Chapter 97

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“I guess I can be considered as a spirit form of Jeduth.”

“So it’s like that?”

I had heard from Lena that Jeduth was a god who had the appearance of a gray haired old man with a powerful and intimidating voice.

“Weren’t you sealed away?”

“Ho ho, so there is a dragon with you? Yes, well at least now I understand how you managed to reach all the way here. I’m not Jeduth’s true self, but rather a memory left behind to provide guidance to others.”


“Right, just before my main body was sealed away, I was created to help out adventurers such as yourself.”

“Ha… help out? Are you sure you aren’t here to fight us instead?”

From the narrowing of Lilinor’s eyes, it was clear that she held a grudge against this God.

“Oh not at all, rather I’m here to reward the adventurer which has managed to clear the dungeon.”

“Reward? What kind of reward are we talking about?”

I was quite interested in so called reward. Also, the kind of information he could provide me with as one who had fought directly against the council of High Gods was priceless. The spirit of Jeduth seemed to take his time and think carefully.

“Well the reward is only a one time thing and it goes to the first one to clear the dungeon. In fact, I never expected that I would have to give it out simply based on the power of the monsters like the Beholder and Hydra. Not to mention that you managed to kill Cerberus which is close to being a God ranked creature. It was quite beyond any of my expectations.

After quite the long rant where the spirit in Jeduth’s form went on mumbling to himself, Lilinor interrupted him.

“So where is this great reward? Since we’ve done all that then why don’t you bring it out?”

“Well… actually it isn’t anything special actually. It’s just this simple looking necklace which my main body used.”

“Ha, just a simple necklace?”

“This is all I have with me right now, if it isn’t to your satisfaction I’ll return with another reward, please wait one moment.”

As Lilinor was getting angry over the nonchalance shown by the gray haired man before us, Lena suddenly interrupted.

“Make sure to get that necklace at all costs. There are certain myths which claim that Jeduth used to be a human, and that he only ascended to Godhood through the use of a certain necklace.”

After hearing Lena’s explanation, I quickly interrupted Lilinor’s rant and chose to accept the necklace as the reward.

Lilinor looked back at me in a mixture of shock and betrayal, but Jeduth’s memory stepped forward and placed the necklace in my outstretched hand.

“Do you accept this reward as satisfactory compensation?”

“Ah, just a moment Jeduth.”

Out of  nowhere Viezda decided to interrupt.

“Huh, what is it that you want Elf lady?”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, but we don’t have much time left.”

“Time?” Lilinor asked.

“Oh right, didn’t I mention this? Now that you’ve received the reward, then the dungeon will soon close, it’s all according to my contract.”

“What contract is that?”

“It has to do with those damned High Gods. Anyways, what was it that you were curious about Elf lady?”

“I heard stories in my tribe that the God Jeduth had a certain pact with the Dark Elves.”

“Indeed my original body had a certain connection with them, but you don’t seem to be a Dark Elf.”

“I used to be one, but I’ve now become a Moon Elf.”

“Oh, is that so? Then the prophecy has come to pass.”

“What prophecy?”

I wondered whether it had already been predicted long ago that Viezda would become a Moon Elf.

“Right, there was a prophecy circulating amongst the Gods. It was concerning a Moon Elf which would arrive after the civil war between the Gods. I feel like there was more to it than that, but I can’t remember the whole thing.”

“What! Why don’t you remember the most crucial part?”

I shouted out but he simply ignored me.

“Indeed Miss Moon Elf, now that you’ve evolved into your current form, then the curse which had been placed on the Dark Elves has been lifted. However, the High Gods will no longer be restricted from interfering with the mortal realm.

“Thank you Jeduth.”

Viezda bowed down to him, obviously grateful.

“What restrictions were you talking about?”

“Ah so it was like that?”

Lilinor spoke out softly, clearly she knew something but had been keeping it from me.

“Don’t you know about the time that the High Gods were chased out of the Mortal realm?”

“No, please explain.”

“Well that Dragon girl seems to know something, but it isn’t any big secret. In fact it was the council of the High Gods which were defeated by Metatron’s camp in the war between the Gods. However, this resulted in the GodKing himself, Skyfather, descending in order to Metatron away. Still, as punishment the Gods were banished from the Mortal realm and could only return if a God-level dangerous creature appeared.

“Dangerous creature?”

“Right, it doesn’t matter who or what it is, but rather its potential. In fact, a Moon Elf is such a creature, so now that the curse on the Dark Elves had been lifted, the High Gods will soon learn of this fact. The pact which my main body had made with the Dark Elves was that their curse would be erased with the arrival of a Moon Elf.”  

“Then doesn’t that mean that the council of High Gods will all be out hunting for Viezda?”

“It’s fine, since I was able to lift the eternal curse on my race, I have no qualms with giving up my life in exchange.”

“Nonsense Viezda, your life belongs to me so you can’t simply give it away without my permission.”

“Sorry Master, I hadn’t thought about that.”

“Ha, what a self-centered little Elf you are.”

Lilinor spoke out, but I was a bit disappointed with her line of thinking.

“Hey, spirit of Jeduth, then can this necklace be used to achieve Godhood?”

“How did you know that? Still, even if you do I wouldn’t recommend you taking that path.”

“Why is that?”

“To become a god you first have to solve the necklace’s curse, and that process alone is much worse than dying. My previous self lost everything due to that necklace, and it was all a part of Metatron’s plan. I definitely don’t recommend you to use it.”

“Curse? What kind of curse? How do I become a God using it?”

“Why is it that you want to become a god? From what I can see you seem to be powerful enough as it is.”

“I have a lot of people I want to protect, including Viezda over here.”

“I see… well if you plan on saving that Moon Elf lady, then this necklace can certainly help.”

“Then how does one become a god with the necklace?”

“It’s easy enough. You simply have to wear it at all times and overcome the curse you are presented with. Only then will you become a god.”

“It doesn’t sound too difficult. It must be that the curse is very hard to overcome.”

“Right, one can’t know what the curse is before putting the necklace on, and after that it is too late. Naturally it will be a terrible curse since the necklace grants you the power of a God, a certain price needs to be paid.”

“When will the High Gods become aware of Viezda’s existence?”

“It’s hard to say exactly, but their Angels descend upon the Mortal plane on a regular basis so I’d expect it wouldn’t be too long. Well, all long as you are in this dungeon you will be safe because the seal created to trap my main body, can also shield you from their prying eyes.

“So it’s all okay as long as we are inside the dungeon right?”

“Yes, but in the next five minutes you will be kicked out.”

“What? Why so sudden?”

“I’ve already given you your reward. But above all else I don’t want to spend any more time with a Dragon or Moon Elf.”

“Didn’t you mention before that you had a certain contract with the High Gods to uphold?”

“Yes, but I’ve already completed my end when I handed you the reward, so I think I’ll be closing the dungeon for the next little while. Taking a little break would be nice”

He was quite the annoying fella. I expected that a God which rebelled against the tyranny of the High Gods would instead be a good guy, but the problems as that he was simply too lazy!

“Then where will you be sending us?”

“In the time it takes for you to blink you will be back in the garden of flowers, just before you entered the Labyrinth.”

Jeduth face turned bright, no doubt envisioning kicking out us pesky invaders.

Phit That personality you have is what made you get captured by the High Gods. Even if you have a strong power, you don’t use to its fullest potential because of your laziness.”

Lillnor spat out venomously.

“Well, I don’t have much of a choice in the matter because I’m simply a memory, so I have the same personality as my true body once had. Also, I’ve managed to complete my promise to the Dark Elves by lifting their curse, so that’s another weight off my shoulders. All in all its been quite a fruitful day.”

“I have one more question.”

“What is it? We really don’t have much time.”

“What was the curse that Jeduth had to overcome to become a God?”

“Do you really wish to know?”


He stared into my eyes for a little while before continuing.

“He appeared in a Dungeon and had to kill 100,000 monsters while only having 1 HP. If ever he were to die he was revived and had to start all over again.”

“What… is that even possible?”

“Normally it wouldn’t be, but Jeduth succeeded due to Metatron’s assistance. Still, the curse you receive can be entirely unrelated, it all depends on the necklace.”

“Wait! Wait! I have one more ques….”

I was cut off as we were all suddenly teleported out of the dungeon.


“Johra did you save the marker for that dimension?”


I had forgotten to do so, but luckily we still had the coordinates for the Titan’s floor. Yes, we would definitely be going there. I had made a decision after taking a look at Viezda.

“Lena let’s quickly head back to the Titan’s floor.”

“Okay, I’ll project to you the instructions now.”

Right away I began to create a temporary magic circle by drawing in the ground and using any branches I found nearby.

Seeing me create the spatial magic circle, Lilinor spoke to me worriedly.

“I’m sorry but we will have to go our separate ways now. I have something very important which I need to do.

“What’s going? I thought we were friends?”

“We are, and I’d love to stay, but I can’t. I have a very important task which I can’t neglect.”

Lilinor bowed down to me, clearly regretful that she would have to break her promise to me by leaving. After all a Dragon’s word meant a lot to them so it wasn’t easy for her to go back on her promise.

“Then will we be able to see eachother again sometime?”

Of course, this ring, yes… with this ring I think I’ll be able to fulfill my promise.”


“Well, I think it would be best for the two of you to leave as soon as possible.”

“You’re right, come here Viezda.”

“Yes Master~”

‘Was it just me or did she become more forward after having released her people of the Blood Moon curse? Did she think that she no longer had any obligations to her race and could now pursue me wholeheartedly? I knew how she felt about me but my heart already belonged to another, so I tried my best to keep a certain emotional distance between us. Also, I’m curious about the curse which the Dark Elves suffered and how it came about. I’ll have to ask her about it sometime.’


Just as I began activating the magic circle, I looked up to see Lilinor’s sad face.

“Why are you so sad?”

“When we next meet, we might no longer be on the same side, I’m sorry.”

Looking up at me apologetically one last time, she turned around and disappeared into the forest as I activated the magic circle.


“Little ones, you came back so soon.”

It was the Titan Damascus which welcomed us. The gentle face and kind soft voice he spoke to us in wasn’t consistent with his giant and terrifying size.

“We will have to be in your care for the next little while.”

“It’s isn’t a problem for you to stay here and enjoy my garden, so long as you come in peace.”

“I temporarily need a place to stay, is it okay if I build myself a house on the lower floor?”

“It’s fine even if you want to build it here, it seems you have your own troubles.”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

We followed behind him as he led the way to the magic array leading to the next floor.

When we arrived in the floor where we had hunted the Hell Hounds, we walked around before finding a suitable location.

“What do you think about building our house over here?”

“I looks like a good spot.”

“Lena, is there someway for you to assist us in building the house?”

“Master who is it that you are talking to?” I often catch you mumbling to yourself and the name Lena comes up a lot, who is she?”

“Oh it’s nothing, Lena is simply some sort of magical assistant.”

“ I tried to gloss over it with a simple explanation and she seemed to buy it.”

“Building the house yourself wouldn’t be a simple task, I’d recommend creating a construction Android which would do the task for you.”

I liked Lena’s idea and spent the next few days using my Material Creation to prepare all the necessary components for the Android. We occasionally had to go hunting for food, but usually it wasn’t a big problem because Damascus was glad to share the honey he collected from his bees.

In the meantime, we camped out in a roughly made tent. Sure it wasn’t nearly as comfortable as a real bed, but it was better than nothing. Also the Hell Hounds which we had previously exterminated would respawn periodically, and would be our main source of meat. This outdoor lifestyle brought Viezda and I closer.

After about a months time, my four construction Androids had built me an impressive manor at the edge of the misty forest. We had used the forest to build the house, and since it had remained untouched for centuries, the tall and thick oak trees made for great timber. The foundation was made out of poured cement which we created using Lime found in the ground, resulting in a modern looking human building.

“Well, the good thing is I won’t be affecting history much this way since others can’t access the dungeon to see all these marvels of technology used in its construction.”

Although we were living a secluded life in the dungeon, we had access to every amenity one could think of.

“Hmm, it’s almost time to meet up with Daryl. Viezda, now that our house is built, I’ll head out by myself.”


I felt that Viezda was quite disappointed. For the last month and a half we had spent most of our time together, so it would be strange now to be apart.

“It’s okay I’ll be back before you know it.”

“Yes Master.”

“If it’s just the two of us, you don’t need to call me Master.”

“Ah… yes… Johra….”

She struggled to use my name as she blushed heavily. I simply patted her head and looked at the house we had just built.

“Lena is there anything missing?”

“All the essentials are done, but how about preparing an Android maid?”

“Ah, why didn’t I think of that?”

“If the quality of the construction is high then it would be almost indistinguishable from a real human.”

“Right, but what about the energy to power it?”

“The generator which we had created last time is sufficient.”

“Okay then let’s get started.”

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