Chapter 101

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After guiding Melpomene to a clothes store, I spoke to Lena.

“Would it be possible to cure Melpomene’s eyes?”

“Well, it’s quite complicated because she’s lost her eyesight for quite some time, so it’s likely that even her brain has been affected and not just certain nerves. Trying to replace it with an artificial eyeball is almost impossible.”

“Are there any other solutions?”

“There are a few, but the chances of success are quite low.”

“It’s fine if it can’t be helped.”

After some time she came out in a brand spanking new outfit. However she seemed a bit out of place considering that she hadn’t bathed in quite some time.

“Sounds reasonable.”

After settling the price with the clerk, we left Gartmar behind.

“Master where are we heading? This no longer smells like the city.”

“Right, that’s because I’m taking you to my house.”

“Oh… so in the end you are taking me there?”

[StudHorse level 1 ➢ 2]

‘Ugh, not that again….’

“Why is it that what you think about when I mention my home?”

“I thought that the only reason one would buy a blind child like me was that you had some special fetish.”

[Acquired ⦅Title: Fetish Lv 1⦆]

‘What! Why did another stupid title come out? At least give me a chance to explain myself!’ “Not at all, I already have a future partner as well my beloved.”

“Huh? You already have more than one woman?”

[StudHorse level 2 ➢ 3]

“No… that’s…. ugh!”

I shook my head and simply quit digging my own grave. Whatever I said was bound to create a misunderstanding at this point.

“Anyways let’s head to my place, I have some things to take care of.”

“Ha, just as I expected you just wanted to lure me back to your house!”

[StudHorse level 3 ➢ 4]

‘I have to endure….’

Grabbing her hand, I quickly created a teleportation array in this secluded forest.


“Huh, where is this place? Just a few moments ago I could smell the nature and trees of a forest, but suddenly it smell like metal…”

“Welcome home Master”

“You arrived Johra!”

As we arrived, the former Count’s servants and Viezda were waiting for us.

“Why would you be  here waiting?”

“It is our most important task.”

I shook my head, then caught Viezda’s glaring stare.

“Johra, is that child your new slave?”

“Yes, I will stay with you in the future.”

Melpomene answered with a strange smile.

“How about a bath? You can meet everyone else after you’ve washed yourself properly.”

[StudHorse level 4 ➢ 5]


“Viezda please come and guide her.”


I had to dump this troublesome girl on Viezda’s lap as soon as possible, lest I max out on my StudHorse level.

“Why? Is it just coincidence I have new title when Melpomene says something.”

“Lena? How about taking a look at Melpomene’s eyes?”


Lena who took control of the maid Delaila  and joined the girls in the hot springs.


“Master, dinner is ready.”

“Nice timing.”

They had prepared a buffet to welcome me in the main hall at the steward’s instructions.

“Huh, how did you know when I was going to arrive?”

“I received the news from Lena”

‘Ah, was he somehow able to get in touch with Lena? But how did they contact each

other, was the dungeon dimension somehow different? I’d have to ask Lena about it later.’

After having feasted on the buffet themed after Earth’s food, I summoned the maid Riley.

“Did you get any information from Prince Ardal or the others?”

“I think they should break by tomorrow at the latest. I’ll then collect all the information and report it to Lena.”

“Good, and the Count’s children?”

“They should be undergoing surgery later this evening. We’ve already prepared the artificial eyeballs using stem cells and some materials you’ve provided. We are simply waiting for them to be in top health before beginning the procedure.”

“There shouldn’t be any problems right?”

“Indeed, the probability of failure is estimated to be just 0.1%”

“Good, but make sure to do your best. I don’t want anything to go wrong, these kids have been through enough.”


“Can I go visit them now?”

I arrived to the medical wing to the sight of Hannah putting eye patches on both Jillian and Jerna, then had them hooked up with an IV. It was supposed to help stabilize their condition.

“Jillian, I heard you’ll undergo surgery later today.”

“Yes, but don’t worry about us master. Even if it isn’t successful we are already grateful that you’ve saved our lives.”

Jillian squeezed my hand but had a slight tremble.

“Not it’s fine, I’ll make sure that you’re good as new. It’s the least I can do to repay the kindness which the Count has shown me. Not to mention that you’re also my disciple, so as your teacher I can’t fail you in this.”

Neither of them had anything to add after that, but I could feel their determination.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow and you’ll both be healthy as an ox, okay?”


Leaving the two kids behind, I decided to go back and visit the Royal slave market. It still remained a mystery as to what was going on in that kingdom.


The magic array which I had created in the alley was still intact. Two days ago after having raided the Slaver’s market, I created a hidden teleportation array beneath a sewer lid which was the reason it had not yet been found.

“Ugh this smell… it isn’t even funny”

The smell of the sewer where all the city’s garbage and filth gathered was beyond disgusting. I quickly got myself out of there and made my way into the city

“Seems like they’ve upped the security around here, was it because of me?”

There were even some soldiers patrolling through the alleys, in the distance I spotted a popular looking tavern.


Walking into the tavern with the double saloon type doors, the was a crowd of people drinking and having a good time. The guards would occasionally enter and scan them for potential threats.

I sat down inconspicuously in a secluded corner.

“What would you like to order?”

“Give me a pint of ale, along with some bread and ham.”

I paid the man a silver for the meal and he soon returned with my food. The bread was somewhat stale and the ale was downright awful. In truth it was passable for this day and age, but when compared to the food which I’ve experienced I found it quite lacking. Still, I just climbed out of a disgusting sewer, so the food wasn’t all that bad in comparison.

Tearing off a piece of bread, I spoke to Lena.

“Lena, collect some information.”

“Already on it, I’ll give you a breakdown of what others are saying while you eat.”

Across the bar there were fives thug with rough appearances who were gathered together, drinking and being quite rowdy. Lena amplified their conversation through my bone conduction.

“Senior, was the royal princess truly behind the kidnapping of the Marquis? ”

“Shh, that is secret information that others are supposed to know.”

It seemed that the elder looking fella was a royal palace guard. Those guards were all from the well known Phillips family , not only were they sworn to protect the royal family, but were also responsible for certain day to day affairs. Their influence differed from the nobles, but was still substantial.

“It’s caused quite the big commotion. First count Sion’s rebellion, and now the disappearance of marquis Leon, not to mention that the princess herself had a hand in it. Just what is this kingdom coming to.”

“I heard a rumor that the princess visited Leon’s manor after the fact. It was also a known fact that the Prince also argued against Leon’s claim that Sion was a traitor. When certain evidence about Sion came to light, the Prince was shunned, which was why the Princess went to kidnap marquis Leon.”

“There’s another rumor that she is a witch.”

“The chess game which the Count introduced a short time ago has been linked to traitors and has now been outlawed. When she used to play that game she certainly appeared inhuman.”

“Yes that woman must be the one behind all this.”


Without knowing I had clenched my fist and pushed down hard on the table. I had previously suspected that she had been behind the Count’s recent demise and was angry with myself for slandering her in mind because she had in fact been supporting him and suffered as a result.

Still, my current action had attracted to much unwanted attention. Looking down I realised that I had sunk the table into the ground by pushing down too hard on it. It was only possible because of the instantaneous force I had used and the sturdiness of the table.

The waiter, customers and both soldiers in and outside the pub had all turned to me.

“Geez, I’m in trouble now.”

Taking out a pouch of gold, I tried to settle it peacefully by paying for reparations.

“Catch him!”

“Damn it!”

“Turn around the corner and I’ll use the hologram to change your appearance.”

With Lena’s help I was able to quickly lose the soldiers chasing me and headed to the royal palace.


Waited for night to fall before infiltrating the palace.

“Lena can you track down the Princess for me?”

Arriving outside of the prison cell she was being held in, I used Lena’s ability to see inside. She was standing pensively in the moonlight filtering in through the window. I was unable to read her expression.


“Who are you?”

“It’s Johra.”

“How did you even get here? Anyways you seem fine so at least there’s that.”

She seemed worried for my sake. When we had last met she had appeared somewhat unreasonable, which was the reason I suspected her in the first place.

“There was some noise, everyone there must be an intruder!”

I heard the shouts from the guards coming this way.

“Princess, I apologize in advance for taking advantage of you.”

“Just what are you planning on doing? You’ll just be labelled as a traitor.”

I hoisted her up on my shoulder and replied.

“Are there different degrees of traitor? Hold on tight!”


My Web Shot reached the large bell of the Cathedral which was the adjacent building.

“What is that!”

Ignoring her cries of surprise, I distanced us from the royal palace with a few more Web Shots, continuing for about a minute until I felt some warm liquid running down my shoulder.


“Don’t ever tell anyone! I’ll declare any mention of what has happened just now as blasphemy!”

I chuckled to myself seeing her blush in shame. It must have been quite the frightening ride along my Web Shots, so her reaction was not entirely unwarranted.

Leaving the Royal Capital behind, we headed back to the Dungeon through the use of a new Magic array.

“Are you back already? Is that the princess, Johra?”

Viezda and the steward were there to welcome me.

“Johra, the surgery was successful and when they wake up I’ll let you know.”

“Okay, I’ll have to ask you to help the princess clean up and get some new clothes.”

After stepping through the array, she turned to examine herself. Red faced and ashamed, she quickly follow behind the cat-eared Hannah, following her towards the hot springs.

“Johra, I’ll prepare for the surgery on Melpomene.”

“Ok. Viezda, please prepare my clean clothes.”

“Yes Johra.”

Viezda was staring at me while I tried to get changed.

“Viezda I’m trying to get changed here.”

“Yes, I know.”

“Well, if you’re looking while I change….”

“What are you worried about, I’ve already seen it all.”

“Seeing is one thing, but do you really need to watch?”

“Hmm, just trying to refresh my memory, please let me watch.”

I simply shook my head in defeat and got changed.

[Acquired ⦅Title: Pervert⦆]

“No! That’s not….’

At this point I had given up on all these new titles.

“Johra will you sleep here today?”

Her eyes were shining in anticipation.

“Um, I guess.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

She disappeared after saying her piece.

“Why did that sound like a mandatory invitation?”

I climbed up to the reception room on the ground floor and waited for the princess to arrive. She appeared about two hours later, led by my steward.

“Johra, just who are you?”

She sat before me and aske right away.

‘How should I answer her?’

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