Chapter 62

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I had finally reigned in my raging emotions and was able to calmly analyze the situation.

That imprison skill maybe some object get given a magic word in the null of the magic field. That means get cut from physical power.   

I had finally realized that I would be at a disadvantage if I continued only using magic and pulled out Excalibur.

“Did you have a cursed sword undead?”

“Cursed sword? Is that what you think this is? Teleport!”

As I finished speaking I teleported to Valenor’s side.

“Why did you come back for me?”

“Quiet you, isn’t this all your fault for not listening to me before?”


I swung Excalibur and managed to cut through her magical restraints.

‘It worked!’

I was exhilarated that it had mange to cut through successfully.

“Undead! You’ll pay with your life!”

Michael shouted out as he rushed towards me.

“Sorry but my life is neither for rent nor for sale.”


Just as his flaming sword was about to reach me I teleported away with my magic jewels and cut some more of Valenor’s restraints which were tying down her legs.

Seguk seguk seguk


As I was severing the restraints on her body, she was able to gain some measure of freedom.



MIchael continuously chased me down, while I evaded him by chaining teleport with the use of my prepared jewels.

While we were off playing hide and seek, the hundreds of Angels which continued to trap Valenor had finally faltered. Due to the chains I had cut off, their formations balance was off which left an opening.

‘Valenor, get out of here and fly far away!’

I messaged her telepathically.



She rushed forth at a groundbreaking speed towards the small opening in their formation. The Angels who were still tethered to her through the chains were caught off guard and dragged off into the air.

“Hahahahahaha! My wife is amazing!”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw the anger on the Angels’ faces.

It was a dangerous moment of inattentiveness.

However at my level of power, a single moment of distraction could prove disastrous.

Although I had done well in saving Valenor, the two seconds of watching her escape while I chuckled to myself was unacceptable in a battle of this level, and Michael did not let such opportunity slip by.

“Undead, you should be more worried about your own life!”

The Angel corps had boxed me in from every direction. They formed a tight knit sphere around me, not even allowing any rays of light pass through, Michael’s flaming sword was the only source of light inside here.

“How about we put an end to this farce Michael? So far I’ve only been playing around with you guys, otherwise I could make you suffer a great deal.”

After my provocation, Michael’s face which had remained expressionless this entire time finally formed a frown.

‘Success! I was able to make him at least a little bit angry. When an emotionless guy like him loses his cool, that’s when his is most likely to make a mistake I can capitalize on.’

Sure the number of Angels and their sheer power was a problem, but Michael’s command and tactics were even more so. If he gets angry, he’s sure to make a mistake which I could use to end him.

I had found myself in quite the bind due to my carelessness, but I was finally seeing a way out of this.

“Undead, still entertaining your ridiculous delusions. Your death has already been decreed, as the Messiah I am simply your executioner.”

Michael had regained his composure and raised his flaming sword.

“Join me brothers! Sing the Glory of Heaven!”

At Michaels command all the surrounding Angels began to sing in concert. It was a Purifying song which as un undead, held the power to destroy my very existence.

“Shit! Weren’t you angry just a second ago Michael? How are you able to sing this song within a null-magic zone?”

I was caught off guard by this sudden purifying song, because I never thought it would be possible. I was instead looking out for Michaels sword strike and readying myself to parry with Excalibur. I hadn’t expected them to be able to use magic in here.

Luckily the song wasn’t as effective as they had expected and I could still use my magic jewels to escape.

I quickly jumped locations to get away.

‘Teleport! Teleport!’

“Continue to chase him down, Angels who are nearest to him have to keep singing!”

I had managed to escape from the encirclement before the song had come into full effect, but there was a new problem. The jewel in my hand was empty.

If I had used Teleport immediately instead of relying on the magic jewel, the result would have been different. As it stood, I had been too reliant on these jewels and forgotten to keep track of how much juice was left in it. Such a small choice led to a drastically different result.

‘Shit! Has it really run out already?’


I had not bothered keeping track of the amount of power in jewels and was now going to pay the price. By the time I noticed that the magic jewel was empty and tried to teleport normally, the null magic zone had surrounded me and cancelled my spell before I could get away. It was a tiny difference of only 0.05 seconds, but that small time window was the difference between life and death.

“Continue to surround him and apply the null-magic area! Those nearby keep on singing!”

Uhh! So this is the true power of their song!”

I could feel its power breaking apart my body, and I struggled to throw away the used jewel and reach for a fresh one in my pouch. However their song was increasingly more powerful and destructive, and I was no longer able to move properly.

My fate had been decided within those short 0.05 seconds, and that moment of carelessness. I was now in a situation without any hope, but still I struggled to escape.

‘Come on!’

I had completely lost the ability to move my right arm which was so close to the pouch so switched to my left and tried my best to grab a jewel, but the power of the song was too strong and I was crushed instead.

“How can this song be so powerful? I mean, I have such high Magic Resistance! Cough!”

My body was deteriorating and had lost my flying ability, both my arms had also gone limp as I fell down towards the ground.

“Angels at the bottom of the encirclement, match his falling speed and make sure he is always at the center of the sphere, don’t let up for even a second! Angels at the top, keep Singing the Glory of Heaven!”

They kept up the null-magic zone and never let up, not leaving any flaw in their encirclement. As the angels on top joined in singing, the pressure on me doubled as well.

“Gaaah! Shouldn’t you at least practice some Karaoke first! Please! Uhaaaa! How do I even get out of here now?”

I screamed in frustration as I knew I had no method of escaping, my arms were locked and my magic was sealed.

I felt my body burning and the holy power of their song cleansed my undead corpse. I saw my chest bone split apart and then my last sight before my all went dark was that of Valenor tearing apart their formation with her claws, desperately trying to reach me.

‘Shit is this the end? I’ll at least be resurrected in the Life Vessel right?’

I acknowledged my death as I found myself in a world of darkness, a never ending void.

Until I met a certain existence.

‘You remind me of myself, an unquenchable thirst which doesn’t disappear even if we take lives, bring down entire civilizations, or even destroy worlds.’

‘You’re wrong, I don’t feel such thirst.’


‘I just want revenge on those who have done this to me.’

‘Ok, have it your way.’

I felt myself being sucked out of this void of nothingness.

‘Am I reviving at my Life Vessel?’

When I opened my eyes I was lying at the bottom of the Pit’s lake. However the Angel corps had me surrounded, Nymue’s body was cut in two by one of the Angels and he was covered in her blue blood, standing on the lake shore. I was completely suppressed by their null-magic zone, once again unable to escape.

“How did you guys know about this place?”

“Undead, Nymue is naturally part of the fairy King Oberon’s household and he was recently accepted as a High God.

“What? No, didn’t Nymue have a bad relationship with Oberon?”

“Was that what you thought? Nymue has never betrayed her king, she was just tricking you. Nymue was sent to this place by Fairy’s Shaman in order to keep an eye on you. She gave you Excalibur to gain your trust, which worked because you entrusted her with your most prized possession, your Life Vessel. Through her treachery she helped her King achieve his desired position and should have returned happily to his side, hoping to marry him. However Titania, his current wife caught wind of it and coerced Oberon into having her killed. Nymue deceived you, and she was in turn deceived by her own king, two poor victims.”

“Damn it! So you’ve killed everyone? What about Valenor? The guardian dragons? My citizens?”

“What a pathetic Undead, even faced with the true death you still worry about others. If you must know they will soon be joining you.”

‘Valenor! Alpeon! Bianca! Jenna! Arin!’

I desperately sent out telepathic messages, but all I felt was the burning of the forests and city.

“I could have destroyed you before you resurrected, but I wanted to give you the chance to see the collapse of all which you have worked so hard for with your own eyes. In the annals of history you will only be known as a bloodthirsty demon who massacred humans.”

“That history would be nothing but a fabrication! I never attacked others unless provoked!”

“That is all of little consequence, history is recorded by the winners. You are nothing more than a villain who will occupy a single page in this history of the High Gods’ glory. Sing with me my brothers, for the Glory of Heaven!

I was once again tormented by their song, and my entire being was disintegrating, I would soon face my die once more.

“No! Valenor! My Necropolis! My People! My Friends! I have to save them all, I can’t simply die like this! I will be back for my revenge, you hear me! My name is Johra, remember it! I’ll drag down your arrogant High Gods from their lofty thrones!”

I cried out with an evil cackle, but I was already losing my voice and strength to their holy song. I was overcome with an extreme pain, and then saw only darkness.

In death there was no longer any meaning.

I was back in the void of nothingness, speaking with this special existence.

‘Do you want to satiate your thirst for vengeance?’

‘No, I’ve tried hard to kill meaninglessly.’

‘But you did kill, and it was fun right? How about those 50,000 humans which you killed and turned into your puppet undeads?”

‘They were trying to harm my friends, It was natural for me to kill them.’

‘But did they really need to die? You should be aware that they were simply taking orders from others.’

‘No! They can’t hide behind the orders of others. They were the ones who were going to commit the act right?’

‘Then was this your excuse for killing them in cold blood?’

‘I simply stopped them from committing atrocities.’

‘You’re trying to justify your action by calling it a preemptive murder?’

‘Shut up! I was never happy to take a life!’

‘Is that the truth? Weren’t you delighted when massacring those humans?’

‘I…I simply did what I had to do!’

‘Quit trying to hide yourself behind your pretty words.’

‘No! I simply wanted to enjoy my life in my own kingdom! Why… did I have to kill those humans?’

‘Because you’re a natural born killer.’

‘No! This all happened because I became a Lich!’

‘But wasn’t being a Lich a choice you made?’

‘I had no choice at the time, it was a matter of survival!

‘You keep bringing up the excuse that everything was predestined and inevitable. But all along you always had the choice, a more comfortable and safer option.

‘There was no such thing!’

‘If you would only stop to build something real and have relationship with others…haven’t you considered this?’

‘How was that even an acceptable alternative?’

‘Making a choice means giving up on all the other options you’ve left behind. There was definitely a more peaceful option all along, just ask yourself, you know it to be true.’

‘Well… it’s not like I could have known what the future would hold. I didn’t know where my choices would lead me to.’

‘Didn’t you though? There have always been signs, warnings for which you were to arrogant and chose to ignore.

‘Right, I’ve been arrogant… It’s always been my biggest problem.’

‘Then do you admit it?’

‘Yes, it’s true.’

‘What would you do if given another chance?’

‘I would not make the same mistakes.’

‘Truly? Be more honest with yourself.’

‘… I probably would make the same choices….’

‘Then what’s the point of having another shot? Do you really want to be remembered in this pathetic fashion?’

‘No, I can’t allow that.’

‘So, do you want another pointless opportunity?’

‘Yes, I want a the chance at another meaningless existence.’

‘Good, this will be the last time. There won’t be any others and this will conclude the deal between us.’


‘Yes, our deal. Perhaps someday, if this last opportunity of yours falls through, you will remember it. After all, every transaction comes with it’s price.’

‘Don’t you have to tell me what the deal is? Hey! Who are you? Tell me!’

No matter how loud I shouted there wasn’t any answer.

I don’t know how long I stayed in that void of nothingness, but I was eventually sucked out of there.

“Lord, have you opened your eyes once more?”

When my vision returned to me, I saw Noradriana standing above me. Her strength and wisdom had disappeared due to a fatal injury.


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