Chapter 54

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[You have learned Resurrection Song Lv1]

‘Oh, was that something that could be passed on to others?’

‘Right, that is a skill that was obtained through Divine Grace, so it could also be passed on. I performed a similar action with you when I bestowed you with Creation Magic.’

Gnoss advised me telepathically.

“Lord although it might just be a small gift, I think it can be useful for you. I’m tired now and require some rest.”

Noradriana immediately went to sleep because she was quite exhausted.

“When your mother wakes up tell her that I appreciate her gift.”

The dragons nodded silently in return.

“Let’s go Valenor, it’s finally time to take care of something which I have postponed for too long already. Let’s head back to the observatory first.”

After returning to the palace I contacted Alpeon.

‘Begin clearing the passage we blocked to the Catacombs!’

‘Yes Lord’

After four days of hard work by the Antilliens, the passage was once again open.

“Everyone else stay here, Valenor you follow me.”

My walking along the tunnel with Valenor was like a throwback down memory lane.

“Is this where Johra first came from?”

“Right, I was nothing but a poor little skeleton, just trying to survive in a harsh world.”

We kept walking as I reminisced about all my adventures as a skeleton soldier; noticing the sulfur gases which had saved me on more than one occasion.

“Was that where Johra fell down?”

“I nodded, looking at a pile of skeletons which could very well have been my comrades at some point.

“Oh right, and what about the Tyrant’s mountain of treasure? Will we go there? Oh wait, nevermind, don’t tell me I want to find it myself!”

Valenor was sniffing around like an excited child on her first adventure.

“Valenor you look like a puppy right now.”

“Quiet you, I’m trying to focus on smelling the treasure.”

Surprisingly she actually managed to find the treasure room simply by using her nose.

“What is this pile of scrap metal?”

Valenor was truly disappointed with the quality of the items collected by the Tyrant.

“Sure, but at that time this was truly valuable to penniless guy like me.”

“Let’s keep going!”

I moved the rock that was blocking the hole which was half hidden behind the pile of treasure. It had been locked down with Jenna’s webs, but that hardly stopped me with my current abilities. Simply by approaching with my hand, the web disintegrated into dust.

“I remember this place being darker… was it just me that changed?’”

“It’s a pretty nice place here right? Johra, where exactly was it that you were born?”

“Hmm… I wasn’t so much born here, rather it was the first time I opened my eyes.”

While conversing with Valenor we passed by some gargoyles which I had no idea still remained. They were pulverised when Valenor chose to step on them.

After a short and relaxing walk, we finally arrived before Soleste’s majestic door.


To Valenor’s question I simply nodded. The being behind this door was my first experience of total defeat in this world. Perhaps without this lesson, I would never have striven so hard to improve my power and wouldn’t have survived the subsequent challenges. I have come a long way since then and was now ready to face my enemy which had managed to humble me so.


“Ha ha ha….You came back for me my enemy,great! Come to kill me and toward your steps!”

Somehow Soleste felt more like an NPC character than a Reincarnator from another world. This Soleste which at that time felt like an insurmountable mountain, was now an existence which I could squash like a bug.

“Is it true what you said? Was he truly the first to give you the taste of defeat?”

Valenor’s reaction was expected, after all our current rank difference was quite substantial.

“Well… it was a while back.”

Chomp Chomp Psshhh

Soleste legion of undead crumbled under my Paralysis Stare.

“Wonderful, my wish has finally been fulfilled! Come, put an end to my existence!”

“How noisy, even if you claim that you want to die, I can see that your arm holding on to the throne is shaking.”


He had nothing to say. Even if he had managed to somewhat resist my Paralysis Stare, he wasn’t immune to it and his body was still shivering.

“I have a question from the Supreme Sage to ask of you. Why is it that you killed so many people? In my experience as an ArchLich, although you are indeed pushed towards the path death, it isn’t too difficult to resist it.

“… then is Gnoss doing fine?”

Soleste asked me in a soft, melancholic voice.

“He is only a shadow of his former self, but he still lives. Why don’t you hurry up and answer my question?”

“Well, you see it all began when I learned of a prophecy.”

“A prophecy?”

“Right, it spoke of the end of the world. In retrospect, it might have all been an elaborate trap.”

“Sounds like an interesting story, go on.”

“It all began when Talesias, The Archwizard of the kingdom came to find me.”

‘Who’s that Gnoss?’

‘He’s a Messiah, but I don’t know what his involvement is.’

“Talesias spoke to me of a prophecy and told me of how certain he was about its accuracy. He said that only a Lich which had gone past the ArchLich level could put an end to it.

“Past the ArchLich level?”

“Yes, a DemiLich, just like you. Sigh, and all along I thought I was the only one that could accomplish it.


“Having heard Talesias’ counsel, I proceeded to massacre an entire nation in order to try and level up as much as possible. I rationalized that the sacrifice of one kingdom was nothing when faced with the destruction of the world.”


I could fill in the rest, While he was in the process of massacring a nation to level up, when he was intercepted by the Warriors and had been sealed away over here.

“Okay then, but why was it that you called me your enemy?”

“Talesias also informed me that in the prophecy, the one to kill me would likewise be an undead.”

“Soleste, were you by any chance a student in your former life?”

“Oh, how did you…?”

“I had spoken to Lorina about your situation.

“Yes, those Warriors do mention the most meaningless things. I no longer have any worries since I know you’ve taken care of things. I am ready for my eternal rest now that you are here to save the world.”

I simply shook my head.

“No, I still have many questions for you and I’ll be needing your help in the future.”

“How can I help you when I can’t leave this place?”

“Just let me know where the object used to seal you is and I’ll set you free. I agree that we shouldn’t allow the destruction of the world, so serve me and you can help me stop it, alright?”

“Uhm… don’t you fear setting me free? I’m a monster which has taken the lives of so many.”

“Sure you’ve done some bad things, but I still have a use for you. Will you obey my commands?”

“It’s great that you don’t mind the blood on my hands, if you can undo my seal then I will join in helping you stop the destruction of this world.

I had Soleste submit to me using my Undead Authority which was a sub-branch of Undead Creation. I then proceeded to bring over my Gaspard Avatar.

“Avatar Flip!”

Alpeon had kept my other body in good condition by constantly feeding it the World’s nectar. I felt much lighter in the body than I could remember and I can feel my emotions again. This human body wasn’t plagued by the constant boredness.

“I guess it isn’t so bad to take my Avatar body out for a spin every now and then.

I ran over to where Soleste was sealed and had Alpeon follow me as well.

“Oh, have you become a Chosen Warrior?”

I nodded.

This body’s name is Gaspard, I will visit here sometimes, I hope you remember my name”

I used all the Divine Grace which had accumulated over the past year or so, lifting the seal on Soleste’s Gates which were stopping him from leaving. I Then changed back to my DemiLich body and handed my Avatar to Alpeon to carry back home.

“Soleste, from now on I will pick a new name for you to live under, a fresh start.”

“I will do as you say.”

Your new name will be Noc, which means night. Mine means morning so I think it fits well since you came to this world first.

“Thank you.”

I had several reasons for beginning Soleste over to my side, but the biggest one was his summoning ability. It was a special skill which only Reincarnators such as us could have.

I was already envisioning a great army to rival the might of the gods, or whatever else the other dimensions might hold and I felt like his summonings would play an important role in that.

“Noc,I will ask favors of you such as summoning… ”

“You have just to command me and I shall obey.”

I left Nox behind in his Crypt and returned to Necropolis along with Valenor. From atop my lookout, I stared down at my very own metropolis.

“Valenor, let’s do what I mentioned before and hand over a weapon to Lorina.”

“Ah right, did you want to go now?”

I nodded at her and she was delighted. She seemed to want to see Lorina suffer almost as much as I did. Switching to her view, I realized that she had adapted quite well and had already managed to hunt the Boars which gave her so much trouble last time. At the moment she was looking for even stronger prey.


Valenor changed into her dragon body and waited for me. Just like a kid going for a walk with his parents.

I met with Alpeon who had prepared some beginner equipment for me and then jumped up behind her head.

“Let’s get going!”

“Ok, hold on tight!”

I had commissioned the dwarven blacksmiths to create a suitable harness that made riding Valenor more comfortable. It was made in conjunction with some fairies and the material needed to be durable enough so we used Valenor’s own fallen scales. This made the ride far more enjoyable and convenient than our past ones.

I had no choice but to hold on tight to this new harness if I was to endure her top speed. After about 30 hours of flight, we had finally arrived to the New Continent and located Lorina in the plains.

“Is it that skeleton over there?”

“Yes that’s her.”

“She’s adapted somewhat right?”

It was just as Valenor had mentioned. The skeleton before us was wielding a bone knife and wearing a leather armor made from boar skin. All things considered, appearing to be a competent hunter.

“Valenor let’s land out of sight for now.”

After arriving down onto the plains, I pointed and an empty space.

“Summon Skeleton Mage!”

Clack Clack!

I equipped it with a shield, armor and longsword brought from Necropolis . There was too large of a level difference between it and Lorina, so I made it use warrior weapons instead of its magic to help balance things out. If she could defeat it, she could win those items.

“Hmm… is this enough of a handicap?”

Despite it not being able to use magic, it was still a level 10 creature which was far more powerful than the current Lorina. Using my Undead’s Authority, I commanded the Mage to go and kill Lorina.

“Valenor, it’s finally on!”

“Huh? But I can’t watch it!”

“Ha ha, but I can!”

“Hey, that’s not fair.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a play by play.”


As I watched the skeleton mage chasing Lorina as I returned to Necropolis with Valenor.

The next day I went over to meet Noc

“Thank you for visiting, Lord”

Noc greeted me amiably and I went on to sit upon his throne.


Talesias: Archwizard Messiah which told Soleste/Noc the prophecy.

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