Chapter 71

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“Hey…Gnossian?  What’s going on? Someone talk to me!”

‘The blackout may have been caused by the EMP wave created when we fired the gun. It will take some time for the systems to come back online.’

‘That’s insane, what would happen if we didn’t hit the target?’

‘Oh stop being such a wuss, this is a man’s romance!’

‘You’re crazy Gnoss! Did you already know in advance that this would happen?’

‘Naturally, we are firing an energy projectile based off pair annihilation, so it’s normal for it to be followed by an EMP shockwave. The mass of positron is coated with protection magic and then accelerated att 99.9999% the speed of light. By the time it reaches the target it has already created thousands of tiny black holes which last for but microseconds. It’s based off Hawking’s radiation theory which would swallow any matter in its vicinity.

‘I have no idea what you’re saying but I just know that you are crazy Gnoss! The next time you have another of your brilliant ideas make sure to explain it properly first.’

‘Well, all’s well that ends well right?’

‘Fine, another 20% mileage points for you, you’re almost there….’

‘Don’t do it! Oh look, it seems like Gnossian is coming back to us.’

wooong! Chalcak chalcak! Zeeeing

Valen had finally regained power.

“Ah Johra! How are you doing? Gnossian’s persona is malfunctioning and won’t be usable in the near future.”



“ Extinction? Worst naming sense.”

“Why? It sounds cool!!”

“Can you check what was the result of this crazy weapon?”

“Yes, I just received some feedback from the Gnostic Satellites, and found that due to the micro black holes, all matter within a 100,000 km radius of the point of impact has disappeared.”

“100,000 km huh? That’s insane… almost 100 times the size of earth and it has all vanished?”

“The enemy was too dispersed so it was the only way to get them all in one fell swoop. Unfortunately some of Saturn’s moons have been lost because of their proximity to the enemy ships.”

“This is such a scary result….”

“No enemies are left, not even a speck of dust in fact.”


‘Don’t fret so much Johra, this weapon won’t ever be used without your explicit permission.’

‘Stop talking nonsense now Gnoss, you’re even the one who created this thing!’

‘The only way I knew of penetrating their energy shields was using pair annihilation and the black holes. What else was I supposed to do? If I failed, it was in not properly controlling the AoE.’

‘But… would that work against a planet say Earth’s size?’

‘Of course, even if it were a planet 100 times the size of Earth, it would still disappear in one shot. If it were 1000 times, it would sustain serious damage ’

‘Figure out a way to control the scope of this new weapon, I don’t want to be the cause of a Galactic disaster. ’


“Johra would you like to return to Earth now?”

“Yes, let’s head there immediately, it seems like they have also had their fair share of problems.”

“Got it, plotting a return course. We should be arriving in 4 hours and 21 minutes to the space station orbiting Earth.”

I felt uneasy looking at this new weapon called Extinction which defied all common sense. If ever it were to be used for the wrong reason the consequences would be disastrous.

‘Killing to gain experience or killing for revenge are all things that I can accept. But to simply annihilate life by accident… that’s a bit too much, even for me.’

‘Don’t worry so much, there are many safety measures in place, and above all it can’t be fired without your permission.’

‘There are always exceptions’

‘I don’t understand you, you are a DemiLich to whom killing 50000 people was as natural as breathing.’

‘Can you shut up? You’ll have to come up with a way to control it by yourself. If I’m the one who has to do it then I’ll tack on another 30% and by then you’d be gone.’

‘Wha…what 30? Okay I’ll do it!’

Gnoss had been quiet ever since, hopefully he was busy thinking of ways to control the gun’s power.

“Johra we will soon be in Earth orbit.”

“What’s happening on the surface?”

“Volcanoes seem to be erupting.”

“Damn! Has all our hard work over the past two years been for naught?”

“At least we managed to successfully store 15 domes.”


“Yes, It was part of the plans in their construction, my sister made a feature that allowed them to take shelter underground.”

“Great, still… only 15… has there been any news from Gamma?”

“No, they are still in lockdown and won’t be able to communicate in the near future.”

“Do we have any intel on our new underground foes?”

“We can’t pinpoint them to a single location as a total 1000 bases have been found.”

“Over 1000?Wow… than many.”

“Also, each of their bases are protected by a strong energy shield.”

“Is there any way to get rid of them?”

“Using the Extinction gun….”

“Forget it!”

“Then there isn’t any solution.”

“Do you have any idea what would happen if we used that weapon against Earth?”

“Our enemies would disappear.”

“It’s not just that they’d disappear Lena, it’s that everything would be gone.”

“Well if it takes care of the problem then isn’t it a solution?”

“Your sister would also disappear.”

“A minor inconvenience.”

“Haha… stop being ridiculous.”

I was getting tired of Lena’s dubious sarcasm and decided to consult Gnoss.



‘What your progress on your other task?’

‘Well…it is not easy, but I may be on to something.’


‘I call it the Bunker Buster.’

‘So what is it supposed to be?’

‘It simply teleports a positron bomb straight into their bases.’

‘Hm, but I thought that the maximum teleport distance was only 2 km?’

‘Just attach the bomb to an excavator which would travel most of the distance. The teleport would get past the shield then Bam! Let’s do this!’

‘It sounds good, is it easy to make?’

‘Ask Lena, there should be a production android or two on this space station. You would have to help her by creating the material though.’

‘How tedious.’

It was however necessary to deal with these enemies hiding within the Earth’s core.

“Lena, would it be possible to use a production android?”

“Sure not a problem, what did you want to use it for?”

I explained Gnoss’ idea and received high praise for the design.

“I’ll get started on the details right away. What will you use to create the materials, will you be taking it from Valen?”

I didn’t want to take it apart after having given it the name of my wife.

“I’ll simply create the materials myself.”

After two months of hard work we managed to produce a sufficient number of these bunker buster and were ready for our attack.


“You have my go ahead, open fire!”

Yes sir!

Thousands of our Bunker Busters fell towards the surface and performed admirably. One month later we received the first communication from Gamma.

“Johra? It’s Zaira!”

“Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard your voice.”

“Has the underground enemy been neutralised?”

“Yes, thanks to Lena.”

“Hear that sister? That makes it 2:1 in my favor!”

Lena exclaimed in a proud voice.

“I can afford to let you have this win Lena, I’ve been preparing something big in the meantime.”

Zaira oozed of supreme confidence in herself.

“Did you finally succeed?”

“Indeed, I was able to understand the Intergalactical portal, as well as learn the coordinates of the Rohim’s home planet.”

“Hey! Did you do all these calculations while you were in lockdown?”

“Do you want to just go ahead and declare it as 2:2?”

Over the course of the following year Lena and Zaira worked together to construct a huge intergalactic portal at a Lagrange Point.

Naturally, many of Valens features were upgraded by reverse engineering a lot of the technology gained from the captured Rohim ship. Valen was now the technological equivalent of a Rohim ship, but if we added all the magic skills, it became the strongest ship in the universe.

“In 3 hours, 11 minutes and 24 seconds we will be able to open a portal to the Rohim’s home planet Asgard . Please note that there may be a few uncomfortable distortions in the process due to the large jump distance.”

“Great, so how far exactly are they from us?”

“2123819.2012009192 Parsecs.”

“That’s indeed quite far.”

“Don’t worry, you will have a one time return ticket through the portal.”

“Are you sure it would work properly?”

“The science doesn’t lie.”

“But God did?”

“God isn’t science.”

“How arrogant.”

“Well, even if it were to fail, I’m confident that if it’s you, Johra, you’ll find a way.”

“What irresponsible thinking.”

“Even if you take a long detour, I’ll make sure to set Earth back on the path of recovery, don’t worry.”

“Ah… I see.”

‘Thanks Johra.’

‘Shut up Gnoss!’

‘Ah… what now? I was just thanking you for all the hard work you’ve done. And I’ve managed to control the Extinction.’

‘Yea, but your still at 40%’

‘Damn it!’

‘You are the one that is always bringing trouble to my doorstep.’

‘Oh really, wasn’t it because of me that you managed to meet Valenor?’

‘It is, and if you bring up that story one more time I’ll tack on the remaining 60%.’

‘That’s too….’

After finally getting Gnoss to stay quiet I took the chance to look down at Earth. What was once known as the blue planet had become a desert red just like Mars. The efforts to restore it were already underway, but it would take a considerable amount of time before the planet and humanity could once again flourish.

My goal was to assault the enemy in order to ensure future prosperity.

“Are you available, can we speak?”

“Sure, no problem. I have a copy onboard Valen that can help you out.”

“Hmm it’s a bit tight, but I’ll allow you to join!”

“I’ve not choice because Gnossian can only be fixed by me”

“Still… it’s annoying knowing that you’ll be spending more time with her!”

“Alright Lena, see you next time.”

While Lena and Zaira continued to argue, I decided it was time to activate the portal.

“Fire up the construct, Lena you start the countdown.”

“Hah, I’m the one counting? I one upped my sister!”

“10, 10, 9, 9….”

“Are you two cray, I only need one of you to countdown!”

Both sisters continued, completely disregarding what I had just said.


The quantum wave has been achieved, 9 seconds until it is stabilized,8 seconds… standby. Activating Valen’s cloaking field.”

“What? Will that work?”

Leaving behind those last words I travelled through humanity’s first intergalactic portal.

Shoot! Goooooooo!

I had arrived to the orbiting station outside the Rohim’s home planet known as Asgard. As it came into view, I realized that it was twice the size of Earth and had undergone extensive modifications.

“It would be more appropriate to call it a large ship than a planet.”

“Rohim are a species which have used science to surpass their biological limits. About 100 million years ago they even managed to artificially recreate the entire maternity process.”

Zaira explained.

“Interesting, but has the enemy located us?”

“I believe so because they are hailing us on several channels.”

“Great, so why don’t we attack first. Please limit the power to 100000 times its maximum output.”

“Yes sir”

Lena suddenly appeared.

“Hey Lena, why don’t you let your sister do it?”


All the lights on Valen had turned off as the power wa being redirected to the weapon.

“Revert all power to the Extinction and begin the startup sequence.

“Hey? You’re doing it right?”

“Yup, just leave it to me! Target is Locked.”

The trajectory of the would be Extinction shot appeared on the bridge display screen.

“Charging, 24%”

The charging gauge appeared on the display.

“Amplification control On!”

“Releasing the safety locks!”

“Good, make sure you aim true Lena…. Wait, is that a shield?”

“A planetary shield is within expectation, increasing output by 40%.”

“Will we be able to pierce it Lena?”

“Just leave it to me. Charging is complete and the adjustments for the enemy’s shield have been made. 10 seconds until the gun fires, prepare for the after shock.”

I took out my specially coated sunglasses and have to hold them myself because I don’t have any ears.

“The strongest weapon!”

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Fire!”

“Have a taste of that you Rohim bastards!”


Valen’s entire system had gone offline.

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