Chapter 34

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It was the morning of our departure, and 30 adventurers had gathered before the Guild, waiting for Tyr to begin his speech.

“Well listen up now you imbeciles, If there is one thing that’s true in this world it’s that you’re all just as stupid as me. Just how stupid are we to purposely go to a place where monsters feed on humans. If you think us stupid people can make a difference in this world, then that’s the real stupidity. Anyways the world won’t change, we know that already but we’ll still go! Right? It’s because we’re stupid!”

From the back of the crowd an old man cried out.

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about, how could we possibly be as stupid as you? “Let’s follow our expedition leader!”


Tyr’s speech was truly inspiring. It might be that nobody would remember our sacrifices. We were putting our lives on the line for what? Money and experience points, if we died none of these would matter. Hell, even if we succeed, it would just be another level up.

Still, I had something to say to this rowdy bunch. Speaking out in a low, but powerful voice, I addressed the adventurers before me that had just learned that they were stupid.

“While this may not go down in history as some epic battle to write poems about. Many lives will be saved and those involved will surely appreciate our self-sacrifice. Just this is a sufficient justification, so let’s go ahead and take up this wonderful challenge!”


The crowd cheered in unison, brimming with energy. It had only gone so well thanks to Tyr’s opening speech, I was becoming even more interested in this Tyr fellow.

“Tyr, Thank you for the wonderful speech.”

“Oh please, it was nothing compared to Gaspard’s speech, It made my heart pound and proud to be a man.”

We officially set off, Tyr had prepared horses to increase our marching speed and ensure the troops arrived to battle well rested. As we travelled, Kishande, Miranda and Ashe worried that the other adventurers would have heard the rumours about them, and thought them as unclean. But it couldn’t have been further from the truth as they would often sit around the campfire exchanging stories.

“Ladies, do you know what I’ve always been wondering? How great must Gaspard’s stamina be to be able to satisfy three women every night!”

“Hey stop it! Nonono! ”

“Ahahahaha! But on the other hand, Gaspard’s manhood must have some problem as he always tries to keep his distance from you girls .”

“Right! You don’t need to mention how strange he is. Despite sharing the same bed for so long, he’s never once seen us as women!”

Miranda and Ashe were truly drunk, and oversharing with the other adventurers.

“Enough Miranda, you’re always getting drunk, when are you going to grow up, go to sleep!

The party-pooper Kishande had arrived and Miranda headed off to bed to avoid any further scolding. Ashe however, continued talking.

“Meeting Gaspard has been the greatest blessing from the Goddess. There’s a saying, only after having experienced misfortune would you know what true happiness is.”

When Ashe gets drunk her speeches would become even more religious and philosophical. It was a bit annoying to endure, but when she would start speaking like that, we knew she could not last long and would soon fall asleep. Finally, Kishande dragged her back to her sleeping bag and the party was over as everyone headed off to get a good night’s rest.

I deliberately placed my sleeping bag a bit further from my companions, in a slightly secluded area. My intentions were to lure out the Elves who had been following us since we left the town.

‘Are they still here Jenna?’

She has been tracking the Elves’ movements for me.

‘They aren’t far now, are you sure I can’t engage them?’

‘Absolutely not, the mission is to find their main camp, so don’t spoil this opportunity. Is it understood?’

‘Yes Lord, I’ll definitely find their base, in exchange please allow me to draw first blood!’

‘I will.’

While I was speaking telepathically with Jenna, the three Elves who had been on our tail were hiding in the bushes, just a couple of meters away from me.

‘Hmm they really are cowards, stop dragging it out and just attack already!’

They were quite careful, observing me for a full 10 minutes. It was quite annoying because I had to keep pretending to sleep with some fake snoring.

‘Good, are they finally moving?’

Despite their stealth skills, I could see their Status windows. I wordlessly cast my skill.

“Holy Shield!”

[Holy Shield has been activated. Please choose to release the skill after 30 seconds.]

Even if I felt I could receive their attacks with my body, I wanted to completely overdo it with this OP skill of mine to see their frustration. Despite it rendering me immobile, I wanted to see the despair in their eyes.

“Evil human, die!”

“Bring death to all evil, Holy Elvenheim!”

One of them sent out a spell while the other two rushed me with their daggers.

Ting! Ting! Bong!

“What was that?”

“What was that sound?”

“It came from Gaspard’s location!”

They had tried to put their entire body weight behind their dagger’s thrust. Of course the result was that they had been sent flying. Despite me being immobile, they were utterly unable to harm me at all. Still, not comprehending the situation, they continued trying.

“Die you savage!”

They once again rushed at me but the conclusion was the same.

Ting! Ting! Bong!

“Wha…what’s going on?”

“Rihanna, there are more filthy humans coming this way, we’ll have to give up for today.”

“Damn! We have to escape while the enemy is helplessly lying down before us!”

‘Jenna, I’ve changed my mind. Capture one of the three and have someone bring him back to the Pit as an additional hostage.’

I had originally planned to let them go scot-free, but was peeved by their arrogance. It seemed that all peaceful options were no longer on the table When Kishande and the others arrived, I was still in my immobile state, feigning sleep.

“Oh, is Gaspard sleeping well for once?”

“Look over there, those footprints don’t appear human.”

MIranda who was a huntress had a sharp eye, and had noticed the disturbances despite the darkness. But when they saw me sleeping peacefully they ignored the signs.

“We should sleep here right?”

“Well Gaspard did say not to visit him tonight.”

“Oh really? I don’t recall him speaking such words.”

I had been worried about their safety were the Elves to attack me tonight, so I instructed them to stay away. But in the end the three women came to sleep by my side, luckily the incident had already passed.

‘Lord, I had Mir come over to carry the captive back to the Pit. I’ll continue to pursue the other two, is that okay?’

‘Yes, quickly find the whereabouts of their main camp. But don’t engage, just get me a location and return to the pit for further instructions.’

‘Yes Lord, I know my life is precious to you.’

Seeing Jenna’s Status window disappear into the distance, I turned off my Identification skill and looked up at the night sky.

‘Is it because the stars are so bright tonight? They are shining beautifully here, just like the view from the Pit.’

Looking up at the stars I tried to connect them in order to recognize some constellations. It had been a long time since I had gotten some normal sleep. In fact, since my main body didn’t require sleep, this would be the first time I would truly sleep in this World.

I was so tired that I don’t even remember falling asleep, waking up with the morning sun and not at all recalling what I had dreamt about. Most adventurer’s had the habit of waking up early, because it was a very competitive profession where the more quests you completed the more money you could earn. By hunting just one more day, you could gain more experience, quickly outgrowing your competition and leaving them behind in the dust. Everyone was already up, packing up camp and double checking their equipment.

However, the three girls next to me had become quite spoiled in my care and were still sound asleep. It was normal for them to wake up late and search me like a baby bird looking for it’s mother. Still a bit sleepy, I likewise tried to rest for another extra hour or so, at least until breakfast would arrive. It would usually be Kishande that would wake up first to prepare breakfast and take care of us.

“Oh dear, look at these babies oversleeping again, it will be hard for you guys to survive as adventurers.”

Tyr had stopped by to laugh at us. Of course he was right, and I should probably stop pampering them. After all, there were other female adventurers in the group, but they were much tougher and always the first to wake up.

‘Well, I’ll have to try and change them overtime, nothing I can do about it right now.’

I had been soft on them to try and help their minds heal from that traumatic experience, but hearing Tyr’s jesting, I realized that I might have to cut back on it somewhat.

The Elves hadn’t returned after their failed attempt. They were either searching for their kidnapped partner, or were heading back to their base. Either way I hoped Jenna was properly tracking them.

We knew that the Goblin King was in the process of attacking a village just one day’s walk from our current position. We had met a villager on the road, who escaped after seeing the Goblin army approach. After learning of this tragic slaughter, we urged our horses on, trying to arrive as quickly as possible.


‘Oh, Johra!’

‘Is there any news from the Pit?, Has the captured Elf arrived? Any news from Jenna?’

‘Yeah, the Elf arrived and Bianca has taken custody. We haven’t heard from Jenna as of yet and….’

‘Actually I’m very busy right now so we’ll talk more some other time.’

‘Ah just one thing then! Alpeon figured out a plan to temper ourselves using the Void Scuttles. We’re all training really hard and improving our Skills and Stats. Let’s talk some more when you have time.’

I could feel how excited she was. Seems Alpeon had figured a special tactics to be able to engage those higher ranked scuttles, I was looking forward to their growth.

‘I should focus on the Goblin King right now.’

We had just walked over a hill and the sight of a burning village came into view. Waves of dirty greenish-yellow monsters running about.

“Chaos lies before you! Are you ready to die you Fools!”

Tyr’s voice rang out and everyone shouted in response.

“Kill or die! But if you’re going to die, then kill first!”

A ridiculous slogan was heard from the adventurer’s as they charged out to meet the Goblin King’s army.

“Ice bolt!”
“Double Slash!”
“Magic Arrow!”

Kihic Kihec, Neighiing!

From behind magic spells and arrows were shot out, while the front was held by warriors and thieves, easily sweeping away the dirty green Goblins before us. I struck out with my long sword and cleanly cut a goblin’s torso in two.

[+214 experience points]

[Acquired knowledge of Goblins]

Although Goblins were much weaker compared to Orcs, they excelled in breeding. There were hundreds before us and perhaps they were over 10,000 in total within the village.

“Hold the frontline! Don’t let any of them through!”

According to Tyr’s commands, the warriors at the very front would switch out when they were injured or too exhausted. Also, the more squishy backline where Kishande and the girls were would support with spells, arrows and healing from priests.

Although we were only about 30, Iron ranked adventurers were comparable to a dozen ordinary soldiers. Synergized with Tyr’s strategic commands, we were able to represent a force of several hundred soldiers.

Still, the endless wave of Goblins wasn’t something we could overcome. We had soon formed a pile of dead monsters before us, having killed about a thousand or so, but our side was quickly tiring. The magic spells and priest healing was arriving more intermittently as their mana was low and our side was slowly losing ground, being pushed out of the village.

“Don’t retreat!, If we go past the village entrance we will be besieged on all sides! Keep fighting! Backline, continuous support!”

This time around Tyr’s instructions weren’t enough to turn the moral, as the troops were too exhausted. To make matters worse, a strange cry rang out.


In the middle of the town square a large goblin, 1.5 times bigger than the others appeared, flanked by other equally large elite goblins.

“It’s the Goblin King with his Goblin Commander and Shamans!”

I heard Tyr cry out.

Taking the time to look at their statuses, I noticed that the Goblin King sported a golden name with an E+ rank while the elites beside him were in the E~F+ range.

‘I can forgive almost anything, but not someone who steal the limelight from me!’

I bit down angrily on my molars.



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