Chapter 94

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OhOoooh! PoooAah!

Lilinor’s Ice Breath landed at the Hydra’s feet, locking it into place.

“Great job Lilinor! Viezda circle around from the back.”

“Yes Master!”

The Hydra tried its best to break free, but Lilinor sent another breath to consolidate the Ice.

Kuooo! Hwarrr


Six of the Hydra’s heads spewed out fire and four spat out poison in an effort to counteract Lilinor’s Ice magic.

Uh Oh oh!

I closed the 10 meter distance between the hydra and I, shouting out with my Warriors Taunt in order to attract its attention. I succeeded as six of its heads turned my way.

“Lena, help me out!”

“Leave it to me!”


The Hydra’s bites and magic spells were completely completely blocked by the Rohim energy shield.

“Easy peasy!”

I was getting closer to it’s main body as it was still locked into place by Lilinor’s ice magic and could not evade. However, it wasn’t simply lying still and allowing me to easily approach it as it continued to try and bite me and spew its breath on my shield.

“18 huh… that’s far too many, let’s get rid of a few shall we.

Momentarily leaving the safety of the Rohim shield, I cast my magic.

“Create Material: Positron!”

Kukkkkkung! Shhhhu

The small amount of Positron was directly materialized in the mouth of one the Hydra’s heads which had been trying to bite me. The maximum range of my Material Creation was 5 meters, so by quickly getting on the shield back in time, I was able to deliver a well placed positron bomb to a very vulnerable location. Just as it was about to disappear out of sight and down its throat, it erupted. Instantly the temperature rocketed past 10,000 degrees Celsius, melting its surroundings.

Kuwoong! Kuwoong! Kuwoong! Kuwoong!

10 meters in every direction was bathed in fiery flames hotter than the depths of Hell, as the monster’s 12th head fell down to the ground.


“Was that overkill? No, I guess that the Hydra is far from dead as that was just one if its many heads.

The next moment all the air in the immediate surround was rushing towards the Hydra as it was sucking in and preparing a large counterattack. Viezda who had sneaked up from behind the Hydra trembled at the sight, frozen in fear.

“Johra, you should be more careful with your use of positron. The slightest misstep can result in the creation of a miniature dark hole which would be catastrophic for anyone nearby. Also, just then you were far too close to the explosion and it was almost past the threshold of what the shield could sustain.

“Oh…really? Can the shield block radiation?”

I had just unknowingly had a brush with death, unaware of what the actual limitations of the shield were. The Rohim shield could block physical attacks and most magics, but not light beams and its ability to block radiation was still unknown.

“Well, it was impossible to know exactly how much it could withstand, after all this was technology which we had copied from another race rather than developed ourselves, so it still remains a bit unknown.


Lilinor shot out a breath to prevent the 12th head from regenerating. The Hydra had an incredible ability to regenerate form any wounds, so even if it appeared limp, lying on the ground it could soon recover. Therefore Lilinor’s breath was timely, but three of the Hydra’s heads shot out attacks to intercept. On my side however, 8 heads turned to face me and the energy shield was still at critical levels due to my previous attack, so It was a bit of a dangerous situation seeing as I was standing so close to it.



I quickly pulled out my shiny Opal crystal mirror to reflect the light beam attack from the middle Golden head.


The beam was deflected accurately, landing on another one of the Hydra’s heads, completely blowing it away.

“Ah! It’s hot!!”

Although my mirror had properly reflected the attack, it had overheated and I inadvertently dropped it as it burned my hands.


The golden main head was once again sucking in a large amount of air, preparing for another one of those deadly beams.

“Shit! Viezda, aim for the golden one!”


“Lena! Fire up some holograms and assist me with you predictions!”

I instructed her as I quickly rolled away. The illusion holograms would hopefully confuse it and buy some time, whereas Lena also had the ability to directly project to my cornea the most likely avenues of attack and the best method to avoid it based on all the information gathered.


The beam hit one of the illusions and melted a deep hole into the ground.

“I wouldn’t suffer the same fate as that ground right?”

However right at that moment I noticed that two of the monster’s heads were aiming towards Viezda. It seemed to have understood the order which I had sent to her and was keen on eliminating the threat. Surprised by the Hydra’s actions, Viezda had been frozen stiff.



I cried out desperately as the two heads neared, attempting the tear her limb from limb.

When the dust finally settled, I could see a thin membrane protection her from harm.

“Don’t worry Johra, I already established another small sized Rohim shield around her with the microdrones we had produced. It should be able to hold strong for at least another 12 minutes.

“Geez, tell me that sooner next time!”

Despite my annoyance with Lena, I was relieved to know Viezda was safe.

“How should I attack next, my ability to create Positron was on cooldown for the next 24 hours because it was a highly ranked substance.

Phaaaaat Hwarrrr

There were still seven heads which were locked in a desperate battle with Lilinor, while the main golden head stared me down carefully. Perhaps it was still wary after having seen the power of my Positron explosion.

“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

That’s Right! Oh?

Viezda’s overpowered fireball flew towards the golden head, but two nearby heads moved in front and took the brunt of the hit, as they fell limp to the ground. Lilinor quickly followed up with an Icy breath to lock in the kill.

Ugh, it seems like Viezda had just given it her all and was slumping down to the ground unconscious. Now what should we do?”

Lilinor was simply going through the motions and not giving it her all in the fight, only choosing to tie down a few of its heads. However, after fighting for so long, the Hydra had managed to melt the ice at its feet and regained its mobility.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

I came towards me, one step at a time, before stamping down hard, attempting to crush me under its weight.

“Tch!  Doesn’t matter how heavy you are, it won’t get through my shield! Lena, can we control the size of the energy shield?”

“Yes, in fact we can expand it up to 30 times its current size.”

“Great, then in half a second expand it by 1 meter please.”

Boom! Kuwoong! Kukkkkkuu

The Hydra which had misjudged its distance due to encountering my shield one meter earlier than expected, lost its balance and crashed heavily on the ground.

After collapsing, 6 of its heads were busy sending long distance spells towards Lilinor.

“Lena, focus the energy shield on my sword!”


I spoke to Lena as ran to the closest wounded neck which had had its head blown off. Even after the head had been completely blasted to bits, the thick skin was already healing itself at a noticeable rate.

“Lena, what’s the most toxic substance that you know?”

“If you are thinking of introducing it through its bloodstream, I’d recommend Arsenic.”

As she directly projected the atomic structure of Arsenic on my cornea, I immediately cast Material Creation before the wound could heal.

“Create Material: Arsenic!”

A black blob the size of a fist surrounded the tip of my sword.

“Are you sure this poison is strong enough?”

“A pure dose of arsenic is very effective against any carbon based material.”

I stabbed the sword deeply into its neck, in order to directly apply the poison into its bloodstream.


Within seconds the Hydra’s entire body began to convulse violently and I was thrown off as a result. Luckily the Rohim’s shield helped cushion the fall.

“I guess that’s the power of arsenic.”

It’s incredible regenerative ability allowed it to hand on for the next five minutes, but in the end it’s fate had already been sealed.

[+76421 experience points]

[Level has already reached Max]

‘Well that would have been a generous amount of experience, that’s too bad.’

“Just how did you do that Johra? A poison that is powerful enough to surpass its regenerative ability?”

“It’s called arsenic, I prepared it just in case.”

“That goes without saying, a Hydra would normally be nothing but a sub-species of Dragons. But this one had so many heads that I’d dare say it was even more powerful than an adult Dragon.

Lillinor was confused as she crossed her arms pensively. I went over to Viezda and carried to a bed which I had just created using plants.

I ran up to the Hydra’s corpse, hoping for some good loot. I wasn’t disappointed when I found four rings which gleamed in a shiny golden light. I read the name written in its status window.

“Party Ring?”

“Johra I’ve read about this in a book.Sometimes rare items might appear from the corpse of dragons creatures. However a party ring is a pretty good find, There seem to be 5  party rings in existence; and the one who wears the thickest one can control how experience is divided among the other wearers.


My eyes gleamed in excitement. This was the perfect item for me who had the ability to gain a tremendous amount of experience with my multi-kill ability. I would be able to power level any of my allies.


“Johra what’s happened?”

“Oh it was nothing.”

I decided to keep it to myself until I could verify its use. My first plan of action was to try to help Viezda level up.

I put the largest ring on my middle finger, it was quite wide so it was the only finger on which it wouldn’t slip out..

It didn’t take long for Viezda to wake up from her condition, because she had leveled up from participating in the battle to kill the Hydra, and had regained all her mana. I placed the smallest ring on her left index finger.


“You can think of it as an expression of my affection.”

Viezda remained red-faced and embarrassed for the next little while as we walked around searching for a large group of those giant termites. They would immediately escape if they caught sight of Lilinor, so we had to leave her behind to do some hunting.

“Found some!”

“Johra, don’t you think there are too many?”

“It should be fine, just try to adjust the strength of your fireball to slightly less than your maximum power, okay?”

She nodded back seriously. Her expression was so cute that I couldn’t help but pet her head lovingly, before heading out to attract the attention of the termites.

“Uo Oh!”

I used my Warrior’s Taunt to great effect as dozens of them emerged from their nest. They did seem somewhat related to the minions I previously had in the Pit, but these were only 50 centimeters tall, and there were no flying termites to be seen.

Schik! Schik! Schik! Schik!

They ran towards me as the chomped down with their large mandibles.

“Poison Fog!”

I aimed the spell to land right in their path. I was really enjoying this latest spell, but I knew that it alone wouldn’t be enough to finish them.

I held my ground, and enlarged the Rohim energy shield to stop them from advancing, as if they had run into an impenetrable wall.

Schik! They attempted to bite their way through, but it was completely ineffective.

“Viezda are you ready?”

“Ready Master!”

“Okay, start chanting!”

It would take her about 2.5 seconds to finish her incantation, so I had to quickly make myself scarce and be at least 30 meters from the blast point by then. Therefor right after I had given her the signal, I deactivated the shield and rolled myself out of the way.

“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

I didn’t have the time to completely get out of the blast range, having only gotten about 20 meters away. So at the last second, I covered myself with my fire resistant cape and endured the flames, suffering just minor burns.

[+312 experience points]

[+614 experience points]

[+2557152 experience points]

[Level has reached Max]

‘Succes, I’m able to completely send all my experience points Viezda’s way!’

After gaining such a tremendous amount of experience due to my innate multi-kill ability, I was able to help Viezda max out her level.

“Master… I feel awfully strong.”

“Of course you are!”

The termites had given up on chasing after us having suffered such catastrophic losses.

I opened up her Status page to have a look.

Name: Viezda
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Dark Elf
Class: Slave/Wizard

Rank: G
Level: 77/77
HP: 681/681

MP: 2431/2431
Attack: 267 (+5)
Defense: 88 (+10)
Agility: 113
Intelligence: 642
✧ Unique Skills
[Fireshock Lv 8] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1] [Fireball Lv7]

✧ Titles

[Magic Slave (Johra)] [Curse of the Blood Moon]

✧ Evolution Choices

[Moon Elf] [Blood Elf] [High Elf]


“Huh? Moon Elf, Blood Elf, High Elf?”

“What are those?”

“Oh Viezda can also evolve?”

“Well… wait, then does that mean that you can also evolve?”


“Really? Well I want to me a Moon Elf! It would be like in those legendary tales of us Dark Elves where the hero was always be a Moon Elf!.”

“Moon Elf? I’ve never heard of it.”


Her in depth explanation soon followed.

“High Elves have high intelligence and have very strong magic. There are only a few High Elves in existence. Blood Elves focus more and destruction magic and are therefore considered to be more evil compared to the High Elves. Lastly, the Moon Elves are more unique, and the least numerous. They are considered by the Elves as legendary immortals who can live forever. They are somewhat likened to Gods and there have been tales that they were involved in the war between Gods.

“I had already made up my mind after having heard Viezda’s wishes.

“Okay, let’s go with Moon Elf!”


“Just stand still and accept the changes which will occur to you, don’t fight it.”

She nodded back as I chose her evolution.

Moments later she basked in moonlight which appeared out of thin air.


“It’s fine, you look even more beautiful Viezda.”

“Thank you so much! Did I really just become like one of those characters from those epic tales?”

Viezda embraced me excitedly as I stroked her hair.

“This is just the beginning.”

I opened up her Status to see what it looked like after her evolution.

Name: Viezda
Gender: Female
Status: Normal
Race: Moon Elf
Class: Slave/Wizard

Rank: D
Level: 1
HP: 184/184

MP: 231/231
Attack: 42 (+5)
Defense: 28 (+10)
Agility: 43
Intelligence: 72
✧ Unique Skills
[Fireshock Lv 8] [Skill Steal Lv1] [Herbalism Lv1] [Fireball Lv7] [Moonfire Lv1] [Magic Extraction Lv1] [Hidden Status Lv1]

✧ Titles

[Magic Slave (Johra)] [Blessing of the Moon Goddess]

“That’s great Viezda, your curse has been lifted!”


Seeing her Status Page I was so excited and even rechecked it several times.

“This isn’t some kind of joke right?”

Viezda was still with a bewildered expression plastered on her face, and there were still termites watching us cautiously from a distance, but my eyes were glued to her Status.

“No… its gone.”


“Yup, it’s nowhere to be seen.”

“Well… then what’s going on master?”

I guess my expression was a bit strange, I was so surprised by her transformation that I wanted to shout out in joy.

“It’s too cool Viezda! Moon Elves are great!”


‘Well… I guess I should help her level up a bit, and then it should be about time for me to decide on my own evolution.’

I thought to myself as I planned the next step.

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