Chapter 77

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TL Summary:

Name: Chompy (Johra)
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Human
Class: Warrior/Priest
Rank: H+
Level: 43/99
HP: 75/75
MP: 25/105
Attack: 24 (+3)
Defense: 12 (+3
Agility: 12
Intelligence: 24
✧ Unique Skills
[Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv 3] [Magic Chanting Lv 2]
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Night Vision Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
✧ (Hidden) Modifications
[Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
[Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv4]


“Create Material: Iron”

I used the skill in order to communicate more with Lena.

“I’d like to find the whereabouts of the woman who tortured me just yesterday, she should be within the city.”

“Give me just a second… it seems I’ll require some more energy. Create some Iron about 5 times and it should suffice.

“Got it”

After waiting for quite some time to let my mana regenerate, I was able to cast Material Creation five times.

“Found her, I’ve managed to locate a woman who matches Carline’s pitch patterns.”

It had taken Lena only about 10 seconds to get back to me with an answer.

“She can be found in the building exactly 271 meters north of your position, 2:12:05 on a clock.”

“Thanks Lena… but which way is North?”

There was no answer, presumably she had exhausted all of her energy.

“Was North this way? I can’t be sure. Maybe when I get closer I should try asking Lena again.”


After wandering around the general direction for some time, I finally arrived at a large inn.

“Is this the Golden Inn I had stayed in previously? No, maybe it wasn’t  here?”

When I tried to go in there was a young doorman who barred my entry.

“I’m sorry but this establishment isn’t opened at the moment.”

I pulled out my pouch and gave it a jingle to show that I had money. I then also gave him a tip as a gesture of goodwill.

“I don’t lack for money, so please find me a room.”

Although he was a bit skittish upon seeing my beggar-like appearance, after seeing the money he immediately turned into a dutiful employee.

“Welcome, which kind of room would you like and how long do you plan on staying.”

“A small room with a bathtub will do just fine.

“We can provide a portable bathtub for a small fee of one silver coin.”

“Fine, then I’ll stay for the night and then decide how much longer to stay depending on my experience.”

The attendant guided me to my room which was about 162 meters.

“I’ll prepare a bath and have it up in about 30 minutes when the water is warm.”

The employee stepped outside and I lay down on my bed.”

“Ah, a nice comfortable bed… how long has it been.”

It had already been about 2 years since I had lain on a bed back in Gammasium, Almost like a different lifetime.

Knock Knock!


“The bath is prepared, may we come in?”

It was a young woman and elderly man who brought the portable tub in. I watched  in anticipation as they poured in the heated water by the buckets. After about two thirds of the tub had been filled, the man turned towards me.

“Perhaps, the temperature is suitable to go in now.”

The employees then left the room, leaving a large towel behind.

I stripped and eagerly entered the bath, the warm temperature was a welcome change.

“It feels almost too good to be true.”

I hadn’t bathed in years, so it seemed like my body was relishing the opportunity of some long lost pleasure.

“Hmm, I’ll catch a cold though if I fall asleep like this…”

But all reason had already been blown out the window as I felt far too comfortable and soon dozed off.

“You took one step closer to fulfilling our contract, how do you feel after meeting the enemy?”

“Well…so-so, but what would you like me to do?”

“Try once again please.”

“What, you want me to do it again?”

I was jolted awake, vaguely remembering the conversation from my nightmare.

“Sir? Excuse me…”

If it weren’t for the Inn’s employee I might have drowned.

“Uhm… yes? Did I fall asleep?”

Huu I thought you were dead!”

He had come to knock on several occasions to retrieve the bathtub, but I didn’t have any reaction. After some time, he became worried and came in, that’s when he saw me drowning in my own bubbles.

‘Wow luckily I didn’t die such a pathetic death.’

I had once again had a brush with death. Perhaps my previous time as an undead and desensitized me to humanity’s fragility, and this was a wake up call.

‘I’ll need to be more careful, baths are dangerous,I’ll have to keep that in mind.’

After the attendant had left with the bathtub, I used up all my MP to create Iron and once again communicate with Lena.

“Lena are you there? Can you locate the  same woman as before?”

“Yes I’ll start exploring once again.”

After a short silence of about two seconds, she responded.

“I’ve located her and she is just six meters away, in this very building.”

“Really this building?”

“Yes, and because the distance is so close I can enable infrared.”

Through my eyes I could now detect heat signatures, and spotted Carline  just a couple meters from my on the third floor.

“Okay, found her.”

“There are an additional; three people detected in the same room, so be careful. It’s too bad that I won’t be able to observe the fight, due to a lack of energy I will need to enter hibernation mode.”

I remembered that Lena truly enjoyed fantasy realms, but it must be torture for her to be living in one, but not be able to fully enjoy it due to all the restrictions.

‘One versus four… can I do this?’

“Create Material: Iron”

I shaped the iron into a pair of handcuff that when used, would be able to adjust the size to the prisoner’s wrists., finally I had gained some very strong restraints.


When is was about 3 AM, I had prepared 4 pairs of handcuffs and it was time to do the deed. I silently approached the third floor where Carline was staying at.

“Lena project the image of inside the room to my cornea.”

“Yes Sir!”

She whispered to me, before I was finally able to see their silhouettes from outside the room.

Three of them were sleeping on bunk beds while the woman slept by herself on the other side of the room.

‘It’ll be a bit hard if I have to deal with all of them at once, so I’ll first take care of those three.’


I grabbed and firmly turned the doorknob. The sound of the lock breaking followed soon after, the power of a level 43 Warrior was not to be underestimated..

“Who is it?”


Despite the room being pitch black, I could see quite well due to Lena’s assistance.

Puck, Puck, Ahhack! Puck, pooahc!

The three men couldn’t defend themselves properly due to the darkness and were soon knocked unconsciousness with my swift and accurate punches to their chins.


Just as I had knocked the three men unconscious, the light was turned on in the room. This was one of the inn’s suites, so it had a magical jewel which functioned as a lightbulb. The messy room became lit, leading to an uncomfortable situation.

“Shit, why do you sleep naked?”

“Kakakakaka! I don’t have any idea how you escaped, but  boy you don’t have any chance of winning against me, especially when you are so shy about seeing me naked!”

Other guests banged on the walls in complaint of Carline’s crazy laughing sound.

“Come on! I’ll take good care of you!”

“Hey, at least put on a dress!”

“No need, it seems to work in my favor!”

Carline was carefully approaching me with a dagger in hand, but I was in a difficult situation because I was covering my eyes with my hand.

“Shit, I guess I need to resort to that!”

In order to fight against the shameless Carline, I had to use my secret skill.

“Oh? Are you closing your eyes? But that way you can’t see me right?”

She approached me very silently, not wanting to give away her position as I had my eyes closed, appearing frantic.

“Die!” Kakakaka!

She had held her breath until the very last moment, when she lunged out and stabbed towards my heart.

Tak! Puck! Uhha

I knocked aside her dagger and struck her straight in the chin. I was able to see her all along due to receiving aid form Lena, but since it was in infrared she didn’t appear indecent. I had simply kept my eyes shut and pretended to be helpless by using a hand to cover them. Although she thought she could launch a surprise attack by not creating any noise, I had a literal ace in my spleen by the name of Lena. My punch landed true and rocked her brain, had we fought properly she would have been a tough opponent.

“Johra that was pretty cool!”

“Save your energy you…”

“You’re the best!”

Having taken care of the situation, I then secured all four of them with my prepared handcuffs. Carlien was now half naked before me, covered only by some old tattered clothes I had found nearby.

Knock Knock!

Because of the disturbance we made the employees must have been alerted.

I quickly called out to Lena, hoping that she would still have some energy left over.

“I’m in a bit of a bind, can you impersonate Carline’s voice and get him to leave?”

I walked up to the door and Lena did the rest.

“Yes hello, what’s going on?”

“We’ve received some complaints from the guests saying it’s a bit loud.”

“Ah I see, we will try to be more discreet.”

“Yes madam I apologize for disturbing you.”

We could overcome the crisis thanks to Lena’s skills.

‘Now what am I going to do with these guys.’


I had captured 4 people who were all most likely part of the Wolf Club, but it would be difficult to interrogate them properly here without attracting unwanted attention.

‘I’ll have to move them to a more secluded area… but where?’

What came to mind was the empty temple where I had been held and tortured. I felt it was a great spot because they would never think of looking for their missing people in their own hideouts.

‘Right, there was still that guard which I had left unconscious over there.’

I decided to get them out of here by throwing them out the window. If I simply tossed them out they would very likely die as this was the third floor and they were unconscious. For that reason I first tossed out the bed mattress to serve as a cushion. It would have been a problem if I were spotted by any neighbors, but it was still far too early in the morning and everyone was asleep.


After tossing the four out the windows I jumped down after them. Although it was from the third floor, it wasn’t a big deal for a Warrior of my level.

‘They shouldn’t have died right?’

Luckily my aim was true and they had all bounced of the mattress which cushioned their fall. Although they remained unconscious and suffered from some broken bones, at least they were still breathing.

‘Well, I will simply heal them back up later.’

The window had been facing a relatively remote back alley, and from there to the deserted temple took me about 20 minutes carrying all four of them. By the time I arrived it was already almost 5 o’clock and the poor guard was beginning to stir.

‘Good, I was worried he’d become a vegetable.’

“Create Material: Iron”

I repeated the spell until I had five pieces of iron which I bound together in order to create a metal ring attached to the wall.

“Ah, it looks nice!”

“Johra pure Iron is very weak and too malleable. I’d recommend you to make carbon steel instead.”


“Yes, it’s an alloy created from mainly pure iron and 0.5& carbon.”

“Good idea.”

“Create Material: Carbon”

I willed the produced carbon to appear within the already constructed iron ring. After focusing for quite a while, I was able to achieve the necessary proportions.

“Good, this should now be some high quality carbon steel.”

The handcuffs created with Lena’s help were much stronger, even I couldn’t break them using my own strength.

“I have to make sure they don’t die!”

“Lesser Heal Lesser Heal!”

I used my Priest ability to restore the 5 Wolf Club members back to full health.

“They should be fine with just this much right?”

I then left the room and locked the door behind me. Slumped down against the wall to take a breather, my mana had already hit rock bottom and I needed some time to recover.

“The sun is coming up already?”

It was already 6 in the morning and I could hear Carline’s voice coming from the basement.

“What, how is it possible? Here? The very same place were I would imprison others?! What are these rings on my wrists? I can’t get out!”

She was a level 26 assassin and could easily escape from any regular rope restraints. However these steel rings of mine were created to math the thickness of her arms, so she had no chances of slipping through them.

The thickness of the steel rings I had created were 1 cm in diameter. For carbon steel the breaking point would was 2000 KSI ( Kilo per square inch) so one had to exert two tons of strength per square inch just to think about breaking free. Naturally this kind of strength was possible until they hit at very least level 60.

Carline’s last memory was of having thrown the knife towards Johra, but he had easily counter attacked and knocked her out.

“Hey Johra! Are you out there? You think we will let you get away unscathed? Our boss will definitely come for us and seperate your head form that pathetic body of yours.”

I retorted to her from behind the door.

“Stop being so noisy and just tell me where the kid you kidnapped is”

“The boss sold her to a slave trader, we even got a decent price for that little bitch….”

Ignoring the rest of her rant, I decided to head back to the Inn. It  was still early in the morning and the workers were busy preparing breakfast for the guests.

“Good morning Sir, will you be checking out today?”

“Oh I think I’ll stay for at least another day or two.”

After exchanging some pleasantries, I made it seem like I was heading back to my room, before stealthily taking a detour and going into Carline’s.

“I need some proof.”

I took all the papers and books found in her room and transported them to mine. I themnlocked her room from the inside and left through the ceiling unnoticed.

‘That should help me buy some time.’

Once back in my room, I began sifting through all her stuff, but it wasn’t easy as it was mostly accounting records and not something I was proficient at.


“Yes Johra?”

“Could you please analyze these documents for me?”

“Ugh, don’t you know my limitations in this world? I need to maintain low power usage and it would take quite some time for me to go through all that.”

“Can you instead search for the girl which I saved a few days ago?”


After about 20 seconds Lena responded in a weak voice.

“I can’t find any voice pattern which matches hers within a 500 meter radius. I require additional power to extend my search parameters.”

“Well I guess there’s no helping it, tell me what materials you’d require to solve your current power usage issue.”

“Great, please note them down.”

I spent quite a long time creating some materials which Lena urgently needed.

“Unfortunately you only have 100,000 operational nanobot within you, which it far from the necessary amount for me to run at full capacity. I’m focusing on creating a new power system in your body that would be more efficient, but it would take at least one month. In the meantime you would need to provide the energy from Material Creation to keep me running.”

“Okay I’ll be sure to do so.”

I let Lena focus on the new power system while I once again returned to the documents before me.

If I knew this was going to happen I would have studied this world’s language in more depth, shit! Oh wait, wasn’t Uncle Darryl good at reading?’

I had seen him reading and writing lists of ingredients for his bakery.

*——Translator Notes——-*

A monetary unit in the Present time (In 20 years, inflation will have risen by 40%)

~One Copper coin is about 50 cents US

~One Silver coin is about 50$ US (100 times worth than copper)

~One Gold coin is about 500$ US (10 times worth than silver)

~One Platinum coin is about 1500$ US

~One +++ coin is about 15,000$ US

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