Chapter 49

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“Whoa! Lord… please control your wrath!”

Alpeon was the first to arrive back at the palace but upon meeting my gaze he was instantly intimidated and paralyzed.

“Get back, don’t allow anyone near me.”

Valenor had yet to recover from her mental injury and was still sleeping peacefully. None of my subordinates could resist my Aura of Terror, including Gwyn, Ian and Mallepi. If any would approach me they would instantly feel the presence of death looming and were likely to faint shortly after.

As a result of my victory over the elves, I spent most of my time by myself in the observatory tower, lonely.

‘Damn, just when I need Gnoss the most!’

‘Did you call for me?’

Gnoss answered me telepathically.

‘Are you still alive?’

‘Not exactly, I can’t do anything except speak with you.’

‘Oh were you able to use your telepathy with other beings before?’

‘Yes that used to be the case, but now I’m effectively dead to the rest of the world. I can only converse with you because of the contract we made in the cave where I would always be there to answer your questions. You could say that I’m just a shadow of my former self, being held together by the power of that oath.

‘How suspicious, you were able to speak telepathically with other people as well?’

‘Don’t worry about too much, it wasn’t something that concerned you. Now tell me what questions you have and I shall answer. You’ve kept up your end of the oath so I have to honor our contract.

‘Alright good, listen to my plan Gnoss, I require some advice.’

I proceeded to give him some more details about my intentions.

‘Hm it sounds like a reasonable long-term revenge goal. Although it does involve the suffering of many people, it might be a necessary evil to shock the world and set it back on the right path. I’m ready to help as you see fit.’

Hearing his answer convinced me of the viability of my plan. The small problems I wasn’t able to account for could be remedied with Gnoss’ knowledge.

‘Also, is there any way for me to control my Aura of Terror or my Paralysis Stare?’

‘Unfortunately I don’t have any Divine Grace left so I can’t restrict them.’

‘Divine Grace… then if I level up can I expect to have a better control over my skills?’

‘Maybe… but now that you’re at a relatively high rank, you’ll find it much more difficult to level up. That is unless you go to the Chaos Lands’

‘Chaos Lands?, Is it the same place that the Asmodians are trying to return to? Would it be easier for me to gain levels over there?’

‘Although it is hard for ordinary creatures to survive, if they do somehow manage to thrive, then they would be much stronger than monsters in this World. There is a legend that that the elve’s homeland, Elvenheim also can be found there by following the World’s Roots, but they have yet to succeed.’

‘Right, well at least I know where the World’s roots are.’

‘Yes, with that as a first clue you have a good chance of reaching those lands..’

Although it may be inconvenient to take care of my subordinates right now as I couldn’t meet them directly, they will be necessary tools in my grand revenge plan.


‘Yes Lord?’

I instructed Alpeon to summon the best dwarven craftsmen.

“Create Jewel!”

I was able to magically create gems out of thin air. Although the skills level was still low, if I managed to improve it I could later create some higher level jewels.

In this world magic gems were quite rare and expensive. For those that were unable to use magic they could be used as a substitute and had many uses such as heating during the winter months and a power source to boil water. I was indeed an anomaly, a crazy skeleton. I required 10~20,000 MP to create a jewel. A normal wizard would require 10 days of rest after creating one and it wasn’t worth their trouble. I my case, my current MP was more than 120000. and my Mana Regeneration was level is 8 which meant I could recover 20000 MP in 3 hours. This meant that I could use the spell several times per day while still maintain maximum mana levels.

“Create Jewel!”

[Magic Jewel Creation level 3 ➢ 4]

As the skill level rose, the amount of gems created at a time rose to 10~15. Naturally, the rank of the gems also increased from F to E.

‘Lord, I’ve brought the Dwarves as requested.’

‘Here catch this!’


I threw down my magical jewels to Alpeon from the observation tower.

‘What is this?’

‘Hand it over to the Dwarves so they can make some specialised equipment.’

I soon heard a commotion breaking out.

‘What’s going on there? Is there some sort of problem?’

‘Not at all, they are simply very surprised to see so many unique magic gems. Normally it is hard to see just a single one.

The craftsmen that encountered the pouch full of gems sighed in amazement.

‘Tell Inor that it is my command, and he is to sell the equipment he produces to the humans at a high price. Try to accumulate as much gold as possible. Also inform him focus on developing and discovering these new mines.’

‘I will see to it.’

I proceeded to give Alpeon the location of al the Iron, copper, silver, gold and platinum mines within the Wetheros mountains that I could discover due to my ownership view.

‘From now on come to collect more gems from me once every three days. You can also accept silver as payment if gold becomes too scarce, and use half the funds acquired from this venture to purchase grain seeds and begin planting immediately.

‘Yes Lord, I will do so.’

I continued to devote myself exclusively to the production of magical jewels. The following day, Valenor finally woke up from her deep sleep and joined me on the top tower in my favorite human girl form.

“Johra why didn’t you wake me up, what’s happened since? Oh no, what’s happened to my husband’s lower body! Are you okay?”

Fortunately Valenor was unaffected by my aura or gaze, at least I wasn’t completely alone in this world.

‘Everything is fine now Valenor, it was all taken care of.’


Valenor hugged me tightly but I couldn’t do the same. If my palm was to touch her then my skill that violently absorbed lifeforce would be activated, which could prove fatal even to her.

“It was due to my incompetence that you were injured, this isn’t right! I will curse those guys until the end of time and make sure they suffer one thousand fold what you have for their crimes.

“It’s ok… everything’s fine now so relax.’

I petted her with my back of bony hand, seeing her her eyes fill with tears.

I also had to block Valenor’s hand who was reaching for my own.

“What wrong, why don’t you want to hold hands?”

“It’s too dangerous for you, you might die.”

“Oh, what;s happened? I also noticed that your body is more of a light red gold rather than your previous golden color.

I nodded back to her.

“I’m now a Demi-Lich”

“Demi-Lich, what is that?’

“ Well the dragons said that it was a harbinger of death and destruction.”

“Destruction, good if that is my partner’s wish then i will fully support you!”

I shook my head.

“I wouldn’t do such a troublesome thing, I just hate it when others covet my own possessions.

“Just follow your heart and do as you wish, I will stand behind you. If you want to burn down this world and fill it with death, I will join you.

Valenor’s eyes were burning with passion.

“Ok, but I don’t want to do such an annoying thing”

“ You want to protect what’s yours? I can understand. I am Johra’s wife and swear to forever be your shield.”

Valenor leaned her head upon my chest and muttered quietly to herself.

“But you can’t get hurt because of me again, it isn’t fair…”

I gently storker her head as she fell back asleep in my embrace.

‘At least I’ll always have Valenor here by my side.’

Your wife is indeed strong willed. Most dragons would not be able to stand your Aura of Terror or your gaze, it means she trusts you unconditionally. If she had any doubts or second thoughts, then she would probably suffer instead, I was a good matchmaker after all….’

‘Really Gnoss, just how long are you going to keep up this lie?’

‘All’s well that ends well right?’

‘Why don’t you repeat that to my lower half?’

‘Are you still angry about that?’

‘Enough, if it weren’t for the fact that I ended up with Valenor I would have already buried you in some no-man’s land on at least 10 different occasions.

After quieting down Gnoss, I turned my gaze to the mountain range to the East which now housed the dragons.

‘It seems like they are planning to remain here and keep watch over me. Looks like I’ have to go over there and show them who’s boss.’

Noradriana and her other dragons were after all still hostile with me, so I couldn’t allow such a threat to persist so close to my Pit.

‘Gnoss, last time you mentioned that it was possible to bind dragons to you through a vow.’

‘Yes, Dragons are powerful creatures, but the strength of an oath supercedes all that. Are you planning on forcing them into serving you?’

‘I can’t very well allow such risk to remain on the doorsteps to my new kingdom.’

‘Hmm… ok then but it would be better if you challenged them to a duel. If you try to force them to take a vow the result might not be the best, but if you can best them in a duel, it should give you control over them.’

‘A duel?’

‘Right, propose a duel with certain conditions, however make sure not to kill any dragons or else the High Gods may intervene.’

‘Who are these High Gods and why do they always stick their noses into my affairs?’

‘They are quite arrogant and meddlesome. Actually your level right now is sufficient to fight one of them head on, but as soon as there are two then you’d have no chance, so for the moment it’s best for you not to meet with them.

Although I was originally planning to force the dragons into obeisance, I decided to do it Gnoss’ way instead.

Without sleep I continued to produce gems non-stop. I became known as the skull jewelery manufacturer. Due to my flooding the market, the price of the precious gems was bound drop drastically.

‘Bring all those who have some farming experience to meet Alpeon tomorrow.’

‘Yes Lord’

Alpeon was to play a crucial role in the first stage of my long-term plan. I was planning on establishing a large metropolis with my Palace at the very center. According to Gnoss, although most Asmodians were hunter-gatherers, some of them should be specialised in agriculture. Although we were self-sufficient at the moment, the goal was to create a vibrant city that could provide for its own needs.

“Did I oversleep too much again? I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay Valenor, you woke up just on time. Come with me, we’ll be going over there.

I pointed with my finger towards the Eastern mountains which housed the dragons.

“Good, are we going to get revenge?”

I shook my head.

“I’m going to beat them into submission.”


I climbed up behind Valenor’s head. Although I could now fly by myself, it was more gentlemanly to ride a dragon.

Flap! Swooosh!

In but a short time we had arrived before Noradriana and her children.

“Why are you here, do you wish to fight once again undead King?”

Noradriana spoke to me with her booming voice, but held far less hostility than last time. Our distance from each other was roughly 500 meters, although she could speak to me, my voice wouldn’t be able to reach her so I used telepathy.

‘Elder dragon, despite having invaded my lands I have elected to spare your children’s lives. However, going forward I can’t allow those who are hostile towards me to remain within my territory.

“Oh are you looking to fight again? Good, I also don’t like you! I was simply thankful that you allowed the remaining elves to escape with their lives, that’s why I’ll allow you the first move”

I shook my head.

‘I’m challenging you to a duel.’

“A duel, why would you want that?”

‘If I lose, I agree to be sealed for all eternity. Butt if I win, you have to submit to me and guard my lands forever.

“Are you trying to treat us like guard dogs?”

‘Don’t forget that if I were to lose I would be sealed forever as well.’

Noradriana turned to her other dragons and they proceed to discuss amongst themselves.

“Cowards! How can you even be scared when it’s 5 versus 2!”

Valenor added fuel to the fire, and they became even more agitated.

“We accept, but she is not to take part in this, it will be us 5 versus you!”

“What! Such lowly cowards! Where is your pride as dragons?”

Valenor was fuming at their proposal, but I proceeded to nod my head.

“Johra just ignore them, you don’t have to accept such unfair conditions!”

“It’s fine Valenor, I’m confident in my victory.”

I flew out from behind Valenor’s head and sat down before Noradriana.

“Come here little Dragons, it’s time I show you the true meaning of fear!”


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