Chapter 95

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“Come with me Viezda, let’s hunt a few more of those Giant Termites.”

It was inevitable that Lilinor would get bored since she couldn’t join in on the fun, but the priority right now was to get Viezda’s level up.


The termites were still a bit hesitant to attack us, so I had no choice but to dash forward towards them.

I Swung my sword to the closest one, and then moved on to the next. The idea wasn’t to kill them, just ensure that I had secured their aggro. I could hear the sound on their mandibles chomping down from behind me, but I was already somewhat used to it and it no longer scared me.


I look back and realize that I have about twenty of them following me.

Schik! Schik! Schik! Tak Tak

“Ha, It’s not the first time I’m chased down by your kind. Poison Fog!”

As I ran around kiting them, I cast Poison Fog behind me, and after about 5 seconds they had all been afflicted.

“Viezda, hit them with a maximum power fireball!”

“Essence of Fire, rain fury down on thy enemies. Fireball!”

Viezda fell down to the ground due to having overtaxed her mana consumption, but surprisingly the termites had not died as of yet.

“Oh right, isn’t she only level 1 now?”

It was only at that moment that we had actually gotten ourselves into a bit of a dangerous situation

“Don’t worry too much Johra, I’ve already taken the liberty of setting up the Rohim’s energy shield.


The Giant Termites were bearing down on me, but were blocked by the Rohim’s shield.


I walked casually towards Viezda, making sure to extend the shield to protect her as well.

“When she wakes up, I should instead tell her to control her power next time.”

It took quite a while until she finally woke up.



Schik! Schik!

The termites had not yet given up on attempting to get through the shield. In fact, by communicating through their pheromones, they had called over some reinforcements and we were surrounded by hundreds of them.

“Uh… did this happen because of me? I’m sorry.”

“I simply nodded gently, and caressed her face as she fell asleep peacefully. Her face was still pale as she had not yet fully recovered. I was expecting for her to easily kill the termites and with the level up her MP would have recovered much quicker. It was my miscalculation which landed us in this awkward position.


Lilinor appeared on the edge of the trees, not too far away. Just the person I wanted to see.

“Did you need some help?”

“Yes please!”


I saw Lilinor change into her dragon form.

“Poison Fog!”

I cast it everywhere around me, noticing that there were somewhere between 200 and 300 termites which had me surrounded.

Thud! Thud! Oh ooh oh!

It looked like Lilinor’s Ice breath was just about ready to fire.

‘Wait, I hope we don’t get frozen along with those insects. Also, it would probably be a good time to evolve since this would be quite a fair chunk of experience. I didn’t like Angels so that one was pretty much ruled out, so Meta-Human or Higher Human? I guess if I were to be a Meta-Human, it would be quite nice to be somewhat like Superman….’

I was still conflicted as to which to choose.

‘Ugh… I don’t know, Meta-Human!’

[You have evolved into a Meta-Human]

[You have learned Spider Senses Lv1]

[You have learned Web Shot Lv1]

[You have learned Nano Spikes Lv1]

‘What… Spider Webs…’


Just as I had selected my choice, Lilinor’s breath shot out.

[+312 experience points]

[+614 experience points]

[+2,55,152 experience points]


[Level increased 1 ➢ 10]

[+312 experience points]

[+614 experience points]

[+2,55,152 experience points]


[Level increased 10 ➢ 15]

“Why are you only killing 13 at the time Lilinor?”

As I looked around I noticed that she had elected to shoot out smaller more concentrated attacks instead of one large one in order to avoid hitting us.

“Oh well, that’s too bad but I guess it can’t be helped as she’s worried about our safety.”

[+312 experience points]

[+614 experience points]

[+2,55,152 experience points]

When all the termites around me had finally been killed, I had reached level 29.

“What kind of crazy amount of experience is this?”

Obviously for most people this level of improvements was absurd, however it was still a bit slow for my standards.


After finishing of all the Giant Termites, she turned back into her little girl form and ran toward us.

“Johra are you okay?”

“Yes, all thanks to you Lilinor.”

“Thank goodness, I had gotten worried since you hadn’t come back after a  long time so I came to check.”

It was quite cute to see her worried expression.

“I tried to do something but it all turned out wrong, luckily you appeared at just the right time.”

“Well of course it’s the least I can do for a friend….”

She looked very proud of being able to lend a hand, which made her appear even more cute. I couldn’t help but want to thank her for her efforts.


“Huh, what did you just do Johra?”

I softly kissed her forehead, and her face turned red like a tomato.

“It’s a way of saying thanks.”

“Is that so? Well it’s quite nice, how about doing it again.?”

She walked up to me and exposed her forehead expectantly, but I shook my head.

“It would be considered rude to do it more than once.”

“Ah so it was like that?”

She gave me a suspicious look, but what I had told her was the truth.

“Lilinor could you take care of Viezda for a while?”

“Ok, I got it.”

Leaving the two behind, I headed into the woods to look at my Status Page and test out my latest acquired skills.

Name: Chompy (Johra)
Gender: Male
Status: Normal
Race: Meta-Human
Class: Warrior/ Priest/ Mage
Rank: C-
Level: 29/999
HP: 1211/1211
MP: 412/412
Attack: 150 (+3)
Defense: 99 (+3)
Agility: 422
Intelligence: 131
✧ Unique Skills
[Water Creation LvMax] [Lesser Healing Lv3] [Magic Chanting Lv2] [Poison Fog Lv2] [Decoy Lv1(Inactive)] [Spider Sense Lv1] [Web Shot Lv1] [Nano Spike Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Unique Skills
[Night Vision Lv1]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Active)
[Wizard of the Pit] [Master of Magma Hall] [Guardian of Corruption]
✧ (Hidden) Titles (Inactive)
[Rat Trapper] [Hit-and-Run] [Savior Lv4] [Coldhearted LvMax] [Dragon Slayer Lv1] [Ant Exterminator Lv14] [Spider’s Bane Lv3] [Giant Killer Lv2] [Scuttles’ Grief LvMax] [Goblin’s Slaughterer Lv8] [Valenor’s Husband]
✧ (Hidden) Modifications
[Avatar Lv1] [Creation Magic Lv1] [Resurrection Song Lv1]

✧ (Hidden) Creation Magic
[Hidden Status] [Species Conversion(Human)] [Material Creation Lv8]


Sigh… seems my gamble  in choosing to be a Meta-Human didn’t pay off. I mean Spiderman, what am I supposed to do with such loser-like abilities?”

I couldn’t help but be a bit depressed being stuck with such a weak character. It was a story where all his girlfriends would die, and all his acquaintances would be miserable, how depressing.

“With great power comes great responsibility… what a load of crap! ”

Thrusting my hand forward while aiming at a nearby tree, I felt something shoot out.


A web shot out, connecting me to the tree.

“Congratulations Johra, you’re Spiderman.

Lena’s voice rang out inside of me.

“What congratulations! These abilities are useless.”

“Really, but what if you combined it with your Material Creation, it could be pretty interesting no?”


“For instance you can combine the web with carbon nanotube in order to make it super strong and nigh unbreakable. Or you can mix it with some arsenic to make for a very toxic Web Shot.”

“Oh so I could use it like that?”

“Yea, try it out!”

“What combination should I use to test it?”

“Let’s try some magnesium, I sent you the atomic structure.”

“Create Material Magnesium!”

I fired the web from my hand and attached the magnesium to it.

Shu! Hwarrrr

The flaming web shot out towards the tree.

“Isn’t this just like a flamethrower?”

“That’s right! I bet there are a bunch of useful combinations we can come up with.”

Thanks to Lena, what I thought to be a garbage ability actually turned out quite useful.

“If one thinks of Spiderman, then you should be quick and agile while also being able to climb walls right? Maybe that’s the purpose of your Nano Spikes.”

“Should I give it a try?”

I placed my palm against a tree and noticed that I could now hang in mid-air.”

“Oh? It’s like I’m glued to the bark!”

“Yup, it also looks like you move much quicker than before.”

“Yeah, in the end the abilities aren’t all that bad right?”

After testing out some more combinations to get a good grasp of my skills, I returned to meet the two girls.


“Johra where have you been?”

“Oh, just scouting about, anyways what do you think about going about clearing the floor?”

“Sure, I’ll follow master wherever you go.”

“Termites…isn’t it too annoying?”

“Yea, but Viezda and I still need to raise our levels a bit.”

“Hmm, by the way hasn’t the Dark Elf woman’s appearance changed?”

Even Lillinor who was incredibly dense finally managed to notice.
“Her curse was lifted and she’s now become a Moon Elf.”

“Moon…Elf? Was there even such a race?”

I turned to look towards Viezda and noticed her gushing with pride.

“It’s a legendary tribe of the Dark Elves,” said Viezda proudly.

Well it’s quite amazing because normally Dark Elves are quite weak.”

“It’s normal since Viezda is a colleague of mine, so naturally she’s strong.”

“Hm, does it have something to do with that ring?”


“Ugh, but it’s too big for me!”

She had a ring I had given her, but even the smallest one was too large for her child fingers.

“Shall we get going?”

I went up and challenged a termite’s nest, completely unafraid. Thanks to my Spider Senses ability, I could detect danger before it arrived; and it would appear in slow motion, allowing me to react in time.

Shu Shu Shu Shut!

The Giant Termites coming out of the nest would all get caught up in my web which instantly immobilized them. The entrance to their nest was quite narrow, allowing only about 10 of them to fit at a given time.

“Could you use your breath Lilinor?”

“Sure, if it’s just a small sized one.”

“Okay, go for it!”

Huuuu! Hwarrrr

Instantly dozens of insects turned to ice sculptures.

[+312 experience points]

[+614 experience points]

[+2,55,152 experience points]

[Level increased 29 ➢ 30]

“Oh? What? Did I just level up?”

Lilinor gave me a strange look.


“I would normally never gain a level by hunting such pathetically weak monsters! What just happened?”

“It’s thanks to the ring, I have the power to grant you extra experience. Of course it depends on whether I’m wearing it as well.

She continued to look at me suspiciously, but I had told her the truth.

“Let’s kill these bugs.”

“Yes Master!”

It didn’t take us too long to arrive to the bottom of the nest where the King and Queen resided. By then Viezda and I had both reached level 34.

‘Are you trying to exterminate us?’

It asked me telepathically, but I shook my head in response.

“Lilinor, just tell them that we were collecting experience.

Lilinor sent a telepathic message to the King, and I got his reply.

‘Then have you gotten everything you came here for?’

“Ask them to tell us how to go down to the next floor or else we’ll eliminated them.”

“After exchanging some Telepathic messages, Lilinor looked a bit sad.

“I know where to go.”

“Ok, we’re done here then.”

When we came out of the nest, there were a few termites nearby which were well hidden in their stealth modes, but I could still just barely sense them due to my latest abilities.

Phew! Master, there wasn’t any chance to use my power!”

“No, we’ve only gotten so far due to you strong Fireball ability. This time around there wasn’t much of a chance to showcase it, but I’m sure you’ll get the opportunity to do so in the next floors..”

“Ok, I’ll try it out then”

“Johra, this way.”

Lilinor seemed to be a bit moody ever since we had left the termite’s nest. I recalled that she didn’t like needlessly taking lives, and it must have suddenly hit her when she realised that the King and Queen were sentient beings.

Lilinor quickly walked into the jungle, and we had to catch up with her.

“Lilinor, why do you look so depressed?”

“It’s nothing, I’m fine.”

Contrary to her words, her expression remained conflicted.

“If you’d prefer you can choose to only kill beings that attack us, and we can try to talk things out sometimes, especially if they are creatures with intelligence.”

“Can I do that? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for you if we always allow them to attack first?”

I could tell she was still worried about me. After all there were hardly and monsters down here that could threaten her. Well, the Beholder was an exception as he was the boss of the first floor; and even then it was only because she wasn’t in her dragon form.

“You just need to protect us is all.”

“Is that so? You’re a true friend.”

I could tell that she was grateful that I  allowed her to have more leeway as to what to kill. Still, getting rid of the termites was inevitable. They were one of the lowest existences  so these kinds of sacrifices were necessary. Perhaps and even lower lifeform like a worm would have been best. Or those Void Scuttles.

‘Yeah, those Void Scuttles were ideal for leveling, too bad there aren’t any around here.’

We finally arrived to the magic circle which led to the next floor. Perhaps it was just like before where it only appeared once the Hydra had died.

“We head to the next floor?”

“Johra let me go in front just in case.”

Maybe her plan was to kill as few of them as possible, hoping for monsters to flee in fear if they were to see her Dragon form. Either way I wasn’t too keen on dying an early death so I accepted her goodwill.

“What’s in the next floor?”

“What’s that Master? Isn’t it that a bee?”

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