Chapter 98

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For Viezda this house we built was like one out of a fairytale. What other than magic could have allowed for such a manor that has never before been built in the past thousands of years.

About ten days later, it was finally completed. From the outside it appeared like an old medieval structure. There were a total of four floors above ground, but it extended deep into the ground with 20 floors of basement. The above ground which was decorated in a medieval style was what we presented to others. Underground it was different, and was based largely off Gammasium, running completely on nuclear power.

“Viezda, what do you think about our new home?”

“Thank you Master, doing all this for me.”

“No, it is my dream home, but I wouldn’t able to build it anywhere but inside this dungeon.”


I opened the front door and welcomed in an emotional Viezda.

“It is constantly defended by the Rohim’s energy shield.”

Ji weeng—!

As soon as we stepped in the shield activated, and since the Hellhounds weren’t able to break through it, our home had become a safe zone.

“Good job Lena.”

“Welcome Master.”

Two maids come to welcome us at the door entrance. Naturally they weren’t real maids but androids which we had created. One was more humanoid, while the other had cat-like features. They introduced themselves as Delaila and Hannah.

“Is this what kind of taste you have Lena?”

“Of course, the cat tail and ears, I love fantasy.”

Shaking my head we continued past the main entrance, but was instantly rooted in place by the breathtaking sight.


Likewise, Viezda had her mouth wide open after seeing the glittering interior. She had never seen such opulence. The room which we had just come upon was based on medieval decoration, but it was truly over the top.

“Lena isn’t this a bit too much? I mean, just the upkeep….”

“It’s fine, the Android take care of it all, the process is completely automated.”


Viezda was completely enthralled, going from room to room like a child on an adventure. I already knew most of what was inside, but still did the rounds to see the finishing touches.

“Hmm underground is almost all Gammasium?”

“Yes, my A.I. abilities are fully functional in here. ”

“What about the android making machine?”

“Yup, and we also have a greenhouse built to grow the seeds which Johra has been collecting.”

“Oh those were the seeds which I had gotten from Damascus in the floor above us.”

“Right, and after some genetic modifications, they will bear fruit quicker so we can be sustainable in the near future.”


“This kind of genetic modifications has been commonplace even decades ago, and with the addition of magic the possibilities in this world are endless.”

“Thanks again Lena, you’re always a big help.”

“No problem, would you like to come here?”

“Where is that?”

“It can be considered as the core of the manor, and is the place where the atomic power which you have synthesized resides. Later we can refurbish it in order to function off your positron energy which would be more efficient.”

“Do we need the enhanced output?”

“Yes, all the previous construction androids have be refurbished into mining one’s and are constantly at work discovering new and rare minerals.”

“Great, well if you need me to create any resources then just let me know”

“Yup, also the Rohim shield can run indefinitely on the current power generator so we are prepared for any eventuality.

“Well that’s good….”

“And there are the two surprises which I have yet to mention.”


“Please follow the lights on the ground.”

After walking for a short while I came upon a pleasant surprise.

“Are these all hot springs Lena?”

“Yes, my sister used to think this was too extravagant, but I don’t agree. There are 40 different pools with varying temperatures and styles, along with a large 50 meter pool and a whirlpool to boot.”

“When did you manage to build this? I had no idea!”

“Of course it was done secretly in order to surprise you.”

“Ugh… if you had time for something like this then the construction could have been done much sooner.”

While I grumbled at Lena’s priorities, I heard a peculiar sound,

“What is over here?”

I heard Viezda’s voice appear from behind.”

“It is a hot springs bath area.”

“What are hot springs?”

“They are….”

Before I could continue, Hanna, the Android with cat ears spoke up.

“Hot springs are baths where the water is warmed by the geothermal energy found underground. The water contains several minerals which help you relax and relieve the fatigue from your body. This area contains 40 different pools for your convenience. Please change and use these.”

She handed us our bathing suits, mine was a speedo while Viezda was given a bikini.

“Hey… you were awfully prepared weren’t you? Viezda! Don’t just change in front of me… I’ll step outside.”

“It’s okay if it’s Johra.”

Leaving the room I went to change in the hallway.

‘I’m a virgin so these kinds of situations are quite awkward.’

“Johra it appears that Viezda is quite interested in taking the next step with you.”

“It can’t happen because my heart is already promised to another.”

“According to many books, there isn’t any law forcing you into monogamy. She is your slave, so there is nothing to worry about. ”

“No, I’ve always considered Viezda as a colleague and never thought of her as my slave.”

“Such a pity that you don’t take advantage of your position. I think this personality of yours is your greatest weakness. Throughout history, heroes who can’t conquer women often die young.

“You don’t need to give me any advice on this matter, I’ll be fine.”

“Yes sir, as you say.”

Returning to the bathhouse after changing into my speedo, I saw Viezda waiting for me in her bikini.

“Is this how I should wear a bikini Johra?”

Her voluptuous body would for the most part be masked by the leather armor she constantly wore, but her bikini now exposed her generous curves in all the right places. Putting aside her milky white skin and fit body which were a result of her evolution to a Moon Elf, she sported large D cups which were quite the burden to bear for such a slender frame.

“Viezda, you’re amazing… I just don’t know where to look.”

I averted my gaze to stop myself from staring.

“I’m glad someone thinks I’m beautiful.”

“Well, you’re free form that curse now, so everyone can appreciate your great beauty, have some more confidence. Shall we step into one of these springs?”


Walking towards me Viezda almost slipped on the floor and I caught her at the last second.

“Sorry about that Johra.”

“Not at all, the floor is a bit slippery so be careful.”

The maid with cat ears had an awkward expression, maybe this whole situation had been engineered by Lena.

After catching the falling Viezda to prevent her from falling, my little guy began acting up, as a reaction to holding such a beautiful woman wearing just a bikini in my arms.

“I feel something hard touching me Johra, are you okay?”

“I’m fine… it’s nothing. How about we enjoy those hot springs.”

Lifting her up into a princess carry, it became obvious how hard I had gotten down there. Behind me the maid in cat ears gave me the thumbs up, which only made me more nervous.


Climbing into the nearest one I laid her gently into the warm water. This spring was one of moderate temperature so revelled in it’s comforts.  


Viezda let out a strange sound while I sighed in relief.

Hooh… it’s been a long time since I’ve had a proper bath!”

“You both are pretty dirty, so let’s change it into a bubble bath instead.”

With a gesture from Hannah who was standing by, large bubbles and foam soon began to appear in the water.

“Oh it had a bubble bath function?”

“Johra are we under attack?”

“No Viezda, it’s simply because we are quite dirty and need a good cleaning.”

Frightened by the sudden appearance of bubbles, she had jumped into my arms like a scared kitten. The feeling of her soft chest pressing against me was truly heavenly.

That naughty guy down there immediately stood up once again, truly putting me in a bind.

‘No, No, Don’t rub your body, hold on.. control…”

Viezda was still a bit jumpy from all the bubbles, so I stroked her head to calm her down.

The cat eared maid once again flashed me a thumbs up, while I stared back at her helplessly.

“Johra I’ll try to create the mood, kukuku~”

Following her bizarre laughter, the lights around us were dimmed, while only our hot spring was bathed in golden light.

“Jora why did it get dark all of a sudden, and are those stars in the ceiling?”

“I’ve simulated an outdoor environment. From the stars which are constellations one could expect to see outside at the moment, to a small breeze and the smell of fresh leaves in the spring.”


She spoke to me through bone conduction so I’d be the only one to hear her. Viezda was still in my arms as we sat comfortably in our private bubble bath, the stars shining above us.

“I am so happy to spend such a wonderful time with you Johra, I will never forget this moment.”

Faced with her expression of pure bliss, all my safety guards in place melted away.


Looking into my eyes and understanding my thoughts, she pressed her lips to mine.

“You don’t need to say anything, I’m simply Johra’s slave. I’d do anything for you, and the fact that you want me is more than enough.”

Viezda’s body which was pressed up against me was so soft and lovely, all sense of reasoning went out through the window.

We began with a light kiss, and a jolt of ecstasy coursed through my body. That clear line which I had repeatedly told myself I’d never cross disappeared altogether.

I lost track of how much time we spent in those hot springs, indulging in carnal pleasures. Simply a man and a woman, glued to each other as if time around us stopped moving.

[Acquired ⦅Title: Playboy⦆]

[Acquired ⦅Title: Father of Mysterious⦆]

At some point we were both too exhausted and collapsed on eachother. Lena had the androids move us to the bedroom, which was Lena’s second surprise.

“This Lena… Finally I did it! Seems  like a strange title appeared.”

I descended into my very own nightmare, wracked with both the guilt and blissfulness of my latest lovemaking.

“You are out of control”

“Well..yes. But I don’t regret it. I love Viezda.”

“What about Valerno?”

“I love her too.”

“Is that even an excuse, isn’t she your future wife?”

I shook my head.

“What’s your plan?”

“I don’t know.”

크크크 Are you dodging the question?”


“Anyway since you are one step closer to fulfilling our promise, I’ll give you hint.”


“Yes. You need to recruit the services of one who is close to the High Gods. It is the only way to keep your promise.”

“What promise! Who are you?”

“Me? I guess you know who I am now right?”

“You are….”

“Hahaha wake up! Before the pretty baby starts crying.”


I woke up following that creepy laughter. After opening my eyes Viezda was fast asleep, using my arm as a pillow


Staring at her lovely face I couldn’t help but lightly kiss her on the forehead.

“Jo..hra did you sleep well?”


Viezda’s shyness was even cuter. Despite having fully experienced each other just the night before, did it all get reset the next morning?”

“Can we stay like this a little longer?”


Blushing madly as I held her in my arms, she basked in my tender embrace like a frail and delicate flower.

‘She is so small.’

Crouched up into a ball against me, she appeared so small and lovely. The day flashed by as we stayed in bed together, sometimes kissing, other times whispering words of love to each other.

“Johra didn’t you have an appointment to keep?”

“It’s fine, being with you is the most important thing for me right now.”

“Don’t tease me!”

We spent the next few days much the same, rolling around together in bed. We had the androids to cook and Hannah would bring us food periodically.

“Johra you should really get going. I don’t want to be the reason that you fail to keep a promise.”


I had no way to refute her. I was beginning to feel the dauntless pressure of all these tasks I had to complete.

“No, I’ll simply prioritize spending time with Viezda and…”

She simply pressed her finger to my lips.

“Johra, I don’t need to know everything that is going on with you right now. I’m satisfied with being your little Viezda, so simply come visit me when you can, I will be waiting in this house.”

Seeing her resolute expression I knew she had made up her mind. Despite being the master of the house i had in some strange way been kicked out by Viezda.

“Okay I’ll get going.”

“I’ll always be here waiting for you, so take care of your stuff and then be sure to visit me no matter what.”

I teleported over to the library in the counts mansion, leaving behind a somewhat unwilling Viezda.


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