Chapter 53

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‘Damn, how dare that guy make me an undead! I’ll get revenge for my colleague’s deaths and pay him back at least one thousand times worse!’

Lorina who had recently been turned into a skeleton soldier was clacking her teeth angrily. She was full of despair, faced with much stronger beasts within those grasslands. She had no weapons and had only her undead body to rely on. Naturally she retained none of her previous skills and didn’t have the luxury that Johra had with a resurrection skill. The only skill she had right now was the ability to check the Status page.


[+12 experience]

[Acquired knowledge of Field Mouse]

‘Damn, why is it so hard to catch such a weakling mouse? How shameful, I’ll definitely get you back for this!’

She proceeded to hunt more and more small rodents that roamed the plains. Her journey for revenge had begun, but what would be waiting for her at the end of it had yet to be seen.

“I wonder if I should have left her a weapon, she seems to be struggling too much.”

“I think you were too merciful as it is, allowing her to keep living.”

“No Valenor, to her, this pitiful existence is far worse than a quick death.”

It was just as I had expected, Lorina hated her current form and the disgrace it entailed so much. Still, she had managed to pick herself up and embark on her path to revenge against me.

“Shall we move on?”

While we were busy discussing Lorina’s current struggles in the New Continent, my troops had begun their attack on the Devil King’s armies.

While his troops were in the rank F~E range, they were hardly a match for my elites. Not only were they of a higher rank, but they had learned to work well as a cohesive unit over their past year of training. If we added my and Valenor’s power to the equation, the Devil King’s defeat was inevitable.

His army had been worn down over the past few months, fighting battles day in and day out. They had succumbed quickly to my elites, and the only few that were left standing were those surrounding the former Marquis.

I exchanged a look with the Devil King and was surprised to see that it didn’t affect him in the slightest.

“Are you the Undead King?”

“Indeed… and I guess you are that Marquis. You also killed Talvin who had acted as an ambassador did you not?”

“It was only natural to have killed a man who had abandoned his pride.”

“How dare you say that, it is you who has lost his pride! It is the Asmodian’s eternal goal to return to our homeland! What about you, do you even have a home to return to? That day you murdered our people, and today you will pay for those crimes!”

It was Brugan, the leader of Necropolis’ Asmodian division who shouted out angrily.

“Well Marquis, it’s too late to regret now anyways, so it hardly matters anymore.”

“Johra can I take care of him, I haven’t done much in this expedition.”

Valenor was finally tired of lurking in the background and wanted to stretch her legs a little.

“Sure Valenor, I’ll leave this guy to you.”

They were only about 100 of them left, but only the Marquis was willing to fight. Brugan really wanted to fight with him, but I was suspicious of the Devil King’s rank and wasn’t confident that he could win. That’s why I allowed Valerno to go out and fight him.

“Are you a dragon?”

“Come on, let’s fight! Although it will probably be over in a few seconds, it will still be painful for you!”

‘Valerno, where did you learn to speak like that?’

I was curious as to where she had picked up and it seemed like the Marquis was also surprised . In truth the Marquis wasn’t a terrible person, simply another ruler that was ambitious and wanted to gain more power. Unfortunately for him, we were on opposite camps and I would have to deal with him for the future stability of my Necropolis.

‘Valenor, be careful he has a special skill called Harbringer of Destruction, it might be dangerous if it catches you by surprise.’

In truth her chances of losing to the Marquis should be close to zero because he was only rank D+. However, that special skill was such that it could transcend levels.

“You will regret having pushed me to my limits, I shall let loose a true disaster upon this world! You who dwells deep within me, I offer my blood and soul as sacrifice! Come forth and bring about the destruction of this world!”

When the Marquis had finished casting his spell, a dark smoke swept over him.

“Valenor back off!”

I thought that it would be dangerous so I tried her to stop, but she didn’t listen to me.

‘I can deal with this much! What is that?”


A large fist emerged from behind the smoke and struck Valenor. Even if she was in her polymorphed form, she was surprisingly unable to outmuscle this new creature. Considering her weight, very few creatures were strong enough to send her flying.

“Are you ok Valenor?”

“Yea, it just caught me by surprise is all.”

As the black smoke dispersed, a four meter tall giant emerged. It was entirely black, with golden armor protecting it’s vital points. The black smoke however remained around his head, stopping us from seeing his face and giving him a menacing aura.

“You dare to strike my wife?”

The black giant didn’t respond. Despite using my special eyesight, I was unable to see any life force which was incredibly unusual.


After saying some incomprehensible gibberish much like the Golem Matilda’s talking style, it raised its hand and began a strange chant, and a type of magic began forming around his fist.

‘Gnoss what is that thing?’

‘That’s a Golem of Destruction, it was created by High Gods. It’s a creation with powerful magic that requires no guidance, its sole goal is that of destruction. It’s a pretty bad match for you because it is a lifeless vessel so many of you spells are ineffective against it.

Everything was made clear thanks to Gnoss’ explanation. It had no lifeforce because it was simplya golem created by High Gods.

“Hmm… Arachnids, Antilliens, smother him in poison!”


It appeared that this level of poison would have no effect on it at all.

‘Gnoss, what is the magic skill around his hand?’

‘It’s probably extremely potent destruction magic. It will continue chanting like this for half a day, then everything within a 10 kilometer radius all life will cease to exist.’

‘Wow, what a devastating result.

It was a creation by High Gods when they were still warring among themselves. When the Mortal and Divine worlds were separated, its powers were most likely sealed and the Golem became what we know as the Devil King.

‘Is there any way to stop it?’

Its Physical and Magical resistances are at a very high level because it is protected by countless defensive spells cast upon it by the High Gods.


Valenor jumped out and try to kick it, but was only sent flying as a result.

“Careful Valenor, it’s not an opponent you can win against.”

‘Gnoss what is that guys rank?’

‘It’s in the B+~A- range, but if you take into account its armor and defensive spells it would be an A+. It’s incredibly durable, which makes sense since it was created to fight against the gods.’

‘These kinds of problems should be dealt with gods, they have to clean up their own mess.’

“We’re retreating, this isn’t our problem to deal with!”

“Yes Lord!”


Valenor looked at me unhappily, but I simply shook my head. I had done my part by dealing with the Warriors and the Devil King.


On our way back we warned the Human Union using Valenor’s Dragon Roar that they would die at the hands of the Golem of Destruction if the stayed here.

After I had returned to Necropolis, news of its massacre kept coming in. It first killed the allied soldiers who refused to retreat, before moving south. The only good news in this whole affair was the death of the Devil King.

A I was sitting comfortably on the observation tower overlooking my Necropolis, the Red dragon approached me. I was alone at the moment because I had asked Valenor to do something for me. “Lord, have you heard of the Golem of Destruction?”

The Red dragon asked me carefully from a distance, clearly with a hidden agenda.

‘Yes, I was present at the time of its summoning.’

I replied telepathically because of our distance.

“Are you willing to just let it run rampant?”

It is not my responsibility, it was the High Gods who created it, so the Gods should take care of this.

“The High Gods have taken an oath to not directly interfere in this world. Therefore it falls to us to deal with this harbinger of death.

‘Why don’t their Messiahs come down to deal with it then?’

“Just look at Noradrianna, Messiahs also have their own limitations. Perhaps it’s is only you who could stop this abomination.

‘So annoying, then why don’t you guys try going?’

“I have little choice, the Golem of Destruction will eventually came to Necropolis and then can I engage it because I am duty bound to defend this place.

“Is it your excuse?”

“Lord, aren’t you aware that the Golem won’t stop until it destroys all life? It is sure to arrive to Necropolis eventually.”

“Damn! Just why am I responsible for this mess caused by the High Gods?”


The Red dragon didn’t respond and simple flapped its winged, maintaining its position.

“My mother said that if you stop this Golem she will offer you compensation.”

“Ha ha ha, a reward form a Messiah! I’m looking forward to it.”

I decided I might as well get it over with and at least get some compensation since it appeared that I would anyways have to deal with it eventually.

‘Alpeon, take care of things while I’m away.’

“Will you be leaving now Lord?”

“I have some things to prepare first, as a dragon you should learn to exercise some patience.”

“Lord, As we speak thousands are losing their lives!”

“Enough! Why are you trying to make it seem like their deaths are my fault? If you feel so responsible I give you permission to fly out and fight it, but I move at my own pace”

The Red dragon returned to Noradriana’s side, and after a short discussion flew North with his siblings by his side, seeking out the Golem by themselves. They were woefully uninformed of the Golem’s abilities and would not be able to stop it. Still, they would at least be able to delay it somewhat buying some time for me to arrive and take care of it.

‘Lord, I’ve brought to your bedroom what you asked me for.’

‘Good job’

Taking with me my essentials, I flew to the North. I knew Valenor would be angry if she found out I left to do this by myself, but I didn’t want to risk endangering her.

I felt it was my responsibility to deal with any external threats to Necropolis and I knew that in the worst case I would revive with my Life Vessel.

After a long flight, I finally spotted the Golem of Destruction in the distance. The Allied forces were drowning it in magic and arrows as well as Dragon Breath from my guardians. Still, it caused negligible damage on the golem and it persisted with its chanting.

‘Gnoss how much time until the next explosion?’

‘Maybe around four hours?’

‘Ok, it’s a bit tight but I should make it.’

“Everyone get far away from it, I will deal with this monstrosity!”

I cried out to those that were attacking the Golem. Thanks to my aura of terror they didn’t think twice before heeding my words and retreating.

“Damn, how troublesome!”

I flew up straight into the sky, higher and higher. The air continued to thin out until I had broken past the World’s atmosphere and was looking down at the beautiful white and green planet from space.

‘This should be enough.’

I took out Excalibur and cast Gravity Rise on it several times until its weight matched Valenor’s. I had embedded some of my finest gravity attributed gems into Excalibur which I activated, further increasing its weight.

Calculating its direction, I dropped it carefully and followed right behind it. As it accelerated to great speeds, I followed it from behind, make sure to make some small adjustments in order for it to strike true.

“It should be good form here.”

After I was certain that it would hit, I slowed my speed with my Flight magic. Excalibur proceeded to pierce the Golem right in the head. Although it was created with incredible Physical and Magical resistance, Excalibur was a very sharp and indestructible sword. Combined with the increased weight and speed, it wasn’t something that its defenses could withstand.


A huge crater had formed in the ground where it had struck and the Golem had completely disappeared without a trace. Excalibur had pierced deep into the planet’s crust, resting in a pool of magma.

“What incredible power.”

Those who had been standing to the side and seen what had happened were stupefied. No one had thought that the Golem which had resisted all their attacks would be taken care of by simply dropping a sword.

I cooled Excalibur down with several Icewalls and brought it weight back to normal before descending to retrieve it. Cleaning the dirt off it, I strapped it to my back and returned to the surface.


“He did it!”

“Long live Necropolis!”


Cheers rang out as I departed with the four dragons in tow.

Tch How troublesome.”

I muttered to myself.

Upon returning I had to suffer from Valenor’s never ending nagging because I had left without her. She had truly been angry and worried about me and would not let me off lightly.

When she had finally cooled down, I settled down to enjoy the show of Lorina’s life.

‘Ha, only level 3! She still has to run away if she encounters five Field Mice.

Lorina had just struggled to take care of four Field Mice which made her unhappy. It was so pathetic of her to have difficulty facing such weak creatures.

‘Should I hunt a Prairie Boar next?’

She was ashamed about the fact that she had run away from these boars on several occasions. Working hard, she created an elaborate trap and gathered its favorite grass to attract it. However, despite not understanding the trap, the boar managed to only eat the grass without activating it.

‘Damn! How could a simple boar be that cunning!’

Intelligence was the key to surviving in the wild. The longer one would manage to survive, the more cunning it would become. It was the rule of this world, those that were smarter could level up more and rule over the others..

‘Hmm… Lorina seems to be struggling a lot, should I give her a weapon?’

“Johra what are you thinking about? Are you watching the woman who you turned into a skeleton soldier again?”

I nodded at Valenor’s question.

“Valenor, next time we go let’s give her some cheap weapon and armor.”

“Are you helping her now?”

“I just want to give her some false hope!”

Although I said that, I indeed wanted to help her out a bit. I was hoping that she would improve a bit, after all the higher they climb the harder they fall. This was all part of my plan for revenge.

Later in the night the Red dragon arrived to my observatory.

“Lord, my mother would like to see you.”

Although he spoke bluntly, a measure of respect could be heard in his voice.

“Do you want to go for a ride Valenor?”

“Sure, Polymorph!”

Climbing on her head, we headed out to meet Noradriana.

“Thank you for your hard work Lord! I heard that you managed to take care of the Golem of Destruction.”

“Indeed, so why is it that you wanted to see me?”

It might not be enough, but I will give you my most prized possession.

I stared at Noradriana as she began to mumble a magic spell in a soft voice.



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