Chapter 66

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‘Damn it! How did you follow me here?’

‘It was your hearts desire which summoned me here.’

‘Ha, betrayed by my own heart.’

‘How can you think like that? Isn’t it true that I made you stronger, how have you been? No, first of all where are we? Are you back on Earth?’

‘Yes, this is Earth, but it’s nearing its end.’

‘Oh really? Still how great, then… is this Gamma? I regret not being able to complete it. How much time has passed here?’

‘Was the A.I. also a creation of yours? It’s been 120,000 years.’

‘Ha… so it was a success, 120,000 years! Humanity has survived to this day!’

‘Why are you so ecstatic? How can you call it survival if they remain frozen?’

‘How could you know the importance of this project to our generation.’

‘I don’t know, nor do I care to.’

‘So what’s the current situation on Earth? Has the environment and ecosystem been restored?’

‘No, it appears to be a hopeless situation.’

‘What, no way! Are you in Gamma now? Are you in contact with Zaira?’

‘Yes, I’ve decided to help out.’

‘Great, let’s see…have you’ve modified some spells? And your Creation Magic went up? That shouldn’t have been possible.’

Gnoss was back to his good old self of hiding things from me. I was curious why he was so surprised by the changes in my Creation Magic.

‘Anyways, I saw the records of your life as a human.’

‘Oh have you seen that? So what do you think, I was quite handsome right?’

‘You looked like a nerdy honor roll student.’

‘Hahaha! Nonsense, I so popular on Earth that I like some kind of celebrity….’

‘Shut up already.’

‘Geez, can’t I even talk a little bit after being cooped up for so long?’

‘I can’t believe that somewhere deep down I called for you, you’re such a chatterbox.’

‘Well that’s destiny there for you.’

‘Do you really think us meeting again was fate?’

‘Well, maybe not fate…. By the way, how did you find yourself back on Earth, as I remember you were in quite the bind before you discarded me to the side.’


The painful memories which I had hidden deep within me had resurfaced. This was why I hadn’t wanted to summon Gnoss.

‘What’s wrong, did it not turn out well?’

‘Yes, it’s just as you might suspect. I was defeated by an army of Angels sent by the High Gods.

‘Oh really, but didn’t you survive? Those Angels can defeat and even seal gods level beings.’

‘No, I died. Twice actually if you count when I had just revived from my Life Vessel. My Pit and Necropolis were completely destroyed, everyone….’

‘I’m sorry, I had promised to help, but I wasn’t there at the most crucial point. Even if it was by choice, still I’m sorry about how things turned out.’

‘It’s fine, you did warn me on several occasions, but I just ignored you. I was just angry with you because you seemed to always be hiding something from me.’

‘I’m sorry about that, but due to some circumstances there are things which I can’t share with you.’

‘What circumstances?’

‘Please don’t ask me anymore, I’m forbidden to speak of it. If I were to try to explain it, I would be destroyed.’

‘Is that the truth?’

‘Well even If you doubt me, I simply have no way of proving myself, so you’ll just have to accept me as is.

‘Well, regardless of that I’ll still keep asking you questions.’

‘Although your curiosity isn’t a bad attitude to have, you do tend to be a bit naive and trusting.’

‘Well you don’t sound like a suspicious character, are you?’

‘I’m not, although I hate my current situation, there isn’t much I can do about it.’

‘Hmm… although I can’t trust you entirely, I do need your help. You designed this place, if there’s anyone that can come up with a solution it would be you.’

‘Yes Johra, with your magic we should be able to overcome mankind’s crisis but….’

‘You are like me, you believe there to be an external influence?’

‘Right we appear to have reached the same conclusion. No matter how I think of it, I can’t imagine for this to happen happened naturally. So….’

After exchanging some opinions with Gnoss, I called for the A.I. in charge.


“Did you call for me Johra?”

“Run program HQ1387A.”

“Oh, right away sir. Please tell me which category”


“I will now begin require you to give me the emergency authority password.”

“Light is here, first page, first sentence, Continuums paradox ”

“Emergency authorization has been granted.”

‘It has worked, what should we do next Gnoss?’

‘You can nw go ahead and activate project Gnosys.’


‘It reboots satellites orbiting us within the Kuiper Belt which have gone into hibernation mode to save on power.’

‘Would they still be operational? It has been over 120,000 years.’

‘At the time of their design their life expectancy was that of 200,000 years, so they should be fine.’

‘Wow, did Earth have that kind of technology?’

‘It was the epitome of humanity’s engineering prowess. Now please start project Gnosys, I require more information.’

“Activate project Gnosys.”

“Project Gnosys has entered the startup phase, operational in 47 hours, 59 minutes and 77 seconds. Gnosys Igniters have been activated.”


‘It’s an elevator-type satellite which orbits the Earth, connecting to Gamma. This kind of physical connection is the only way of piercing through the planet’s current atmosphere.’

‘Orbit elevator? So it’s like an elevator to space?’

‘Yes, a physical connection to outer space made up of intertwined nanofibers.’

“Wow… that really sounds like some Sci-Fi stuff.”

‘Well aren’t we 120,000 years in the future? Wait, what’s Sci-Fi and what year did you transfer over?’

‘I left this world in 2016 AD.’

‘Doesn’t that make you like my ancestor?’

‘That’s right.’

‘Can I still behave poorly towards my Ancestors?’

‘Shut up, as if you’d care who you were talking to.’


‘Now about the energy source.’

‘Right, that is our current priority because the lack of power means that Gamma isn’t engaging in any terraforming.’


‘It means to transform the Earth’s surface into a habitable place for humanity. In this case it’s pretty much trying to bring it back to its normal equilibrium. So about the energy source, I was thinking….’

‘Listen to me first, I can create positrons.’

‘Positron? Is it due to Material Creation?’


‘How much of it?’

‘I’m not sure.’

‘Did it not explode?’

‘It was a bit dangerous, maybe 100 times the force of a concentrated Meteor spell.’

‘Hmm… I guess it was just a small amount. Thank god, you need to be more careful in the future and not make too much. Just one gram of that stuff is three times as strong as the Atomic bomb which fell on Hiroshima in 1945.’

‘What! Was it so strong?’

‘You were quite lucky Johra, If you had been a bit more proficient and created a larger amount, it would have been the end of Gamma and Humanity.’

‘Ah, it must have been because I was using my Astral Projection that I was not a full power and the positron was smaller, how fortunate.’

‘Right if it had been your main body you could have created a small star with the explosion….’

‘Well, for the moment we are using positrons as an energy source.’

‘Although it’s dangerous, we don’t really have an alternative right now. Just know Johra that you hold the fate of humankind in your hands.’

‘I’ll try to create the materials as far away from Gamma as possible in the future.’

‘Yea, that might be a good idea. Also there was a plasma power generator within Gamma. It was a pilot project which was being operated in conjunction with Zaira.

‘Yes, we’re already using it to process the positron.’

‘Good job. You are a good project manager.’

‘Was that praise I heard?’

‘Of course, as the original architect of Gamma, I have nothing but admiration for Johra who has made our recent progress possible.’

‘Now I feel embarrassed.’

“Sir Johra”

“Zaira? What’s up?

“We have successfully produced electricity from the positron. The conversion efficiency is at about 60%, and we’ve produced 18 petabytes of power.

‘How much energy is that Gnoss?’

‘10 to the power of 9 is 277 kilowatt.18 peta is 18 times 10 to the power of 15. So… 277,000 megawatt. That’s about 200 million megawatts, or close to the amount of energy which a country would use up in a years time when you lived on Earth.’

‘I still have no idea how much it is, but you’re still missing a lot right?’

‘Well, would it be a problem for you to make a bunch of positrons? Is there a maximum amount which you can create in one day? If you create it it with your main body it should probably be more than sufficient. Right? But then our current power plant may not be sufficient to store it.

‘Right, that plasma container was mostly for testing.’

‘Right, okay Johra, tell Zaira to prepare more plasma generators and fire up the android assembly plant to maximum production. With those two things taken care of, we should have enough androids mining for resources which will solve our shortage of resources.’

‘Alright, got it.’

“Zaira, focus on activating all the power plants and the android assembly plant.”

“Yes sir, what material should we use for the manufacturing process? We are pretty short on resources at the moment.”

“Simply tell me the molecular formula.”

I looked at the structure it presented me and simply visualized it in my mind.

“Wow Johra, did you just create something out of nothing? What an incredible feat.”

“It was Creation Magic. Would this stuff work?”

“Allow me to analyze it, please place it on the tray.”


A floor tile rose up in the air and I place the new material upon it. It then went back down, disappearing within the ground.

“Johra this doesn’t even require any refinement because of its high purity.”

“Ok, from now on I’ll use Creation Magic for any materials, so just tell me what you need.”

“We need a considerable amount, would that be fine?”

“Let’s go to a bigger room then.”

“The lights on the floor will guide you to such a space. I’ll have the Androids and drones on standby to transport it.”

Following the light I arrived to a large, 70 meter wide hangar situated near the storage warehouse. There were twenty androids waiting for me.

“Are those androids? They look almost identical to humans.”

I stared in amazement at the robots before me. Form the soft human skin, flexible joints, everything had been produced with an incredible attention to detail.

“Gnoss, why were robots created with such a likeness to humans?”

“It’s because the androids were designed to be the least intrusive possible. There were even cases of people falling in love with their on androids….”

‘Right, only humans have such vanity to create something in their own image.’


“Simply fill the buckets which the androids are holding. I wrote the name of each material as well as the molecular formula on each container.”

“Got it, so all I need to is fill all these buckets with the right material.”

I spent almost a full week overtaxing my Material Creation magic in order to meet all of Gamma’s resource needs. Compared to positrons, other materials were easier to make and I could create the in larger quantities with a shorter cooldown time.

“That’s excellent Johra, with all these rare materials we can create 100 more androids.”

“Is it enough for now?”

“We will have these androids begin mining, and with the added resources we should be able to create even more androids and increase production. I booted up 20 power plants to process you positron, so we should be able to scale to 100 times our previous capacity in no time at all. I’ve taken the liberty of lighting up the floor lights to guide you back.”

“Got it thanks.”

After 6 months of production and sending the new androids who mined tirelessly for new minerals, Gamma was able to reach an incredible count of 20,000 androids and 100 power plants. The daily production of androids had even risen to 500.

According to Zaira, the positron which I created with my main body was enough to power Gamam for the next one hundred thousand years or so.

‘Was there anything else to do Gnoss?’

‘Don’t forget our suspicions that this was not a natural occurrence.’

‘Ah, right.’

‘Please ask for the results of Gnosys’ information gathering.

“Report the results of program Gnosys.”

“Although there isn’t any clear answer, according to the data, the planets volcanic activity has subsided, but the number of asteroids flying in from the Kuiper Belt hasn’t gone down.”

“Continue gathering information. Keep my abreast of any anomalies.”

“Okay, I’ll do so.”

After another six months, the number of androids had increased to 100,000 and we had begun construction of a large dome on the surface.

“That’s pretty big, is it 1 kilometer in diameter?”

“I.5, it should be operational in about 3 months.”

Zaira’s voice was speaking to me through the console in my hand.

“Three months? Okay good.”

Time flew by, and before I knew it, a huge double layered, transparent dome had been erected.

“Is it possible to create water in here?”

“Yes Johra.”

“Water Sphere!”

I created a large lake in the center of the dome. It was a spell which I had not used in quite some time, but was crucial in a time like this to ensure humanity’s survival.

LED’s were placed on the ceiling for lighting and and the atmospheric pressure and temperature were strictly regulated. It was all running on the electricity converted from my positron.

“Doesn’t this look like a giant fireplace?”

“Indeed Johra, a big fireplace to save humanity from a fate much worse than simply a cold winter.”

Six months after that the first flowers began to bloom inside the dome.

“Did you plant that apple tree Zaira?”

“It could be seen as a symbol of hope and rebirth for humankind.”

From the soil, to the fertilizer, lighting and temperature, everything was artificial and meticulously controlled. Like a botanical garden built with the purpose of reinvigorating life into the planet.

Another 6 months after than the number of domes had grown to 20. Each one with their own unique climates and specific flora. Microorganisms and insects were introduced into the environment to create a better harmony.

“It’s like a small museum of Earth.”

“That’s right Johra, these 20 domes represent what used to be the planet’s most prevalent environments.

“Will you soon release the animals which you have prepared?”

“I estimate that we should first double the size of the domes before doing so.”

“Is it because you are trying to reduce the chance of failure?”

“That’s right, although I expect it to succeed, it is still somewhat risky and we don’t want to introduce any uncontrollable variables at this point in time.”

“Right, I agree with you. How is the terraforming process going?”

“The first Terraformer will launch in 30 days time.”

“I hope it goes well.”

“So far the results are great”

Most of the dust which was blocking the sun’s rays had been found to be tephra, small glass particles originating from the asteroids and volcanic activity. It was propulsed into the air and remained floating in our stratosphere, reflecting the sun’s rays. In order to solve this problem, Gamma had created a large flying object known as a Terraformer which would fly through the sky and absorb the tephra.

It looked like a giant stingray, as it hovered in the sky, absorbing the dust and dropping it back down to the ground once it had condensed it into more solid pieces.

When I had first seen the Terraformer in action I couldn’t help but break down in laughter.

“What is that? Isn’t it just a shitting machine which flies in the sky?”

It did look just like that as it’s action of collecting the dust and dropping it to the ground as a solid piece looked like it was taking a dump.

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