Chapter 103

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‘Time to think hard! I need to find a way to get myself out of this one.’

My eyes darted between a disgruntled Viezda and a delighted Melpomene. The pain and mental torture I suffered travelling that desolate land for dozens of years as a skeleton couldn’t compare to the bind I found myself in at this very moment.

“I feel like we are already quite close, can I call you sister?”


“It seems that master loves big sister very much.”

“Does he truly care for me so?”

Viezda was conversing with Melpomene while she shot me a suspicious look.

“Since I’ve lost my eyesight, I’ve learned to tell how people feel simply on their intonation. Also It’s very easy to catch someone with perverted thinking.”

Melpomene turned to me sporting a mischievous smile.

“My voice? Are you sure you’re not just spouting nonsense?”

“Most of the time Master’s voice is clear and confident, but occasionally your perverted side seeps in, especially when talking about women. When you talk to me I can sense some expectation from you. Although I’m ready, it’s still a bit soon….”

“Hey stop that Melpomene… I’m sure you’re having a ball with shy act, but you’re making it quite difficult for me.”

Viezda seemed to be somewhat relieved having heard Melpomene talk. She took her clothes off and whispered to Melpomene.

“Our Master is a bit wild in bed time, I can be here for you, to support you in your first time if you’d like.”

‘Damn, what kind of situation has this devolved into? This was never my intention.’

I tried to refute Viezda, but she shot me a scary look, instantly silencing me. I simply lied back down in bed and accepted my fate.

[StudHorse level 5 ➢ 6]

Sigh…most men would be out of their mind with this blessing, but I just feel weird about it.’

Of course it ended up being quite the exciting night, but more than anything it felt like I had become Viezda’s plaything.

[StudHorse level 6 ➢ 7]

I had already given up caring about these ridiculous titles. Viezda was beautiful and caring as ever. Melpomene however had her shy girl act during the day, but was an unhinged beast in bed.

[Pervert level 2 ➢ 3]

It seems that just thinking about these things would make these titles level up.

When we woke up the next morning a serious topic suddenly came up.

“Johra, I have something to tell you.”

“ What’s up Viezda? You even woke up quite early this time around….”

I was still somewhat anxious that she would ask about my future love which she had learned just last night.

“In just nine months you’ll become a dad.”

Her face shone beautifully in the morning light, no doubt it had all been planned out by Lena. I couldn’t help but let out some emotional tears.

I had been living my entire existence just running from place to place, focusing on my own survival. Even if I was now quite strong, I still had some mighty opponents to prepare for in the form of the High Gods, so I’ve always felt that I had to be chasing after more power.

I had now come across a turning point in my life. It was no longer all about increasing my personal strength, but about creating a better future.

“Thank you Viezda!”

“Johra! I’m glad you’re happy but I don’t think it’s good for the baby if you hug me so tightly.”

“Ah… sorry!”

“Uhh.. congrats sis. I’m a bit sleepy in the mornings so I’ll congratulate you properly later. Congratulations to master as well!”

Melpomene mumbled a few words of congratulations before drifting back into sleep, but I was still ecstatic.

“Did you know about this Lena? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”

“Sorry Johra but Viezda insisted that she wanted to tell you herself.”

“It was my plan, sorry.”

“Not at all I’m so happy! How can I be a father? There’s now a new purpose to my life!”

“There are still 9 months left, so you can relax for now.”

I kissed her several times, unable to control my happiness.

“From now on it will be difficult for us to sleep together, so I’ll let Melpomene take over.”


“I know that you enjoyed yourself last night Johra, and I won’t take no for an answer. If its sister Melpomene then I’m okay with it, so long as you continue to love me.”

“Of course, but Melpomene….”

The first time is always the hardest and that already out of the way. Also, I accept her because she understands how much you love me.

“I’m sorry.”

She shook her head.

“If you want to be a good father, you need to learn to say I love you more often, instead of I’m sorry.”


“I’m a bit hungry, how about getting up and eating breakfast together? Melpomene, will you sleep some more?”


“Johra, let’s go. For now I’d like to keep the news of my pregnancy a secret, because the first few months are the most risky ones. Later I’ll let others know.”

“I understand.”

As we walked down the hallway she leaned on my arm and whispered into my ear.

“Oh and don’t touch the Princess.”

“O…of course.”

“To gain Johra’s favor she will likely be willing to do anything. If you can’t help yourself I’d understand, but try your best okay?”

“I will.”

“I know what it might be difficult because of your plans for her in the future, else you would not have brought her here. Also, I know that you won’t be keeping her here forever, but if the time does come, please remember my words and be wary of her. She is the kind of woman that knows how to steer a man’s heart.”

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“I won’t ask much from you Johra. When I was at my lowest, you never treated me like the ugly beast which all others saw me as. Even when I was your slave you always treated my as your colleague and lover. I’ll always be waiting for you to tell me about my future love rival.”

She stared at me with her shining bright eyes, but small tears had already begun forming. It was clear that now would not be the best time to let her in on my full life story.

“I promise that one day I’ll tell you everything, just not right now. Can you give me a bit more time?”

“I’ll wait for you for as long as it takes.”


“I’m also glad that you’re thankful.”

I felt my heart melting while I stared into her eyes and calmly stroked her hair as we walked into the dining hall.

“Welcome master,” said the steward.

A breakfast buffet had been prepared and the Princess was already sitting down, sipping her tea. Riley was also accompanying her.

“Did you have fun yesterday?”

“I indeed had a nice chat with Riley and….”

I learned some new torture and interrogation techniques from the Princess. It seems that when humans lose all hope then they easily open up.

Riley seemed to be very pleased about his torture session with the Princess. I couldn’t judge whether the Princess’ torture style was truly revolutionary, or whether it was just that Lena had created Riley’s personality to be so talkative.

“So Riley, have we learned anything?”

“The story begins with a man named Teiresias. He approached Prince Ardal and convinced him of a certain prophecy, in which he had to conquer Gartmar and the Mirin kingdom in order to save the World.

“A prophecy huh…that rings a bell.”

“He is quite famous. There are a lot rumors regarding him a long lost Messiah or even a Devil.”

The princess chimed in with some extra details.

I recall hearing about him from Nox previously.

“Isn’t it a bit strange for the Prince to act solely based on a prophecy?”

“Yes, at first prince Ardal was tight lipped and proudly exclaimed that he wouldn’t talk. Later when princess Mayardus appeared and revealed his weakness, he eventually broke down and told us that Teiresias had shown him the path to becoming Emperor of the Balkan empire.”

“Ah, that makes more sense. He was acting in his own self interest right?”

“Yes and he said it was his plan to absorb the Mirin kingdom in the future.”

“So despite his dream being to become an Emperor, he focused on embezzling some taxes in a small town like Gartmar?”

“But it made quite a lot of sense.”


“If he hadn’t been so greedy, he might have succeeded.”

“Why? What did he do?”

“The prophecy from Teiresias was quite specific. He said, to befriend the first adventurer from Gartmar, along with a bunch of other steps. The Prince however ignored the adventurer part, and just used the other knowledge to control the outcome between Sion and Leon. He felt it was the quickest path to conquering the world.”


“Maybe he thought that nobles would be far more influential than a lone adventurer.”

My hairs stood up as I felt my skin begin to crawl. I was the first adventurer from Gartmar. If he had cultivated a good relationship with me as he was instructed, perhaps I would have indeed helped him take the reins of the Balkan kingdom.

If that had occurred then the future would most likely look very different than it did now. Was that the intention of the prophecy? And what about the future which I’m familiar with? Suddenly I became very interested in meeting this Teiresias fellow.

“Did you find out any information about the one called Teiresias”

“We only know that he upped and disappeared about a month ago, leaving a letter behind for the Prince stating how disappointed he was in his performance.”

“Understandable, I would do the same”

“Sir Johra, Jillian and Jerna will recover their eyesight later today, would you like us to prepare a sumptuous dinner?” Riley asked.

“Great idea, how about putting aside some food for the kids to eat later.”

“No need to do that, the steward had already only prepared their favorite meals.”

I gave the servants a heartwarming smile. They’ve always been taking care of these kids since they were very young.

“Steward, there’s something I had been wondering about.”

“Yes master?”

“What happened to Levin?”

“Ah… well he betrayed the Count in order to ensure his survival.”


“It was order from Sion. He wanted for at least someone to survive in order to exact a revenge.
“Was that really Levin? As I remember he was a lazy lad, never someone outstanding.”

“He has  always presente a facade of being a sloth, but in fact he’s always been the most capable servant in the Count’s retinue.”

“Really, then what is he up to now?”

“Maybe he’s out there planning some sort of revenge.”

“I’ll have to go fetch him, do you have any idea where he’d be?”

“He has always been far to talented in hiding, so even if it’s me I wouldn’t know where to start looking.”

“Very talented in hiding…quite annoying in this case.”

“But if he were to know of our rescue, he’d attempt to make contact. ”

“But how would you keep in touch?”

“He would leave a certain sign at count Sion’s estate.”

“Ah, then I should stop by and take a look.”

“Thank you sir.”

“Not at all, I feel it’s my duty.”

Viezda looked at me with a gentle expression and I smiled back.

“You have sweet eyes from in the morning.”

“I can’t imagine why that would be. Oh and Princess, you’ll need to join Riley for the study sessions.”

“Understood sir, I’ll  be with Jerna and Jillian. Would you please come with me, princess?”

The two went out and I enjoyed a big breakfast alone with Viezda.

“ I’ll have to go out today since I have a few things to take care of.”

“How long should it take Johra?”

“It might take quite a while, but if it’s too long then I’ll take the time to visit.”

When it was about noon, I teleported to the ruins of the Count’s manor. The sun was high in the sky and I had large lunch which the steward had prepared for me.

“Lena, can you find anything which might be considered as a sign?”

“Don’t see anything right now, can you do the turn of the ruins a bit?”

I walked around for almost an hour but we couldn’t find anything.

“Maybe he isn’t ready to make contact.”

“I’ll leave behind some reconnaissance nanobots.”

“Good idea, but is it possible for them to stay in contact with our dungeon manor?”

“Oh, I’ve been experimenting with your teleportation array and have managed to create a similar one, but only for the purposes of transmitting information. It’s how I can always stay in contact.

“How convenient, no matter where we are I can always message back home! Does this work anywhere in the world?”

“I think so, it’s some kind of fusion between science and magic, it has always been a dream of mind to combine the two!”

After that though I kind of tuned Lena out because she went on to extrapolate her entire theory behind her fusion of science and magic, bringing up boring and tedious concepts.

“So is out first objective the Killion dungeon?”

“Yes, you can get their by boat, leaving from the most southern port of the Mirin Kingdom.

“We aren’t in any big hurry, so we can just take our time. Also, I’d like to make teleportation array midway.

“Ok, I can control the nanobots, but you’ll have to provide the material. ”


It took about a month to arrive to the city-port. I was leisurely experience the life of a human adventurer, using a wagon and stopping and inns, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as I had anticipated.

“Phew, although everyone romanticizes about a fantasy world, the truth is that they have primitive technology!”

“Nonsense! You have magic, different races and a leveling system. It’s like a dream come true!”

“I’m not so sure. Anyways now that we’ve arrived at the port, let’s teleport back to our home and visit, it’s been quite a while we’ve been gone.”

“When you get home you’ll have a surprise waiting for you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Ugh, Lena….”

“You can see yourself!”

“Hmm okay.”

I took some time to stock up on all the specialties they had in town, before exiting the city an heading to a secluded mountain to create the teleportation array.

“Is that you Johra?”

“Viezda? It’s only been a month, what happened?”

“This baby… it seems very eager to be born!”

Viezda stomach was huge and it was with great difficulty that she was able to get up and greet me. Melpomene had a big smile as she rubbed the belly.

“Are you here Master pervert? At least this kid isn’t a pervert, I can hear that he has a very soft voice.”

“How can you hear that from inside her stomach?”

“Johra, it’s true. The baby reacts differently depending on who approaches.”

Hearing Lena say that I became thrilled.

‘But is it not a normal child?’

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