Chapter 30


A clear sky and shining stars came into view.

[Magic Research Complete]

[Simultaneous Enchant Lv1 has been Acquired]

[Ghost Lv1 has been Acquired]

The fruits of my latest research appeared before me.

“After all, the sky view from the pit is the most beautiful.”

“Lord, you have returned.”

Alpeon was already near my body.

“What’s going on, why aren’t you in your nest?”

“I just wanted to be close to you, Lord.”

Alpeon answered in a smooth tone.

“This is unlike you.”

“I know, it’s just that things seemed to have changed since you evolved us, it isn’t only me, but my family as well.”

I studied Alpeon carefully, She seemed more human than ever. Be it the expressions on her face or the twitching of her antennas, they all portrayed her emotions.

‘These changes might have some connection with the strange emotions I’ve been feeling these days…’

“I think us subordinates change according to our Lord.”

Alpeon iterated out loud what I had already been speculating in my mind.

“Even if I’m stuck here, at least I can look at the night sky in peace.”

“Yes, although the Lord, has been sealed, it isn’t so bad because I can accompany you like so.”

“Is that right? Then in the future I can enjoy these relaxing nights with Alpeon.”

“Just those words alone fill me with endless happiness, my Lord.”

I stayed there and discussed the progress of the traps along our borders as well as the future development of the territory until the break of dawn.

“I’ll have to get going now, don’t forget to contact me through Ian if anything happens.”

“You can go to your Avatar with the confidence that I would die trying to protect your main body.”

“No, If danger comes this way, just escape. If you can stay alive, we can always meet again in the future.”

She nodded to me with strange smile.

“Avatar Flip!”

Obviously I had been alone when I had gone to sleep. I had previously considered setting up some magical formations or spells to protect my Avatar while I was away, but perhaps I had been too tired and negligent. Also, I was counting on the reputation of such a large Inn to guarantee my safety. But, I arrived to an unexpected situation.

When I opened my eyes, the three female adventurers had joined me on the bed and were sleeping in their pajamas. They were all hugging me as if was their body pillow.

‘This… what’s going on?

After using Avatar Flip, it would become nothing but a lifeless doll, completely unconscious. The three women must have taken the opportunity to break into my room and sneak onto my bed!

Knock Knock!

“Sir, I’ve brought you breakfast.”

I was in a difficult spot as others would certainly misunderstand the situation. Before I could open my mouth to respond.

“Come in and leave it on the table.”

Kishande who had just awoken, replied shamelessly. As the owner walked in through the door, he even dropped his tray in surprise.


“Ugh… I’m so sorry sir!”

Looking at the innkeeper scramble to pick up the plates on the floor, I couldn’t even find a proper excuse to explain the situation.


“Hush~ it’s fine since we didn’t wake you right?”

Kishande Looked at me with a soft smile and licked her lips seductively. It took some effort to look away and then retrieve my arm which was wrapped around Miranda’s waist.

No… first of all, what are you three doing on my bed?”

I spoke out with a tinge of anger. It wasn’t that I was in a bad mood, but rather I didn’t like being put in a situation I didn’t control.

“We were thinking how to pay you back for your kindness and this was the only thing which came to mind. Do you not approve because our bodies are unclean?”

I wasn’t able to stay angry at her if she showed such an innocent expression, stroking her head gently, I kissed her on the cheek.

“I don’t think that at all.”

I Spoke my thoughts clearly.

“Then in the future, please don’t refuse us.”

Although I couldn’t indulge her wishes, I still allowed them to come and go as they pleased. Naturally it led to several rumours of a wicked Silver ranked adventurer, indulging in the carnal pleasure with his unclean slaves.

It was clear to me that they were looking for warmth and protection. After the traumatic experience they were like a beaten animals, just looking for any shred of kindness in others.

We then returned to sweep all the surrounding Orc caves clean. It was very efficient work, because although they were weak, they could fill in the gap of my stunned state with miscellaneous skills.

After ten days of countless slaughter, they had overcome their fear of the Orcs and were promoted to Iron class adventurers.

“Gaspard, why are you postponing your rank up, are we holding you back?”

Kishande with whom I was closest, asked with some measure of guilt. Afterall, she knew I definitely had the strength to earn the Gold rank.

“I was just biding my time, I will soon proceed to pick a quest to rank up.”

“Good, then we’ll follow you.”

Although I felt comfortable among the three women after 10 days of hunting together, it would be another matter to babysit them during a Gold Quest.

We left the same day, heading toward a larger city. After three days of travel, we arrived to a city named Gartmar, which was the center of several surrounding mining towns.

“There doesn’t seem to be too many people around.”

“Gaspard, this is ‘Gartmar’ the miner’s hometown and will forever remain in their hearts. At the end of the month, the workers return and the market is incredibly lively.

We had arrived at the beginning of the month which was when the city was relatively quiet. Kishande and Miranda were daughter of miners and this was like a second home to them, so I was able to learn a lot about it. As we walked through the Adventure Guild’s door, we noticed 30 or so people split into two groups, ready to jump at eachothers throats.

“Hey, whose side are you guys?”

Two locals looked at us questioningly.

“What are you talking about?”

“Are you for or against the Elf expedition?”

“Elf expedition?”

I had no Idea what he was talking about.

“Haven’t you heard? The Elves have posted a quest for adventurers to aid them in their search for a way to return to their homeland. But those guys over there are opposed to it and think that we souldn’t meddle in their affairs.”

“Makes sense! The Elvish problems should be solved by Elves, have you ever heard of them helping out us humans? Plus, it’s bound to be a perilous quest, just think about it!”

I began to understand the situation and a trace of anger appeared on my face.


Leaving the three women behind I silently walked towards the group which was supporting the Elvish expedition.

“Hey, are you the ones willing to support the Elves?”

“Yeah, are you on our side?”

I shook my head.

“Then why…”

The local kept speaking but I disregarded him.


I punched him straight in the face, causing him to go flying all the way into the end of the room and hit the wall, sliding down unconscious.

“Who else wants to help out the Elves?”

“What are you…?”

The next person to speak up didn’t have time to finish as my fist found his face. At that point I just decided to beat the entire group up. My level had already hit 60, and with the growth potential of a Warrior, I was already close to my when I was a low leveled Golden ArchLich with regards to physical strength. The Adventurers in here were at best Silver class which was about the same stats as when I was level 15. I was almost 20 times stronger than them and there being no mages in the room, the result had already been decided.

“I will not go easy on those who wish to help out the Elves, spread the word that helping out Elves is tantamount to suicide!”

I had take a hard line against all those who were sympathetic towards the Elves. As a result had knocked out almost 20 people before proceeding to the receptionist’s counter and took out my token.

“I’m here for a rank upgrade.”

“Ah… Yes! Right away sir!”

Having witnessed my performance, the clerk didn’t hesitate to hand me a new Gold token.

“Sir… Gaspard?”


Even though I had spoken calmly I was still a bit riled up from the brawl and had intimidated the clerk. Speaking in a softer voice I asked.

“What do you want?”

“Actually… to obtain Gold class or higher, it is required to achieve a specific upgrade quest.

You have already achieved the points requirement, but still need to complete a gold level quest.

I turned around to look at the Quest board only to see the three women standing there giving me the thumbs up.

“Gaspard’s too cool!”

“Oh yeah, putting those hillbillies to shame!”

They were all smiling happily at my performance. Actually, they had also leveled up quite a bit lately, but their progress had stagnated. For humans, it appeared that in order to level up their profession they required their respective God’s grace, which could only be obtained by completing specific quests.

“Let me see the Golden Quests…!”

“Oh, are you already Gold rank?”

They asked curiously, I pulled out my medallion and showed it to Kishande.

“Wow! Gaspard! You gained a different class!”

“It looks like I’ll have to choose from these quests. Let’s see; Eliminate Orc village, Slay the Goblin King and Elvish Expedition.”

Reading the last one I once again became angry. But, I just barely was able to control myself.

‘Damn Elves, I’ll definitely repay this treachery.’

The Elf Quest would only start in 3 months so I put it to the side and focused on the other 2.

The Orc village one sounded boring, Slay the Goblin King….

Oh, he seems to have already sacked several villages and even the troops sent out by nobles have failed.”

Miranda interrupted me as I was reading out loud.

“Does this one interest you because of the difficulty?”

“You’re not thinking of going at it alone right?”

Kishande asked me, clearly anxious.

“Regardless of how confident I am I won’t go alone, I’ll prepare a group”

Looking back I realized that all those I had confronted had already left the place and only the adventurer’s which were against the Elvish expedition remained in the Guild.

“Hey you guys, who wants to join the Goblin expedition? I’ll pay 4 gold per person and I’ll double the reward if we succeed.”

“What! You’re offering such good conditions?”

“But, it’s a quest which even the army failed in.”

Some were still cautious until one of them banged on the table and spoke up.

“Those that don’t have the courage to join this expedition might as well quit being adventurers! These Goblins have pillaged several villages already and here you are sucking on your thumbs! Brother, I will join you, I don’t require any compensation!”

I liked the spirit of the faction which refused to help out the Elves, after that short inspirational speech, their eyes all lit up with a sense of justice.

“Good, I designate you as the expedition’s manager and hire you for 10 gold coins. You handle the hiring and logistics, what’s your name?”

“I’ll accept the position, but I’ve already told you that I don’t require any pay. My name is Tyr!”

“Good man Tyr, my name is Gaspard. I’ll be staying at the most expensive Inn in town, just come find me when you are ready to set off.”

Tyr cupped his hands to me in salute before turning around to address the rest.

“Hear that you worthless oafs? You’ll finally do something great with this life of yours!”

“I don’t need to listen to this shit from you Tyr! But I’ll take the gold coins!”

“I’m joining too!”

Tyr seemed to be the right man for the job and one by one they pledged to join. Satisfied, I left with Kishande and the other two women to find a suitable place to stay.

“Gaspard why don’t we just book one room?”

I shook my head. I still needed some privacy to switch between Avatars. Although they would still sneak in every night, I would already be sleeping so my secret was safe.

“But, anyways we end up on the same bed…”

Miranda and Ashe whined with as their faces blushed.

“Everyone will see us entering your room at night…”

“Right~ doesn’t everyone already know?”

Ashe was a shy person but had been opening up lately.

‘Have they been getting too attached to me?’

I was beginning to worry about the inevitable day when we would have to part ways.

“Miranda, Ashe, Gaspard has already spoken so let’s leave it at that.”

Kishande seemed like the big sister and could easily control the other two and with but a few words they would fall in line.

After walking around for some time we arrived the the city’s largest Inn.





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