Chapter 99

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“Why has the Count’s manor been burned to the ground?”

Clearly the place I had just teleported to was the magic circle in the Count’s library, but there was nothing but a scorched building in sight. Exploring further I noticed that the village at the foot of the manor had likewise suffered the same fate.


I run at full speed towards Gartmar, It was already sunset, so no one could recognize me. In under an hour I had arrived before the Mayor’s home.

Knock Knock!

“Who is it?”

“Mayor it is Johra.”

“Hmm… so now you choose to show up?”

Opening the door he welcomed me in, as if he had been waiting all along. He had an open bottle on the table and seemed to already be quite tipsy.

“Mayor are you drunk?”

“No, this is nothing.”

I felt his eyes squinting in anger.

“What’s happened here?”

“Count Sion was captured as a traitor.”


I couldn’t believe it. There was not reason for him to betray his country.

“You see, with enough power one can decide what is true and what is false.”

My hands balled into a fist.

“And what about those living in the manor?”

“The Count himself was whipped and burned at the stake to set an example. His family members and servants were either killed or sold into slavery. One can’t even consider coming to their rescue because there are simply too many guards watching over them, you won’t make it out alive.

The mayor was trying to test my resolve.

“Do you think I am afraid about them?”

“Then will you rebel?”

The glint in his eyes betrayed his tone, clearly it was something had he had already considered.

“Who was behind this?  Tell me all you know about the location they are being held and who is guarding them.”

He handed me some documents filled with related information, then tossed me some gold coins


“You didn’t get this from me.”

“Of course, you have nothing to worry about.”

“I’m not worried, because if you fail, then I won’t hesitate to rebel.”

I nodded back, probably the reason that the mayor was so depressed was that his next decision would have a huge impact on the lives of all his citizens.

“Let’s get going.”

Just as I left his house I took off running. In this day and age there was no available method of transportation faster than me sprinting. Unless you were using teleportation magic then you wouldn’t be able to keep up with my current speed.

At my peak I could run somewhere between 300 and 400 kilometers per hour. Everything would turn into a blur as I ran in a straight line, crushing anything unfortunate enough to stand in my way.

My destination was the royal slave market. I arrived there after about an hour and used my spider webs against a building to slow down my speed, landing atop the castle and looking around.

“I should start over there.”

It was the slave shop I had spotted in the middle of the large market.

Circling around the back I set up a teleportation array on the back of the store as a precaution, then asked Lena.

“Can we take a look inside and see if there is anyone connected to the Count.”

“There seem to be five former servants, all sleeping at the moment. I’ll project their positions on your cornea.”

I discreetly entered the slave shop, rescued the five and kidnapped the worker there for good measure. Firing up the Magic array I teleported them all back to our manor in the dungeon.

“Thank you Johra, but please save the Count’s children instead of us lowly servants. The Count is already dead but we must save his two kids.”

“Don’t worry about anything and simply have a good rest. Viezda, when this slave trader wakes up make sure he breaks the slavery contract with those five.”

“What’s going on? Why are the Count’s servants….”

“It’s a long story, Just trust in me. I need to head back now.”

“Ok, leave this to me.”

“Great, thanks!”

I teleported back to the Slave’s market.

“Johra if you find some highground I can map out this part of the city.”


Using my spiderman abilities I climbed to the top of a watchtower.

“This Royal slave market is quite large, but I’ve managed to identify the remaining 8 slaves connected to the Count’s household.”

Using the same tactics as last time, I managed to rescue them all during the course of the night.

“That voice, it’s sir Johra right?”

“Is it you….”

Both Jillian and Jerna were blind, having both of their eyes burned out. The moment I saw what pitiful state they were in, I couldn’t hold back the tears from streaming down my face. I had been in the dungeon while all this had gone down, otherwise I would have been able to prevent this from happening.

“Sorry Jillian, Jerna.”

“Not at all master, instead we were able to have some hope simply by the fact that you hadn’t been captured yet.”

Jillian tried to speed objectively but I could feel the warmth through his words. Likewise Jerna’s joy from seeing me went without saying.

“Good, let’s get you all to a safe place now.”

Capturing their slave master I activate the teleportation array.

“Young master!”


As soon as the Count’s servants saw the two kids they ran up and embraced them, relieved that they were okay.

“I’ll prepare artificial eyeballs.”

“Is that possible?”

“It shouldn’t take too long. The eyelids are easy enough to replicate, and although the cornea is a bit trickier, it should be fine. Please prepare some materials which I need. ”

“Okay, Let’s do that right away.”

Lena’s voice which was transmitted through Hannah lifted everyone’s spirits.

“Will we be able to see again?”

Jerna asked in a trembling voice.

“Yes, no matter how hard the procedure is I’ll do my best.”

“ is it possible?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure it comes true. Also, I’ll get those slave masters to release you from your contracts.”

“I don’t think it is possible to erase a slavery contract though, perhaps only someone on the level of a God would be able to.”


“According to past historical records he’s right.”

“Then is there no way at all?”

“I should be possible if they are in turn enslaved to you.”

“Let’s do that, I wouldn’t want them to live their entire lives as slaves.”

The captured slave masters seemed to have been rebellious at first, but had been properly educated by Viezda, judging by their numerous bruises and  general swolleness around their body.

“All of you will transfer your slaves to Johra.”

“Yess… Yes!”

Unable to refute Viezda’s commands, they enslaved themselves to me and then handed over all their slaves which were connected to the Count’s household. A total of fifteen, thirteen workers and the two kids.

“Viezda, time to take out the trash.”

“Yes Johra.”

“Oh No!”

“We aren’t guilty, we’ve complied fully with your requests!”

Ignoring their helpless pleading, she threw them over her shoulder and tossed them into the forest infested with Hell Hounds, never to be seen again.

“Johra the medical wing is prepped, may I begin the procedure on the children?”

“Will you begin the surgery immediately?”

“It should first take about two days to artificially create them a cornea.”

“Okay, Jerna and Jillian, follow these to maids to receive some treatment.”

“Yes Master.”


The two kids followed obediently behind the android maids.

“Johra can we stay here?”

It was the previous steward of the manor. I could see the pain and anger hidden in his eyes following the tragedy that had just occurred.

“Of course, any friend of the Count is mine as well, you can stay here as my guest for as long as you’d like.”

“I can’t simply impose on your kindness, I will take charge of the housework.”


“In just a few hours we should have a new android which we can use to show them around and set up some tasks.”

“Then I welcome you as my chief steward. Please wait here for a moment, there will soon be someone coming over to guide you through the manor.”

“Thank you sir Johra.”

Having handled everything at home, I teleported back to the slave market to go after the big fish.

I was able to find his mansion due to the intel I had received from Gartmar’s mayor.

“He has quite the debt to settle after all the anger he has caused me”

I was like the reaper of death, travelling through the darkness of the the Royal slave market.

“I hope you are having a nice dream, because from now on out you’ll only be feeling despair.”


The Marquess of Leon closed the window to her bedroom and joined the Marquis on their bed.

Shoot Shoo

I easily captured all fourteen of their household, and tied them all up in spider webs before transferring them back to the dungeon.

Whoop whoo

Leon and his obese body stared at me angrily as he struggled to break free. The Count’s servants stood to the side watching with cold eyes.

Steward, please see to it that no misfortune falls upon these people. Jillian and Jerna should have the right to take their revenge when they recuperate. For now there are several rooms on the ground floor that could accommodate them.

An android with puppy-like Saint Bernard ears appeared along with the steward. It seemed that Lena had thing for these animal cosplays.

“What is your name?”

“It is Riley, sir Johra.”

Nodding back to Riley, I left the prisoners in their hands.

“Viezda, help our Steward.

“Sure Johra.”

I made my way back to Gartmar, but despite it being quite late, the mayor had yet to go to sleep.

“Knock Knock!”



“Come in, was there any missing information form last time?”

I shook my head, the mayor had already sobered up from his previous drinking episode.

“I came to report that I’ve completed the task.”

His eyes popped wide open in surprise, before nodding as if having understood something.

“Although it’s best if you don’t show yourself throughout the kingdom in the future, but none will know of your great deeds.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“I feel bad, like I’m always in your debt.”

“Mayor, was the marquis the one behind all this?”

“Maybe, but it is likely that Miriam was the one pulling the strings.”

“So it is him again.”

“Did you kill Leon?”

“No, I don’t want to give him such an easy death, but don’t worry they won’t be coming back.”

“Yeah, and what about the survivors from the Count’s household?”

“They will likewise not reappear in this kingdom, but worry not as they are all safe and well.”

“Hmm… it is somewhat hard to believe that you have accomplished so much in such a short period of time.”

I nodded back.”

Johra, are you a Messiah for a High God?”

“Not at all.”

“I’m not quite sure what to make of you though….Once again, you are responsible for saving so many lives. Tell me if ever you need my help and I’ll do my utmost to support you.”

“I wish the Mayor success and happiness for you and your family.”

“Well, thank you.”

“This is goodbye then.”

“Won’t we see each other again?”

“Hmm perhaps, but I doubt that you’d recognize me.”

Saying our quick goodbyes I left the mayor’s house with a heavy heart. I already knew that his family would die sometime in the near future.

‘Should I return to save them, or would it change the timeline too much? I’ve already had quite a big impact, so just where lies the line that I shouldn’t cross?’

I feel the heavy burden of the future weighing on my shoulders, but my priority is saving the people whom I love. I simply can’t around righting every wrong.

“The Balkan empire huh? Aren’t they those guys which came up with a solution to create Chimeras, are they developing it right now?”

I was making my way towards them and quickly arrived at the border. They had built an imposing wall to seperate the Balkan and Mirin Kingdom, but it wasn’t nearly tall enough to keep me out.


I crossed into a forest, far away from any border garrison and patrols, before heading towards a nearby village, arriving there just as the sun began to rise in the horizon.

“I recommend taking it slow and collecting information first, Johra.”

“Okay. That’s good idea. Miriam shouldn’t be on the run and most likely feels safe within these borders. He doesn’t expect anyone to be chasing him into the Balkan empire. Well, if he got news of the Marquis’ latest demise he might be more careful, but it wouldn’t do him any good regardless. 크크크”

I instinctively let out a creepy laugh

Although it was never my plan to affect history much, he had to pay for his misdeeds. If you went after anyone I was close to, I would return the favor one thousandfold. It was simply my way of doing things.

“Jir store, isn’t that a subsidy of Miriam’s family enterprise? Should I start there?”

I instead visited a competitor.

“Hello, is anyone there?”

“Who is it so early in the morning? We aren’t open yet.”


I threw him a pouch full of gold and the clerks expression changed in an instant.

“My name’s Ben and I’m the manager of this store What can I help you with?”

“I’m looking to buy some information, would it be possible to trade?”

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