Chapter 52

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I had selected my top 100 soldiers and readied them for departure. Over the past year and a half we have been using the Void Scuttles found beneath us to train and improve our strength. I also recruited exemplary creatures from the many races which chose to join our great city.

Our entirely airborne, top 100 man unit consisted of several different species, 1 Demi-Lich, 1 Dragon, 30 High-Antilliens, 30 Elder-Arachnids, 20 Asmodians, 10 High-Orcs and 8 Rare creatures which had joined us a bit later.

My troops were for the most part situated in the E~D rank range and were about the same level as the former King of the Pit. If he were to be faced with such a force, he would have no choice but to turn tail and run.

Of course I was still miles ahead of them in terms of strength, but I couldn’t take on a bunch of nations on all by myself. I was proud of the squad of elites that I had raised of the past year or so.

Naturally the one with the largest gains was my partner, Valenor. She had absolutely ravaged the Scuttles until her rank was promoted all the way to B+. The difference between a B- creature and a B+ was like that of heaven and earth. She had also shored up one her her biggest weaknesses which was her low health. With her now 20 million HP and a passive recovery skill gained from hunting various monsters, she was a true force to be reckoned with.

I had mostly been working on maxing out my skill levels. Unfortunately, there were some like Creation Magic and Undead Creation that didn’t rise with simple repetition. I would have to find another approach for them but Gnoss didn’t seem to have any ideas.

“Can’t we go ahead just the two of us?”

“No, I’d rather that we all travel together and fight as one cohesive unit.”

According to my sources, the Devil King’s armies which were spearheaded by Lorina and Roslin had been engaging in multiple raids against the Human Union’s resistance points as well as the Messiah who aided them. When I learned that the Union was on the backfoot, we came to their aid, travelling at great speeds

When my forces arrived, we positioned ourselves between several vulnerable castles which we believed to be likely targets. Should any of them suffer from an attack, there was a beacon system in place to alert allies, and we could respond as quickly as possible.

“Johra, are they over there?”

Valenor’s dragon vision was superior to mine and she could see a part of a castle burning from a great distance.

“Let’s go!”

We were the first to arrive to the castle, and Valenor perched herself atop it’s tallest tower.

“Ha ha ha! It’s been a long time, Lorina!”

I laughed loudly upon seeing the miserable sight of the person I had wanted to get revenge on for some time now. Her formerly sparklingly heroic armor was scarred and covered in human blood, her air of superiority and smugness had long disappeared.

I was truly excited by the scene.

“Damn undead, was this trap all your doing?”

She cut down the surrounding humans with a swing of her sword before pointing it up to me angrily.

“Trap? Ha ha ha, well if you can call your current hellish life a trap then sure.”


Lorina was staring at me, angry and weary from battle

Likewise Roslin and Sigmund were nearby, also tired from the long battle.

‘Shall we kill them all Lord?’

The Asmodians in their army were also quite strong, but they were nothing more than experience in front of my superior forces.

“Eliminate everyone except for those Warriors.”


Instantly my subordinates fell upon them, tearing those Asmodians to pieces. They didn’t even use any magic, simply cutting or tearing their way right through them. The magic wielding Asmodian on the Devil King’s side had disappeared into the silence of the night, hardly putting up any resistance.

“Wha… Just what are these monsters? Sigmund!”

Lorina cried out to her tanky comrade in panic. He in turn tried to cast the Shield of Aegis, but it proved insufficient. I instructed my forces not to rely on magic because I was aware that the Warriors group had skill to counter it, that’s why we simply tore through them with brute force.

“Can I have just one of those tasty looking humans to myself?”

“Sorry, even if you are my wife I won’t give you a single bone on their body, they are mine to deal with!”

Although Valenor had difficulty controlling her thirst for battle, but this revenge was going to be entirely mine.


One of the Asmodians on my side which had not yet learned proper discipline had mistakenly kicked Roslin in the back. I gave him a stare and he immediately dropped down to the ground paralyzed.

“Johra you are truly merciless.”

Valenor cried out in a surprised tone when she saw my actions.

“They’re all mine.”

Lorina, Roslin and Sigmund remained in a defensive posture, as they looked around trying to find a way out of their situation. I had to commend them on their ability to remain standing despite being faced with my Aura of Terror and Paralysis Stare, but they had already reached their limit.

Even if Sigmund’s Aegis shield somewhat reduced the effects of my passive abilities, it didn’t mean that they could escape.

“Hmmm… it looks like things have been settled, I’ll be going down now Valenor so just continue observing form here.”

I used my flying ability to casually descend before Lorina.

“Do your know your sins, Lorina?”

“What sins? If I had any it would only be fighting and betraying the human race.”

“Yes, yes, I thought that might be the case. That’s why I’ve decided to give you some special treatment.”

Wicked undead! Even if you can deceive the world, I know you for what you truly are! Despite killing me today, another will rise up to punish you someday!”

“Lorina even at the very end you still can’t acknowledge that you were wrong. Why do you think it was that even Gnoss had chosen to oppose you?”

“…Gnoss? Are you somehow connected to that Supreme Sage?”

“It’s not terribly important. How about I start of with the two of you, Roslin and Sigmund.”

Although you both sinned against me, you were simply accesories to the fact so I shall grant you death!”

I flew over and simply grabbed Roslin by the neck.

“Curse you Undead king! You shall also die by another’s hand!”

“Yes I will, just not today.”


Rosling had been completely destroyed by my deadly touch.


Sigmund had slumped down to the ground.

“I don’t know you very well, but my greatest regret is dying while being regarded as the bad guy.”

“Gu Aaaaah!”

Sigmund had likewise become a pile of ashes.

[You have gained a new Identity]

“Die! Come out and show your might, Doombringer!”


Lorina had used her unique Chosen warrior skill while I was dealing with Sigmund and had my back turned to her. Unfortunately for her, I had been anticipating her move and simply blocked it with Excalibur.

“Wha…what? How did you block my sword?”

“Don’t think that your skill is undefeatable, it was a lot more fun fighting the dragons. Teleport!”


I grabbed Lorna from behind and reached out to touch her main Life line, causing her to immediately drop into a critical bleeding state.

“Lorina don’t think for a second that I will grant you a simple death.”

Keohok! I won’t even let this go you evil undead!”

“Undead creation!”

I turned the severely weakened Lorina into a lv1 skeleton warrior. Of course with my skill I could have turned her into a higher level undead, but that would have defeated the point of my punishment.

Chomp! Chomp!

She tried to shout something at me but only succeeded in clacking her teeth.

“What do you think, how do you like the feeling of being an undead?”

Lorina tried to rush me with kicks and punches but it was no use.

“What was that? Sorry I can’t hear you! Ha ha ha!”

I laughed at her sorry sight for some time before looking up.

“Valenor can you grab her please?”

“Sure thing!”

“Make sure not to kill her though, is it understood?”

‘I know!”

“Troops, locate the Devil King and inform me of his position, I’ll go deal with him and then this can all be over.”

There was another beacon that had been lit in an adjoining castle, The Devil King had separated his forces and was attacking different locations. After sending out my men, Valenor and I took Lorina out for a nice ride in her claws and I was delighted to see her squirm.

“Will we be going to that place?”


We had flown all the way to the New continent that we had previously discovered together. After throwing the skeleton soldier Lorina down into an abandoned plain, we promptly flew off.

“Next time we meet I hope you’ve grown a bit Lorina, Ha ha ha!”

With my Undead Domination I had control over all of my created undead. No matter how far Lorina was, I could always know her location and all her information. Even more interestingly, I had access to her first person view. Therefore, throwing her on this continent would be a constant source of amusement for me as I watched her struggle to survive first hand, much like a TV drama.

“Ha ha ha! Watching Lorina struggle as a level 1 skeleton soldier is so refreshing!”

“Johra, I want to see it too!”

“Sorry Valenor I’m unable to share this skill.”

I enjoying watching Lorina struggle on the way back as I rode upon Valenor.

‘Johra if you focus too much on that view you might fall off accidentally.’

‘Oh stop it Gnoss, I bet you also smiled when I did that to Lorina.’

‘When did I?’

‘Stop trying to hide it, I know you too well.’

‘Well… it didn’t feel bad.’

‘Ha ha… Gnoss do you feel better?’


Gnoss was almost certainly enthusiastic about how things turned out. Lorina had been the main cause behind him being sealed and the subsequent unfortunate events, so it was only normal to expect him to also feel some satisfaction from such a perfect revenge.

“We are almost here, I see them up ahead.”

From a distance I could see the Devil King and his forces confronted with my 97 subordinates and the allied human forces. I had only suffered one loss which was the Asmodian which I had paralyzed myself.

“Ooh! It’s a dragon!”

“It’s the Silvery-white dragon, the guardian of Necropolis!”


“Oh! Is that the Pink-Gold Skeleton, the King of Necropolis on the dragon’s head?”

Countless loud cheers could be heard from our human allies as we approached.

“Valenor you are quite popular!”

“I only worry about what you think, I could burn the rest and not care less.”

“Ok, just don’t kill these poor souls because they also seem to like me!”

“Yes, since that’s the case then they get a pass.”

Valenor’s cheeks reddened as she blushed

“My Lord!”

After but a moment I arrived before my subordinates.


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