Chapter 65

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“Give me administrative privileges.”

“You want to be the Administrator?”

“Yes, If you grant my main body the exclusive administrator rights, I’ll help you out.”

“Okay, that won’t be a problem because my sole reason for my existence is to prepare a habitable location for the human race.”

It was a surprisingly reasonable answer because the the creator of the A.I, named Zaira, had tasked it with saving humanity at all costs.

“Johra’s body is just outside the entrance right?”


Shuu Woong

I pillar rose from an unassuming floor tile and there was a small remote controller within it.

“What is this?”

Whoever is the holder of this will gain administrative rights as soon as humanity’s restoration is assured.”

“Hm… do you still not trust me?”

“It has to do with my settings, no administrative privileges are possible before humanity is restored.”

Zaira’s creator’s made sure that humanity was it’s priority..

“Well nothing I can do about it. So it’s this console over here?”

“That’s right, as soon as my mission is complete, it will gain administrative access.”

“Ok, then I’m in.”

“Can you create more of that energy?”

“Yes, I can make antimatter, but the amount is limited and I would need some time to recharge my ability.”

“Good, then we will focus on designing a method to extract energy from your antimatter.”

“Hang on a second, how are you currently harnessing energy?”

“We use fission reaction.”

“Has humanity’s technology not evolved past that?”

“Although we succeeded in fusion through the use of plasma, we were unable to stabilize it. Gamma’s power generators are the pinnacle of humanity’s technological achievement, allowing this facility to remain operational for a very long time.”

The future which I had dreamt about while attending school had become my reality. I had to say that apart from the cool A.I., I was incredibly disappointed.

“OK, then let’s first make a container that can hold the antimatter.

“We first need a vacuum space which was used to store plasma. I believe that through the use of electromagnets we can guide it safely and store it within that vacuum. However I will need to run a few tests over the next 48 hours just to be certain.”

“Got it, in the meantime I will have to bring my body within Gamma so please make the arrangements.”

“I will open the entrance then.”

Commanding my Liches to carry my body over, I had them drop it off in my private room, while I settled my Liches in the adjacent room. I then lied down next to the my main body.

“Finally a bed. Unlike the futuristic and cold steel designs, the bed is quite comfortable.”

I laid down in my bed and gathered my thoughts.

“Could I maybe save Noradriana now?”

It was the first thought that popped up. I had come back to Earth with her help, so I was certain that I would need her to return.

“Zaira, Are you listening?”

“Yes Johra?”

There is something outside which I would like to collect, would that be possible?”

“We have the drones.”

“Well… it’s a bit big.”

“They can carry up to 2,000 tons in weight. Do you have a location?”

“I’m not sure how long I had been walking before I arrived here, perhaps if you follow my footsteps…”

“I have already tracked your whereabouts, are you referring to the dinosaur-like corpse?”

“You were already tracking me… well I guess it’s alright, you’re an Artificial Intelligence afterall. So what’s its status?”

“It has been frozen solid due to the extreme climate. It should have been destroyed at the molecular level due to the expansion of the frozen liquids in the body.”

“No problem, just collect it. How long will it take?”

“The location is about 2,000 kilometers away, so you can expect to see it within Gamma in about 90 hours.”

“Good, let me know once it has arrived.”

“Okay, I’ll send the droids.”

“Hmm… would it still be possible to resurrect her in her frozen state?”

Back in Necropolis, 4 days dead was the maximum for a successful resurrection, and in truth that too was a failure. Although it had been brought back to life, it had lost all its memories.

‘If she loses her memories then is there even any point…. It’s been too long already.’

When I first opened my eyes on Earth and Noradriana had just died, my Creation Magic was blocked and I didn’t have the mana for Resurrection Song. If only I could have saved her at that time, things would have been much easier.

‘No, I need to stop on thinking about what ifs, and focus on the task at hand. I need to somehow save humankind, Noradriana can wait for now.’

I felt somewhat duty bound to save the human race which I had been born to from extinction. Even if it weren’t for my contract with Zaira, because Humanity was at risk, I would still lend a helping hand.

“Huh… is it really the extinction of humankind?”

As a child I had dreamt of humanity pushing the boundary of technology and achieving new heights of exploration within the universe. However the reality was the demise of our species.

“Damn, is there really no god here?”

‘If there had been a god, with how many people worshipping and loving it, would it not have saved them from such suffering?’

‘In my previous world, the gods communicated with and aided the humans. If there was a god on Earth would it have allowed this tragedy to happen?’

On the other hand I feel comfortable knowing that there isn’t any god here, there would be less complications with me being here.

“Can you tell me more about how humanity became extinct?”

“As I said before, the increase in temperature caused water to evaporate which changed the composition of particles in the atmosphere. Oxygen began decreasing while methane increased. This then blocked almost all of the Sun’s rays which led to the current frigid temperatures and death of all living creatures.

“Yes, but why?”

“The causal factor is still unknown, it could be a combination of many reasons such as increase in volcanic activity or a large asteroid entering our atmosphere. Although humanity tried to resolve those issues, they lacked the time and ability to do so.”

I felt a bit strange hearing Zaira’s explanation.

“But there’s always been volcanic activity and why would an asteroid all of a sudden…”

“It was all a question of intensity and timing. 70 percent of Earth’s volcanoes activated simultaneously while we were intercepted by the asteroids form the Kuiper Belt.

“What’s that? what was the likelihood of all that happening at the same time?”

“Based on observed phenomena the probability is less than 0.001 yocto percent.”


“10 to the power of minus 24 is yocto. The percent of happen is 10 to the power of minus 29”

“It’s hard to believe that it all occurred naturally.”

“We were unable to confirm any external intervention.”

“Well, that’s why it’s called Unknown.”


“Perhaps the restoration of humankind can only take place after solving that mystery. Afterall, what if we succeed but suddenly there is another freak disaster?”

“Your reasoning is correct.”

“Good, then after fixing the power source issue, we’ll focus on the original cause of all this.”

“I will list it as a priority, the preparations on the previous plasma container are complete. Would you like to use it now?”

“I don’t know where it is.”

“Simply follow the bright lights along the floor.”

With the help of the floor lights which lit up before me, I was able to arrive before a large contained with giant intertwined electromagnets which reminded me of a monster’s guts.

“Is this the plasma container?”

“That’s right Johra.”

“And would it be possible to house the antimatter here?”

“I have run extensive preliminary tests and I do believe it should work. If you simply walk to the other side you can see an opening which you could use to insert the antimatter. What kind will you be making?”

“A positron.”

“Ok I will adjust the settings to properly contain it.”


I walked up to the glass and ignored the opening. I simply willed my skill to appear on the inside of the container.

“Material Creation: Positron”


It sounded like a cooling fan was working overtime as the electromagnets were fired up.

“Did it work?”

“The storage was successful. Now we simply need to find a way to harness it’s raw energy. Perhaps with a few modifications to the fusion reactor it should work just fine.”

“Good, inform me when you’ve succeeded.”

“I will begin the process. I just turned the lights back on to guide you back to your room.”

“No need, is there a place like a library with access to vast records?”

“There is an extensive archive in the reading room.”

“Please guide me there instead.”


The lights headed off into a different direction.

“Hmm… is this a hologram?”

When I arrived in the room I saw what appeared to be a large holographic projection. It looked exactly like a real object, except that I was able to notice that it didn’t reflect the surrounding light.

“That is indeed a holographic display, you can use it to display any material you’ve selected.

“Good, let’s see….”

I already knew what I was going to search for.

“July 20, 2016. Search for any deaths or missing cases in Seoul.”

“A tragic accident occured — states, — street Kim — (15) fell through a 5 meter deep manhole in Xuxuan Dong parc. The park manager would often leave it open during maintenance….”

I was able to confirm with absolute certainty that this was the same Earth which I had lived in.

“Right, and what about the result”

“This event was recorded as a disappearance because the body was mysteriously never recovered.”

“Hmm… missing. Then the body was never seen?”

“That’s correct.”

“Is there a way to find the records of his family?”

“Simply track his health insurance or tax records and you can find the parents’ information.”

“Then what happened after the disappearance?”

“There was a divorce and then two death certificates.”

“Ah, okay that’s enough.”

Of course they would be dead. After so much time had passed I had never expected my parents to still be alive, but just hearing about their deaths was like a large weight falling upon my shoulders.

“I’ll never see them again. A divorce… was it because of me?”

Perhaps it would have been better if I hadn’t searched. It didn’t change anything knowing what happened to them. I just somehow hoped that they had lived a happy life despite my death

“What is your connection to them?”

“You don’t need to know that. Now show me some data about the construction of Gamma.

I was curios who it was that had designed such a bold plan.

“This folder has all that you are looking for.”

A three dimensional folder appeared before me. I laughed because it was a 3D version of an old interface I was familiar with.

“How do I select something? There’s no mouse….”

“Simply use your hands.”


I grabbed the folder with my hand and pulled out a file. After reading it once, I did a double take and reread it to make sure.

“Is that a file about Gnoss?”

“Right, he was the architect of the Gamma plan.”

“Do you have a voice recording of him?”

“There are a total of 3382 voice recordings. Would you like to hear them?”

“Just play any of them.”

ChiChick Beginning the Gamma project to ensure humanity’s survival. Today’s date is… um I forgot the date. Hey you there, what is today’s date?”

“That’s enough.”

That was definitely Gnoss’ voice.

‘Why did he design this place? Is it really a coincidence that they have the same voice and name? Could it actually be someone else?’

“Is Gnoss also in cryosleep within this facility?”

“Dr. Gnoss went missing towards the later stages of the project.”

“Missing? Was he never seen from again?”

“Right, it was quite a big deal at the time because of how important this project was. Every country pooled their resources to locate him but he was never found.”

‘Hmm… so Gnoss used to be a human? Well actually that kind of makes sense. It seems like Gnoss was from Earth just like I was, except from a much later generation… were we just two dimensions running in a parallel timespace?’

I was trying to have a glass half full attitude.

“How is the transport of the body I had mentioned going?”

“We will finish storing it in 23 minutes.”

“Did it already arrive in Gamma?”

“Yes, I’m now in the process….”

“You should have told me right away! Stop the storage process and lead me to it immediately!”

“Storage has been aborted, please follow the lights on the floor.”

I walked along the confusing corridors, guided by the bright lights until I arrived at a large hangar. Within it was a Noradriana’s giant body, half thawed.

“Okay Noradriana, let’s try and bring you back.”

I used the Resurrection Song and although I felt the spell work, she didn’t come back to life.

“Has it been too long for it to work? I guess I have not choice but to try my last resort.

[Resurrection Song has been modified]

I used my last Identity slot to modify the Resurrection Song.

‘Hope that does the trick….’

I tried to use it once again and this time here body began to melt away instead.

‘Should I try and end the process? No, if this doesn’t work then there isn’t any other way so I have no choice but to continue on.’

By the time I finished singing the song, her body had completely melted down and in the middle of it all a bright light shone.

‘What’s that? A side effect?’

As the light disappeared, I saw a large green egg with a 1 meter diameter.

“Did Noradriana become an egg? I hope she didn’t lose any of her memories or abilities….”

I checked the egg’s Status.

“Hmm… it’s indeed Noradriana, but her rank has fallen to D. Is this considered as a failure?”

“Johra, where did that egg come from? I can sense a life form within it. Can I examine it?”

“Sure but make sure not to harm the creature inside. Can you take care of hatching it?”

“I don’t know what the conditions for hatching it might be, but I can try to create a beneficial environment for it.”

“Ok, do that.”

The drones came and carried Noradriana’s egg away.

‘Would it be too difficult to return to the other world right away? Revive her with her full strength? Damn, well I guess I’ll worry about that after I deal with the threat of humanity’s existence.’

I returned to my bedroom full of disappointment.

“Since things aren’t working out too well should I try to ask Gnoss for some help? No, he’s too suspicious, I should find a different way….”

“Did you call for me Johra?”

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