Chapter 32

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After renting our rooms in the new Inn, everyone quickly went to sleep.

“Avatar Flip!”

Next to my body sat Alpeon, waiting for my return.

[Magic Research has been complete.]
[You have learned Silent Casting Lv1]
[You have learned Multi-Death Stare Lv1]

The results of my Magic Research appeared before me.

“Alpeon You waited for me again.”

“Yes, I know that you will usually return around this time.”

“Thank you for your diligence, but you don’t have to overexert yourself.”

“No, it is my pleasure to wait upon you, Lord.”

Due to to the inherent hierarchical system of termites, Alpeon would follow me unconditionally. Of course, it was also a little worrisome because I questioned whether she would continue to be loyal to me would I lose ownership of this Pit.

“It seems like the Elves have betrayed my trust.”

“What you were worried about has happened. How should we deal with the hostage?”

“Let’s just hold on to her, they might come to rescue her so she could serve as good bait.”

“Okay, I shall remain alert.”

I had a heavy heart, I had been making too many mistakes as King. I had been too naive, believing in a utopian world where I could make alliances with all. This weakness of mine led to both the League and Elves’ betrayal.

“I’m sorry Alpeon.”

“What do you mean? Everything is according to the Lord’s will.”


I was unable to express to Alpeon how sorry I was regarding my incompetence, and didn’t want to cover it up with some flowery speech, so I just recounted to her some of my recent adventure in the Human realm.

“Send Jenna to me.”

“Are you worried the Elves will attack soon?”


“Okay, then I’ll immediately get started on our defenses.”

“Are Ian and Gwyn doing well?”

“As instructed, I am having Ian and Mallepi exercise by having them run three turns of the Pit daily.

“What? Three full turns?”

The diameter of the Pit was roughly 6~700 meters, which meant a circumference of about 2 kilometers and they had to run it three times.

“Yes, I’ve assigned them the minimum amount of activity to constitute exercise”

“Um… but isn’t 6km too long for them, How are they coping?”

I asked somewhat worried.

“Mallepi struggles a lot, often laying down on his belly, but Ian is doing well.”

‘Oh, Ian was in surprisingly good shape.’

Ever since Ian had become a Witch, and then later the constant consumption of the nectar, led to an improvement in her constitution. Of course she had never noticed this until she tried working out.

“Explain to Jenna that I’ve tasked her with tracking down the Elves. She is not to engage and simply keep an eye on their movements.”

“She is a bit thick, but I think she could manage that much.”

I continued to discuss with Alpeon regarding the fortification of our territory until the sun came up.

“Then see you again next time, Alpeon.”

“You can leave it to me, Lord.”

“Avatar Flip!”

Returning to my Human body, I awoke to being surrounded by three beautiful women.

‘I guess I’ve just gotten used to this.’

It had already been 15 days of waking up to the same situation, sometimes if one was missing because she had gone to the bathroom, I would feel a bit empty inside.

“Uh huh… Sir Gaspard… it’s not that…”

‘Just what was Ashe dreaming about that included me?’

“It’s not fair if you keep him to yourself.”

Kishande was speaking to Ashe in a sleepy voice. Meanwhile Miranda was cuddling up with my arm, soundlessly asleep.

‘Well… at least life isn’t too bad.’

Looking back at the past few days I thought about all the little pleasures I could enjoy. Ashe was a shy girl but was very considerate. Miranda would always giggle when we made eye contact. Whereas Kishande was the most mature of the group, being their big sister. She would also be the one to handle the information gathering for the quests, and was my go to person if I needed some tips about this society.

We had always been together during the past 15 days, especially when we went hunting. Of course, I was capable of clearing those Quests by myself. At least the risks were significantly lower because they did proper reconnaissance before every mission, allowing me to learn a lot of useful information. Still, The biggest advantage of having them in my party was to overcome my stunned period.

I gently stroked Kishande’s hair as she leaned on my left shoulder. They felt such gratitude towards me for saving them from their traumatic experience in the Orc cave, but it had not been my intention. In fact, if they had come between me and my objective, I would have most likely terminated them. Although I didn’t bring up the topic, listening to Kishande’s story about my rescue, I realized how she portrayed me in a heroic light. It was a story which was far too removed from the truth, In which I had saved them from a tragic fate. I didn’t have the courage to tear down their hero’s image of me, and would simply laugh it off when they recounted the tale. Burying the guilt and shame of my actions deep in my heart.

‘Would they hate me if they knew the truth?’

I began the day with a heavy heart due to those dark thoughts.

“How about we go take a walk around the city?”

“Yes, there so many things we need to buy and we also need to pass by our Guilds.”

Kishande and MIranda had to learn Magic and Huntress skills at their respective Guilds. As a Priestess, Ashe would have to visit the Temple to learn new skills. Being a Warrior, I should also visit my Warrior Guild for new skills, but I fet that it wasn’t necessary at the moment.

“Here, take this.”

I handed Kishande three small pouches.

“What’s this Gaspard?”

“We’ve been working together on the past few quests, so it’s only natural to share the compensation, please split it fairly among yourselves.”

“This… we can’t accept it. We’ve even been getting all the loot from the monsters, it would be far too unfair to receive this. Not to mention that most of the hunting has been done by you….”

I raised my hand to cut her off.

“I didn’t take any of those items because I had no use for them, it doesn’t change the fact that the quest rewards should still be shared fairly. Also, if you buy some equipment with the money, it would benefit the entire party’s strength. Let alone that learning new skills from your guild’s require a substantial amount of gold.

“I don’t like it, you already pay for the Inn and you take care of us so well so…”

I stroked her face gently.

“Take it as an investment in our party’s future strength. I’ll be heading down first so meet me on the first floor when you’re ready.”

I went down the stairs, leaving Kishande with a pouting face.

‘Well, does that mean I can feel a little less guilty now?’

Although I had mentioned that they were small pouches, they actually contained 30 gold each, it was an amount which was almost 10 years of salary for them. Normally it was such a large amount that it would lead to an awkward situation.But because I had already saved their lives and been considered as their benefactor, they just saw it as one more favor to repay.

Only after waiting for a considerable amount of time, did the three women come downstairs to meet me. It seemed that they still kept an interest in fashion. Even being adventurer’s they still had a clean set of clothes, set aside for a special occasion.

“ You three look like aristocratic ladies, where could you possibly be off to that is so important?”

“How dare you tease us Gaspard!”

“Hehe, but I like the praise.”

“Do we look nice?”

Each of them was wearing fashionable clothes which accentuated their femininity. Walking around the city with smiles, we started off at a famous clothing shop. By the time evening had arrived, we had already bought far too many accessories and items and I was stuck carrying multiple heavy bags.

“Why don’t we top by the Inn and drop off the luggage?”

“Yes, it does look quite heavy.”

After leaving the bags at the Inn I turned to ask Kishande.

“Will you be going to your Guild?”

“Yeah, how about you Gaspard?”

“I’ll be heading to the Warriors Guild, let’s meet up at the town square at 7 o’clock”

“What for?”

Kishande asked with an anxious expression, I had never before taken the initiative to propose an outing.

“I want to have dinner with you three.”


Their faces lit up with joy. Although I had been feeling content ever since my emotions had returned, it was at this moment that I realized that I had everything I needed in the World.

‘Well, there no reason to refuse emotions of joy.’

I sent them off first and then asked for directions to the Temple. On the way, I did quick pit stop to make dinner reservations at an extravagant restaurant.

“Come in, God is awaiting your confession.”

The priest who was tasked with guiding people at the front doors spoke out to me.

“Actually, I was hoping to meet Lord Rohan…”

“I’m sorry, but you can only meet a High priest if you have an appointment.”

I stealthily slipped a silver coin in the priest’s hand.

“But then again, God favors the industrious.”

‘It sounded like a God that truly cared about money.’

I was grumbling inside, but kept a composed appearance. The priest let me through the Temple hall and into a small room designated for guests. After some time, a wrinkled old man walked through the doors and spoke to the priest.

“All is well now, you may go.”

The High priest dismissed him before turning to me with a smile.

“Why do you seek an audience with these old bones of mine.?”

“Are you the Lord Rohan, the High priest of this Temple?”

“Well.. yes, my name is Rohan, and it isn’t a special title or anything, but I am indeed the High priest. I’m sorry if you expected me to be something more.

The old priest had a welcoming charm, inviting me to open up and speak frankly. It was not at all the same vibe as the earlier greedy priest.

“My name is Gaspard and I became a warrior because of some peculiar circumstance. I have no choice but to become a Chosen warrior, can you guide me?”

I had learned from Ian that in order to embark on the path which led to becoming a Chosen, a warrior would first need to receive a priest’s blessing. It was my reason for coming here today after overhearing a conversation in the Inn, mentioning a highly revered High priest at this Temple.

“Well… some peculiar circumstance huh… I’ve never been so curious before, let’s take a look.”

Rohan examined my face carefully, before closing his eyes and falling into deep thought.

“God has spoken to me and he has many plans for you. There will surely be a path for you to become a Chosen warrior.

I didn’t quite understand his meaning but it seemed like a positive result.


“Right, do you require this old man’s blessing? Please stretch out your hand.”

As I extended my arm, Rohan began to paint a complex spell formation on my palm. A bright light shone briefly before disappearing as he finished his work.

“Now that you have received my blessing, the rest is in God’s hands. Will you come and join me in prayer sometime?”

“Of course, thank you very much. You blessed me without prying into my situation, I am endlessly thankful.”

“I don’t usually bother enquiring about people who hide their status, but what was your plan if I were to inquire?”

I shook my head, naturally if that were the case I was planning to simply walk away. Keeping these thoughts to myself, I respectfully bid the High priest farewell, before taking my leave from the Temple.

I had received the desired blessing and had taken my first step on the road to be a Chosen warrior known as the Legendary Quest. Although Ian’s explanation had been vague, I expected it to involve some great storyline, or perhaps it was just another one of my inner romances.

After returning to the village to purchase even more essential item to send back to the Pit, I walked out of village, before messaging Jenna telepathically.

‘Make sure this arrives to the Pit, and into Ian’s hands.’

‘I’ll get Mir to come pick it up, Lord.’

I returned to the square to wait for the appointed time, enjoying my free time as I watched the people walk by. At some point, I noticed a suspicious group of people who stood out from the rest.

‘Aren’t they Elves?’

I had originally caused a scene at the Guild in order to flush out those traitorous Elves, but I hadn’t expected for my plan to bear fruit so early.

‘Jenna are you there?’


Tyr: Appointed as second in command of The Goblin King Quest

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