Chapter 69

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When I arrive back on Earth a vessel similar to Valen was under construction in the outer space shipyard.

“Wow awesome”

“I’ve designed it according to Johra’s instructions.” It may take up to 14 hours before it is operational, and you’ll be able to control it from your console.”

“Great, and what about your analysis on the information we sent over?”

“After going through their archives, I’ve been able to figure out a couple of things. They call themselves the Rohim, and their mission is to find intelligent life across the universe. It appears that their civilization predates humanity’s by at least 200 million years.”

“Oh, and do you know why they attempted to wipe out humanity?”

“There is no detailed information regarding this. However, their name Rohim when translated means Servants of God.”

“Servants of God ? Do they also have a God?”

“And when translated into the human tongue, Metatron represents the God of Rohim. The Rohim are extremely subservient to Metatron.”

‘Gnoss, have you heard of a Metatron?’

‘Yes, it’s a deity which was been banished from our previous world as an enemy of the High Gods. Why would it get involved with Earth?’’

‘Regardless, we just learned that our enemy is a god.’

‘And a powerful one at that. All the High Gods had united in order to seal it, but Metatron managed to escape across time and space. This happened a long, long time ago, even before humanity came into existence.’

‘Do you have any other information?’

‘That’s all I know, even the High Gods were reluctant to discuss Metatron.’

‘Ok, let me know if anything else comes to mind.’

‘I’ll try to sift through fragments of my memory about this.’


“Lena? What else did you learn from your analysis of the information?”

“We’ve gained access to revolutionary technology which had previously been beyond our reach, I believe we will be able to reproduce their energy shields very soon.”

“Great, but make sure to do so quickly otherwise fighting them in space would be impossible.”

‘Johra you don’t need to be too worried, the defensive spells I’ve put in place should do the trick’

‘Even against their laser cannons?  I’m not so confident about that, I think I’d like to have the energy shield just in case.’

‘The lack of trust….’

‘What spells did you have Zaira implement?’

‘Physical protection, Gravity decrease and Invisibility. These three things along with the newly improved positron bomb which is a fusion of magic and science.’

‘Ah, so you basically combined the positron bomb with amplification magic. Did you add anything else to it?’

‘Oh right, I forgot to mention I added a teleportation function based off your creation magic spell. It can be used to get the bomb past their energy shields.’

‘That’s a good idea, their shields were much tougher than I expected.’

‘Johra, you can expect a good result from the synergy of science and magic.’

Valen was soon finished being refitted with the new upgrades. I was now ready to take on the Rohim head on.

“Jorha, we have an incoming transmission from Earth”

“Got it.”

Zaira was communicating through the direct power lines connecting the orbiting station.  

“Johra, this is Zaira speaking.”

“Have we detected any more movement below the Earth’s crust?”

“Our satellites continue to monitor them, but we don’t have enough information to go on.”

“Can we not get a specific location?”

“The margin of error is about 100 kilometers. Although the location is known, we don’t know the right depth.”

“How about excavating?”

“We can currently dig roughly 30 kilometers past the surface of the earth, but any further and our equipment can’t withstand the heat and pressure.”

“Lena? How is your research on the energy shield going? Can we add the new shield technology to the excavator?”

“In theory it might work, but we don’t know enough about energy shields to make them spin. We would need a better understanding before retrofitting the technology unto the excavator, so further testing is required.”

“So how long would that take?”

“About a week’s time.”

“Zaira? How long would it take you?”

“I need one day.


It was the sound of Lena’s grumbling

“Zaira, you work on it. Lena, keep on eye out for incoming Rohim ships.”


“Once we completely understand how the energy shield works, we can adapt it to different vessels and begin mass production understood?”

“Yes, and I’ll prioritize Valen and the excavator as the first to receive the technology. Oh, also there is one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve created drone fighters and armed them with some magic spell you sent.”

“Well done.”


I once again heard Lena’s grumbling.

“Lena just make sure to fix the magical jewels exactly according to the instructions, any variations could lead to disastrous results.”

“Yes Sir!”


“Yes? Did you have anything else to add?”

“The drone fighters are equipped with light copy of Lena’s AI.”


크크크 (Korean LOL)


“No. nothing”

“Why are you laughing?”

“Copies of myself were installed on the drones because I’m superior to my sister!”


“That brings the score to 1:1”

“Lena why are you always competing with Zaira?”

“We were designed to do so.”

“Ah, try to take it easy in the future.”

‘Gnoss, isn’t dangerous to encite so much competition between the two AI?’

‘Competition is essential for the AI to develop. Lena is a quick thinker, but struggles under high pressure situations. On the other hand Zaira is a perfectionist, she might take a bit longer but won’t make mistakes under pressure and will produce more stable results. Lena keeps trying to improve herself  in order to not lose out in their ongoing competition.’

‘I’m not sure what that all that means, but Gnoss you’re definitely a sadist’

‘What! this is nothing. Zaira is much more of a sadist, 크크크. Do you want to know some details?’

‘Spare me those.’

I was hard at work making magic jewels. They were a crucial resource in the upcoming war so I dedicated most of my time to them.

“Oof… I used to think that I would make a lot of jewels back in Necropolis, who would have thought that I would be slaving away even more now that I was on Earth.”

“Sorry Johra, regardless of how many times I watch your creation process, I can’t replicate it. Despite analyzing the elements of this world for over 140,000 years, I still can’t quite understand your magic.”

“I myself don’t quite know how to explain it either.”

“Well, someday I’ll discover your secret.”

“Lena, didn’t you learn that it’s wrong to study someone without their permission?”


After having worked on magical jewels for the better part of the day, Zaira contacted me.

“The shield prototype is complete.”

“And the result?”

“Although according to Lena’s readings it’s still subpar, Valen’s defensive capabilities have improved by about 30%. To make further improvements would require capturing an actual Rohim vessel to study.”

“Alright Lena, that’ll be out next mission in the upcoming battle.”

“Tch…Oh right! If I succeed that means that I’m better than my sister right?”

“Why is that?”

“Well my sister only achieved a 30% increase, but if I capture a ship we can probably get closer to maybe 70%. Then I’d win right?”


‘Just give up on it Johra, they have been living like this for over 140,000 years.’

After hearing Gnoss’ advice I decide to just let it slide. I then returned to my figurative jail cell to slave away at creating magical jewels for the next 30 days.

“Geez I’m exhausted, that much should be enough right?”

“Our experiments demonstrate that a single gem can power a magic circle between 50-60 times. The amount you’ve created is enough to power Valen and the new drones on at least 10,000 occasions, so I think it’s sufficient.”

“Okay! Let’s go fight!’”

“Yes Sir!”

The entire ship shook as Valen’s engine came online.

‘Johra it’s like a man-made Big Bang!’

‘Yes. but you barely contributed to it.’

‘Come on… I worked hard creating magic spells and what not.’

‘Oh please, it would have turned out better if you had just used those from the start.’

‘But that was because I didn’t want to bring magic into this world.’

‘Yea but if you would have done it from the beginning we might not be in this danger. You always have the habit of making big decisions by yourself. Everytime I find out you hide stuff from me, I make mental note of it. When it gets to a certain point, I’ll just toss you out in space where no one can find you.’   

‘Sorry Johra, and…. How much have I accumulated up to now?’


‘Come on! Just one mistake and I’m up to 40 percent? That’s too much!’

‘That’s just a conservative number, you just have to look at your past action to know it’s true.’

‘Aren’t you bored by now with throwing me away only for me to return? Can’t you be more original? Aren’t we friends Johra?’

‘Enough of that Gnoss. The only reason we are working together now is that I need you, I don’t trust you and we are most certainly not friends.’

‘Sheesh… well nothing I can do about it.’

‘As I listened to Gnoss’ resigned sigh, I reminded myself to not let my guard down against him. If ever I were to become complacent, that would be the time he stabs me in the back.

“Johra, while going over the information we stole from the Rohim, I discovered an important clue. I’m requesting your permission to explore this path.”

“Oh, what is it about?”

“It concerns an intergalactic portal and the coordinates of the Rohim’s home planet.”

“Research this immediately! Focus all of your capacity in this.”

“Understood Johra, commencing research now.”

“Hmm… a portal and their home planet.”

‘Johra will you try to go there?’

‘Eventually I’ll have to, but I will first make thorough preparations.’

‘Good, I’ll also prepare advanced weaponry.’


“Lena? What is it again?”

Beep Beep!

“Red light? Under attacking?”

Within seconds the ships power went off and only the flashing red warning lights were on.

“HeHe, what about this? Doesn’t feel like we are under attack from enemy?”

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“No, enemies are approaching Earth. Perhaps they were able to trace back the data breach.”

“Oh, then how far are they and what is their ETA?”

“28AU, so about 4 billion kilometers away. According to their current speed and acceleration patterns, with 95% confidence they should be here in about 70 hours, give or take five hours.”

“How are our preparations?”

“Except for one thing, everything is ready.”

“Which thing…?”

“I need to change personality, please approve. I require a fighter’s personality. In the case of head on combat and not evasive maneuvers, my current personality isn’t ideal.’

‘Gnoss does that make sense?’

‘Yes, except that the other personality is truly a sadist.’

‘A sadist huh….’

Victory was what was important here, so I decided to put up with a few of her new personality quirks.

“Ok I’ll do it.”

“Yes! The Protocol for Janus has been approved.”

After a brief moment of silence a familiar voice returned.

“Aha! Hey Johra, thank you so much. Let’s light up those Rohim bastards.”


‘That isn’t me, it just the same voice.’


‘Yes really!’

“Lena, why did your voice suddenly become that of a man’s?”

“Hahaha! I decided to take the voice of the honourable Gnoss, Gamma’s chief designer and founder.”

“Ah is that so, you really resemble him in both voice and personality.”

‘I already told you that isn’t me! That’s not my personality!’

“Very similar with the real Gnoss.”

“I really admired Gnoss, it’s an honor for my alternative personality to have been modeled after him.”

‘Oh no!’

“Haha! Good, let’s go.”

“Yes Master!”

I ignored Gnoss screams as I prepared Valen for combat with the Rohim.

“Beginning countdown, 10, 9, 8… 1 Engine are online!”

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