Chapter 100

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“Follow me.”

The clerk who had introduced himself as Ben led me to a dark, secluded room in the back. Inside sat a guy  who looked like some astrology gipsy after removing his hood.


“This room is protected by a magic spell to prevent others from eavesdropping on our conversation. You can go ahead and ask him anything you’d like.”

“Just who is he?”

“Oh… you’ve never heard of them? They are a special kind of slave which are used in the business of buying and selling of information. They are very useful because their minds can be connected across long distances allowing for an exchange of information.”

“And you can guarantee discretion?”

“Naturally, any information regarding a client is secure.”

“Good, then I’d like to know everything you have on the Jir company and Miriam.”

For a split second I saw Ben’s expression turn livid, but he quickly regained his composure.

“Did you get that Marion? Everything about Jir and Miriam.”

The man named Marion was blue skinned and peculiar silver eyes. He began chanting a mantra and closed his eyes  for a while before speaking up.

“The one known as Miriam is  actually Ardal Vermillion Tor, the second Prince of the empire. He’s only recently returned from a task of espionage in a neighboring country. There is also some news that that the third Prince has made several attempts on his life.

‘Hm… so he was a Prince.’

“Sir, unfortunately the information you’ve learned today outweighs your earlier payment.”

Ben motioned to me, holding the pouch of gold I had given him.

“Okay, we never met each other.”

I tossed him another one filled with even more gold and headed towards the exit.

“Dear customer, please come back anytime. Also, as a courtesy I shall show you the way to Prince Ardal’s palace.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at Ben’s sudden change in attitude. Like a true merchant, he would always value a paying customer. After allowing Ben to instruct me how to get to the palace, I made my way through the mountainous path.

It took me about half a day’s travel before the palace came into sight. I circled around to the hill and drew a teleportation array behind a large rock. I then spent the rest of the day checking out their security measures.

“Lena, please highlight the Prince and any other notable figures.”

“I’ll display it on your cornea at once.”

The prince was located on the highest terrasse, in the center of the palace. It was the most secure location, and I figured that Ichan and the rest of his crew would likely be stationed near him.

“I should start by cutting off the head of the snake.”


My spider web allowed be to easily approach the palace, and the combination of the nanospikes and heightened senses, ensured that I made my way around undetected. Eventually I arrived at the entrance to the Prince’s chambers.

‘Hm, is that some Magic detection trap?’

Right near the door my Spider Senses began tingling, allowing my to easily sidestep the trap. Had it not been for that, an alarm would have undoubtedly sounded, resulting in quite the mess.

Shuu shhu

Silently entering the room I shot out a few Web Shots, effectively binding his arms and feet. Having caught the Prince unawares, he was unable to form any resistance.

Hoisting him up, I whisked him away and made my escape. I then returned to the rock on the hill and teleported back to our dungeon manor.


Viezda was there, kneeling down on the ground.

“Why would you be there on your knees? It doesn’t look very comfortable.”

“I thought it would be a good posture to wait for you in, who is that man you are carrying?”

“He is the one who is behind this entire mess.”

Letting out an evil grin I carried him to a secluded room on the ground floor before heading back to the Prince’s Palace.

“I might as well grab Ichan and Carline. Those guys are bad news and have likely committed countless crimes throughout their adventures. It’d be best to take care of them for a better future.”

The kidnapping went off without a hitch. They were both fast asleep and had their defenses down, not to mention that I had reached such a level that very few mortals could resist.

[Acquired ⦅Title: Kidnapper in the Dark⦆]

‘Hey, that title is a bit much….’

Having knocked both of them unconcious, I swung them up on each shoulder and bolted threw the forest, towards my teleportation circle.

“These will be the last ones.

After sending the two of them through, I crushed the rock into several pieces so as to not leave behind any evidence. Anyways it had already gotten to a point that a greater part of our dungeon manor was housing prisoners locked in spider webs.

“Lena, I’ll leave it to you to take care of those guys, just make sure they spit out any information they have first.”

“Okay, I’ll convert Riley into interrogator mode and report to you when it’s done.”


Viezda asked me with curious face.

“So, is it all over now?”

I had been going back and forth so much that I had forgotten my original purpose.

“Not yet, I still have small thing left to take care of.”

She shooed head, knowing me she understand that it wouldn’t remain a small matter.

“Then I’ll see you next time.”

“Yes Johra.”

Using the teleportation array I reappeared in the ruins of the Count’s mansion.

“Oh right, I wasn’t supposed to show my face again in this kingdom.”

“Johra, did you want me to use a hologram to hide your appearance.”

“Is that even possible?”

“Yes I can make your face appear different, or at the very least incredibly hard to recognize.”

“Good, with a different appearance it should all go smoother.”

“Then when you enter the city I’ll project it.”

“Okay, we still have some time then I might as well get some sleep.”

I took a short nap, lying down in the ashes of the Count’s manor, before heading towards Gartmar.

Life was blooming all around me as Spring was well underway, but my thoughts were very dark, occupied with the misfortune which my good friend the Count had suffered.

“In the future I should keep my interactions with others down to a minimum.”

Having come to the decision, I made my way to Darryl’s bakery, and only had Lena power off the hologram once I was inside.

“Long time no see!”

“Oh! Johra, how are you doing?”

We gave each other a big hug. All the while a little girl stood silently behind him, grasping his sleeve.

“Come here Ian, say hello to Johra.”


“Hello , I am Ian.”

“She suffered from a traumatic experience, that’s why she doesn’t speak very fluently.”

“No…no problem…”

I was truly shocked, stuttered and was unable to respond properly. So many thoughts were racing through my mind.

“If that’s Ian, what will happen later on?”

‘This is the worst possible case. By influencing Ian’s future I could very well be putting mine in peril as well. How could I get out of this?’

“Darryl let’s step outside for a second.”

Pulling him to the side I spoke to him in a hushed tone.

“I have some very important matters to take care of, so I don’t think I’ll be able to meet you again for quite some time. I’ve gotten a pretty decent reward for my last quest, so please take this money and give Ian a better life, away form this city.”

I hand him a bag full of precious gems, it held enough of a fortune to ensure that he wouldn’t need to work another day in his life.

“No need Johra, it seems like the situation you were in hasn’t been resolved yet, and we can live just fine the two of us without the money. Take care of yourself first.”

“I shook my head. There would be greater dangers coming my way, and I had to distance myself from Ian’s child version.

“I have plenty more, please accept this small amount Darryl.”

Seeing my resolute expression, he finally caved and accepted the pouch.

“You have to leave immediately?”



He hugged me tightly and said.

“Even though we might not be related by blood, I’ll always consider you as my brother. I don’t know what it is you are dealing with right now, but once it’s resolved I’m sure we can see each other again some time.

“Take care brother.”

Taking my leave I instructed Lena to fire up the hologram.

“Please disguise my face.”

“Got it.”

Testing the disguise on a few acquaintances in the market, it became clear to me that it was quite effective.

“Excuse me, are you miss Anne?”

“Yes, but how do you know my name?”

“I’m doing the bidding of someone who knows you well.”

“An acquaintance?”

Jingle jingle

I pull out a small pouch filled with a few gold coins.

“A friend named Johra asked me to give this to you as a goodbye present”

She opened the pouch and upon seeing the shiny gold color, immediately tried to return it to me.

“No, I’ve never done anything to deserve all this, I can’t accept it.”

“Please take it, otherwise I’ll be in quite the bind.”

“What? Mom, who’s this uncle?”

“This is a friend of Johra”

Ah is he an adventurer now? I was wondering if he was doing well. How is he?”

The future Adventurer’s guild receptionist asked me with wide eyes

“Well. Yes kind of.”

She asked more questions after seeing my awkward response.

“How do you know him?”

“We are very close, closer than anyone

“Hmm? Do you love each other?”

“No it’s not like that! I’m already engaged with someone.”

Since she was unable to accept any of my excuses I had no choice but to show her my ring in order for her not to misunderstand, I didn’t want her to think I was gay.

“Can you accept this pouch on Anne’s behalf?”


“Rina don’t!”

“Hehe~ its fine. Since the uncle adventurer was going to give it one way or another.”

As I was crouched down to give her the pouch, she patted my head with a knowing expression.


She suddenly jumped up and kissed my cheek.

“This is my gift to the begger adventurer. Tell him  I’ll thank him I’ll thank him properly when I’m older.

[Acquired ⦅Title: Pedophile⦆]

“Yeah…I’ll let him know.”

I left the market in a hurry, sporting an awkward expression.

‘What kind of title is this? I’m not a pedophile.

I began to cry in shame, but no matter how much I complained or how many tears I wept, the title didn’t disappear.


I finally I stopped running when I arrived before the slave market.

“Uhm, actually I had some business to take care of here, let’s look around.”

I opened the door and showed myself in.

“Excuse me sir, How can I help you?”

The manager or the slave market welcomed me with a beaming smile.

“Do you have any unique slaves?”

“What would you characterize as unique?”

“Johra, The slaves you are looking for are any that might have a bloodline which connects them to a God. Their races can be mixed bloods like: Dark Elves, Half-Dragons, Half-Nosferatu and Lycans.”

‘Thanks Lena.’

“Im looking for either Dark Elves, Half-Dragons, Half-Nosferatu or Lycans. Do you have any slaves from those races?”

“These days there don’t seem to be any Dark Elves around, and I haven’t heard of the other three races which you’ve mentioned.”

“I see, then can you show me what your stock is like?”

Sifting through the slaves of all three Slave traders in town, I finally found a hidden gem.

‘A High Elf in a place like this?’

Her appearance was that of a blind kid, but in actuality she was a High Elf. Perhaps she was using some variant of polymorph or illusion which only I could see through, but I acted like I was ignorant of the fact.

“Hmm… what about that kid over there?”

“Him? We haven’t had the time to properly educate her since she’s just arrived, will that be fine? There is also no guarantee regarding her… health issues.”

“How much?”

I tossed him a pouch of gold coins. He caught it and after checking the contents inside instantly agreed.

“This is enough, we can write up the contract immediately.”

And so I had purchased a High Elf masquerading as a human.

“My name is Melpomene, and as you can see I can’t see and therefore has some trouble getting around.”

“Not problem, nice to meet you Melpomene”

Having gained possession of the contract, I left the slave market together with my latest acquisition.

“Hmm… I think it’d be best if we get you a decent pair of shoes.”


I  gave her a piggyback ride and headed to the only cobbler in town.

“We are looking for a comfortable pair of shoes, bring out your best quality.”

“Sure, are these shoes for your slave?”

“Yes, is there something wrong?”

“Not at all, then I guess you’d want to look at a cheaper selection instead right?”

“No, didn’t you hear me just ask for your best ones?”

The store owner stare at me, dumbfounded for a good five seconds before snapping back to it. In this day an age I was certainly a strange customer.

“What do you think Melpomene?”

“I don’t mind, anything is fine.”

“Good, then how much are these?”

“Four silvers, sir.”

“Here you go.”

Helping her to put on her shoes, I then grab her by the hand to lead the way.

“Now let’s get you outfitted with some new clothes, okay?”

She blushes momentarily and replies in a shy voice.

“Isn’t it still daytime?”

[Acquired ⦅Title:StudHorse⦆]

‘Hey! That wasn’t at all my meaning! What is up with all these strange titles!’

My complaints fell on deaf ears and my shameful titles weren’t going anywhere.


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