Chapter 35

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“Great! Kishande, Miranda, time your skills to buy me some time when I’m in a stunned state. Ashe, continue to support the adventurers.”

“Gaspard, don’t!”

Having given out my instructions, I ran towards the center of the Goblin’s army. I heard Tyr scream out my name, but I simply ignored him. As I charged forth, I noticed groups of goblins taking the side routes to double back and surround our party from all sides.

‘Mir, tie up those Goblins that are trying to go around us, protect our flanks!’

‘Yes Lord, I’m on it.’

After Jenna had left to track the Elves, I had Mir join me just in case. Although her stealth wasn’t as good as Jenna’s, she was still easily able to hide her presence from the human adventurers.

“Octa Slash!”

I instantly killed down dozens of Goblins that were in my way with 8 quick cuts. The risk of being attacked during my stunned period was halved because I was riding on a horse. It was also useful to pierce through the Goblin lines as just the momentum was enough to send them flying.

Pung Pung! Shoot Shoot!


Kishande’s spell and Miranda’s arrow felled two goblins who were about to strike me.

“I second… 2…”

After being released, my distance from the Goblin King had narrowed to just 10 meters.


In response to my advance, the King rushed out to meet me, holding a glaive with both hands whose length matched his height. He was joined by 3 Goblin Commanders while a Wizard and Shaman stayed back, chanting magic from a distance. I threw the long sword I held in my hands towards those two in the backline, before drawing Excalibur.

Pung Pooung. Shoo shoot

Ting Tang

The Goblin King’s glaive and my Excalibur clashed and I was able to cut through my opponents glaive. Still, because it was so large, despite ruining his sword I still have to bear the brunt of it’s weight.

Hiiiiiinh Kooung

The shock was transmitted to my horse which could no longer stay standing and its legs gave out. Falling down from my horse, I rolled to the ground expertly, allowing me to dodge the slash form one of the Goblin commander’s greatsword. Despite not having a clear line of sight, I instinctively used my skill.

“Double Slash!”

Kieee Kieek

I was once again able to cleave the sword in two, but the goblin commander was able to retreat in time leaving a common goblin to take the hit.

Pung, Pong Shoot

Kishande and Miranda’s skills arrived at the perfect timing, allowing me to overcome the 1 second stun period.


By now the Goblin King and Commanders had backed off, and was barking orders as they surrounded me with regular Goblins. Likewise, the Wizard and Shaman stayed far behind.

‘Are you turning this into a war of attrition?’

Having crossed swords with Excalibur, it appeared that the Goblin King had realized I was no easy foe, and had cunningly chosen to wear me out with his troops. Such planning indicated a certain level of intelligence.

Having dashed out alone, I was quite isolated from my group of adventurers. Not to mention that the Goblin King and Commanders were always lurking nearby, ready to pounce if I showed the slightest opening.

‘I’ll just ignore these small fries and focus only on the King!’

Believing in my Physical and Magic Resistance, I simply charged forward towards the Goblin King who was hiding behind his minions. Opening a path with my skill.

“Saints Slash!”


Kie euurk!

The King reflexively brought up his damaged glaive to block my skill, but it was unable to hold up against such overwhelming power. It bent awkwardly, allowing the remainder of the skill to continue forward and nick his carotid artery. Blood spurted out, but unfortunately the Shaman was quick to react and his healing spell stemmed the blood loss. Although I suffered from the stunned period of this skill, least least the King was in no condition to capitalize on it.

Pung! Shoot!

I still had the support from both women, but it made all those Goblins who were focusing on their injured King, turn the attention back to me.

‘The crude Gobin weapons aren’t a threat to me, the only problematic ones are the Goblin Commanders who wield two handed swords’

Their weapons had been enchanted with Ghost Magic by the Wizard.

Kuo! Kuo!

Two commanders rushed towards me with their sword held high over their heads.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

It was the sounds of the regular Goblins weapons hardly leaving a scratch on my body. Still, even if the damage was negligeable, It might become dangerous if it stacked up too much, and I still had the commanders closing in on me.

“Yapp! Hiya!”

Kang kakang

Out of nowhere, 5 veteran adventures had carved a path towards me, coming to my rescue.

“Gaspard how could you go out on your own, let’s die together!”

“Right, we also have the right to have a cool death!”

Tyr was among the five who despite their average weapons, were barely able to block the Commanders’ two handed sword strike. I could see them put their lives on the line to defend me.

“Why did you guys follow me to the heart of their army?”

“I still haven’t received my compensation from you!”

It was a lie, I hand already payed Tyr extravagantly, but I was touched by his words.

“Everyone step back, you only need to defend me when I’m in a stunned state.”

Their actions had moved me. Previously I had only cared for Kishande’s group, but I had now made some new friends.

“Octa Slash!”

Kie Keuurk!

Excalibur shone brightly in the battlefield, making quick work of the two Commanders. By now the Goblin King had replaced his broken glaive and was ready for round 2. The Wizard and Shaman had gone back to chanting while Tyr and his group held off the regular Gobins.

‘The party starts now!’

As soon as I broke out of the stun, I reached for the small water bottle at my side and chugged down it’s contents.


“Everyone get out of my way!”

I dashed towards the Goblin king, our gazes locked onto each other.


The Goblins in my path were sent flying, like dead corpses raining down from the skies.




We clashed with both weapons at a very close distance, but once again my Exclaibur cleaved right through his new sword.

“Let’s give them a fight they won’t soon forget!”

The 5 man group of adventures were on their last legs, and the same was true for our main force. It was now or never, and this was my stage.



The Goblin King frantically tried to roll away, but he couldn’t escape Excalibur’s range.

“Saints Slash!”

My sword fell down on the kneeling King’s skull. A deep cobalt blue light shot out from Excalibur, instantly ending his life.

[+10214 experience points]

[Acquired ⦅Title:Irregular Lv6⦆]

[You have learned Vampiric Sword Lv1]

[You have learned Roar of Rage Lv1]

[Acquired ⦅Title:Goblin Slaughterer Lv2⦆]

Surprisingly I had acquired two skills, I wasn’t sure i it was due to my doping with the World’s nectar or the recent blessing from the High priest.

Kuwaeyeek! Kuwake! Keeerk!

Having lost their King, the Goblins were escaping mindlessly, like chickens without a head.

‘Mir, try and capture as many of them as you can and move them to the Pit.’

‘Yes, Lord’

I ordered Mir to gather as many as possible. Although they were stupid, I could create a large cannon fodder unit because of their high fertility.

“Wow Gaspard, you’ve done it! I didn’t expect you’d defeat the Goblin King by yourself. He’s even been named Widow-maker because of all the adventurers that have fallen to him.”

Tyr proceeded to lop off the Goblin King’s head and holding it by the hair, held it up for all to see.

“We’ve fought well and won! All hail Gaspard!”


A battle cry was heard across the village as the last of the goblins were fleeing into the distance.

‘Mir should be able to handle this.’

“Goblins who have lost their King would no longer be a threat to these villagers. Time to head back, I miss my cozy Inn!”

Tyr spoke to me with, with eyes of worship.

“Come on now boys, time to get drunk with all this money!”

“Ah~ I can get married now! Wait for me Daisy, I’m coming!”

Everyone was excited to have survived this great battle without any large injuries. The campsites on our way back were very festive. Wild Boars were hunted nearby and roasted on a firepit. Drinking the last of the alcohol the adventurers had brought with them, everyone fell into a happy, deep sleep.

“Gaspard, why did you go to such lengths, putting yourself in such danger?” While everyone was about to sleep Kishande approached and asked me.

“It wasn’t that dangerous for me.”

“Gaspard you seem to be walking on the edge of dangerous cliff, along the line of life and death, but I don’t understand why. If you don’t want to tell me it’s fine, after all you are our savior. I just hope you could remember me… hick”

Kishande had also drunk a lot of alcohol and in mid-sentence fell asleep on my shoulder.

“Was it dangerous?”

Since I had first arrived in this World I had always been surrounded by danger. I had somehow overcome these situations with wit or dumb luck, but perhaps because of my success rate, I have thought myself as infallible. Maybe it was also this line of thinking which clouded my judgment and hadn’t seen the betrayal of the League and Elves.

‘Well, now that I know about it, I should definitely try and show some restraint.’

‘Lord, do you favor this human? ’

It had been quite some time since I had heard from Jenna.

‘Mind your own business, have your found their camp?’

‘Yes, but it’s a bit bigger than expected.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘It seems like they’ve gathered all the tribes together for this one.’

‘All the tribes?’

‘Yup, I’ve heard they’re a total of 64 tribes gathered here to march on the Pit.’

‘64? How many fighters does that mean?’

‘I can’t be sure, but I tracked down a single tribe’s camp and there were about 300 Elves.’

I started to do some calculation ins my head. Among 300 elves, maybe only 100~150 would be capable fighters. Then if there are 64 tribes, that meant an army of at least 8000. Not to mention that they would recruiting adventurers, so the final count would be unknown.

‘This is going to be on the scale of a full-out war!’

I gulped in dismay as I realized the gravity of the situation.



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