Chapter 86

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“Viezda how about you try on the new clothes?”

“Yeah, sure.”

As I brought out all the items which we had bought yesterday, She had already begun to undress herself.

“Uh, uh… I’ll be right outside.”

I rushed out past the door.

Huuoo I didn’t expect her to immediately take off her clothes, I need to be more careful with using her name.”

“Master I’ve finished changing.”

When I came back into the room I was greeted by the sight of a gorgeous beauty with a slight blush on her face. She originally had a great figure but the new clothes really accentuated it.

“I think my heart is going to burst!”

“Master? Are you sick?”

Viezda asked with a confused look.

“Yes, kind of. When I see something so beautiful, my heart nearly explodes.”

MIsunderstanding my intention, she formed a small frown.

“I guess these clothes don’t suit me since I’m too ugly for them.”

“How could you say that! Is that what you truly think?”

I wanted to get to the bottom of this because I was surprised that she would have such low self esteem with regards to her tremendous beauty.

“Lena, what do you think?”

“Based on human proportions she would indeed be classified as a top beauty back on Earth. However her skin tone is a bit dark so it would be more of an exotic taste.”

“Is that so? Hmm….”

“Who are you talking to?”

Naturally Viezda thought that I was talking to myself, because these days Lena would always resort to the vibrations in my bones to communicate with me so that others couldn’t hear.

“Oh no, it was nothing.”

‘It must be due to the Curse of the Blood Moon, but why is it that I remain unaffected?’

I put the small mystery to the back of my mind and decided to focus on something which I had been itching to find out.

“Viezda, you know how to use Skill Steal right?”

“Yes, but how did you know that about me? I’ve never told anyone else.”

She answered embarrassed.

“Have you ever tried using it?”

“Just the once when I was a young kid. I was interested in another person’s magic skill, but after that time I’ve never used it.”

“Why not?”

“I still remember the person’s devastated expression when he realised he could no longer use the skill.”

“How long does the Skill Steal last?”

“As I remember it was around 30 minutes.”

“You should practice it more. I think if you were to level it up, then maybe the amount of time can lengthen. Viezda, try Skill Steal on my Water Creation spell.”

“Yes master, Skill Steal: Water Creation.”

She grabbed my hand and  looted my skill. When I checked my Status page I realized that it was now missing.

“I… I’m sorry master.”

“What did you do wrong?”

I was tired of seeing her beg for forgiveness so I tried to change topic.

“What do you think about becoming an adventurer?”

“Well… it’s true that being an adventure has been a childhood dream of mine.”

“Have you ever tried it before?”

She shook her head.

“Why not?”

“My previous master was a peculiar person that liked to collect different kinds of slaves. He bought me and then just 10 days later sold me in order to buy a more expensive slave.”

“Was that the same master who didn’t allow you to speak?”

“Yes, he said I was too ugly so he didn’t want to hear my voice.”

Viezda’s breathing became erratic as she was recalling those unsavory memories.

“All that is in the past now, try to put it behind you.”

“But you were never disgusted by my appearance.”

She wiped her tears and showed me a brilliant smile.

“In my eyes Viezda is truly beautiful.”

“You must have some strange fetish… I know that I’m not attractive.”

“I think it might have something to do with you Curse of the Blood Moon, but for some reason it doesn’t seem to affect me.”


“Yes a curse.”

“Is it really true that I am pretty in your eyes?”

I nodded my head in full seriousness.

“… Are you sure?”

“Of course!”

“Her face blushed a deeper red than I have ever seen before.

“It’s a good thing that I only appear that way to master.”


“Since no one else will lust after me, and only master can see me in the best light.”

“Haha~ It must be fate that brought us together! If it weren’t for the fact that I’m the only one that is unaffected by your curse then I don’t think I would have been able to purchase you at the auction due to a lack of funds.”

“So it’s fate?”

“Yes, it must be!”

Her face mustered up a small innocent smile when I brought up the word fate.




“What is it?”

“Master master master!”

Viezda suddenly leapt into my arms and hugged me tightly.

“Please never throw me away.”

“How could I ever do that?”


She let out a huge sigh of relief as she left me embrace.

“I will never cry in front of you again. Do you think I’m silly?”

“No, not at all. Regardless of what you do you always look good in my eyes.”

“If you keep telling me that I might start to believe it.”

“It’s the truth.”

“Okay, then from you i’ll believe it.”

“Got it, so how about going on our first adventure?”

“Alright master!”

Viezda shouted out with newfound energy. Like she had left behind the chains of her past and broken out to a whole new life.

‘She gives off the same vibe as Valenor.’

Her positive thinking gave me the same feeling as Valenor did when she used to stare at me.

Exactly 30 minutes later my skill returned.

“I got my magic back so did you want to use your Skill Steal again to grind it up?”

She tried but unfortunately she wasn’t able to do so, perhaps it had quite the long cooldown so we agreed to try it again in 4 hours.

Once Viezda fully equipped herself with all the items I bought her yesterday, we went to find Jillian.

“Sir Johra”

“I have a favor to ask of you”

“Just go ahead and tell me, I’ll do my best to satisfy your demands.”

It was a bit burdensome for me to ask Jillian for a favor because he had so much respect for me that he wouldn’t easily refuse. That’s why I had to make sure that I wasn’t taking advantage of his goodwill.

“I’d like to have another bed brought into my room.”

“Oh, that is but a small matter.”

“Where will you be going to teacher, no, Johra?”

He quickly changed his form of addressing me because I had told him before that I didn’t want him addressing me so formally.

“I’m going to have her registered as an adventurer and perform some quests.”

“Oh could I maybe come with you?”

Jillian was diligent and hard working, but he wasn’t particularly talented. Although it would be nice to have him around, I wasn’t confident in my personal power enough to be able to protect him.

“It might be a bit dangerous so I would need your father’s permission.”

“Ah yes… unfortunately he is only coming back next week so I guess I’ll have to wait until then.”

His face sank, filled with disappointment.

I tried to cheer him up a bit, but soon had to take my leave as I joined Viezda in the carriage. As we left the manor I could see the two sibling seeing us of from the estate’s entrance.

“Johra where are you going today?”

“Please bring us to the Adventurer’s Guild in Gartmar, Levin”


About two hours later Levin dropped us off in front of the guild and returned home. Promising to come back and pick us up later in the evening.”


The guild was still relatively empty.

“Come in… oh! Johra?”

“Hello miss Chou, it’s been a while!”

“Why didn’t you stop by more often? Do you have any idea how boring it is to be alone all day long? No one ever comes in and there’s a rumor that they are planning on closing down the  Gartmar branch.”

“.Oh…really? ”

“You’re the only adventurer I’ve ever registered and as far as I know, along with your partner, you two are the only adventurers in all of Gartmar!”

Her voice was beginning to get a little frantic.

“Please don’t get too agitated. Look, I brought another person to get registered.”

“The one standing behind you?”

Chou looked at Viezda with a small frown.”

‘I wonder how other people see her? Viezda must have had a tough life growing up.’

We were able to once again get a bonus beginner set for Viezda after completing her registration.

“Thanks again miss Chou”

“I’m sorry about before, but do visit often!”

“I will. Oh right, which way is the Mage’s Guild?”

She drew me the directions on a piece of paper to help us find the guild.

I then took the chance to look at the Quest board, but unfortunately they didn’t seem to have updated any and the selection was still pitifully small. Accepting the Goblin subjugation quest for the both of us, we headed outside.

“Shall we go to Mage’s Guild?”

“Will I become a mage?”

“You don’t like the idea?”

“It’s ok… but am I allowed to use magic?”

“Of course I hope you use it often.”


I wondered if she had some trauma regarding magic. Judging by her extreme reaction, it wasn’t something that could be easily overcome in the short term.

“Oh hello, are you here for the Mage’s Guild? You would be our very first customer!”

“Ahaha…that’s indeed the case”

The enthusiastic guild master introduced himself as Pero. In fact, he was a Gnome which was a rather rare species in these parts. And of course, just like the Warriors Guild, it only survived due to the sales of the potion store it shared the building with.

“Here, put your hand on this.”

A purple light shone down upon us. Viezda had her class changed to Mage and received the spell Fireball. I however only receive the beginner spell Fireshock.

“Let’s see, where did I put that… Aha!”

“What is this?”

“Normally it would cost you one gold coin, but since you’re my first adventurers I’ll gift it to you. It’s only a beginner book, but it’ll take quite a long time before you can use all the spells in the book. Study hard!”

‘Do humans have to study magic? As an Undead I just needed to kill creatures for the first time to gain new spells. Life was so much simpler then.’

I thanked Pero for his generosity and bought a few recovery potions from the store on the way out.

“Hm… he was a nice guy.”

“Right, he never frowned when he looked at me.”

“Ah…I didn’t notice that. He seems like a good person, so we should visit him often.”


“Shall we go hunt goblins now?”

Viezda face hardened into a serious expression.

After two hours of walking we arrived to the outer perimeter of the forest. In this area it was quite common to see horned rabbits.

“How about hunting one of those rabbits?”


“Yeah, actually with my strength capturing them is quite easy, but we can use them for your training.”


Extending her arm towards the unsuspecting rabbit, grazing about 5 meters away, she began chanting her spell.

“Essence of fire, gift thy heat to mine enemy, Fireshock!”

It was quite wordy for my taste but the result was good. She managed to barbeque the rabbit with a single spell.

“That was quite powerful, it didn’t even look like a Fireshock”


Viezda’s expression became dark

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you okay?”

“Are you angry with me?”

“Why would I be angry? You did great!”


I nodded head. Then I saw Viezda tearing up.

“What is going on?”

“I also think it was fate for me to meet master.”

I couldn’t fully grasp her meaning, it felt like she had had some  deep revelation I couldn’t yet understand.

“Shall we go?”


By the time we left, the population of horned rabbits in the forest had been reduced by twenty. We headed back into town to hand in our spoils at guild, then waited for Levinto pick us up.

“How was your hunt today, Johra?”

“It went very well. We caught a lot of horned rabbits so maybe we’ll have ourselves a barbecue tonight!”

“That sounds delicious, I’ll have the cooks come get the meat from you when we return.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“You are so talented, even being a successful adventurer. ”

“The fruits of today’s hunting are entirely due to Viezda’s hard work.”


“It’s true.”

“Hahaha! Stop kidding around so much, everyone knows that Dark Elves don’t make good adventurers.”

I looked at Viezda for confirmation and she nodded back. It appeared to be common knowledge.

“Still I was all her doing.”

“Okay, let’s say that was true. Anyways I’m looking forward to some delicious horned rabbit meat tonight!”

“Of course! We caught quite a few so let’s share with all of the estate’s staff.”



“I think the their evaluation of adventurers will rise simply because of that delicious meat.”

That night everyone in the manor was left with a full belly. Horned rabbit was a delicacy which was difficult to obtain if one wasn’t an adventurer. It was such high quality meat that was not often served in the count’s estate because until recently it had been quite strapped for cash.

“Viezda, is your Skill Steal available?”

“Not yet….”

“I guess it won’t be very easy to gain proficiency in it.”

I was quite interested in having her raise the level of her Skill Steal because I was planning on making use of it in the future.

‘I really wish this skill works later on.’

Due to that sumptuous meal, the attitude of the manor’s staff towards Johra had drastically improved.

“Knock knock!”


“Please play some chess with me.”

Despite it being time to sleep, I started to play with Jerna.


Name: Viezda
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Slave
Rank: H+
Level: 7/77
HP: 21/21
MP: 34/34
Attack: 3(+5)
Defense: 4(+10)
Agility: 15
Intelligence: 21
✧ Unique Skills
[Fireshock Lv 4] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1][Fireball Lv1]
✧ Titles
[Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

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