Chapter 61

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‘Lord, the human’s armies have left the capital.’

‘Got it’

It was the latest report from Alpeon. They were coming after me just as I had predicted.’

‘It’s not easy… If there were only the Angels I could overwhelm them with, but with the humans there I had no distinct advantage.’

My best tactic of overwhelming them with numbers wouldn’t work.

‘I guess I will have to try and intercept them midway.’

Because of the Angels’ skills, any undead forces I brought with me wouldn’t be much help. The only alternative was to engage them with Necropolis’ own forces, but I wanted to avoid such a scenario if possible.

After strategizing for about an hour, I came to a decision and messaged Alpeon.

‘You shall be in charge of organizing a defense of the city as the last resort. Make sure to make use of the dragons and if you see there isn’t any hope, just abandon it and leave Wetheros mountains.

‘Yes Lord.’

“I should get going”

I messaged Alpeon before alerting Valenor who was still leaning on me peacefully.

“Will you join me Valenor?”

“Just tell me where, Polymorph!”

She instantly took her dragon form.

“I’ll allow you to come with me this time, but if I see things are going south, you have to make sure to run away and live to fight another day. Goti it?”

As she nodded her large head, I put the harness upon her and jumped on.

“To the capital!”


We flew at her maximum speed and within just 20 minutes we sighted the human army.

“Valenor, let’s wait here a moment”

I stopped her 30 km away from the human army and I scouted ahead alone.

“Hmm, just 30,000? Well it isn’t there numbers which are a problem, but rather those Angels.”

There were the three angels flying above the marching army. The larger one flanked by the two smaller ones, advancing forward as if being escorted by the humans.

‘So to defeat the Angels I’ll first have to get through the human army?’

Although killing the humans would be simplicity itself, they weren’t the reason I had come here.

I kept my distance, I had already become wary of that Angel’s high perception since the misadventure with my Astral Projection. I then returned to Valenor’s side.

“Let’s fly up above them, at least one kilometer distance and simply rain hell down on them.

“Ok, let’s do that!”

I had decided to take advantage of Valenor’s mobility in this engagement. Because the Angels took some time to cast their mid-range spells, they were planning on using the humans as a meat shield to buy themselves some time. I therefore decided to use our mobility and attack them from a longer distance.

“Meteor! Meteor! Meteor!”

I sent out Meteor which was one of my more deadly spells.


The first impact had burned a dozen soldiers to ashes and created a huge crater in the ground. They were however quick to react to the next ones and the human mages banded together to create a large shield. It the end my attacks had only cause a few casualties.


“Hmm… they have human mages spread out within each unit, their formation is quite well thought out.”

Shaa Shapp!

Hundreds of spells came flying towards us, but with our distance and Valenor’s speed, she easily dodged them all.

“Although that level of magic is quite low, I still don’t want to be hit by so many.”

It was the power of numbers, despite Valenor being a dragon with incredibly high HP and recovery, she would still suffer under such high number of spells. Not to mention that the Angels could join in at any time, further increasing the difficulty.

“Valenor, Let’s fly higher!”

“How far?”

“As high as you can!”

It was time to put my heavy object dropping strategy back to good use.

“Ice Wall! Ice Wall! Ice Wall…!”

I sent hundreds of Ice Walls down from an altitude of 20,000 meters.


“Those dam munchkin Angels are truly troublesome, they took care of all that with a few swipes of their sword?”

The two smaller Angels swung their swords and my Ice Walls walls melted and became a non threatening rain.

Looks like there’s a few  pigeons flying up here.

The larger Angel was coming our way, accompanied by his two henchmen.

“It should be advantageous for us to fight up here in the sky, away from the human mages. Valenor, let’s give them a warm welcome with a nice Dragon Breath.”

The full power of Valenor’s Breath was something which even I couldn’t ignore and would act as a suitable opening move.

“Shit! Cancel your breath and dodge Valenor!”

I had spotted the Angels forming a medium range teleport magic circle.

Whoa aaah!

After hearing my words she tried to quickly let out what dragonfire she had already collected in her jaws.


“Damn, so fast!”

They appeared right above Valenor’s head and the two smaller Angels had just completed their chanting. It was incredible timing to finish your incantation right after being teleported, a perfect coordination between the trio of Angels.

“Binding Prison!”

“Null-Magic void”

I bright rope shot towards me and wrapped me up while a orange colored box appeared around me. Perhaps that was the area within which Magic was rendered useless.


Valenor had sent out her small Dragon Breath, but it was cancelled out, probably due to the null magic zone.


Valenor instantly struck out with her tail, but the Angels simply landed upon her head, and because it was where I was seated, she was unable to hit them for fear of hurting me instead.

“Johra are you okay?”

As soon as the Angels had appeared before us I had already grabbed 2 magic jewels from my belt pouches.

“Undead, you have been found guilty by the High Gods of treating human lives to lightly.  As their Messiah, I shall be the one to cleanse you!”


The large Angels sword erupted into flames and appeared menacing.

“Although it is true that I have taken the lives of humans, it was them however that were on their way to kill other humans. I killed those who were going to kill close friends of mine, what’s wrong with that?”

“Wicked being, with great power comes great responsibility and your morals have been found lacking. Even the few High Gods who had held some hope for you have now agreed on your cleansing.”

Huu Wooong!


The flaming sword struck the spot I had just been in, as I vanished using the magic jewels.

“So are you saying that I should simply watch on as others kill my friends? Is that truly the will of the High Gods? Then I see little reason to care for their opinions! Valenor, change!”


“Gravity Rise! Gravity Rise! Gravity Rise!…”

The Angels looked at stared at me in astonishment, unable to comprehend how I had escaped from the null-magic zone. Once Valenor had changed to her human form, the Angels were now flying in the air by themselves and I quickly stacked several Gravity Rises on them. The cost of each subsequent Gravity Rise would increase exponentially, so even with my deep mana pool I could only use it thirteen times in a row, but it was enough to increase their gravitational pull by 8,000 times.

Koouck! What’s this!”

“How did you manage to escape from the null magic space?”

They flapped their wings furiously, trying to stay airborne but it was a futile attempt. The increased gravity increased their own weight by a tremendous amount, and they plummeted to the ground at great speeds.

“Valenor, remove your polymorph and follow me!”

“Fireball! Inferno! Meteor!…”

I was spamming spells upon them to keep them occupied, I didn’t want to give them a chance to neutralize my gravitational magic.

“Great, why don’t you guys have a pleasant reunion with the planet’s surface!”

When I was about 300 meters from the ground I used my flight magic to reduce my speed.


Just as the three Angels reached the ground at dangerously high speeds, a huge magic formation appeared under them, and they disappeared from sight.

Looking around, I understood what had just happened. Those puny humans mages had banded together to create a teleportation circle which saved the Angels at the last possible moment.

Chet… I guess this won’t be easy after all.”

Shook, Pung, Shoo

As I was mumbling to myself, hundreds of spells had been shot towards me by the human mages.

“How annoying, Valenor!”

Ooo oh oh!

Valenor who had appeared behind me was breathing in, readying a large Dragon Breathe.


She shout out a powerful flame towards the army of humans. It was dangerous enough that even a power C ranked being would be instantly burnt to ashes.


Valenor and I couldn’t believe our eyes as the humans who should have been incinerated were completely fine. I finally realized the seriousness of the situation.

“Damn it! They had more Angels hidden among the human forces?”

From amidst the humans, hundreds of them unfolded their wings. They were all on the same level as Michaels two henchmen.


A moment later Michael appeared above us with his 2 smaller Angels. They had already managed to counter my gravity magic.

“Null-Magic Void!”

“Binding Prison!”

Hwarr, Hooong

The other Angels were likewise sending spells towards me and Michael was rushing my way with his flaming sword.

“Valenor get out of here!”

“No, I can’t leave you behind!”

“That’s an order!!”

“Sorry but I’m not listening!”

Valenor struck out with her claws as I used a magic jewel to escape.


“Cursed undead the magic is coming from your hands! Come to me my brothers, tie up this infidel! Don’t allow him the use of his hands!”

Michael had discovered my secret with the magic jewels and I knew that what little element of surprised I previously had, was now gone.


Seeing that I had escaped, Valenor shot out a breath and she continued to swipe viciously with her long dragon claws. However, since we were still within a null-magic zone, her breath dissipated and her claws were simply blocked by Michaels sword.

“Valenor, get out of there!”

By Michael’s command hundreds of Angels had joined the fray and I was forced to constantly use magic jewels to teleport within this null-magic area.

“Binding Prison!”

“Binding Prison!”

Seeing that they couldn’t tie me down, they had changed targets to Valenor. Although one such spell wasn’t enough to capture a strong dragon like her, hundreds of them were cast and she had been caught.


“Run away husband! Avenge me!”

Her health was dropping far too quickly.

“Damn it Michael! Weren’t you here for me?” Let her go!”

“We’ll also catch you, but for now your companion shall pay the price, just wait your turn!”

I hated seeing Valenor tied up and suffering, but I truly had no way of helping her. If I were to get captured as well, the situation would truly be hopeless.

While the angels were keeping her prisoner, MIchael was keeping me busy, not allowing me to go to her rescue.

Valenor’s health had already dropped by a third, it was the terrifying power of numbers.

“Damn, you aren’t being fair Michael!”

Ignoring my outburst he just stared straight at me with eyes devoid of emotions.

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