Chapter 38

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I asked for Rohan’s assistance and he lent me his carriage to guide me back to the cave, thanking me for my troubles. Arriving shortly after, it was once again time to meet the Supreme Sage

“Gaspard, Stop right there! It isn’t a good time to come in!”

A red light filled the cave.

“Gnoss, what’s going on?”

“I had warned you not to interfere with this Mortal World, Gnoss. I banish you to the void for all eternity!” with this

A ringing sound reverberated throughout the cave and a bright light flashed


The altar upon which he had been sealed disappeared entirely.

“Hello…Gnoss are you there?”

I called out in the cave but there wasn’t any response.

“Gnoss, I need you!”


“Damn, just when you need them most…”


“Did you call me?”

Suddenly the gem he was trapped in reappeared through a dimensional rift.

“Wow, I thought you were a goner there.”

“Yes, I also thought I would be trapped in the void, luckily the promise of the ring is absolute.”

The ring of obedience give off a small light.

“So what just happened to you?”

“Don’t worry about it, not a big deal. So have you read the Codex?”

“Not a big deal you say… who was that the being who banished you?”

“It has nothing to do with you. Well, now that you’ve read the Codex, there is just one last step before becoming a Chosen Warrior.

There was no reason to press the issue, like he said it wasn’t any of my business.

“What is it?”

“You need to get my permission as the prophet to the Divine will.”

“Ok, let’s quickly get it over with.”


Something was off, why was he hesitating?

“What’s wrong?”

“I met some unfortunate circumstances in the Higher plane, and lost most of my Divine Grace”

“What did you say!”

I spat out both irritated and angry. It was the feeling of having come so far, only to fail at the very end.

“No, it isn’t a big deal and the ceremony can still proceed, just that you won’t be a complete Chosen Warrior. With the amount of Divine Grace I have left, you can only wield the strength of a Chosen once, before requiring to charge it for around one year’s time.

“Is there a way for you to regain your Grace?”

“No, my Grace doesn’t regenerate. I only acquired it when I inherited my position as Supreme Sage.”

Well there wasn’t much of a choice, At least I would be able to release my main body.

“Okay go through with it, but keep in mind that removing your seal will not be my priority.”

“I accept because this is my fault, just sometime in the future please remembers to remove my seal. ”

He spoke out dejectedly.

“Worry not, I always pay back those I am indebted to.”

“Okay, this will just take a sec.”

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I floated into the air, embraced by a bluish nimbus filled with energy, which slowly seeped into my body. After a short time, I dropped back down to the ground as I noticed the new Chosen Warrior title on my status page.

“Phew, that was a close one, I was worried for a second that it would fail because of the lack of Grace.”

“Good, now Gnoss, will you continue to stay here? Isn’t it dangerous?”

“Well… I’ve been fine so far, but that does seem to have changed.”

I picked up the green gem within which he was sealed.

“What are you doing?”

I have a lot of uses for you, so you’ll get comfy accommodations in my jewelry pouch.

“How dare you treat me like some common gem, I am the Supreme Sage!”

“Do you have telepathy? You must since as you just mentioned you are the Supreme Sage. Make sure to use it when we are around other people, can’t have a talking gem now can I?”

Ignoring the chatterbox, I left the cave and headed back to the Inn.


I met the women on the first floor, apparently they were worried that I had gone missing.

“I have to leave to take care of some personal business.”

“Can’t we go together?”

I shook my head, I really didn’t want them to come over to the Pit.

“Will you be coming back?”

“Of course, there are still many quests waiting for me.”

“Okay then… we’ll wait for you.”

Kishande stayed quiet after that, while Miranda and Ashe were in tears.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, so in the meantime don’t do anything dangerous.”

I rushed out of town, galloping towards the Pit, trying to arrive as soon as possible.

‘Gnoss, I’ll share with you a bit about myself, so try not to be too surprised.’

‘Oh, do you mean the fact that you’re the King of the Pit, or that your main body is that of a Golden ArchLich?’

‘What, how’d you know?’

‘My Identification is at Max Level, I can even see all of your stats. Speaking of which, have you experienced a special event? You appear to have a unique ability that allows you to receive exponential experience for multiple kills. I’ve never heard of such a trait.’

Multiple kills, I had also been wondering why hunting several monsters at the same time would reward me more than others. Even if others would perform the same feat as me, their level didn’t rise as quickly.Was it a unique trait of mine?

‘You also have an extra Identity, have you killed a Reincarnator?’

I proceeded to tell him all my experiences since I’d arrived in this World. I needed his wisdom and could count on his discretion, after all he was sealed and resided in my pocket. He would be my new substitute for the Sage’s Wisdom and would resolve all that was unknown to me, so I chose to be upfront with him.

‘How should I refer to you, Chompy, Johra, Gaspard?’

‘It matters not, you can choose.’

‘How have you managed to survive so long? You seem quite innocent with that straightforward personality of yours. Was it because you began as a skeleton and had no emotions? You truly are an interesting case study, Kekeke.’

I probably wouldn’t have shared my life story with him had I known he had such a creepy laugh.

‘I see, so you were sealed when fighting that childish League of Reincarnators. ’

‘Hey, please tell me it wasn’t you who made Lorina a Chosen Warrior.’


‘Geez, a least make some selection process, how could you have given such power to a waste like her?’

‘Well.. I refused at first, but she later returned with a divine writ from a High God. If I continued to deny her I would probably end up losing my position as Supreme Sage. They may be a bunch of trouble makers but they at least fulfilled their oath and sealed Soleste, but when I tried to retrieve the Divine Grace bestowed on them….’

‘They sealed you instead?

‘That’s right’

I could somewhat understand what Gnoss had gone through. As a Supreme Sage, his role was to lead those he deemed worthy on the path of a Chosen Warrior. However, when he tried to take back that power, it was used against him instead.

‘Then was that red light a High God?’

‘No, it’s the Messiah,an errand boy so to speak. High gods never come down to this realm.

On our way back I continued to converse with Gnoss, absorbing as much knowledge as I could.

‘So the Elves have finally organized an expedition? You have some tough times ahead. You managed to cause those prideful Elves to put aside their differences as well as a thousand years of disagreements and bickering among tribes, to band together for a common cause. Of course, at the end of the day, their greed for the World’s nectar is the main reason.

‘Then do you know of some allies I could find to help beat them back?’

‘Of course I know I am the Supreme Sage. If you’re looking for allies, then you have to consider your enemy’s enemy. The first are the Dwarves, although rocks and trees may coexist peacefully in nature, It isn’t the case for those two races as they are always at eachother’s throats. I will tell you how to make an alliance with them. Then there’s the Totem Orcs, they are a rather peaceful species but will always avenge an enmity. Finally, you told me that you’ve reached an agreement with the Asmodians. That’s good, they are honorable beings, and would not easily go back on their word.’

It was a great use of my wish to have Gnoss accompany me, he was like a fountain of wisdom, providing me with all kinds of useful information. Maybe he was being more cooperative when he found out I hated Lorina.

“Ha~ Finally arrived.”

Standing on the precipice, I looked down at the beautiful scenery with a sense of pride.

‘Is this the Pit you spoke of? It looks bigger than you let on.’

Although Gnoss didn’t have any eyes he could see with, he could view the Status pages of all living creatures, allowing him to have a good grasp of his surroundings.


Boowooong! Boowoooong!

“Lord, I’ve been impatiently waiting for your return.”

Winged Antilliens came up to greet me, and with their help we arrived before my sealed body by the lake.

‘Gnoss, do I just need to pull the sword out or is there something special I should do?’

‘Once you grasp the hilt of the sword, try to visualize something Divine. Most of a Chosen’s powers originate from that mental image.’

I grabbed the sword, and focused on the image of a pure white angel.


I pulled the sword out, finally regaining my main body’s freedom.

“Ha ha ha! I’m finally free!”

“Avatar Flip!”

‘Ugh, why so loud. You sound like a villain that’s just been released.’

I heard Gnoss’ grumblings but simply ignored them.

“We must celebrate the King’s release!”

The insects that were nearby were hopping around in ecstasy, while Ian Gwyn and Mallepi stood nearby.

Ignoring the festive mood, I spoke urgently to Ian with my telepathy.

‘Ian, I have important business to take care of. I’ll be back to meet with you, Gwyn and Mallepi later.’

‘Okay Johra.’

After nodding back, I signaled Alpeon.


“Yes Lord!”

“Prepare 20 of our finest soldiers, I’ll be heading out shortly.”

“I’m on it!”

Ten minutes later, 10 Antilliens and HighArachnids assembled before me.

“Good, Arin you’ll lead them as their captain.”

“Thank you for the honor Lord!”

All of them had maxed out their levels and had a unique skill.

‘What’s the matter with my Avatar?’

My human body which I had left by the lakeshore was trembling uncontrollably, making strange sounds.

‘Why is it doing that Gnoss?’

‘When there is no soul inside the Avatar, a wandering soul is born. However, if there are other souls in your proximity then you’ll be fine.’

“Alpeon, please have some of your children accompany my Avatar.”

“Of course Lord”

As the Antilliens neared my human body, the seizures immediately stopped.

‘Hmm… was that the main reason why the women would accompany me every night?’

I had always assumed it was because they had been traumatized, but by the looks of it they might have had a more altruistic purpose.

“Arin, let’s get going.”


Leaving the Pit behind, we headed toward the Wetheros Mountains at a brisk pace. Carried by the Antilliens, I helped by reducing the effects of gravity, speeding us along. A journey that would have taken 5 days on horseback, was completed in just 2.

‘Gnoss, this is the Dwarves’ home right?’

‘Yes, just wait a short while and they will appear.’

Although the huge cave before me appeared to have been formed naturally, upon closer examination the rock seemed to have been melted.

‘Was it a dragon?’

“These are the lands of the King under the Mountain! None can enter!”

A unit of small, but sturdy dwarves appeared before us. It was the same dwarves that were renowned for masonry and blacksmithing skills, as they were dressed in gorgeous armor and wielded fierce weapons.

“I came seeking an audience with your King.”

“Return from whence you came, our King does not meet with outsiders.”

Tell him I came to fulfill the Supreme Sage’s promise regarding Valenor.”

“Vale… never heard of it. Now leave or would you rather have a taste of my hammer!”


The unit leader threateningly swung his hammer around a few times, seemingly with no intentions of passing on my message to his king.

‘Hand him what we’ve brought, dont fight!’

Gnoss shouted out to me urgently.

“Arin bring it here.”

She brought forth of a keg’s worth a the World’s nectar.

“We present you with a gift for the King under the Mountain, a token of friendship and goodwill.”

“What is it, beer? How could it possibly be more delicious than our dwarven ale?”

Propping open the barrel’s lid he had a taste of the nectar. The other dwarves approached him with curiosity as he was bathed in a golden light.

“Hey, you can’t possibly be thinking of drinking the whole barrel before presenting it to your king?”

“Aahh… You there! Present this barrel to the King and explain to him the situation here!”

“Yes Captain!”

Having tasted the nectar and accepted our gifts, the dwarves were considerable less hostile.

“So captain, what’s your name?”

“Norin, son of Valin, how about you?”

“Dwarven child, how dare you presume to ask our Lords name.”

Arin intimidating presence made the dwarves instinctively take a step back.

“Do you want to fight? Norin son of Valin is no coward!”

Despite his words of bravery, his cowering body betrayed his true self.

“Arin, we did not come here to fight.”

“Dwarf, next time you address my Lord, refer to him as King. Otherwise I’ll munch on that delicious looking head of yours.”

“Ha, just you try it!”

Since that time we no longer exchanged any verbal pleasantries, making for an awkward period of time, until finally the sound of trumpets were heard from within the cave.

“The King has arrived!”

The well dressed Dwarven King appeared before us.

“I am the King under the Mountain, who here speaks of the promise with the Supreme Sage and gifts me a barrel of the World’s nectar?”

He wore very formal clothes but spoke quite amiably.

“It is I, the King of the Pit. I come to help you due to my relationship with the Supreme Sage”

“Hmm….King of the Pit you say. I’ve been hearing rumours of those filthy Elves banding together to deal with you. Is that why you’ve come, do you wish for us to join you?”

I nodded.

“I’m not sure what you’ve heard from the Supreme Sage. but the promise of Valenor is quite risky for us as well, if you fail we will lose our homes. Were you aware of that?”

‘Gnoss, what is he talking about?’

‘Oh that? Don’t worry about it you can handle it.’

‘Handle what? What are we talking about here?’

‘No big deal, you’re good at this stuff.’

‘Just what are you hiding from me?’

‘Just go along with it, I’m also here to help. Regardless this is the easiest way to gain the dwarves’ support.’

I felt something was off, but if I wanted the dwarves to aid me I needed to do as he said.

“I am a friend of the dwarves, the Supreme Sage trusted me, and the King under the Mountain should trust me as well.”

“Hmm… Dwarves keep their promises so we will trust you with this. You guys, escort them to the chamber.”


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