Chapter 39

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‘Gnoss, you better quickly explain to me what this is all about. Although I’ve already decided to go along with it, I think I deserve a proper explanation.’

I spoke to Gnoss as I followed behind the Dwarves.

‘It’s no big deal, you just have to defeat the owner of this mountain range. Just a catching a small lizard is all….’

‘If you’re calling a dragon a small lizard, then I’ll just go ahead and bury this gem in some godforsaken land where no one will ever find you.’

‘Well… ok it might be medium sized and look a bit like a dragon… ha ha… but please don’t bury me! Don’t worry I’ll lend a hand when it comes to defeating it.’

I was little bit worried about facing a dragon, but I regained my confidence when I remembered I had already slain one.

“King of the Pit, from here on out just the two of us can proceed, your attendants will have to wait outside.”

“Stay here Arin.”

Leaving my insects behind, we walked into the chamber. The gate we had just crossed was sturdy and one meter thick iron, not at all inspiring confidence. The passage led to a decent sized terrace, overlooking a huge hollowed out chamber, the size of my Pit. Under us was boiling lake of black magma.


Inor cried out loudly.


From the beneath the pool of lava emerged a silvery snout, the size of a house.

‘Gnoss you really tricked me this time around, that’s definitely a dragon right?’

‘It appears to have grown up a bit, in my defense it wasn’t nearly as big last time around!’

Gnoss’ response was disappointing, but I kept calm and trying to ignore the dragon’s enormous size, deciding to focus on it’s Status page only to go pale with fright.

Name: Valenor
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Platinum Dragon / Dragon
Class: N/A
Rank: B-
Level: 4231/9999
HP: 7892300/7892300
MP: 278901/278901
Attack: 78991(17821)
Defense: 173225
Agility: 1341
Intelligence: 38956
✧ Unique Skills
[Dragon’s Breath Lv5] [Flying LvMax] [The Lost Mantra Lv5] [Magic Cleanse Lv7] [Physical Resistance Lv9] [Magic Resistance Lv8] [Dragon’s Roar Lv3] [Polymorph Lv5][Potential Lv5] [Summon Hellbringer] [Telepathy Lv1]
✧ Titles
[Dwarves’ Disaster] [Master of Magma Hall]

I couldn’t help but doubt my own eyes, this was the strongest monster I had ever met. After encountering Soleste, I had been wondering what monsters ranked B or higher might look like, but I was already regretting my curiosity.

‘Hey Gnoss, that’s not the creature I’m supposed to defeat right?’

‘Well… I had promised the Dwarf King to send a champion to defeat the dragon Valenor. Likewise Valenor had been waiting for a worthy adversary… and so this contract was formed.’

‘So that’s what this whole Valenor promise was about.’

“Sorry about that, I never expected that in just 100 years it would grow to be this strong. Last I remember it was barely C rank…’

‘Wait what, you’ve been trapped in that gem for over 100 years! All you informations is so outdated, I’m now destined to die from this silver dragon before even facing off against the Elves.’

“Have you called Inor? It’s been at least 20 years.”

The dragon’s entire head rose up from the magma in order to speak to us face to face. Although its voice was much softer than one expected from such a large creature, the entire hall still shook when it spoke.

“Oh glorious Valenor, Your promised adversary has arrived.”

“Huh, are you talking about that yellow scrawny skull standing beside you?”

Valenor looked at me in disappointment.

“Master of the Magma Halls, I am the King of the Pit. I was looking forward to fighting with you, but it appears you are simply trash which underestimates its opponent.”

I became confrontational because of her insult, but perhaps it wasn’t the right reaction considering her size or stats.

“Hmm… do you not even dare to look me in the eyes? Still, I have grown bored waiting for the worthy opponent promised to me by the Supreme Sage. Will we fight now, King of the Pit?”

Valenor appeared to be itching for a fight.

‘Gnoss? Gnoss? Supreme Sage?… Ugh worthless!’

The self proclaimed Supreme Sage stayed silent.

“Let’s change location, this terrace’s vibe isn’t a suitable place for our duel.”

Actually the terrace was a beautiful piece of art created by the dwarves. They were natural masons and were able to work the stone in incredible ways.The real reason I wanted to change location was simply that I didn’t want to give the dragon any homefield advantage. “Agreed, oh King of the Pit. where shall we fight?”

“Let’s move to a more secluded location.”


Valenor took a deep breath, sucking all the air around her until a tinge of redness appeared near her mouth.

Pooh ah!

Aiming the Dragon Breath toward the ceiling of the Magma hall, she tore a hole through the mountain, allowing us to see the blue sky above.

‘If I’m hit with that I’ll completely cease to exist.’

As I contemplated my chances of survival, She turned to me.

“Follow me!”

Flap! Fap!

She gracefully flew out towards the opening, at an unbelievably quick speed.

“Inor, allow one of my attendants to join me, I require Arin.”

“Okay, I understand”


‘Arin! Come in!’

As we opened the massive door from the inside, I found all my minions were waiting anxiously on the other side. They had probably been troubled by the disturbance caused when Valenor ripped a hole through the mountain.

“Carry me and fly to the top”

“Yes Lord!”


Arin took to the sky in pursuit of Valenor holding me in her embrace. However, we weren’t even close to matching her speed, so she ended up wait for us at the top for quite some time.

“Will this place be suitable?”

Valenor rested upon a kilometer wide ice cap, formed at the peak of the mountain. It was gleaming and smooth, almost like a natural formed skating rink.

“Good, Let’s go!”

BooWooong sppat kukoong!

I fell down awkwardly, landing on my butt. Standing patiently across the ice floor was Valenor.

“Arin, stand to the side and wait.”


“That’s an order.”

“Yes, I shall follow your command.”

Arin backed off with a reluctant expression, choosing to have faith in my abilities.

“I am now ready to proceed with the duel promised to you by the Supreme Sage.”

I looked around at our surroundings, before my gaze settled on her Status Page.

‘I really have no chance.’

‘Ah! Finally it’s ready huuuu’

‘Damn fake Supreme Sage! How could you have stayed silent this whole time!’

‘Relax, I’ve been busy trying to devise a method to integrate your skills. Let’s see… yup just follow and repeat after me, just imagine in your mind the melding of your skills.

The Supreme Sages words were like a sudden lifeline appearing in an otherwise hopeless situation.

“Puttyukulakanipakuti and Rikipauushindo Kusu Kella Aeon Wenie Econo Gunenie Enkaveni Ukumemezain Aenom Shindo Rom …”

“What are you up to King of the Pit, has the duel started?”

Without bothering to respond to her, I continued focusing on reciting the words as instructed, as I visualized the magic spells coalescing into one.

The whole incantation lasted for 40 seconds, luckily Valenor was confused enough to not attack me during that time. I knew I had achieved something monumental when a rainbow colored message appeared before me.

[You have learned Creation Magic Lv1]

[Magic Research has been fused with Creation Magic]

I was now capable of making up spells on the spot.

‘Gnoss, is this really what I think it is?’

‘Yes, right now you are only limited by your imagination.’

‘Is there a level cap on the skill?’

‘Yes, even for a Supreme Sage such as myself, the limit for Creation Magic is level 3. If you were to ever max out the Skill you will have stepped into the realm of the Gods. Think of it as my reward for putting you in such danger.

‘Why don’t I give it a try?’

‘Create Levitation’

[You have learned Levitation Lv1]


I rose about 1 meter off the ground.

‘Oh right, I forgot to mention that only a maximum of 3 Creation spells can be maintained at a time. By making any new spells, you will automatically delete the oldest ones.

“Are you ready?”

Valenor lowered her head ever so slightly, perhaps a sign of respect, before assuming a battle posture. I ran hundreds of simulations in my mind, but still couldn’t find any path to victory.

I opened up my arm and spoke to her arrogantly.

“You go ahead, I concede to you the first strike.”

“What? You are willing to let me strike first? King, you truly are crazy! hahahaha”

The ice floor cracked due to the large bellows of Valenor’s laughter.

“Ok, I admire your confidence, receive the full strength of my breath!”

Oh oh oh!

Valenor took a deep breath and the size of the flames gathering within her mouth were three times larger than when she burst a hole through the mountain.

‘Arin, get far away from here.’


After confirming that she had hidden herself far away, I turned back to face Valenor. There were bright streaks connecting from her stomach to her jaws.

‘Can you see those shiny lines, that’s here mana travelling to her mouth. Judging by the amount you really stand no chance.’

‘Oh, then do you really rate me lowly?’

Pooh ahk!

A fiery breath escaped from her jaws, heading my way as it blotted out the sun. I had but a short moment to come up with something

‘Create Teleport’

[You have learned Teleport Lv1]



I teleported myself above Valenor’s head. Looking up before me, half of the ice plateau had evaporated, and several mountain peaks in the distance had disappeared entirely.

“You seem to have a bag full of tricks.”

“Thank you for the compliment Valenor”

Huu Woong!


[Teleport level 1 ➢ 2]

I teleported away behind her, dodging her incoming tail.


She dove backwards, trying to flatten me with her weight.


Despite being surprised by the unorthodox strategy, I managed to teleport away just in time

“Ha ha ha! This is fun, Since I was a child, I haven’t faced such a troublesome foe!”


She turned into a large, three meters tall demi-dragon after realizing that her huge size was a disadvantage.

“Ha, now you won’t be able to climb on me so easily!”

“Well it was fun to roll around on your body! Fireball!”

I cast out a Fireball very casually, but she still endured it with her body, as if nothing had happened, even sporting a nonchalant grin.

‘As expected Valerno, I’ll be victorious this time.’

‘Johra, are you crazy? You don’t have any chance. Wait, could it be….?

Gnoss seemed to have gained an inkling of my thought process.

“Summon Hellbringer!”

Valenor pulled out a 4 meter long sword, dripping with reddish magma and wielded it with one hand.

“I’ll give you a new stump with this sword. Take care, any injuries caused by this sword can’t be healed!”

Foo Woo Wooong!

She swung her sword towards me, I hurriedly pulled out Excalibur to receive her strike.



I managed to block her Hellbringer, but was thrown backwards due to our difference in power. I only cancelled the inertia by teleporting away.

“Oh, that’s a pretty sweet sword you got there that’s able to block Hellbringer. What’s its name?”


“Ah, so it’s that sword that the Fairy kind received and caused all the gods to squirm from jealousy. Ha ha ha, you are truly a wonderful foe!”


She struck out again and I was once more sent flying away. At least I was able to properly parry her strikes due to my experience as Gaspard when I was a swordsman.

“Teleport! Fireball! Gravity Rise!”

I could now cast without chanting, but the cast time would be lengthened and surprise wasn’t what I was aiming for. I was able to cast all three within just 0.3 seconds using Multi-Spell. Also, the purpose of gravity was simply to stop her from taking to the skies and pursuing me with her speed.

“Kehahahaha Those can’t work to me”

Pooh aoh!


I once again dodged her Dragon’s Breath.

“How will you manage to best me if all you do is run away?”

I quickly used Creation Magic to make a new spell.

‘Create Summon Skeleton Mage’

[You have learned Summon Skeleton Mage Lv1]

“Summon Skeleton Mage, Summon Skeleton Mage, Summon Skeleton Mage….”

[Summon Skeleton Mage level 1 ➢ 5]

I continued to use Multi-Spell to raise as many Skeleton Mages as possible, just outside the range of Valenor’s sword.

“What are you going to do with all these small fries!”

Hwaruk! Hawaruk Kang! Kang!

“Summon Skeleton Mage, Summon Skeleton Mage, Summon Skeleton Mage….”

I continued teleporting to dodge her Breaths, while I raised even more Skeleton Mages. Their lifespan was continuously increasing as I raised the level of my skill. Also, my MP regeneration was so high that I always had max mana.

I was up to nearly 300 summoned mages, engulfing her in constant fireballs but she simply ignored that and continued to try to hit me with her Dragon’s Breath. Until suddenly,


Valenor shouted out loudly, causing the Mages to cease to exist, and even the entire mountain trembled for some time.

‘She’s just used both Dragon’s Roar and Cleanse. Johra, it’s a good thing you are relatively far away. If you had been hit by that you would have truly suffered. Her breath is easier to dodge because of her long ‘animation’ required, but her Dragon’s Roar is almost instantaneous.’

‘I’m aware Gnoss, do you know what I’m trying to do?’

‘Yes, no matter how high her defense is, you’re planning on chipping away at her HP, taking advantage of the fact that she doesn’t have any health regeneration skill.

‘Yes that’s the gist of it but….’


‘Right, can you examine and let me know all of her skills to make sure she isn’t covering anything up?’

‘Sure, I’ll take the time to properly look at her Status Page.’

I continued to summon more Skeleton Mages as I dodged her breaths or blocked her long distance sword slashes with Excalibur. After repeating the process, by which she eliminated all my Mages with her Dragon’s Roar and I re-summoned them, about 4~ 5 times, I had finally gotten her health down to 40%.

“King of the Pit, you are using your Undead body’s endless stamina to great effect! It’s truly wonderful, I’m so happy to be able to fight with you! Ha ha ha!”

Unlike the first time where a fireball had completely been ignored by her, they were now landing on past injuries and widening the wounds. Also, my strategy of dodging her Sword strikes and Dragon Breaths was very effective and as an Undead I could continue this monotonous tactic endlessly.

“Good, I’ll now be coming at you with everything I’ve got!”

‘Ah… it’s a big deal! She has been hiding some skills and has Lv3 Health Regeneration, she’s just been toying with you!’

‘It was the worst scenario possible, my strategy to chip away at her health was worthless. Valenor’s scales turned from their previous bright silver to a reddish hue, as she activated he Health regeneration skill.

‘Damn it!’

My wounded adversary had revived just when I thought I had the situation under control.


Valenor: Strong female Dragon which our MC meets in the Dwarve’s mountain.

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