Chapter 60

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‘Lord, it appears that the human king has begun conscription among his population.’

‘Truly? Well, although I doubt it could change much, just keep me updated of any other changes.’

‘As you wish Lord.’

“Hmm… is he really so desperate that he had to conscript his own people?”

I was shocked when I learned that they had sent an army of 50,000 men to attack Gartmar. I had long considered that town as a second home, so I couldn’t let his action slide.

Therefore, bringing only Noc with me, we headed out and intercepted it midway. I had Noc turn them all into undead and using my Authority skill over them, sent them back to attack their own capital as a warning.

Of course there was a slight hesitation on my part and did not lightly take so many human lives. However, in the end I felt that I couldn’t show compassion to those that pointed their swords at Gartmar.

Although they tried to resist, they were no match for the prowess of Noc and I. By the time dawn arrived, we had already finished mopping them up and converting them into undead.

“Lord, this will cause you to be seen as an enemy of humanity.”

“So what? I care little about the opinions of others, but if they try to touch my property, then I have no choice but to interfere.”

I had this short chat with Noc as we flew back to Necropolis and didn’t tell the others about our little adventure.

“Where did you and Noc run off  to in the middle of the night?”

“It was a guy thing.”

“Hmm, I wonder if guys were the only part of that story….”

Although Valenor kept trying to rpy the truth out of me, I kept it a secret. I didn’t want others to know of the massacre I had committed last night.

‘You will regret your terrible actions Johra. I won’t help you unless it’s related to good deeds, I don’t care how many times you threaten to bury me!’

I had already expected for Gnoss to have some serious misgivings about yesterday’s slaughter.’

‘I was simply doing what I felt was right, stop complaining so much. And don’t you have something to tell me regarding the treatment of the Elves?’

‘Tha…that, well because you didn’t ask, I didn’t think it was worth mentioning.’

‘What are you talking about? I asked you on several occasion and you said that they were suffering appropriately. How could you have misunderstood my meaning?’

‘Well… since the Elves were kind of forced into the expedition, and had already suffered and hunted down by the humans, I thought that they had suffered enough already.’

‘Who gave you the right to make that decision? Did you ask me for my consent? You were purposely hiding the truth from me and now you’ll have to pay the price.’

‘But… you never listen to me!’

‘And why should I? When we first met you made me swear an oath and I’ve always stood by it. I’ve only now realized that despite my transparency, you’re always trying to deceive me and that there’s no longer any reason for me to keep you around. We can’t work well together if you are continuously lying to me.’

‘Johra stop! You still need me! Hey!’

Blocking out his cries for attention, I called Alpeon over.


‘Yes Lord?’

‘Catch this and go bury it deep in some place that no one will ever find.’

From the top of the observatory I threw her the green gem in which Gnoss was sealed in.

“It’s Gnoss’ punishment for deceiving me, let him wallow in regret for all eternity.”

“What was that jewel? Isn’t that the one that you always keep close to you?”

Valenor had joined me on the tower and I stroked her mane with the back of my bony hand.

“It’s no big deal, I tried to be the good guy and give many chances. But in the end I realized that there isn’t any hope if the other person is constantly trying to cheat and one up you.”

“Johra, I would never hide something from you.”

“I know you wouldn’t Valenor.”

We stayed together that way, watching the fiery red sun set into the horizon.

‘Hmm… should I watch the battle against the capital?’

“Astral Projection!”

I created an ethereal copy of myself by chanting softly while Valenor was sound asleep. It was a copy of myself which had about 20 percent of my power.

Unlike an Avatar, it would only last for a week before dissipating. However, just like with my Avatar, I could only control one body at a time and it’s death didn’t affect my main body.

‘Should I get going?’

Hovering over my body momentarily, I watched Valenor’s peaceful sleep before proceeding to leave with my flight skill. According to Alpeon’s intel, my army of undead was set to arrive to the capital today.

If I was using my top speed I could arrive there in 4 hours, but I was currently travelling much slower because of the limited power of an Astral Projection.

“Ugh, this is so slow. Have I gotten too used to Valerno’s speed?”

I had just barely arrived in time to see the fight break out as the morning sun rose crept into the sky.

Usually undead would have to return to a cave or dig a hole to hide from the sun. But those who were under my control had gained a certain amount of resistance towards the sun just like I had and so they marched on boldly under its rays.


I hid my body and watched the show about one kilometer away.

“This should be pretty interesting. Kukuku~”

My 50.000 undead army were like a white wave of locusts heading towards the capital. As the yellow sun rose and its rays lit them up, they instead gained a bright fiery orange color as they move through the fields.

On the walls of the city humans could be seen running back and forth, preparing army to fight against the undead.

Kugu kugu ku!

As the undead trudged forward, the bleak rhythmic sound of the undead’s march could be heard from afar.

“What is that?”

Atop the center of the northern gate stood 3 large white winged creatures, flapping their wings in the air. One of them boasted 12 wings and was wielding a longsword, perhaps 4-5 meters in length. The morning sun reflected of it creating a dazzling appearance.


Silvery particles were gathered around the sword as it appeared to be charging power. The the being slashed out and a silver half-moon beam shot out and cut through the ranks of the undead hundreds of meters away.

Pung! Pung! Quaddddd Pung!

The sword beam which was about 10-15 meters long cleaved right through the mass of dead flesh and terrain alike. It resulted in a crater maybe 30-40 meters long, completely disintegrating everything in its path.

“Hmm… is that an Angel? That magic seems to have holy properties that are super effective versus undead, and its power is also surprising.”

One of my strongest spells was meteor, but if I were to be honest it was a bit lacking when compared to the power of that Angel’s slash.

“He’ll be hard to beat.”

For an undead like myself, an Angel was like an insurmountable wall. My Aura of Terror and Paralysis Stare were unlikely to be very effective considering its level, and I was unable to see any lifeforce as if it were some kind of golem.

The two smaller angels behind it watched on as their leader pulled out a golden trumpet.


The loud trumpet sound shook the heavens and within moments thousands of rays fell down from the sky. Although their individual damage wasn’t all that impressive, they made up for it with their numbers and large AoE of 10 meters which disintegrated anything in its range. to begin with the undead weren’t very strong and with their weakness being such holy magic, they took severe losses.

In under 30 minutes their force of 50,000 had been reduced to less than 10,000. At that moment the two angels in the background made their move, armed with miniature trumpets and daggers.

The larger angel on the other hand was busy casting some sort of enchantment as a silvery light appeared over his head. A beam from the magic circle above his head connected to the two smaller angels and they doubled in size, reaching a height of 3 meters and overflowing with vitality. Their small daggers transformed into 4 meter longswords and every time they swung, dozens of undead perished.

“Is it an enchantment which gives their swords holy properties? They use some very unique skills, what a great learning opportunity!”

I was observing the scene curiously, like an uninvolved third party. The truth was that I wasn’t attached to the undead army I had created. I had simply sent them out on a whim to show my displeasure towards Mirin’s King, and had never intended them to actually succeed in conquering the capital. Still, it was interesting to learn that they had this kind of trump card as a defense.

When there were only a couple thousand undead left, the city gates opened and the humans joined the fray. The angels then flew back into the sky and observed the battle emotionlessly.

“What else should I expect from the cowardly humans? They only joined in after victory was assured.”

While looking at the battle with my arms crossed, I momentarily felt some killing intent from the large Angel.

“How’s it possible, did I slip up? He shouldn’t be able to find me while I’m invisible.”

The large Angel began chanting a complicated magic skill and the other two linked arms with him.


“Should I run away? No, surely they can’t see me….”

Just as the larger Angel finished casting, they disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared before me.

“Wow, they could see me after all!”

They looked different from up close, the smaller two were closer to 2 meters in size while the largest one was over 4 meters tall. It pointed out to me and cried out.

“Spawn of evil, I don’t know what you are doing here, but it is my duty to eliminate the likes of you.”

“Bind! Freezing! Null Magic Field!”

The three angels quickly cast their spells, and I suffered as a result of hesitating for 0.2 second and therefore lost the chance to attack first.  

“Why does he not fall, is his flying ability not considered magic? Regardless you will die today wicked creature!”


The great Angel pierced me in a flashing light.

‘Damn! I have no magic jewels with me.’

Aside from only having a fifth of my power, having no items was another downside of the Astral Projection. If I had had some magic jewels with me I would have been able to escape, but it was already too late for me.


I suffered greatly from the Angel’s sword strike as its holy flame burned my insides. I learned that although death wouldn’t affect my main body, pain was still fully transmitted.


“Johra what’s the matter?”

“Damn! No, it was nothing go back to sleep.”

As soon as my Astral form perished I had returned to my own body. However the vivid memory of being burnt alive had stayed with me. It was my first time feeling such pain since I had become an undead, it felt like I was being roasted in the fiery pits of Hell itself.

‘Do I have a chance of beating the Angels with my undead body?’


I sighed unconsciously.

“Johra what’s wrong, did you have a bad dream? Wait, you don’t sleep so how could you have a nightmare!”

“It was nothing Valenor.”

‘Alpeon, double our scouts between us and Mirin’s capital. Also have all of our standing army alert and on standby in case of an emergency.”

“Yes lord!”

I had mobilized Alpeon and Necropolis’ resources, but in truth they were unlikely to be much help. Considering the Angels’ prowess, only myself and the dragons would be able to meet them in battle.

“Johra are you sure everything is ok? I just saw Alpeon leaving in a great hurry.”

Valenor had noticed that something was up, so it was better to simply come clean and explain the situation.

I had remembered what I had told Gnoss, about how it was impossible to have a good relationship with someone if you were always keeping secrets from them. So I decided to take my own advice in this case.

I told Valenor everything that had happened recently, from the undead army to the new Angels.

“What’s the big deal Johra? If I felt like it I would even incinerated millions of people.”

I shook my head towards Valenor

“That has never been my intention, it’s just that those fools were greedy and attacked the city where friends of mine are living.”

“I understand, so do you think that the Angels will come here to find you?”

“I don’t know, I just have this sinking feeling that they might.”

“I’ve never fought an Angel so I can’t be sure, but I believe that if the two of us team up, we could even take on a god.”

I who had seen the Angels fighting realized that I had overestimated my own strength.

“You’re wrong Valenor, the Angels are the greatest foes we have ever met.”

An undead such as myself was severely disadvantage against an Angel, and the combination of all three made it even harder.  

“So what do you want to do?

“Will we simply fly off and leave all this behind?”

“ I can go anywhere as long as it’s with you.”

“Valenor is the best partner after all.”

“I will simply follow whatever decision you make.”

I began strategizing while she leaned her head on my shoulder.

‘It might be difficult to win, but I should come with a plan to at least minimize the losses. I can’t let them ruin all the good work we have achieved.’

It was a rare moment of peace as an undead and polymorphed dragon stood upon the observation tower, looking at the sunset as the winter days approached.

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