Chapter 26

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“Who is it? A person… it’s a pervert!”


Ian and Mallepi who had been relaxing in the tent, were surprised with my appearance.

“Lord, what’s happened?”

“Lord, are you ok?”

Jenna and Arin jumped out from the forest, had they been following me?

“Gah! A naked pervert and human-looking monsters! Johra! Johra!”

Ian was screaming out my name, but also reaching out to me telepathically.

“Ugh, Ian it’s me, stop shouting so loudly.”


Ian who had been covering her eyes with her hands began to peek through.

“Lord is everything alright? A human, what’s all the fuss about?”

“Lord! What has the human done to you?”

Jenna and Arin were eager to defend me.

“Hey guys, I told you go back for your duties, why are you here?”

“My business is only with you.”

“Well… me too.”

Jenna and Arin replied with a straight face.

“Johra…are you human?”

I shook my head at Ian’s question.

“It’s my Avatar.”

“Are you Chompy? Really? Really? You’ve changed so much, where am I going to sleep now! You look strange!”

Gwyn who had been hidden behind Ian flew towards me.

“Gwyn… is that really the first thing that came to mind?”

“Hehehe! I Can’t help it, I just have to lay down on your head.”

Arin is startled when Gwyn actually proceeds to lay down on my head.”

“You are being too rude to the King you worthless fly!!”

“It’s fine just let her be, she’s harmless.”

“Lord, you are too soft, that’s why you suffered at the hands of those pathetic Reincarnators.The former King simply overwhelmed them with all the insects.”

I had been wondering how the former King had defeated them, but Jenna’s answer revealed it all. If it was an all-out battle, then they would have little chance. After all, their mana levels were low and their skills weren’t useful against the large number of insects.

“Well, I have my own way of doing things.”

Although I regretted my mistakes I still defended my pride with a vague comment.

“I can finally be near Johra, but why are you naked?”

Ian approached me very carefully.

“Yes, there are no Life Steal problems with this body. Ah right, I should probably get dressed.”

“Hehe~ ~ Is this too close to you?”

Ian ‘s expression brightened up, losing her previous guardedness.

“Human! Do not get too close and spoil the dignity of the King!”

Jenna and Arin tried to intercept Ian.

“I am not just any human being! I am Johra’s familiar!”

A three way cat fight ensued and I had no choice but to split it up.

“Stop! I have something to discuss with Ian, so Jenna and Arin go wait for me at the termite nest.”


They both cried out in complaint.

“Just go!”


Jenna disappeared into the forest grumbling. Arin however stayed quiet, but the look on her face betray her unhappiness. Ever since they had evolved into half-humans, I had become more sensitive to reading their thoughts and facial expressions.

“Johra, is it okay if I stay next to you? I’m in a good mood.”

“Uhm… sure. I just resolved the problem with our latest intruders but I’m now in a bit of a predicament.”

“What’s the problem?”

I explained to Ian what had happened with the League and my current situation with the black katana.

“Wow, what a story! Those League members are simply too rude, are you ok?”

“Well I think that except for the fact that I’m sealed and can’t move, my condition is ok.”

“So all you need is to become a Chosen warrior? It might be connected to a title given out by a temple to adventurer’s. The first thing to do is register as an adventurer and inform yourself what the criterias for being a Chosen warrior entail. As far a I know, when you’ve reached a certain rank as an adventurer, you are entitled to take on quests from a Temple. Perhaps then, if your performance is exemplary, you would qualify to become a Chosen.”

‘It looks like I’ll have to go on a small adventure into the human realm, but is it ok for you to stay behind?’

“Do you wish to become an adventurer? If…so… I can help you out.”

“Ian, you’re a witch now, so wouldn’t it be a bit too dangerous for you to be among humans?”

“Right… that makes sense. ”

I saw her shoulders drop down in defeat.

“I will need someone to stay in contact with while I’m outside, so I’ll be needing your help with that.”

Designating Ian as my spokesperson in the Pit was a natural choice because our Telepathy wasn’t restricted by distance because of our Master-Familiar bond. Although there were some limitations as to how many times per day it could be used, it was still ideal for very long distance communications.

“Ok, I’ll explain everything you’d need to know to become a proper Beginner adventurer.”

“Then I’ll try to learn well from Ian.”


Mallepi who had been drinking too much of the Root’s nectar had become round and fat like a little piglet.

“Why don’t we make him exercise a bit?”

“He’s been getting fatter and fatter these days…”

“I’ll have a chat with Alpeon, put him through his paces and have him work out.”

“That…I will also join, I think I need it too”

Ian pinched the side of her hips in concern.

“I don’t think there is any problem.”

“Also.. uhm Jora… it might be a good idea to put some clothes on first.”

Oh, yeah… I’ll come back after finding some clothes….”

I went back to the lake and stole the clothes Nabe had been wearing. They were a bit used and torn but they fit well and endowed me the spirit of an adventurer.

“I’m sorry but I wasn’t the only one to attack you, please don’t blame me.”

I had lucked out and my passive Life Steal dealt Nabe the death blow. Of course, Lorina’s trump card had chunked out the majority of his health but it was my Life Steal which took the last tick. His body was now wrapped in a white webbed cocoon, which must have been Bianca’s doing.

‘Alpeon, please give him a proper burial.’

‘Yes Lord, it is good to show compassion towards your enemies. But…’

‘What is it Alpeon?’

‘I’ve tried digging around your body and the sword in order to set you free.’

Alpeon seemed very worried about me and was being very proactive in trying to find a solution.

‘And the result?’

‘The katana seems to have grown endlessly, like a tree stretching out its roots and it is also impervious to any attacks, we can’t destroy it.’

‘Thank you for your hard work, but I’ll take it from here. Perhaps it was all part of Nabe’s ultimate skill. I’m the only one that can resolve this situation right now. Still, it will require me to leave the territory for some time, so coordinate with Bianca and create some traps and pitfalls along our borders.

‘I will see to it my Lord.’

I was a bit frustrated seeing the pathetic appearance of my body nailed to the ground.

‘Lorina, I’ll collect this debt with interest!’

Fortunately I had solid clue and a good chance to pull out the sword, but it would take considerable time.


I retrieved Excalibur from my body.


Even when I tried to strike with full force wielding Excalibur, I wasn’t able to leave behind a single scratch.

‘Doesn’t that mean it’s also indestructible? Maybe it was just like my Excalibur in that sense. Then should I try to cut my body instead?’


My Excalibur which had just used to attempt to surgically cut a hole around the black katana had been bounced away.

‘That doesn’t make sense, is it also due to the seal? Is there a magic spell that can repel even Excalibur?’

“Lord, why are you in your human form?”

Nymue had just appeared from the depths of the lake.

“Hello Nymue.”

“I was surprised to see someone else wielding Excalibur. Wait, is that not your body lying down over there?”


“Have you been sealed?”

I nodded

“Be careful, it seems you’ve been trapped by the power of some evil High God”

“Evil? High God ? Do you know something? Please tell me everything you know Nymue.”

“I don’t know much, just that High Gods can be partial to certain humans, and occasionally even bless monsters.”

“Hmm… well, I’ve heard that only a Chosen warrior would be able to pull it out. Do you know anything about that?”

“Perhaps the evil High Gods who decided to put certain restrictions on it so as to protect it influence of others. Those arrogant and self-righteous gods… narcissistic Oberon, he was bad but the evil High Gods are worse. They even put a certain curse upon Excalibur.


“Yes, they’ve also cursed Oberon, preventing him from rising to the position of a High God. They’ve probably used a similar curse on the black katana, so that only a Chosen could wield it.”

I recalled Excalibur’s abilities which remained [Locked].

“Looks like I don’t have much of a choice. I’m going to have to go to the Human realm and become a Chosen warrior. I’ll also take the opportunity to find out what I can about the League of Reincarnators and see if I can track them down.”

“Ha, so are you conquering the Human world now?”

“It’s more of a struggle for survival than a conquest.”

“If you come across a lake in your adventures, you can summon me with Excalibur. That way I can come and meet you anytime!”

I nodded in response.

“Well then~ safe travels, see you again next time.

Leaving Nymue behind I headed back to the tent.

‘If it’s a curse from the gods, then there is only one way to resolve this.’


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