Chapter 84

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“Hmm it seems that I can’t use the count’s soldiers for my adventure guild quests and I wasn’t able to find any potential fighters among the serfs which I interviewed, It’s really quite frustrating.”

“Right, you did say that you’re an adventurer right? Were you looking for a companion?”

“Yes, it can be a bit dangerous to go out alone, it’s best if someone is there to have your back.”

“How did you go on quests before?”

“I got a good friend which would join me, but unfortunately he is unavailable for the next little while.”

“Have you considered buying a battle slave? I heard that it is quite a popular option among adventurers.”

“Battle slaves?”

“Yes, their abilities are quite good but they’ve committed some crime so they became slaves.”

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous if I cant trust them?”

“They have no choice but to obey their master and protect his well being due to a magical slave contract forced upon them, but there are still occasionally some problems.

“Hmm… it sounds like an interesting option, maybe I’ll get myself one.”

There were far too few adventurers in Gartmar and it was difficult to form a party. Also, I didn’t want to reveal my quick growth to just any random adventurer, so perhaps the battle slave was a good idea.

“Where can I get myself one?”

“I heard that there will be an auction in Gartmar next week which will feature some battle slaves. It’s quite the hot news and even a few nobles will want to select some.”

“Are they expensive to buy?”

“Maybe, but you should have enough with the money you received from the count.”

“Nonsense, that was operational funds for the store, I cant use it for personal issues.”

“Why not, I was there when he said that if you were to run out of money you could just come ask for some more.”

“No, it isn’t something I’m willing to do.”

“Wow you’re surprisingly honest.”

“Hard-headed mostly.”

Thanks to this information I just gained form Levin, I knew I had to save up some of my own money to purchase battle slaves. For now my only option was with Material Creation.

“Create Material: Gold!”

I could get a piece of gold the size of my thumb for each spell, so it would definitely add up tp a considerable amount over time.

‘I should probably spread out my sales to not attract attention.’

Unlike most ores which had to be sold in large quantities to achieve a modest profit, gold was very valuable and there was always a market for it so I could sell it in different places. I spent the next few days grinding my Material Creation non-stop until finally the day before the auction I sold it all in different stores around town.

By the time I returned to the manor the sun was already rising. Meanwhile I was busy counting my hard earned profit.

“1 Platinum and 10 gold, about the equivalent of 20,000 Dollars on Earth. I really hope it’s enough to afford at least one slave as the next auction is in 3 months time.”

I ate my breakfast, constantly worrying if I had saved up enough.

“Johra I heard that you were going to the battle slave auction today.”

Jillian who was eating his breakfast across the table from me was staring with eager eyes. Clearly he wanted to come with me to the auction.

“Yes I want to buy one for myself.”

“Can we go with you if it isn’t too much of a bother. It can be considered as broadening our horizons.”
Jerna who was seated next to Jillian with her eyes screaming ‘Me too me too!’.

“Well it might be a bit of a problem. I would usually ask the Count for something like this, but since he isn’t here….”

I didn’t want to look up and see his eyes full of disappointment so I just focused on my food.

“I’ll be sure to tell you about the whole thing.”

“Thank you and I look forward to it.”

Jerna however looked at me accusingly as I left them behind.

On the carriage ride to the auction, Levin went into a bit more detail about the slaves.

“Among battle slaves there are some that are better looking that others.

“For me the only thing I need is fighting ability.”

“Really? Between a good fighter who is pretty and a good fighter who is ugly, which one is better?”

“Of course the first one.”

“Well if they both have the same strength, then wouldn’t the uglier one be much cheaper?”

I didn’t have any good retort, seeing Levin’s sneaky smile I knew I had been tricked.

“I’ll wait for you here because it’s hard to sleep when there are too many people around, too much commotion. The carriage is ideal for a nice nap.”

Leaving the lazy Levin behind, I headed inside the auction hall.

“One platinum, nothing else right?”

Participants in the auction had to have their identities checked as well as their funds before receiving a number. There were just over 10 people in the room bidding on item lots, they all looked like butlers who were sent by their Lords.

“And sold to the gentleman number 10!”

The slave that was just sold was a blonde elf. She had the [Archery] skill along with a few other miscellaneous ones, but the price was still one platinum coin.

“Ugh… then I guess an actually useful battle slave would be beyond my means.”

The next one was a level 24 gladiator fighting slave. Because the level was quite high, the winning bid ended up being 2 platinum coins (30,000$).

After that was a handsome Elven warrior. Despite only having a [Dagger Mastery] skill, because of his good looks he was also sold for two platinum coins.

‘Damn I can’t even afford to buy these useless ones….’

“The next one here is a Dark Elf. Do try to look past her poor looks and focus on the ability to use magic!”

She was an Elf with copper skin tone and about 1.5 meters tall. Among humans she would look like at 12~13 year old girl, but in reality she was much older.  She was really beautiful with a voluptuous body unlike the usual slender Elven build. However, above all else she had a skill which interested me.

“One platinum!”

“We have one platinum, do I hear 2? She’s ugly but knows magic!”

“I didn’t understand why they kept repeating that she was ugly, in my eyes she was really pretty.”

“No one else? Okay, sold to the gentleman number 13!”

“Bring out the next one!”

The crowd all thought she was ugly, so I got quite the deal and could successfully buy my first battle slave. When the auction finished we all lined up to begin the process on creating the slave contract.

‘Finally my turn.’

I was familiar with the process having seen all those in front of me perform it. I simply pricked both of our fingers with my dagger and a few drops of blood fell into the prepared magic circle. It was completed by chanting a few simple words by the on site magician.

Looking at her status, I realised that she didn’t have a name. I guessed that for a slave the name was decided by their master.

“How about Viezda?”

She just nodded back in response. Her very cold and reserved demeanor seemed to soften just slightly when I asked her opinion on her name.

“Let’s just speak naturally between us in the future.”

She again nodded her head.

“Good, then please follow me.”

I removed the restraints from her wrists and neck and we headed to the carriage


“Are we heading back?”

He asked as he looked ad Viezda behind me.

Ugh!  And here I thought that you were going to buy a pretty Elven maiden. Instead you get this ugly Dark Elf. Why didn’t you pay attention to what I told you before. Did you know you

Have a one day return policy?”

I felt a bit awkward, perhaps to the world she looked very ugly, but in my eyes she was actually quite attractive.

“I’ve already made my decision and don’t intend to go back on it. Viezda, meet Levin, a retainer of the noble which I’m acquainted with.”

She just silently nodded her head.

“I had insisted on a pretty one…”

Levin was still mumbling to himself but I chose to ignore him because I was well aware of his weird personality.

“Well at least now Johra has another target to abuse so my days will be a bit more free.”

“Viezda, get in.”

“What? Sir Johra? A slave in the carriage?”

Viezda had a bitter face as she unwilling moved towards the carriage. It was no doubt the slave contract which was compelling her to obey her master’s orders.

“Levin let’s head towards the weapons and armor shops to outfit her.”


Levin had a helpless expression while Viezda sat near me, clearly uneasy.

“We’ve arrived.”

“Thanks Levin. Viezda, follow me and we will get you outfitted.”

She silently followed me from behind and into the shop.

“Let’s see, definitely light leather armor would work best.”

Without any complaint or praise she would try on the clothes and items brought to her and then return them without saying a word.

“Hmm… her breasts are quite big so we will have to account for that. Do you have an armor that is soft on the inside but hard and durable outside?”

“Yes, it costs three gold coins.”

“Hm, a bit pricey but we’ll take it!”

Viezda expression immediately turned to one of wonder.

‘Did she think I was being too cheap?’

Even compared to my own clothes the ones I was buying her were definitely superior.

“Sorry this is all I can get you at the moment, is it ok?”

She nodded without word

“Clerk, how much is it in total for the leather armor, wand and hat?”

“Eight gold coins.”

“Sounds reasonable, it was about what I was expecting. Here you are.”

“Let’s go back to the carriage.”

When we had gotten back inside her face was one of shock.

“Viezda were the items not to your liking?”

She quickly shook her head left and right.

‘Maybe she isn’t able to say that she doesn’t like it because I’m her master?’’

“Levin next let’s go a female clothing store, pick up some clothes for everyday use.”

“Oh are you buying a gift for Jerna?”

“No, why would you think that?”

“Ah nothing… just if you were going to buy stuff for such an ugly slave… I expected you’d want to go to a used clothing shop.”

“What nonsense are you spouting, just go to a high quality clothing store.”

“What?! Okay got it.”

Viezda had such a frightened and pale face that it was impossible to recognize her as a Dark Elf judging solely by the color of her face.  

“Make sure to get some underwears as well.”

Now she instead got a deep red blush as she hid her face behind her hands.

‘Was it because I mentioned underwears? I wasn’t planning on picking out her undergarments myself, did she misunderstand?”

Seeing her red face I was sure that there was a huge misunderstanding.

“Here we are!”

“Let’s go Viezda.”

“It was very difficult to find clothes that fit her well, so we ended up spending almost two hours trying different ones. It also didn’t help that she didn’t offer any opinion and I had to make all the choices myself. Giving up, I decided to put the burden on the store’s worker.

“Clerk please choose some undergarments for her, I wouldn’t know much about that, just prepare 10 sets.”

“Okay, do you know what her sizes are?”

“No but you have her right here.”

I awkwardly instructed Viezda to accompany the clerk and thirty minutes they came out together.

“What is the total?”

“Twelve gold coins.”


It was the first purchase which she had decided herself so I didn’t want to disappoint her.

“You don’t like them?”

She shook her head.

‘Hmm, I’m not even sure what she truly thinks. Still, it would be too long and annoying to pick some new one so I guess it’s fine.”

“We’ll take them.”

The store clerk accepted my gold with a wide smile.

“I’ll have the items brought to your carriage sir.”

When we sat back in the carriage Viezda’s face held a strange expression.

“Are you feeling sick?”

She quickly shook her head.

“Ok, just tell me if you’re feeling bad ok?”

She nodded slowly while looking my way.

“Levin, let’s get going!”

“Johra, I’m dying of hunger! How about we eat some of the food we packed?”


Viezda stomach growled as if to agree with Levin’s comment.

I laughed it off but she turned red as she was deeply embarrassed.

‘She’s not only sexy but also surprisingly cute!”

“Ok Levin, let’s first go to a nice place to stop and eat our fill!”

“Good man Johra!”

While Levin focused on driving the carriage I looked at Viezda’s status.

Name: Vieza
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Slave

Rank: H+
Level: 3/77
HP: 14/14
MP: 21/21
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Agility: 11
Intelligence: 17
✧ Unique Skills
[Fireshock Lv 2] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1]

✧ Titles

[Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

[Magic Slaves] – They can’t resist any other their Master’s orders, including their new names. If they do, they will feel a pain near their chest which can eventually lead to death. If they get too far from their masters they will begin to develop a certain uncomfortable feeling, and if you scold them with the name you’ve given them, they have trouble breathing making it easy to punish them.

[Curse of the Bloodmoon] A curse which makes a creature appear incredibly ugly, but gives them a bonus to their MP and Fire skills.

[Skill Steal]  Allows one to use other people’s skills, stopping them from having access to it in the process. However it is only for a short period of time.

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