Chapter 89

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TL Summary:

Name: Chompy (Johra)
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Human
Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
Rank: G+
Level: 99/99
HP: 377/377
MP: 805/805
Attack: 78 (+3)
Defense: 75 (+3)
Agility: 141
Intelligence: 331
✧ Unique Skills
[Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic Chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2] [Decoy Lv1(Inactive)]
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Night Vision Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
✧ (Hidden) Modifications
[Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
[Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]

✧Evolution choice

[Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]

✧Decoy Stats

Level: 43/99
HP: 75/75
MP: 25/105
Attack: 24 (+3)
Defense: 12 (+3)
Agility: 12
Intelligence: 24


“Hm, do you fight over a piece of wood?”

“Yes, it’s a battle of wits.”


“I’ll explain the rules so listen closely. I’m sure that a wise dragon like you can understand it the first time around.”

Although Lilinor seemed a bit upset, she paid close attention to my explanation.

I made sure everyone else stayed outside the room because I worried that they wouldn’t be able to understand the situation. After all they would surely think me strange if I put so much effort into playing a simple game of chess with a little girl. If they knew the truth about her, they would surely be surprised.

However I knew first hand how boring a dragon’s life could be, so I was sure that she would be captivated by the game. Not to mention that Dragons were usually interested in diverse arts, so I was confident she’d be drawn in by chess.

“So do you understand now? Do you see how it’s a duel? You can only appreciate this if you are a wise person.”

“Ho ho, how interesting. The thought of beating a human in a battle of wits at their very own game. I’ll admit that this indeed qualifies as a legitimate duel.”

“Right, this is a competition of wisdom. However, since Lilinor is a beginner, I’d be willing to give you some handicap. Regardless of the result, we could just count our first round as a practice game.”

“No need, I already understand the rules so I don’t require any handicap from a mere human.”

“You have good fighting spirit.”

“Then I’ll go first!”

“Johra, when I defeat this dragon I can call myself a dragon slayer!”

Lena’s addiction to fantasy was coming out as she was squaring off with a dragon.

Lilinor’s first move was standard, and the pattern was a common English opening (pawn C2 -> C4) and then Fianchetto (moving the Bishop in the opening), but her play soon slowed down.

“Hey, did you move yet Lilinor?”

“Quiet you noisy rascal! I need to concentrate.”

We were already in the second half of the game, but she would be checkmate in just four moves. She had not played in the last three hours.

“I never expected you to not make a move simply because we are playing without any time limit.”

“Too noisy! I’m not such a coward!”

Three more hours passed during which I took many bathroom breaks, however she had yet to play a single move. Of course she had no choice seeing as her fate was already sealed and she didn’t want to lose.

“Don’t you think you should resign the match? Don’t worry, it’s a best of 3.”

“Ah…really? Okay I resign.”

She had an embarrassed expression as we began to rearrange the pieces.

“This time you go first!”

“As you wish Oh great Dragon!”

Her frown was soon replaced by eagerness as we began the new game. I opened it up with the classic Dutch Defense, (Pawn D2 ->D4, opponent F2->F4)

“Oho! This game will surely be interesting! The previous game developed quickly  but this one is more defensive!”

“Why don’t you just play quickly instead of overthinking each move?”

“Just you wait, I’ll soon flatten that pathetic human pride of yours.”

Of course she never had a chance and I checkmated her King after 10 hours of play.

“Are you truly a human? How is it possible for you to read further than me?”

‘Naturally it’s thanks to Lena, but there’s not reason to let others know.’

“I’m assuming that you don’t have any problems with the result right Lilinor?”

“Yes human, you indeed bested me in a duel without the aid of other humans.”

“Then you admit that humans don’t only need to eat in order to survive right?”

“Well… since it was the object of our bet then yes I have no other choice.”

Her expression was very downcast. It was hard to believe that she was the same spirited dragon as before so I tried to lift her spirits a bit.

“How about we play more, but add another bet?”

She seemed to have found some motivation.

“What are you playing at? Fine this time I’ll be sure to win!”

“Ok, then if I win, you’ll have to grant three of my requests. Likewise, if you were to win I would do the same.”

“Fine, then this time around I’ll start.”

We once again started another game of chess.

“Uh… this level of defense. I moved my knight but my pieces are all tied up.”

Lilinor began by moving (c4, d6) while I moved (d4,Nf6) using the Old Indian Defense. By using this defensive castling maneuver, she was never able to mount a successful attack and the result had been decided.

“Why? I was sure I could win. One more time!”

“Are you sure? You might have to sell yourself at this rate.”

“You play first human!”

“How amount you start calling me by my name, Johra.”

“Fine, human called Johra!”


I started Nf3, D5 Lilinor moved C4, it began with the Reti opening so it was quite chaotic.

“Are you trying to kill everything off at the very beginning?”

“Well if there are less pieces then it will be harder for you to outread me.”

She had put a lot of thought into some strategy that might defeat me, but of course she was still defeated. Lena had no intention on going easy on the dragon.

“I’m not feeling well.”

Lilinor had been completely defeated and her eyes were devoid of any vigor. If I were to tease her any more then she would surely just fall down in shame.

“That’s checkmate.”

“I admit my loss to you human. Your wisdom has bested me. Dragons always keep their word, so go ahead and tell me what your three wishes are.”

‘I was worried for a second that she would simply kill me out of spite.’

“Worry not I’m quite a compassionate person, so my wishes won’t be too excessive.”

She looked at me in surprise as she said.

“After having experienced this loss at chess, I’m too tired for your sophistry human. Your plan was to give me some small hope and then crushing it. I don’t care what your wishes are, I’ve lost completely against you. ”

Although she indeed reminded my of Valenor, I knew that she could never replace her.

“My first wish is for you to always be my friend.”

“Okay, but just what are you planning?”

She answered dispirited.

“My second wish is for you to never betray me.”

“You only have one more, human named Johra, think carefully.”

Taking a deep breath I spoke my last wish.

“To always be my friend and trust in my actions.”

Her pupils widened in surprise. All three wishes were certainly unexpected.

‘Hmm… I didn’t ask for much considering she’s a Dragon. Still, seeing as the result was already decided beforehand, I don’t want to feel like I’ve cheated her too much.’’

“Johra are you sure that is all?”

“Why? Is it not enough?”

“I’ll ask you again, are those your three wishes?”

“Yes, wasn’t it finalized after I made the last request?”

“Indeed it was.”

You have gained the title [Lilinor’s Friend]

I nodded back while she experiencing several mood swings like defeat, happiness and suspicion.

“Oh and one more thing.”

“What is it?”

Lilinor had the expression of a child which didn’t want to lose its favorite toy.

“I think it might be a bit difficult if we tell other humans that you’re a dragon.”

“Ah just that much? You have nothing to worry about.”

“I’ll just say say that you’re a distant relative of mine and that we met by chance and therefore you decided to stay.

“Will we have to live together?”

“Well, if you have some urgent matters to attend to then of course you are free to go. But since we are friends it’s better if you stay close to me.”

“I understand, but since I wasn’t prepared for this, I’ll go back home an return in a little while.”


Lilinor rand out the door and soon disappeared in the distance.

“Johra who was that?”

“She’s the daughter of a relative of mine, so she will be in my care in the future.”

“Ah of course if she is a relative of yours then she is a most welcome guest.”

“A guest….”

Jerna looked at me suspiciously as she spoke those words. Perhaps it was a woman’s intuition but even if Jillian bought my story about a distant relative, Jerna did not.

“I can’t always be in your care so please accept this food I gained in the forest along with my latest rewards.”

I handed over some meat from the magical beasts along with about 40 gold coins. At least it would cover some of our expense here at the manor and I wouldn’t feel too indebted to them.

As I went back to my room and lied down, Viezda asked me.

“Is Lilinor someone powerful?”

“Yes, but now that we’re friends you don’t need to doubt her motives. She comes from a honorable race and would never break her promises.”

“I was worried she’d make some trouble.”

“If that was her intention she would have just done so back in the forest, she’s actually quite kind.”

“What is that your talking about, human named Johra?”


“Don’t you know how to knock? You scared the life out of me!”

She came up to my bedside.

“Quickly take out the chessboard! If you’re a true friend then you won’t back down from a fight, human called Johra!”

“How about you just call me Johra? And maybe some other time, I’m quite tired right now so I want to get some sleep.”

“A friend doesn’t ignore their friend’s request! You, Dark Elf, fetch the chessboard!”

Viezda looked at me questioningly, asking what she should do. I reluctantly nodded back and then had to spend the next two days playing chess against this tireless dragon.

“Lilinor are you trying to kill me?”

“Just one more match! I know that I’ll win this time!”

“I’m human so I need to get some sleep! Do dragons not also need to sleep?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’ve slept plenty in my lifetime”

“I’m sleeepyy….”

“Stop whining! It’s your turn, human called Jorha!”

“Can you at least say my name correctly?”

“Would you then play a game of chess, Johra?”

“So you could say my name well!”

Naturally I won again.

Cht! Even if you’re sleepy you never lose your focus!”

I heard Lilinor complain.

“Was that what you were aiming for?”

“Uuuuh… I didn’t say anything…hmph yes!”

“Sleepy, Viezda! go ask Jillian to prepare her a room…”

“No need, I’ll just sleep next to my friend!”


“No reason!”

She didn’t make much sense, but I was too tired to argue with her, especially having learned how stubborn she could be.

“Good night my first and only friend that managed to beat me.”

Despite being asleep I managed to hear that familiar voice, perhaps it was telepathy. I goes without saying that I had a long and deep sleep.

I had no idea what would be waiting for me the next morning.


———Author Notes———

~Lilinor is using Decoy Status. Her real abiliting is marked in the ( )

~Real ability is hidden from Johra.

~The dragon form which Johra witnessed was actually Polymorph.

Name: Lilinor
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Blue Dragon (Blue Elder Dragon)
Class: N/A (Dragon Shaman)
Rank: B- (A+)
Level: 3,214/9,999 (9,000/9,999)
HP: 2,371,100/2,371,100 (412,237,100/412,237,100)
MP: 1,759,112/1,759,112 (12,789,010/12,789,010)
Attack: 28,991 (248,411)
Defense: 123,225 (732,114)
Agility: 742 (12,400)
Intelligence: 28,956 (245,322)
✧ Unique Skills
[Ice Breath Lv5] [Flight Lv5] [Flame Soldier Lv3] [Polymorph LvMax] [Weather Control Lv1] [Teleport Lv5]
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Breath of Creation] [Decoy Status LvMax] [Telepathy LvMax] [Wormhole LV5] [Dragon’s Blessing] [Eternal Summons]

✧ Titles

[Protector of Lake Elle] [Johra’s Friend]

✧ (Hidden) Titles

[Defender of Time] [Champion of Eternity] [Mastery of Life]

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