Chapter 78

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TL Summary:

Name: Chompy (Johra)
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Human
Class: Warrior/Priest
Rank: H+
Level: 43/99
HP: 75/75
MP: 25/105
Attack: 24 (+3)
Defense: 12 (+3
Agility: 12
Intelligence: 24
✧ Unique Skills
[Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv 3] [Magic Chanting Lv 2]
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Night Vision Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv6] [Valenor’s Husband]
✧ (Hidden) Modifications
[Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
[Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv5]

I went to fetch Uncle Darryl in the morning and brought him back to my room at the Inn.

“So this is the ledger of that Wolf Club? How did you get your hands on this?”

“That isn’t important, we just need to find proof of their wrongdoings.”

“Although I know my basic letters and can read and write, sifting through these transactions won’t be easy.”

Darryl looked at me suspiciously before turning back to the book.

“Will it take long?”

I asked Darryl who was now pouring through the ledger. I took his silence for a yes and decided to let him focus on his task at hand.

“Well, I’ll go out and buy some milk then.”

On my way to find Anne at the market I spotted some ruffians creating a scene.

‘It’s those damn Wolf Club gangsters again.’

“Has anyone seen out big sister? Answer us you useless scum! We are looking for our sister!”

They were aggressively intimidating and questioning anyone they lay there eyes on regarding Carline’s recent disappearance.

‘What, they dare to lay a hand on Anne? They are so dead!’

They were a total of five people and had just kicked aside one of Anne’s bottles, causing it to break and spill over the floor.

I hid among the spectators and arrived behind the back of one of the ruffians.

Pack! Tulsuk!

I effortlessly sunk my dagger deep in his spine, before noiselessly melting into the crowd.

“Who did that? Who dares to mess with us?!”

The spectators took a step back, unwilling to be mistaken as the culprit. I however ignored the commotion and used the crowd to arrived at the back of another member. I proceeded to once again stab him in the spine with my dagger and quickly disappear into the sea of people.

“Son of bitch!! You’re so dead! Come on out!”

The remaining three had already pulled out their daggers and had a mixture of anger and fear plastered on their faces. Spotting some approaching guards and still well hidden within the crowd, I screamed.


“Damn it!”

The last three members exchanged a look before taking off with their two fallen comrades.

“Great, these three clowns should guide me back to their lair. If I can subdue the boss, I should be able to find out the whereabouts of the poor little girl which was recently sold.

It wouldn’t have been hard for me to knockout or kill all five of them back at the market, but my intention was to locate their main base.

“Are you okay Anne?”

“I’m fine.”

“Hey brother, I saw what you did before”, answered Lina.

I gave her a little wink.

“You didn’t see anything right?”

“Hihi… right of course.”

Giving her a small smile I took off not to lose track of the Wolf Club lackeys.

Having tracked them for a little while they finally led me to a small inconspicuous house at the end of an alley.

‘What, are these guys really so poor that they can’t afford a proper headquarter?’

After opening the front door, they performed a deep bow before walking in.

‘Is the boss in there? I should probably prepare myself for a big confrontation.’

“Create Material: Iron”

I made sure that Lena had all the power she would need.


“Yes Johra?”

“I’d like to know what the situation inside the cabin is.”

“OK, I’ll project in on your cornea and transmit the conversation happening inside.

“Oh, was it possible to also have audio?”

“Right, by amplifies certain soundwaves I can make it so only you can hear.”


Through my new X-ray like vision I could see nine people inside and hear what they were saying.

“Boss, someone seems to be targeting us.”

“Really? Is that the reason Carline has disappeared?”

“There are rumors flying around that a new organization is trying to muscle us out of our city, is it true?”

“Is it okay not to report this to Miriam?”

“It’s fine, it’ll only make that old man nervous. Go out in groups of three and try to find traces of Carline. Start from the Inn and look for any clue or witnesses.”

“Yes Boss!”

“Be careful of any ambushes.”

They left the small house in groups of three and there only remained the boss with two other henchmen

‘Hm… so Ikan is their boss? At only level 32 he doesn’t seem like a tough opponent. Miriam must be the big boss in the shadows who holds all the real power. Ok, I’ll wait until he is alone to make my move.’

When the last two henchmen left as well, Ikan went off on a different route all by himself.

‘I wonder where you are off to.’

He seemed to be heading to the abandoned temple where I had imprisoned Carline. Unfortunately the way there was very desolate, so it was very difficult to tail him without being spotted out in the open.

“Hey! Ikan right?”

I called out to him from about 10 meters away.

“Hm… are you the new group’s boss? how to do know my name?”

Ikan slowly turned his body towards me. He didn’t look surprised, as if he expected to meet someone like me.

“If  I said yes?”

“There is only one way forward, I’ll eliminate you!  And I’m guessing that the reason you called out my name and stopped me was that I had guessed correctly. Carline must be in the basement of the temple. Here, have a taste of my Sword Dash!”

He leapt forward without any prior indication. Travelling the dozen or so meters between us in but 0.4 seconds, I was truly caught off guard and barely had time to pull out my dagger to defend myself.


“How did you block my Sword Dash?”

He had backed off to about 3 meters of distance and pointed his longsword at me. From that short exchange he accurately judged that he was not my opponent and without warning took off into the streets. He was an experienced warrior and his decisive decision making had caught me off guard.

“Ikan why would terrorize the people with your level of skills?”

“Well I can live at least 100 times better as a gang leader compared to dying to some nameless monster out in the wilderness.”

He answered my question with a wicked expression. I felt that if he were to have been good man he could have succeeded as an adventurer.

“I see, so you’re just a parasite of society then aren’t you!”


“Fine I might be a parasite but aren’t adventurers the same. They feed off the death of monsters to grown stronger, and bleed the people dry with their quest rewards.”


“What bullshit,.If adventurers kill monsters, they help save human lives while successfully completing a quest. How are they the same?”

Although I was obviously more powerful with my higher level, he had great skill and experience so it wasn’t easy to end the fight. For this reason I was continuing my conversation with him, looking for an opening.

“What are you talking about, the life of an adventurer is a hopeless endeavour against neverending monsters. All of my former companions died a gruesome death, but nobody cares about them.”

Kang! Kigik

The eyes of the man before me was that of one who had lost all purpose in life and was beyond redemption. I guessed that he had gone on some dangerous adventure with a party, and had only escaped with his life by sacrificing that of his friends.

“So what do you think your friends would say if they say the way you are living now, terrorizing the lives of honest hard working citizens?”


He skillfully leaned backwards, just barely dodging the blade of my dagger.

“They are dead and I’ve survived. The dead don’t have any opinion!”

“Ha ha ha!”

I laughed out loud in response.

“Just what are you laughing so much about?”

“You think you are alive? No, you’re soul has long rotted away and you can no longer be considered as living life… Ha ha”

“Nonsense! I’ve survived before and I will do so again by ending your life. You may be strong but you lack a solid foundation, fate seems to be on my side so I’ll finish our fight shortly.”

Seeing the seriousness on his face I grasped my dagger tightly.

‘Will he use a skill? The same Sword Dash as before? No, seeing as I blocked it last time he’ll probably use that other skill of his, Double Slash. It probably involves two sword swings so if I know they are coming I can block them and counterattack to finish the fight.

He had a total of three skills: Sword Dash which allowed him to close a distance of 10 meters, Double Slash which would cut so fast it created a small vacuum, and Taunt.

Among the Double Slash was the most dangerous because even if I managed to block the first strike, the subsequent vacuum effect made it difficult to parry the second one.

I had never experienced the skill before and assumed it was a simple Double Slash, however despite the level difference, I was backed into a corner due to his superior skill.

“Die kid! I only have this one attack left! If you manage to block it I’ll acknowledge you as the victor!”

Kang Sukuk Kang Sukuk

“What, I definitely blocked… Aack

Despite having been certain that I had blocked the slash with my dagger, the second one appeared behind my weapon and left a deep gash on both my chest as blood gushed out.

“Haha! I have to commend you on dodging at the very last minute and not allowing me to hit your heart, you would have made a fine adventurer, but this is the end of the line for you!”

I wanted to counter attack now that his Double Slash was on cooldown, but the heavy wound on my chest made it difficult to move properly.

“Shit! Lesser Heal!”

I focused on my chest wound. It quickly healed just the surface, but if I were to move too much, it would open up.

“What… you were a priest all along?”

“Hehe, why can’t I be a priest?”

“You are priest, but still so talented with the sword. It truly feels good to crush a promising seedling like yourself while you are still too young.”

Ikan had been an adventurer for 20 years, starting from the young age of 12. His sword skills had grown tremendously due to the countless life and death situations he had experienced throughout his hard life. Now, despite his current life of a thug, he was jealous of my seemingly natural born talent, because my appearance of a young boy was rather deceptive.

“Ugh… I won’t give you a simple death, I’ll make sure to squeeze out all the hope out of you. I’ll show you the power of a true veteran!”

His facial expression contorted in anger, he already perfectly matched the face of an evil boss.

‘I can’t block his Double Slash perfectly with just a single dagger, I’d still suffer some injuries just like the last time. I guess my only choice it to dodge it entirely. The problem is that he also has Sword Dash to close the distance, so if he uses both in combination it would be very dangerous. Wait, there is a stun period after his skills, right? ’

I felt that my only chance to counterattack in that moment of weakness, but that meant that I would first need to deal with his Slash, so I decided to backup about 5 meters.

Ikan continued sporting that wicked smile, despite having backed off, he was confident that I was still well within the range of his sword.

‘It’s your fault for looking down on me due to my young appearance.’

I muttered the skill under my breath.

“Create Material: Iron”

“Time to die kid!”

He dashed towards me as I used my skill.

Kiic! Puck!

“Is your head made out of stone?”

I avoided his sword and headbutted him in the face, causing him to start bleeding. Of course, I was also in pain, but I had confidence in my hard headedness.


Kang! Kang!

The period of immobility after his skill was much shorter than I had expected, but I still managed to attack with my dagger. Even though he was able to defend, I had taken the initiative from him, so it was a good result.

“Why don’t you go ahead and show me that power of a senior?”

“Damn it, I’ll make sure to kill you properly this time around!”

‘Okay, it’s now or never.’’

Kang, Tack, Kaaa, Paat!

He came at me with his Double Slash, I allowed them to strike my chest and focused only on defending the second strike with my dagger


Ikan’s eyes widened in surprise. He hadn’t expected me to seemingly disregard my own life and take on the first slash with only my leather armor. Because his first attack had landed perfectly on my vital point, he hadn’t put as much strength into his second one as he had considered me as a dead man. However, contrary to his expectation when his sword cut through my leather armor a loud Clang! was heard.

Ikan who was unable to move due to the short stun which followed the use of his skill, was shocked to see some metal behind my leather armor.

“What incredible luck!”

“No at all, it is all due to your inattention.”

I purposely allowed Ikan to target my heart as I had already defended it in advance. If he had been paying special attention he would have noticed a small bulge in the area.

Paak, Tulsuk

I landed a solid uppercut on him while he was still in that stunned state, before pulling out the piece of metal on my chest.

I had covered the area just in time with Material Creation. Fortunately it had barely been thick enough to stop the blade, had his strength been just a bit higher it would have pierced through the relatively thin piece of iron.

“Oh, I still received a deep bruise as a result.”

Rubbing my chest area that was in pain, I used the iron pieces to form iron rings to secure his arms. I then tied him up and dragged him to the temple basement.

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