Chapter 88

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TL Summary:

Name: Chompy (Johra)
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Human
Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
Rank: G+
Level: 99/99
HP: 377/377
MP: 805/805
Attack: 78 (+3)
Defense: 75 (+3)
Agility: 141
Intelligence: 331
✧ Unique Skills
[Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2][Decoy Lv1(Inactive)
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Night Vision Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
✧ (Hidden) Modifications
[Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
[Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

✧Evolution choice

[Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]


I woke up two hours later.

“What, I’m completely rested after just two hours of sleep? Is this the power of a level 99 human?”

After taking the time to look at my status page, I was shocked by my choices for evolution.

“What are these, Meta and Higher Humans? I can even become an Angel?”

I groaned.

“Except for the Angel, I don’t know anything about the other two.”

“Johra, a Meta Human is a superman-like being from those old comic books.”

“Oh, can you explain in more detail?”

Lena went into an in depth explanation about all she knew concerning Meta Humans. It was quite impressive seeing as she was a Sci-Fi buff, however not much of what she told me was very useful and helped me know what to expect from the evolution.

“Let’s hold off on that one until I can get some more information.”

I calmed my mind. Although I was level 99, I wasn’t in any big hurry to make my choice. Taking my time to properly explore all my options was the better way forward.

“Humans can learn new magic simply by studying books, so I’ll focus on collecting some. I still have roughly 19 years until I catch up to the previous timeline.”

“Hm, can I use the decoy status for this?”

Activating my ability,  I reverted my public status to yesterday’s state which was that of a level 45 adventurer.

“Good, this way it won’t look too suspicious and it might even work in my favor if others underestimate my ability.

“Johra, my new power generator has been completed.”

“Oh great, so what material is need as a power source?”

“Uranium 235”

“Are you kidding me?”

“It’s the best option considering its stability and long-lasting energy.”

“Isn’t the radiation dangerous? And the possibility of it exploding?”

“Worry not, I could handle it.”

“Let’s wait awhile first. For starters I’m not sure if my skill level is high enough to create some, and I don’t know what’s going to happen after I make it. I’m afraid the Angels might take note of me if I do.”

“I know you are worried, but the generator I created is capable of limiting most of the radioactivity to acceptable levels, and since you create it in such minuscule amounts, there is no risk of explosion.”

“Let’s leave it at that, in life there are no such things as absolutes.”

“It’s a good thing that you’re cautious, but it’s difficult to find an alternative power source, other elements simply don’t have the power….”

After an hour and a half of back and forth discussion, we finally came to an agreement.

I went for a run early in the morning, through the fields and away from any large populations.

“Lena if I surround it in lead, would it be fine to create it here?”

“Yes, lead is the ideal material to isolate the radioactivity as much as possible.”

“Create Material: Lead”

I imagined a thick cube of lead with a small empty crater in the middle, willing it into existence.

“I’m projecting the molecular structure of Uranium 235 on your cornea.”

A 3D molecular model of Uranium 235 appeared in my eyes.

“I should try to make it as small as possible just in case, Create Material: Uranium 235.”

“This is a bit too much, I’ll help you restrain it.”

My lead box began to quickly heat up, but just as quickly cooled down after a few seconds.

“Phew~ at least it was a success.”

“Was it dangerous for you to control?”

“Well the worst is past now.  Bury the box in the ground, if we need some more later we can always come back and get it.”

After burying the box deep in the ground and returning to the Count’s manor, Lena broke me some surprising news.

“What, their shield?”

“Yes, now that you have a sufficient power source, we can recreate and power the energy shields from the Rohim. It is a great last resort as it could block almost all physical attacks.”

And so, a Sci-Fi energy shield was introduced into this medieval world of swords and magic.

“Where are we on mastering the local language?”

“A proficient translation module for the native language has been created. ”

“Did you carry with you the entire archives on the Rohim?”

Currently we have access to about 70 of Gammasium’s records, which include those about the Rohim. If we managed to operate all the nanobots in your body, then we can get access to 100%.

“Good, let’s work towards that.”

“Okay, I’ll attempt to build a processor to reactivate them, but it’ll require quite a few materials.”

I used my Material Creation to give her anything she would need.

“Good that’s enough. Actually I was wondering if we could make something else?”

“Like what?”

“Microscopic drones.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Yes the energy source should be sufficient, but the range they can fly about is limited.”

“If the range is too small isn’t it meaningless to make them?”

“If we create enough of them then they can assemble together to almost instantly form a shield which can last for about 30 minutes anywhere in a 500 meter radius.”

“That sounds incredibly useful, yea let’s make some of those too.”

“Ok, I will begin production and report to you once it is finished.”

I had quite the productive discussion with Lena on my way back to the manor.

‘Nanobots in my body and a nuclear power source, it’s almost like a cheat….’

It was a weight of my shoulders. I had gotten used to the Undead lifestyle which made it difficult for me to die, thus resulting in me becoming a bit reckless. This had no longer been possible as a human, but now that I had the Rohim’s energy shield, it was the equivalent of a second life.

When Viezda woke up we once again headed to the forest in order to hunt.

“Where have they all gone to?”

There were no longer any horned rabbits or goblins in sight.

“Could it be because of the fire yesterday?”

“What should we do Master?”

“Lets try going further in.”

Although we delved deeper into the forest, the result was the same.

“Hm, this is a bit troublesome.”

Of course my level was already maxed at 99 but the plan was to power level Viezda, which would be a bit difficult if we didn’t have any opponents.

We decided to go even deeper but there still weren’t any monsters in sight.

“Let’s rest here for a bit.”

“Yes master.”

As we sat down in some shade I contacted Lena.

“Can you detect any monsters in our proximity?”

“There is a significant life form within 1 kilometer of your position.”

“It’s not Viezda right?”


“Where is it?”

“It’s heading this way, and at a great speed. Its 140 cm tall and has the appearance of a little girl, except that it’s different in many way… ah here it is.”

A young girl came into sight, she had blue hair and eyebrows along with deep blue eyes. She wore clothing made out of large leaves, but it was especially those eyes of hers which reminded me of Valenor.

“You’re that man from yesterday, how dare you burn down my forest.”

‘Ah, she is indeed a dragon.’

Giving up any thoughts of resistance I tried to appear as innocent as possible. I knew I had no chance against a dragon.

“Oh I’m so sorry about last time, it wasn’t on purpose.”

“I know, had it been intentional I would have killed you on the spot. Why do you appear in these parts and kill the creatures here?”

“I can’t help it as it’s my profession.”

“Well all the animals have been sent to the deepest parts of the forest. They are also living creatures so you shouldn’t try to kill them. After all, I wouldn’t mind putting an end to a selfish adventure who didn’t know the value of life.”

The little girl turned her head and headed back into the forest.

“Wait! Then what should I do in order to eat?”

Actually I didn’t know why I had shouted out to her and didn’t have any plan. I just felt that I had some affinity towards her, maybe it was because she reminded me of Valenor.

“Why should I care about how you find your food?”

The girl’s face turned into a frown.

“It isn’t the same to kill for survival and to kill without meaning.”

“Yes, killing to survive is a necessary part of life.”

“Then can’t I kill some creatures in order to survive?”

Her face formed a deep frown. She had fallen for me sophistry. Naturally there was a difference between killing innocent creature killing in order to survive, but she hadn’t made the clear distinction in her sentence.

“So? Are you planning to capture creatures?”

“Yes, if I have your permission.”

“Sure, if it’s your request then just wait here a second.”

The frown on the little girl’s face indicated that she held quite the grudge.

‘Should I just ignore her and try to run away?’

After some time my worries turned out to be true.

Koo Oh! Thud! Thud! Thud!

A giant, three meter tall minotaur appeared from beyond the trees.

“Um..hey Lilinor, isn’t this all a bit too much?”

“I’m a majestic dragon you lowly human! Daring to kill in my own backyard and now casually throwing my name around? Wait how did you know my name in the first place?”

“Lilinor! I will show you the power of humans!”

“If you admit to your wrongdoings then I can call off the minotaur.”

I instead chose to provoke the beast by throwing insults at it. Predictably, just like the bull that it was, it soon lost patience and charged towards me.


“Minotaur, don’t attack without my command!”

“Lena, help me out!”

“Okay Sir!”


Normally my small dagger would never be able to take on the minotaurs large mace, but it was all made possible with the help of the Rohim’s energy shield. As we clashed the energy shield allowed me to hold my ground.


It became even more enraged seeing that I could meet his attack with my puny dagger.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

It then tried to stomp on me but the shield protected me once again. Even if it was very strong, it would never get through an energy shield which was designed to withstand the fire of futuristic weapons.

“Master, run away!”

Viezda called out to me worriedly from behind.

“Viezda! The maximum Fireball, aim for the head!”

“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

The Minotaur wasn’t paying attention to its surrounding because of its hatred for me.

“What! Are you trying to cause another fire in my forest!”

Despite Lilirno’s shouting, Viezda’s fullpower fireball flew straight towards the Minotaur’s head, as she collapsed from having overdrawn her mana.

Wharrrrrr! Quaaaaaa! Puuuung!

The incredibly large fireball struck it straight in the head, instantly bursting its brain to bits.

Kuaauaaaaa Kung!

[+1341 experience points]

The fire began to burn across its body and the surrounding vegetation.

“It’s that damn fire again! Polymorph!”


Having transformed into her dragon form, Lilinor tried to stop the spread of the fire as I was running towards my fallen comrade.

“Are you okay Viezda?”

Despite having lost consciousness, she had slumped back against a tree which broke most of her fall. She hadn’t suffered any serious injuriues other than a few light scratches, however the fire was beginning to close in on us

“Let’s get out of here!”

Picking her up in a princess carry, I hightailed it out of there. As I was running away, I realized that Viezda had leveled upl.

“Well at least we gained something out of all this!”

Looking back I saw the clouds gather and the rain come down to finally put an end to the forest fire.

“She’s quite proficient with water magic huh?”

However, just as we were exiting the forest I saw Lilinor back in her human form, waiting for us.

“You damn arsonists!”

With the moment my fast speed I was barely able to stop myself just a few feet in front of her. I began to sweat just thinking of what she might have done if I’d collided into her.

“What do you intend to do Lilinor?”

“How dare you use my name again you puny human!”

“Sorry, but you childlike form simply isn’t intimidating.”

“Then do you want me to change to my original form?”

“Why don’t you just tell my why it is that your blocking my path?”

“Didn’t you just start a fire in my forest?”

“That was self-defense.”


“Yes, I had to act to defend myself against an enemy’s attack.”

“To claim self-defense you need to first look towards the reason you entered the forest in the first place.”

“I told you already, it was in order to survive.”

“You killed the minotaur but didn’t eat it, explain that!”

“Humans need more than just meat to live.”

“What are you talking about? Creatures eat other beings in order to survive, that’s so obvious.”

“Oh Lilinor… seems like you don’t truly know what it is to live.”

“What are you talking about, how could you say that?”

“One needs money to live! If you have enough money then you can live happily!”

“What do you mean by that? Happiness? What do you short lived humans know about happiness? Even us eternal Dragons aren’t necessarily happy!”

“What do you know Ms. Dragon. Although us humans may live a short life, it can be one filled with happiness!”

“Don’t lie! Your mortality makes you a trivial existence!”

“And has a mortal not just won against a dragon’s champion?”

“It was due to a cowardly act of ganging up, not a honorable one-on-one.”

“Ah, could it be that it didn’t count because it wasn’t a one-on-one?”

“Of course not! Why don’t you try fighting me and I’ll show you my power?”

Ugh How annoying, if I were still a Demi-Lich I could easily take her on, but as I am now, a B ranked dragon is simply too troublesome.’

“Lilinor, mankind fights with their head. Showing off your power is only for fights among dragons.”

“What way of fighting is this? Do you fight using only magic?”

“Magic, ha! That is far too lowly! I’ll show you a way which is far more advanced.”

“Tell me you puny human. Any manner in which you choose I will stamp down on your inferior intellect!”

“Ok, follow me to the appropriate place.”

“What? We aren’t fighting here?”

“No, I’ll show you what a proper duel amongst humans looks like.”

“Suspicious, are you trying to mobilize others to ambush me?”

“No, I won’t rely on the power of any other human in my fight against Lilinor.”

She nodded in response to my vow.

“Do you understand the severity of a vow to a dragon?”

“Of course”

She followed behind me as we made our way to Levin’s carriage. He had been waiting for us at the edge of the forest. When I placed the unconcious Viezda gently in the carriage, Levin said.

“It must have been some intense training again. Do we leave now? Who is that little girl and what does she want?”

“Wait up, she’s coming with us. Lilinor, get in the carriage!”

“Why? I’m your enemy!”

“Oh just get in! Why, are you afraid?”

“ME! Scared of a puny human?”

She immediately hopped into the carriage. She stared at me with her arms crossed the whole ride back to the Count’s estate. It reminded me so much of Valenor that I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Are you laughing at me? Do you want me to simply bite off your head here and now?”

I waved my hand nonchalantly.

“It was nothing, you just really reminded me of someone I know.”

Hmph She must be a great person. I’ll forgive you this once since I’m generous.

I laughed even harder inside, but had to work hard to keep a poker face. It was too ridiculous to be threatened by what looked like a 9 year old girl.

“We’re here.”

“Have we reached the battlefield?”

“Yes, follow me.”


Viezda began to stir as we entered the manor.

“Are you awake?”

“Whoa! Why is she here?”

“It’s okay Viezda, she’s a friend.”

“No! I’m the enemy!’

She instantly denied my words

“Alright, can you have Jillian bring up a chessboard?”



Lilinor asked curiously.

“Yes, human’s sacred field of battle.”

“Hmmm? Is that so?”

I marched to proudly into the manor as Lilinor followed.


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