Chapter 104

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My two cute disciples leapt into my arms, princess Mayardus followed behind them giving me a smile.

“Both of you have recovered your eyesight, I’m glad.”

“It’s all thanks to master.”

“Actually Johra, it isn’t entirely the same as before.”

“Oh, what’s the problem?”

“No problem, in fact it’s the opposite, my eyesight has improved. Also if I can focus very hard I can even see an ants leg despite being 10 meters away.”


“I had the chance to give them a small upgrade, it’s a good thing no?”

Lena answered by taking command of Riley.

“Jillian is it something that bothers you in your day to day activities?”

“Well at first I was somewhat surprised, but I’ve already gotten used to it. It still get shocked sometimes when I can see the blood vessels on my arm, but I think I’ll adjust to the changes very soon.”

‘Wow, that sounds like something from a horror movie, can one even get used to that? Seems Lena might have gone a bit far with all these improvements, I might need to have a talk with her later on.’

“By the way Johra, it seems like your son will soon be born.”

“Yeah, I think so too. I often feel the baby kicking. Ooh… seems it was the first time it heard it’s dad’s voice so it was quite energetic.”

One could see her belly bulging as the baby moved around. Apparently this signified that a woman was in her later stages of pregnancy.

“Viezda it’s a bit hard on you to be walking around, why don’t I accompany you to the bedroom?”

“Perverted master, do you think I can’t see through your plan? I’ll keep my big sister company.”

[Pervert level 3 ➢ 4]

Melpomene went up to support Viezda and threw me a look of vigilance. This title was already hopeless, I no longer had any doubt that Melpomene had complete control as to when it leveled up.

“Ah, ok let’s go together then.”

“Okay Johra, but it takes quite long for me to move around, so you can go on ahead first and I’ll catch up with you.”

“No need, I’ll help support you the whole way and Melpomene can help from the other side. Princess, Jerna and Jillian, let’s talk some other time.”

It took us about five minutes just to return to her bedroom.


As she was getting into bed Viezda spoke out with a frown.

“What was that Viezda?”


“Please leave Johra.”

Melpomene suddenly kicked my out in a cool tone.

“Huh, why? Don’t you think I should be here?”

“Silly, there are certain things a woman isn’t willing to show her man. Just leave please.”

“What… ah… okay then.”

I left the room and paced outside anxiously, but soon after I was allowed back.

“It had something to do with her menstruation, I’m sorry Johra.”

“Not at all, I just thought it was something serious like you being sick. How can I help? Are you hungry?”

“Heehee… I’ve heard many stories of how great the master is, but it seems even you are helpless in front of a pregnant woman.”

I ignored Melpomene’s teasing and focused solely on caring for Viezda,.

“Johra, You can concentrate on your business, I have Melepomene and Lena if I need any help.

“Can’t I stay more?”

“No, it’s an order from Viezda, so you need to go.”


Melpomene had an evil grin on her face as she watched me leave the room. I headed back to the living room on the ground floor to meet up with the two kids and princess Mayardus.

“Master! You’re back, is everything okay?”

“Yes, everything is fine, it’s just that I was kicked out.”

I answered with a downtrodden expression.

“Why does it feel like I’ve already lost to a child which hasn’t even been born yet?”

“I’ve heard of stories like that, when a child is born then a mothers maternal instincts kick into high gear. The husband is relegated to being the support in the background, but this shouldn’t apply to you. A man like you should be able to do as he pleases.

The princess spoke to me.

‘Huh did I say something strange? Why is she staring at me like that?’

It got a bit awkward but I quickly changed the subject.

“Since you two have recovered your eyesight, I think it’s about time for you both to decide on the punishment for the Marquis and Prince.

“We’ve decided to follow master’s advice. You rescued us from the slave market, a fate which might very well be worse than death.

“No this time it is different. In order to move forward you will both need to put this to bed. This is absolutely necessary so that you don’t keep this scar with you throughout your lives. I’m sure it’s what the Count would have wanted, and I do to.”

Jillian and Jerna exchanged a look before answering.

“Then we’d like to enslave the two of them.”

“Just slaves? They keep their lives?”

“Death would be too light of a punishment for them. My father suffered terribly as he died, so they can only pay for this crime with an even longer period of suffering.”

“Hmm I see your point of view, but it would be troublesome is they somehow betray us in the future. We’ll need more than just some regular slavery contract. Lena?”

“Yes Johra?”

Lena answered after taking control of Riley.

“Could we modify their bodies?”

“Of course.”

“Then it’s settled, the Marquis and Prince will be modified into maids of this household. Can we make it so that they will never again be able to refuse and order from either myself or the Sion family?”

“Sure, I can make it so that they will suffer incredible amounts of pain should they have any thoughts of rebelling. A military type android would do nicely though, they might even have excellent combat skills and be quite useful later on.”


“I’d rather have the Devil as an enemy than you Johra,” exclaimed Mayardus as she swallowed nervously. Jerna and Jillian however were delighted by the conclusion.

“Good, well now that this has been settled we can move on to my next point….”

“Master, we’ve decided to completely dedicate ourselves to you. Everything we are is only because you saved us, we’d do anything you want.”

“No, that’s too much. You are my cute disciples, so I only wish for you two to grow up strong and live great lives.”

“Thank you master.”

Jillian had a determined face but Jerna held a complicated expression.

“Johra, will we now start the leveling up which you mentioned to me previously?”

“Something like that, but first we will have to get you all registered with the adventurers guild and get you set up with a class.”

“How are we supposed to do that? Won’t there be people who recognize us?”

I shook my head.

“Don’t worry Jillian, others will never know your real identity. Also we will make a party of 5 members, you three and me plus one more.”

“Will you truly be joining us? I feel like our difference in strength is far to big.”

Jerna asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry, I will help you close the gap quite quickly, just believe in me.”

All three of them were still quite nervous and it seemed that they would require further explanation.

“Lena, could you ask Melpomene to come over, and ask Viezda to lend her the ring I gave her.”

“Yes sir!”

After Riley left to fetch her, Jillian asked.

“Just who is Lena? Whenever master calls she appears, regardless of where we are. Also it seems that Riley, Delaila and Hannah are sometimes Lena.”
“She is my magical assistant and the three maids are magical creatures. They have their own personalities, but occasionally Lena can take control because she is a higher ranking existence.

“What an amazing story. So many odd occurrences which I couldn’t previously understand now make sense, and it’s quite a bit easier for me to get behind the idea of a magical assistant after the way you were able to help me recover my eyesight. ”

It would be difficult for me to explain the existence of artificial intelligence, so in order to make them understand I used the magical assistant white lie. Shortly after Riley reappears guiding Melpomene into the living room.

“Master, I’ve borrowed her ring, but she seemed very sad hearing that you were taking it back.”

“Uh… yeah, I’ll be sure to give Viezda a bigger ring next time. For now I’m loaning it out to you.”

“Well I guess it’s your right.”

Melpomene came and joined us on the couch.

“So, once Viezda gives birth, the five of us will party together and explore the remaining three major dungeons. Also I’ve thought up a name for our party, Teosponias”


All of them were surprised. I understood their reactions seeing as none of them had even fought against a monster before.

“Lena, when is Viezda expected to deliver?”

“Judging by her current growth, it should be within the next five days.”

“Oh… okay then.”

“Really Johra? How can we go into those four legendary dungeons in just five days? We don’t have any fighting experience….”

“I can’t even see in front of me, what a dark future I must have.”

“Melpomene… was that a joke?”

“Hohoho~ you can understand my jokes, you do have a sense of humor after all.”

“I give up.”

I threw my hands up in the air in desperation as Melpomene broke out into a huge smile.

In order to put their fear to rest, I began to go into greater detail about my plans. Naturally I only told them about how the ring functioned, but not my innate ability which would allow us to gain monstrous amounts of experience.

The princess eyed me suspiciously, but at the very least she didn’t openly contradict me.

“So you will help us disguise our appearances in order to register as adventurers and gain a class?”

“Right, Lena can help you with that.”

“Taking over Riley, Lena handed them each a necklace.”

“When you wear it, it’ll change your appearance into that of someone else.”

As the four of them tried it one, they quickly transformed into completely different people due to the power of the holograms. The necklace has been perfected to such a degree that it even changed one’s facial expressions.


“Is this really happening?”

“It’s the first I hear of such a wonderful tool, one can even use it without being skilled in magic. If this technology were to spread in the outside world it is sure to create huge waves.”

“It would be best if you can help me keep this confidential, is that understood?”

I made sure that they ensured its secrecy.

“Well, I still can’t see so I have no idea what has changed,” Melpomene spoke out.

“Let’s go and get registered tomorrow, it’s a bit late in the day right now.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Me too!”

“I can safely travel in the outside world with this tool and won’t have to stay cooped up in this mansion my whole life. Thank you so much Johra!”

The Princess thanked me earnestly, but Melpomene protested immediately.

“I’d prefer to stay beside Viezda. It’s too bad that I don’t have a choice in the matter since I need to follow your commands.”

“Hey Melpomene, if you keep complaining so much I’ll tell Viezda.”

“Okay, okay… show some mercy to the blind would you.”

“Geez, you really know how to milk that handicap of yours.”

Boo hoo~

Melpomene stuck out her tongue childishly, before grabbing hold of Riley’s hand.

“Please take me back to see big sis Viezda, I need to let her know that Johra is bullying me.”

“What, when did I do that Melpomene?”

However the two of them disappeared without any response.

“Have you found some way to help Melpomene recover her eyesight?”

Lena was quick to answer.

“I’ve done a thorough investigation and it was just as I had suspected. She has suffered from this condition for so long that a simple transplant wouldn’t work. Not to mention that as a High Elf her brain is different from that of a humans, so I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

“I see.”

In truth Melpomene had yet to come clean to everyone with the fact that she was a High Elf. I would have to look more into it later on, but at least for now there didn’t seem to be any easy solution to help her recover her eyesight.

“Lena, help instruct Jillian, Jerna and the Princess about being an adventurer, the different classes as well as any information regarding the four dungeons.”

“Ok, I’ll see to it.”

Leaving the three behind I went to Viezda’s bedroom.

Walking inside, I came upon the scene of Viezda rubbing her belly, while Melpomene put her ear to it, listening for any sounds. She was also singing a in a delightful cheery voice. It was the most beautiful song I had ever heard in my entire life.  Her song depicted a story of the gods and love among humans, promising a bright and new tomorrow.



when Viezda called me out Melpomene abruptly cut short her song.

“Why did you stop singing? It was wonderful.”

“Hmph, this kind of song isn’t for you to hear”

“Ah, why is it that I can’t listen?”

I felt a bit hurt that I wouldn’t be able to hear that beautiful voice once more.

“It’s not that….”

Viezda spoke to me as she cradled a shy Melpomene.

“She’s just too embarrassed right now. She likes Johra, but..she is too shy to admit it. If you two would just go ahead and do that….”

“Big Sis!”

Melpomene turned red like a tomato.

“If you think of me as a sister then at least heed my advice. Speak truly, what do you think of Johra.”

Tch! Johra’s nothing but a pervert.”

“But didn’t you tell me previously that you liked him?”

“Sister is so mean!”

“Well if that’s what it takes to get you to listen then it’s fine.”

“Ah I can’t stay angry with you….”

The two women were embracing each other and I felt completely out of place.

“It seems like I’ve completely lost my Viezda to this Melpomene….”

Sighing to myself I retreated from the room and headed to my underground lab to study up the summarized version of the dungeons which Lena had prepared.

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