Chapter 73

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At night I decided to sit down in a corner of the street and sort out my thoughts.

‘At this time I hadn’t yet existed in this world as an undead. Valenor should most likely still be in Magma Hall, but what about Lorina, and Soleste?’

I had so many questions.

‘What if I my actions would rewrite history? Or is this even the same place I came to last time and not a parallel universe?’

While staring up at the stars I tried to solve these tough questions.

‘I should try to refrain from creating any big waves which might alter history. It might create a ridiculous situation were I kill off my past self which also results in me dying.’

‘I first have to figure out how to survive. As a human I need to food and water to live, and I can solve all that by creating some skills. But what skills are forbidden? Was it Creation Magic? Hidden Status? Or Species Conversion?’

I tried to tackle these challenges one at the time.

I had used Creation Magic in the past without any Angels appearing, so it was most likely one of the other two.

‘Wait, no it might be different now that Creation Magic has been modified, so it’s still a suspect.’

‘If only I could use it then it could be the solution to all my problems, but what am I to do if the Angel shows up once again? It would surely Cleanse me once it recognizes me right? And what does cleansing even represent, would I die?’

My heart was burden by all these questions. I had an incredible cheat magic but was unable to use it.

‘No, I have to give it another try. Perhaps if I use it in a busy square they will not be able to track who the user was.’

I had made up my mind, at worst my odds were only ⅓ of Creation Magic being the one.

The very next day I sat down near the fountain in the central square plaza and waited for it to get busy.

‘This much should be enough right?’

It was the end of the month and the auction for the town’s ores was being held. There all remains the festive atmosphere from it’s promotion to a full fledged city just 11 days ago, so many people were out on the streets.

‘Create Material Creation’

[You have learned Material Creation Lv1]

I took a quick peek at my surroundings but didn’t see anything unusual, still no Angels.

“Is everything  okay? Right? It is fine!! Pheww”

I was relieved.

“What is fine?? Hey can you move away to the side? You are quite smelly.”

It was the guard which had allowed me to enter the city. I looked up at him and laughed

“Yes sir”

Things were looking up, it would be much easier now knowing that it was safe to use my Creation Magic. The only unfortunate part was that my proficiency in it had dropped back down to Level 1, so I could only have 3 spells at the time.

I snuck out to an empty alley and made sure no one was around, before lifting my palm up and whispering.

“Material Creation: Copper”

A small copper cube, just half a centimeter in size appeared in my hand. However shortly after a small portion of the corners disappeared shortly after it was created.

“Huh? Why is that?”

I tried it once again when my mana had replenished, but the same result ocurred.

“Why is this happening?”

I felt it was quite the strange phenomenon, but since it didn’t seem to have a huge impact, I put it to the back of my mind.

“Is this the limit of my ability? I have low MP and skill level, so it might just be….”

Being able to use Material creation was like cheating. I had experienced it alot back on Earth, but it was the first time in this world.

Since that time I spent my days as a beggar, and my nights creating copper in a hidden alley, away from any prying eyes.

I had now been about a month’s time since I had arrived in Gartmar.

“That should be enough right?”

I didn’t want to pass the next few years as a beggar and was looking to be an adventurer. I had to improve my MP and overall strength to do so, and the blocks of copper which filled my deep pockets where my only way forward.

“Please sell this for me.”

I was putting them up for auction in Gartmar.

“Where did you steal that from?”

“I never stole them. I used to work as a miner and received it at pay.”

Although I received a suspicious look from the manager, my excuse seemed to have passed. It was because the miner life was hard work, and their appearance wouldn’t differ much from that of a beggar.

“Here, 3 silver coins and 20 coppers for the lot, it’s the highest I can go.”

The seller had taken pity on me after seeing my haggard appearance.

“Thank you so much!”

I bowed deeply before heading of to a secluded alley to wash myself.

“Water creation!”

I washed myself thoroughly but still couldn’t completely erase the stench of the street life.

“Is there no helping it?”

There was no real concept of a bath in this world, so I had to wash and dry myself.


“Good, almost dry!”

Although the Autumn wind was a bit chilly, I was still successfully able to dry myself before heading off to the adventurers guild.


Just one month ago Gartmar had officially been promoted to a city, and the first Adventurer’s guild had therefore been opened.

The guild which I remembered as being quite large was at the moment only the size of a small office.

“ Good morning, my name is Chou. It’s the first time I see you around here, what can I do for you?”

The lady at the reception desk greeted me with a warm smile. She was quite similar to the receptionist from my memory.

“I’m here to register as an adventurer.”

I looked back and realized that there weren’t any veterans sitting down and drinking to harass the rookies.

“The registration fee is one silver, just fill out the form over here and we will get you started.”

After handing over the money I filled out the application. While I was doing so the receptionist spoke to me in a soft voice.

“Since you are the first adventurer to register to here you can receive a free starter kit as our gift. There are only five and you’d be the first to receive one.”


“Oh, Great!”

It included all the essentials which I so desperately needed: daggers, a small shield, leather gloves, along with bread and water bottle.

“Here you go, all done.”

“Good, you’ve filled everything out well, now just place your hand on the stone here to complete the process.”

When I put my hand on the circle stone, my status appeared. It was the one which I portrayed with my Hidden skill, but Chou noted it all down diligently before taking out a token from her drawer.

“You got bronze rank, try to keep the pendant hung around your neck because it is used as your adventurer token. It can be used as proof identity as well as to hand in any quests so make sure to always have it on hand.”


I laughed spontaneously at her remark because her words from her was exactly same as last time.

“Um… excuse me, did I say something wrong?”

“No, not at all. I just occasionally laugh for no reason, don’t mind me.”

I went up to the quest board but saw that there weren’t any high tier quests. There was a Goblin quest in the hunting section of bronze level. It also seemed that quests that involved collecting items, there was no registration necessary

“How about the goblins?”

I went up to miss Chou to confirm my the goblin hunting quest.”

“Ah so you picked this one?”

“Yes, this is unfortunately the only one I can do at the moment.”

“Well, seeing as you are still classless, how about going to one of the guilds to see if you can get yourself a class first?”

“Oh, what kind of guilds are there?”

“In Gartmar there are currently the Temple, the Thieves guild and the Warriors guild which you can go to. I can also write you an invitation letter which would exempt you from certain fees. This is also part of the starter package which you received as one of the first five adventurers to sign up.”

Chou was my saviour with her bright smile, she had saved me a lot of money.

‘I don’t know who thought up this promotion, but I wish him all the best.’

“What kind of class where you considering?”

“Hm… maybe like a paladin?”

“Well a paladin isn’t something just anyone can apply for, you have to reach level 10 as both a warrior and priest before being tested by the temple, only then can you become one.”

“Ah okay, I guess I’ll be a warrior then.”


She quickly wrote up a recommendation letter and stamped it with the official adventure guild engraving before handing it over to me.

“Here you are, there is also rough map and I’ll note you down for the Goblin quest.”


I left the building and headed for the Warrior’s guild. When I arrived I realized that it was attached to the town’s weapons smithy.

“So you want to become a warrior huh?”

“Yes, miss Chou was saying….”

The man who introduced himself as Ryan looked at me and sighed.

“Right, I am indeed the Warrior’s Guild Master, but as you can see business is so terrible that I need to double as a weapons shop just to put food on the table. It is rare to have new adventurers sign up in such a remote place. I’ll warn you in advance, you can join but it won’t be easy to have me teach you any skills.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“There are only two skills which I can teach, and they have certain level and price requirements.”

“What are the skills?”

“An AoE provoke, and a stun skill. However both require you to be a level 10 warrior.”

“Ok sounds good to me, I’ll join up.”

‘Fine, give me a moment.”

Ryan rummaged through his things under the counter before fishing out a single piece ball of quartz.

“Here it is, but you hand on top.”

When i placed my palm on top, it shone brightly.

“Hmm, it still seems to be working just fine.”

Ryan was touching his beard with a satisfied look, about 10 seconds later the light form the quartz disappeared.

“All done, when you get a bit stronger we can talk about showing you some skills. Also if you need any equipment, this is the place. It’s a bit shameful to have a side business as the official Warrior’s guild, but it’s reality.”

“Ok, thank you”

I said my goodbyes to Ryan before leaving the establishment.

“So once I’m level 10?”

I had decided on the paladin class as my immediate goal. It was the strongest occupation that I could think of which combined both physical and magic skills. I also felt that it would synergize well with the skills I already had.

I visited the guild once again to get some information as to where the Goblins could be found, before setting off.

“This bread is delicious!”

I walked towards the goblin’s location while enjoying the taste of bread. It had been quite some time since I had eaten some proper food, and it was much better than the break which the bakery discarded at the end of the day.

Yummy Yummy, “Water Water!”

However I opened up the water bottle they had given me and noticed that it was empty.

“This is attempted murder!”

“Water Creation!”

I easily filled up the bottle and drank my fill.

Hoou… shit. I almost died choking on bread

As I grumbled to myself I soon arrived at the nearby forest where the Goblins were supposed to be.

“Let’s do this!”

I equipped myself with a dagger in my right hand and the shield in my left before entering the forest.

‘Rabbit with one horn!’

I had caught sight of a horned rabbit.

‘I guess I’m at the stage where I even have to hunt these small fries.’

It looked just like a rabbit from Earth, except that the ears were much smaller and it had a small horn on its forehead. Its horn charge might be dangerous.


Although I had tried to be careful, The horned rabbit had heard my footsteps and bolted.

‘How dare he!’

I chased him down while silently cursing him. It ran very quickly but I was also desperate.


[+5 experience points]

[Level increased 1 ➢ 2]

“Did I succeed? Only one level up? There is a collection quest for this horn right?”

I checked out my Status page while wiping the sweat of my brow. It had been quite the exhausting chase.

Name: Chompy (Johra)
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Rank: H
Level: 2/99
HP: 15/15
MP: 17/17
Attack: 4 (+3)
Defense: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 8
✧ Unique Skills
[Water Creation LvMax]
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Night Vision Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
✧ (Hidden) Modifications
[Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
[Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv2]

“Well first I’ll have to focus on leveling up. I’m not sure I can deal with Goblins in my current state.”

I spent the whole day getting to level 5 by catching horned rabbits. The process was quite slow because although I managed to catch 10 of them, I wasn’t able to catch multiple at the same time.

Stomach groaned

“Shit, is there a beggar in my stomach!?

I had long gotten used to the life of an undead and felt it was quite tedious to have to eat something on a regular bases. It was a never ending of bread and hunger.

“I should probably head back.”

I returned to the city and exchanged my rabbit horns for one silver coin. ( a silver coin has the purchasing power of about 50$ US)

“Not bad for my first hunt.”

I bought some more bread and camped  outside for the night. Tomorrow I will try to hunt Goblins. It’s more efficient than Horned rabbits. By killing just 3 goblins I could get 2 silvers.

“The stars are beautiful tonight, still not a good as watching it together with Valenor.”


A strange sound originated from my neck.

“What is that? Is someone calling me?”

I touched the back of my neck but didn’t sense anything off. I looked around but didn’t see nor hear anything strange again.

“Was I hearing things?”

“Material Creation: Copper”

Before sleeping I had made it a habit of creating some. Although it appeared in very small quantities, the size of my nail. After gathering a lot of it, it could be sold for a decent some and there was an auction tomorrow.

Of course everytime I created some a small portion continued to mysteriously disappear.

I had a peaceful dream of flying in the sky along with Valenor, but woke up suddenly as Valenor was brutally murdered by an Angel.

“Damn Angels, I’ll make sure to save you this time around Valenor!”

I clenched my Teeth and headed off to kill some Goblins.


D day – 7267


*—Author’s Note—*


[Hidden Status] can Hide any skills from a Status Check, as long as the skills aren’t in use. Can keep the Status hidden from God ranked creatures, except for High Gods. (Rainbow) Lesser God Rank.


[Species Conversion(Human)] According to the Gods,forbidden magic has become extinct. The punishment for the use of Forbidden magic is handled the the Archangels Uriel and Nuriel. (Rainbow)Lesser God Rank.

[Material Creation Lv2] The kinds of material available to create vary depending on the user’s skill level. When the skill is Maxed even antimatter can be created in small quantities. The shape and amount created depends on the user’s skill level. Rare Rank  


* Skill/Magic Grading


Lesser GodGodHigh God

*Difference between Skills and Magic spells

-Skills use (Stamina) while magic uses (MP)

-Occasionally it can use a ratio 1:1 of both Stamina and MP, then it would be classified as a skill.

-Skills do not require any casting while spells do.

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