportunities to evolve my minions, but had put it off for the sake of my personal power. Perhaps if I had focused a bit more on them, they might have been able to stop the League members form escaping. I had suffered my first bitter defeat since my emotions had returned, and it had been due to my arrogance.

‘I am going to proceed with your evolutions, please don’t be too surprised if your appearances change.’

‘Thank you Lord, I will forever serve you loyally and wholeheartedly.’

I could feel how thrilled she was by the trembling in her voice. I felt terrible at how incompetent of a commander I had been. She was showing such appreciation but all I had to do was select an option on her Status page.

‘Let’s see, Alpeon…Queen Antillien? Well there is only one option, so I don’t have much of a choice,but what’s an Antillien?’


Alpeon’s appearance changed into that of a half human half termite. Her Telepathy had jumped up 2 levels and she learned a new skill, Cold Breath.

“Lord, I feel very moved!”

“Oh, Alpeon can you speak now?”

She was now a cross between a human and a termite. Except for the two antennas, she had a womans upper body and face with stunning silver hair.

“Thank you Lord for blessing me with this opportunity.”

She bowed down to me and I patted her head.

“Well done.”

Next in line were the Golden Termites, Mir, Tagan and Jenna who evolved into Golden Antillien

Of the three, Jenna was the one who resembled a human the most. If she were to cover here arms, legs and wings, she would look like a strikingly gorgeous woman with her golden hair and eyes.

“Jenna, you are the closest to humanity, from a human’s point of view, there might be none who would refuse you.”

“Lord, I care not for the affection of others and seek only your favor.”

Her clear and melodious voice was a welcome change, helping somewhat ease the pessimism of my current situation.

“Thank you Jenna, I look forward to it.”

Mir, Tagan and Jenna had respectively gained the skills: Water Shield, Flame Armor and Explosive Saliva. Also, Jenna had gained the extra skill, Hiding. All the other Giant termites which participated in our expeditions evolved into Antiliens. Their stats more or less doubled and they gained a more powerful acidic spit.

‘Now it was time for the Arachnids.’

“Legol, Hattan, Arin, come on over!”

‘Lord, help us evolve into wonderful beings!’

Arin spoke to me telepathically, clearly excited about her evolution. But what was I to do if there was only one choice?

‘You are now High-Arachnids.’

Their upper body had become that of a human.

“Lord … is this the upper body of a man?”

Arin asked me somewhat disgruntled, not all surprised by her newfound ability to speak.

“Not at all, you look beautiful.”

“Well… if the King likes it then it’s ok?”

Her expression changed so quickly, was it the power of my praise?

‘Lord, why can’t I evolve as well!’

I was wondering when Bianca would start complaining.

‘It’s because you were disobedient last time around, but I’ll still give you a chance.’

‘You promise?’

Ignoring her grumbling, I decided to focus on the hint Lorina had let slip.

‘It’s such a disgrace to have been completely sealed by those League members in my own territory!’

I opened my status and selected the skill Avatar Change.

[You have used Avatar Change]

[Creating a new Avatar]

“Yes Bianca, despite having been uncooperative, you will get a second chance.”


I was thinking that if I wanted to be able to pull out this sword, I had to first become a Champion of the human race and well, of course most warriors were men. Unfortunately my dream of possessing a female Avatar was impossible.

[Avatar regeneration is completed]

‘Damn it, my romance has been destroyed…my big and soft…Stupid League of Reincarnators, I’ll definitely make you pay for forcing me to give up on my female body!’

I was sitting on the floor, grumbling and cursing towards the sky with a closed fist.

“Avatar flip!”

I woke up in my reserved room in the termite’s nest.

“This is … so in the end it’s a man’s body.”

Dissatisfied with my new body, I punched the walls several times in anger before opening up my Status page.


Name: N/A
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Rank: E-
Level: 1/99
HP: 73/73
MP: 66/66
Attack: 48
Defense: 8
Agility: 34
Intelligence: 24
Luck: 12
Charisma: 34
✧ Unique skills
[Telepathy Lv1] [Mind Reading Lv1] [Spiritual Connection Lv1]
[Double slash Lv1] [Physical resistance Lv1] [Magic resistance Lv1]
[Avatar Flip Lv1] [Sword Slash Lv1] [Holy Defense Lv1]
[Quad Slash Lv1] [Dodge Lv1] [Shield Bash Lv1]
✧Title (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit]
✧ Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv3] [Coldhearted Lv2] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Wizard of the Pit] [Specter’s Grief Lv5] [Decoy Lv1]

‘So, I just need to become a Champion amongst humans to draw the sword right?’

I came out of the nest and walked to the lake shore where my body was sealed.

“Who are you? You smell like the Lord.”

Arin, stood before me.

“This is my avatar, no need to be so guarded.”

“My … king?”

I walked past her, as she stayed frozen with a surprised expression, Alpeon approached me.

“Lord, your avatar has changed.”

“Yeah, I had no choice”

I got close to my skeleton body, but felt that my strength was leaving me.

‘It looks like the Life Steal passive is still in effect. Shit, I have to quickly try and pull it out!’


The katana didn’t budge even when I went all out. After a few attempts, I gave up and walked a few steps back from my body.

‘She said that only chosen warriors can draw it, so I guess I’m screwed if I don’t selected. I stayed sitting on the floor for quite some time, worrying about my situation and wishing I still had the Sage’s Wisdom.

“I’ll be heading back.”

I bid the insects goodbye and headed back to the tent. Maybe Ian or Gwin might know something about chosen warriors. However, I hadn’t realized that since changing to my new Avatar, I had been walking around with no clothes.

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