Chapter 87

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“Checkmate Jernan.”


“Did I make her cry again?”

She ran away after her defeat. It had been a long game lasting several hours of fighting on the board, but in the end with my cheat key called Lena, there was no chance for me to lose.

It was already 2 am by the time our game finished so Viezda and I quickly went to sleep in order to be ready for tomorrow.

I woke early the next day and spoke to Viezda caringly.

“Today we will try something adventurous, listen carefully to the plan.”


After describing my scheme in detail, we headed straight into the outer perimeters of the forest. We caught 5 horned rabbits to warm up and to allowed Viezda to build up some confidence. Unexpectedly she also gained a level and so we were ready to move on to the deeper regions of the forest.

“Get ready!”

She nodded back, tightly gripping the small wand in her hand. Before us lay four goblins feasting on the corpse of a horned rabbit which I had left as bait.

Sneaking up on them I slash them lightly with my dagger.

‘Success! I managed not to kill them.’




The goblins scowled at my surprise appearance and chased be down with their clubs.


The closest goblin swung his club my way, but I quickly ducked. When we were about two meters apart I turned towards Viezda and instructed her.


“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

Wharrr Quang!

[+3 experience points]

[+6 experience points]

[+12 experience points]

[+24 experience points]

I tried to roll away to avoid being hit by the aftermath of such a powerful spell that it could hardly be called fireball.

“Viezda! You are so cool!”

She was in shock, trembling.

“What’s wrong?”

“I hurt master! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

“What are you talking about, I rolled away and dodged most of it. Didn’t you see me spring back up from the floor just now? I’m fine.”

“But still it’s my faulting for harming master due to my inability to properly my control my strength. I don’t want to use magic again!”

“How could I get angry over such a light injury. Being an adventurer is inherently a dangerous profession. Also, it’s my fault for not properly judging your firepower. Viezda, in the fututre don’t be burdened by your power and use it freely. Oh! Sorry sorry!”

“Such an order… that’s too much master! Waaah!”

Although I hadn’t intended my last words as a command, I didn’t cancel it because I knew that it would be necessary for her to develop a stable mindset.

“Was that your strongest attack?”

“No, I was trying to weaken it as much as possible.”

I was quite excited that even her weakest fireball was capable of injuring me. That meant that her firepower was extraordinary, hardly what could be considered as a regular fireball.

‘I wonder just what the extent of her abilities are.’

“I’d like to know what your strongest spell looks like, so try it out on that group of goblins over there, okay?”

“Yes… please be careful then. Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

I had retreated from the goblins until I was at least 20 meters away.

Qwaaaaa Kuuuung

“This isn’t like any fireball I’ve ever seen, it’s at least two tiers stronger.”

Everything within an 8 meter radius had been charred black devoid of life.”



She had slumped down to the floor. Checking her status I saw that her MP was completely empty.

‘Does she use additional MP to strengthen her spell? Could it be tied to her Curse of the Blood Moon? When she wakes I need to make sure to warn her against using her maximum power again.’

Pulling out a blanket I lay her down on the grass. I tried to use my Lesser Heal on her but there wasn’t any effect because it didn’t affect the symptoms of mana depletion. About 30 minutes later she finally woke up.

“Uhh… master?”

“I’m here.”

“Ahhhh sorry!”

She bolted up and bowed down apologetically.

“Oh stop that… also don’t use your full strength spell in the future.”

“Yes… yes.”

“You seem to have the innate ability to consume more MP in order to enhance the power of your spells. From now on let’s focus on controlling that power.”

“Will it be okay?”

“Of course! It’s a good thing to have that ability.”

“Ah, then I’ll do my best to be helpful for master!”

We took a short rest, waiting until Viezda’s MP had recovered before going out to find some more goblins. Naturally I used Lena’s assistance to more easily detect them in this thick foliage.

“We will target those five, try to control your strength a bit more this time.”

“Yes… please take care master, in case I make a mistake…”

“It’ll be fine, I’ll dodge it.”


I had just stepped on a patch of dry grass, alerting the goblins ahead of time of my presence.



Quickly slashing at them with my dagger, I rolled away and shouted towards Viezda.

“Now, your weakest strength!”

“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”


‘Shit! I’m still too close!’

As the fireball brushed past me I realised I was still only about 4 meters away from the goblins which was definitely still in the danger zone. I tried to roll away even further, but there was too little time so in the end I was still hit.




I heard Viezda’s screams just as I was engulfed in the burning flames which charred my skin.

‘I should be fine with just this level of fire, but I’m just worried that she will develop a trauma towards her magic due to this.’

“Lesser Heal!… Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…Lesser Heal!…”

Che! You!”

I kept casting lesser heal with my back turned towards her, keeping my flaming left arm out of sight. It was a battle of attrition between my MP and the flames on my arm. In the end I pulled out a narrow victory as the flames died out and my skin remained unharmed.

Phew That fire lasted much longer than I expected.’

Luckily my position was still in the outer reaches of the blast zone, so along with the fire resistant properties of the leather armor, I was able to get out unharmed.

“Master! I was wrong!”

She broke down into tears as she knelt down on the ground, pulling on my shirt. I spoke to her softly as I stroked her hair.

“You did nothing wrong, it was all due to my miscalculation. See, I’m totally fine.”

Naturally Viezda assumed that I had suffered severe injuries, but when she took at look at my left arm , she was shocked to see me unhurt. After that she naturally began calming down, but it still took almost 30 minutes before she could speak properly.

“You don’t need to cry over such superficial injuries.”

“But master, I hate to see you hurt!:


‘It doesn’t look like we will be able to continue anymore today.’

“Let’s prepare ourselves better for the next time.”

We headed  back in town, to a store which sold items with magic defense.

“Are you looking to capture a red dragon, sir?”

“Haha… my situation just calls for a bit of fire magic resistance.”

Items which granted fire resist were all quite expensive, but it was necessary for our hunting strategy.

“I’m sorry master, it’s all my fault!”

“No, I think of it as an investment for the future. I will be counting on your firepower down line.”

She nodded back a bit hesitantly.

On our way back we stopped by the Adventurer’s Guild to hand in our quest. Chou’s mouth dropped when she the results of our growth.

“How the hell are you guys doing it? Leveling up so much… No, no it’s taboo to ask….”

For the next four days we went back to the same spot to exterminate any goblins in the vicinity. I would slash out with my dagger and immediately jump away as Viezda burnt them to a crisp. As she became better at controlling her power, I suffered less injuries and she could save more mana which greatly increased our hunting efficiency.

By the time we were able to hunt 30~40 goblins per day, we had already killed all the ones in the outer area.

“It looks like that’s the last of them.”

“Ah, I think I’m a little bit sad.”

Viezda still had most of her MP.

“Should we try going a bit deeper into the forest?”

“Wouldn’t it dangerous?”

“Well at worst we can safely retreat this way knowing that we’ve already cleared any globins in this direction.”

“Ah, I see.”

After carefully diving deeper into the forest, we soon stumbled across a goblin camp. The only problem was that there were 20 of them and one of them even was a Rare rank.

“Hm… it looks like an opportune time to test out my new magic.”

After studying the magic book which I had received from the Magic Guild I gained the spell [Poison Fog Lv1].

Exchanging a quick glance with Viezda, I stealthily approached the closest Goblin and slashed him with my dagger.

Kiie? Kieeeee!





It was quite the problem if he made this much noise so close to the camp. Looking at his status I was stunned to see his skill, [Summon Allies].

“I should have checked his status first!”

A horde consisting of hundreds of Goblins were now rushing to this position from across the forest.

“No, this might be a good chance instead. Poison Fog!”

I cast the spell behind me as I retreated. All the goblins had to run through my spell as they chased me down and were quickly poisoned by the time I was only 20 meters form Viezda.

“Viezda! Your maximum firepower!”

With a last ditch effort I lunged forward as I looked back and noticed that the goblins were only a few meters behind me.

“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

Wharrrrrr! Qwaaaa!

An enormous fireball flew over my head as I looked up and saw Viezda fall down to the ground.


I rushed towards her just as my back was hit by the aftershock of the huge explosion.

Kuuung Qwuaaa!

[+5 experience points]

[+5 experience points]

[+5 experience points]

[Level has reached Max]

[Evolution is now possible]

“Oh, were humans also able to evolve? I had no idea!”

Most of the fire blast was blocked by my fire resistant cape, allowing me to get away unharmed, unlike the hundreds of crispy goblin corpses behind me. Even the forest had caught fire and it was beginning to spread.

Ugh! This is quite the large forest fire. It’s too big to put out with my Water Creation, so we have to quickly escape.”

Scooping Viezda up in a princess carry, I ran away as quickly as I could to the forest’s outer perimeter. From behind I could smell the burning of the trees and hear the stampede of all kinds of creatures rushing to escape from the fire.

“Did I create some big trouble?”

By the time we had safely arrived to the edge of the forest, the fire was somehow already under control.

“Hey… is that a dragon?”

A deep blue dragon which I had never before seen, was flying in the sky, casting rain magic which helped extinguished the forest fire.

“Oops I should probably hide.”

I quickly hid us behind a nearby rock, out of site of the blue dragon which flew circles in the area for some time before finally leaving.

Phew, it’s gone. It wouldn’t  be a good idea to face off a dragon as I am now. ”

Once again picking up Viezda, I headed back towards the city.

“Uh… master?”

“Yes Viezda?”

“Did I do a good job?”


“I’ll do anything in order to help master..”

She fell back asleep in my arms and Levin brought us back to the estate in the carriage. She slept the whole ride so I carried her to the bedroom.

‘Today was a lot of work, I should also get some sleep.’

I fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I’d deal with my evolution after first getting a good nite’s rest.


Name: Viezda
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Slave

Rank: H+
Level: 24/77
HP: 71/71
MP: 121/121
Attack: 11(+5)
Defense: 7(+10)
Agility: 21
Intelligence: 42
✧ Unique Skills
[Fireshock Lv 4] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1][Fireball Lv4]

✧ Titles

[Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

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