Chapter 102

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“Hmm… it’s a bit hard to explain, it’s both a temporary look and at the same time the closest thing to my original appearance.”

“Are you not human?”

“I am, just not one from this world.”

“Hmm… so you’re a visitor from another world. I’ve heard many of such tales of legendary heroes coming from other dimensions.”

“I am not quite a hero, I might be the opposite in fact.”

“Then are you evil?”

The Princess became somewhat afraid.

“Evil… I’m probably not that since I’ve already killed evil in the past.”

“So what are you then? I just can’t seem to figure you out.”

“Is that so? Well, just look at me know, what you see is what you get.”

“That seemed to help Princess Mayardus calm down, but her hands still had a slight tremble as she reached for her tea cup.

“Was it a good thing for you to rescue me?”

“What do you mean, that’s like the definition of a good deed.”

“Yes, but now I can no longer return to the palace thanks to your efforts. I’m like a fish that’s out of the water, waiting for my own death.”

I had already expected this from her. She was now averting her eyes, as if waiting for my response.

“Let me tell you a story from my homeworld. When I was young I used to have an aquarium in my house. I thought that my fish were small and cute, but later learned an interesting fact.

The size of a fish is determined by how large the waters they roam in are. If you release a fish from an aquarium into a big lake, then it can grow larger.”

“Huu… that’s a funny story. Are you trying to say I should live in a bigger lake?”

“That was the metaphor.”

“Then how big is this body of water that I’ll be living in, do I even have a choice in the matter?”

“Perhaps you can thrive in the largest of oceans, but the choice has to be made now. You can decide to take the first step, or continue to live out the remainder of your days, secluded in this manor of mine.”

The princess’ eyebrows furrowed into a frown as she replied.

“What kind of choice is that? Well, if you meant thriving in the largest of areas, then perhaps I’ll be a conqueror, Queen of the whole world!”

I nodded back.

“Would you support me in that? Why does this feel like entering a contract with the Devil, or possibly a mythological god. Are you sure you’re not some kind of demon?”

“I don’t think so. Truth be told I’ve never seen one, but I’m surprised you’d liken me to a god.”

“Yes, back in time immemorial, gods banded together in order to seals the devils, and it was said that demons would strive to capture human souls. Are you after my soul?”

“I don’t think so, after all what possible use would I have for your soul. I do however require you to make three promises.”

“Three? Why do I get the feeling that this is some kind of retaliation for the conditions of our chess match.”

“Hahaha… not at all. In fact I was more than pleased with the key you provided as a reward.”

“Is that so, then what are these infamous three promises? You said, you will give me the world, so in truth I’m quite anxious to figure out what the price is.”

“They are simple enough. The first is to never betray me, the second is to never show any hostility towards me and the last is to always in believe in me regardless of my actions.”

“Such silly conditions in exchange for the entire world? No, I see, you want to conquer the world, but you require a puppet to stand in front of you and attract the attention right?”

The princess was as sharp as ever. It was indeed my intention to use her as a figurehead to control the mortal world. I had already experienced the difficulties and tediousness of personally ruling an empire and was glad to delegate the task to a politically talented mind.

In the next twenty years or so there will be several conflicts against both demons and gods, and it’s necessary to have a figure for the human race to unify them. Regarding this the princess Mayardus would be an excellent candidate.

“Something like that, except that I’m not worried about the mortal world. I have a score to settle with a few of those celestial beings living in the sky above us.”

“Are your opponents the High Gods?”

I nodded back. This was a crucial point because if the princess chose not to oppose those High Gods, we would have no choice but to part ways here and now. It had already been decided that I would face off against them in the very end and this wasn’t likely to change.

Are you aware that I have the blood of High Gods flowing through my veins?”


I was unable to hide my shock and embarrassment. I had already know that there was a certain connection between the Mirin Kingdom royalty and the High Gods, but never imagined that it was to the extent that they were related by blood.

“You didn’t seem to know. Among royal family we use the God’s stone to communicate with a High God. It does however cost us a certain amount of our life essence to ask a favor of them, this is the price to pay of entering a contract with the High Gods.

“Then I guess you’d refuse my proposal…”

The princess quickly shook her head.

“Although I know that we are related by blood, I’ve never felt any sort of kinship with them. Despite all the injustices and depravity occurring in the mortal realm, they have never chosen to intervene. We are like abandoned children in their eyes so I don’t have any special feelings towards them.”

“I see….”

“I’m glad to accept your offer, and hopefully one day I can give those High Gods a good slap in the face.”

“Hahaha… thank you princess, but in truth I have much more than just slapping those High Gods in mind.”

“Good then, for now what is the next step? Is it some kind of blood contract?”

“No, for now we do nothing. When the time comes we’ll sign the contract through a third party.”

“Fine, so what do I do now?”

“You prepare yourself to rule the world.”

“And how do I do that?”

“Do you know what leveling up is?”

“I’ve heard of the system. It’s used by adventurers as a way to determine and increase their strength.”

“Princess, there are three things which are necessary in order to rule the world: outstanding human relations skills, cutting edge technology and great personal strength. Without a combination of these three it would be impossible to dominate over all others for any significant period of time.

“That is common sense, is that why you wish to aid me in increasing my level?”

I nodded back to her.

“ I have access to knowledge and technology which surpasses anything available in this world, this can be demonstrated in this one of a kind manor. That’s the first of two advantage you’ll gain from becoming my disciple, the second being the strength of levels which we will gain in this dungeon.”

“When do we get started?”

The princess seemed eager to start right now, but I needed her to calm down.

“After my disciples Jillian and Jerna recover.”

“Ah, so it was Johra who saved them.”

“Naturally I couldn’t leave my disciples suffer such a fate.”

“Because of you I was wrongfully framed.”

“Sorry about that, but you can think of it as it being because of that misunderstanding that you are now on the path to conquering the entire world.”

I let out a light chuckle, it wasn’t my intention but I had caused her quite a bit of trouble.

“Was it also you who kidnapped the Marquis?”

“I indeed had a hand in that.”

“No way, and how about the recent disappearance of the second Prince in the northern Balkan empire?”

“Yeah, you even know about that?”

“Are you some kind if kidnapping specialist, Johra?’

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“Count Sion was one of the few people I could call a friend. It was only normal for my to pay back their transgressions a thousandfold. Not to mention that they even made my two cute disciples suffer.”



Her reply was unexpected. At first  I expected she would be afraid of the anger I’d shown,  but now it was clear that she was likewise seething with hatred.

“I held my fair share of grudges with the Marquis, not to mention the second Prince from the Balkan empire.”

“Okay, but the two kids have the final say in how the revenge is carried out since they lost their father.”

“I know, it’s just too bad that I won’t have the chance to pay them back for all of their transgressions against me.”

“You’d be next in line, just not right now.”

“Johra, the two kids have recently awoken in the medical wing, would you like to speak with them?”

Lena spoke to me.

“My two disciples are now awake, would you like to visit them with me?”

“Sure, I was worried hearing that the two kids were injured so it would be nice to see them.”

“Hmm, then let’s check up on them.”

After a short walk we arrived outside their resting room.

“I heard that their eyesight had been compromised. What’s going on Johra? Why is it that these eyes look completely fine?”

The eyes on the display screen showed that they were in perfect health.

“With the technology of my other world it is possible for such a wound to recover. In the future you will also come to learn these things.”

“That’s quite enticing, with such technology anything is within my grasp.”

“That’s just the beginning, you have yet to see all that our technology is capable of.”


Jillian’s voice came through a speaker, as he had seen us from the room window. Their recovery room was sterilized so we could only speak to them from the outside.

“Hey Jillian, are you doing okay?”

“Yes master. I don’t know if I can see again because of the cloth which is covering my eyes, but at least the pain is gone.”

“Me too!”

Jerna chimed in with a bright smile. The both of them seemed to be doing much better.

“The surgery was successful so the two of you should be able to see again in about three days.”

“Really? I thought I’d never be able to see again!”

Jillian and Jerna’s happiness exploded out, likewise the princess standing beside me was stupefied.

“From now on you can believe in your master.”

“Yes Master!” they replied in unison.”

“Well Lena, they might be bored for the next three days so how about making them study something? They can have auditory lessons.”


“Study and practice hard you two.”

“Yes!… Yup!”

We then went to meet up with Riley who was our resident torture expert.

“I have something to request of you Princess.”

“What is it, does it have anything to do with this person?”

“Ah right, I haven’t introduced you yet. This is Riley, a maid in my manor.”

Riley gave a polite bow. Despite having her hands and apron stained with blood, her manners were impeccable.

“Where you in the middle of gutting a pig, Riley?”

“Yes, I was taking care of some pig-like humans.”

“Pig-like humans?”

The princess turned to me questioningly.

“We have almost finish interrogating the Marquis and that second Prince, but we would require your assistance to verify certain facts.”

“I’m happy to help, where should I go?”

“Please follow me Princess.”

Following behind Riley, the two returned to the torture room with pleased expressions. Riley had asked for some help in verifying certain facts in order to establish a baseline for truths, but perhaps it was simply and excuse to continue torturing them more.

“It doesn’t matter though torturing them to the brink of death was Lena’s specialty.”

“Please believe in me, I’m confident that they won’t die, Hehe.”

Lena knew well the limits of a human body and would be able to push them to the very edge. As a torturer, she was perhaps far more effective and terrifying than the Devil himself.

Going back to my room I took the chance to lie down for some quiet alone time, when I heard the sound of someone sitting on the bed.


“Who is she? Did you want to have a theesome?”

[StudHorse level 5 ➢ 6]

“Ah.. why are you here? And why are you sitting on my bed?”

“Would you prefer to do it on the floor instead of the bed? It’s a bit hard but it could be interesting.”

[Pervert level 1 ➢ 2]


From behind Melpomene, Viezda walked in and erupted into a fit of laughter.

“No Viezda! It’s not like that!”

“I told you that I don’t mind if you have another woman, but this is a bit soon.”

“I’m innocent here, I was lying down when she  walked in and sat on the bed.”

“I don’t like your cowardly excuses, didn’t we agree to sleep together tonight? Are you planning to have both of us tonight?”

Viezda asked as she began undressing.

“That’s not it! Melpomene why are you laughing? This misunderstanding was caused because of you!”

“I can tell by your anxiousness that she is the one you love, but then who is your promised love in the future?”

“Hoho… Johra, was there such a thing as a future love? How come she knows about it despite it being the first I hear of it?”

“Viezda’s icy laughter made my hair stand up.

‘Shit! What excuse can I use now?’

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