Chapter 105

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“What? Just when did I fall asleep? Oh, and why are Viezda and Melpomene here as well?”

I had fallen asleep in my underground lab and somehow these two women had joined me.

“I guess I would have been cold just falling asleep like that… did they come join me because they were lonely?”

“You were all sleeping for quite some time, so I had Riley bring in a large armchair which you would all fit in,” Lena explained.”

‘Were they worried because they understood that I was a bit sad after feeling been ignored?’

Picking up Viezda I brought her to her room and laid her down on the bed. I then returned to the lab to pick up Melpomene as well.

“Johra~ bring me to a different room.”

Melpomene who had just woken up gave me a deep kiss.

“Well… about that….”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve already discussed it with Viezda.”

I then fell asleep for a second time, however not before indulging myself in some alone time with Melpomene first. When I woke up in the middle of night, Viezda was asleep on my chest, while Melpomene was behind her .”

‘Isn’t it only awkward for me? ’

They both had happy expressions which helped relieve my anxiety.

The next morning I gathered the members of our Teos party and we prepared ourselves to visit Gartmar.

“Lena, be sure to notify immediately if there are any signs of her giving birth.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll let you know immediately.”

“Go without any worries, Johra.”

After speaking with Lena and Viezda, I turned to my party members.

“Shall we go?”


Melpomene was beside me holding my hand, while Jerna, Jillian and Mayardus stood around us. With all of us ready, I activated the teleportation magic.

“Huh, where is this, master?”

“We’re in the forest, not too far from Gartmar. It’s only about a twelve minute walk to the city.”

“Ah that’s a city I never expected to see again.”


“Well I can’t see anything, so I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with only the smell and sounds, Huuu~”

Melpomene moment of self reflection increased my desire to cure her eyesight, but I simply didn’t know how. Although I did have a certain idea in mind, it wasn’t clear whether it would work so I could only put it to the side for the moment.

“Where do you all come from, it’s my first time seeing you in these parts.”

“We’ve come from very far away only to become adventurers.”

“Is that so, how uncommon. Gartmar’s Adventurer’s Guild is quite new so it’s still quite rare for adventurers to come this way. I wish you all the best of luck.”

The old guard let us through without much questioning. No doubt he was quite sympathetic since our party also included a blind girl.

I was already very familiar with the layout of Gartmar, so we took the shortest route to the guild. Despite it being quite some time since my last visit, not much had changed since it was still quite the desolate place and the manager Chu was half asleep at her reception desk.

“Ah, welcome! Oh, is this our first time meeting?”

“Yes, we’d like to register as adventurers.”

“Sure, please pay the registration fee, also I don’t believe that we have enough beginner sets for everyone.”

“It’s fine, just give us the ones you have and we’ll split it among us, Is this the registration form?”

“Yes~ Yes~”

We simply made up our own names and the application procedure went by smoothly.

“Huaa~ I was shaking in there!”

“Me too! I was worried that someone would recognize us.”

“If that were to be the case, we would have been stopped as we were entering the city. Still, now that we are officially adventurers it’s like having a new identity and fulfilling dreams that we couldn’t have in our previous lives, thank you so much Johra!”

Princess Mayardus spoke over the two kids and thanked me earnestly.

“We’re not quite yet finished.”

“Oh, where are we going to next?”

Melpomene asked curiously as we held hands.

“It’s now time to receive our classes. We’ll visit some old friends whom I know well, of course they won’t recognize my current self.”

The first one we went to visit was Ryan, who was in charge of the Warrior’s Guild.

“Oh, it’s been quite some time since we’ve had any guests. Are you all seeking to improve your power as adventurers?”

“Yes, please help us out with that.”

Quickly taking care of that we then headed to the Wizard’s Guild.

“Are all five of you here to get a new class? But it seems you all already have a class, is that okay?”

“We would be in your debt.”

The cute Fero who was the one in charge of the guild was kind enough to give us all the class.

“Thank you so much Fero!”

I even went out of my way to buy a ton of HP and MP potions in order to show our appreciation.

“Can you carry that much?”

“Not to worry, just this much….”

I then divided up the items amongst us and stepped outside the guild.

“Are we finished now?”

“Not quite yet, there still remains one.”

We then headed towards the temple and I handed over a silver coin to the friar standing by the entrance.

“Would you be so kind as to guide us to meet priest Rohan?”

“Follow me.”

We then waited for a short time in the reception hall.

“Somehow I end up meeting Rohan quite often.”

While i was mumbling to myself, a younger version of priest Rohan showed up.

“Is this some kind of special day? Why are so many youngsters looking for me all of a sudden?”

“Are you priest Rohan?”


“We’d like to register our class as priests please, we’re adventurers.”

“Priests…? But all of you already have different classes.”


“How extraordinary, some time ago there was a young lad who also had several classes and wished to become a paladin… what was his name again? Ah yes, Johra.”

Our party members looked at me suspiciously but I kept up an innocent facade.

“What kind of person was he, I wonder if we’d meet one day.”

“He was a unique fellow, with clear eyes and many stories. It was fated by god that I’d meet him, but I haven’t seen him since. Still, I believe that we’ll meet again some day.”

‘I’m right here.’

I wanted to answer that I was glad to see him again, but I couldn’t blow our cover.

“Then would it be fine to register the four of us?”

“I guess I can go through with just a simple ordination? I was recently summoned by the main Catholic Church so I’ll be leaving shortly.”

“That’s what we want”

“I see, okay follow me.”

“Rohan brought us to the chapel and after giving a long winded speech ordained the other four members of our party, choosing to exclude me. It was only later that I learned that only a select few High Priests were capable of conferring priesthood onto others. It was his destiny to return to the Archdiocese after our meeting. In fact he was already a very high position member of the Church, but it was only due to his lack of ambition that he chose to remain in such a rural area.

“I don’t know when we will next meet, but I hope that you all try your best to keep this city and its people safe.”

“Won’t you come back here again?”

“Well, I don’t think this task will end any time soon. There is a rumor that the recent issues are connected to the Devil. It has something to do with all the recent kidnappings among the nobility.”  

‘Ah was it because of my actions that Rohan is being called away for duty? How unfortunate.’

“If you let me know where you are headed [perhaps we can see eachother again in the near future.”

I asked question Rohan for some details about his travels. It was my hope to meet again so that I could influence his future for the better, after all having I was the one who affected it in the first place.

After leaving the temple I then brought them to a weapons store.

“Let’s see… for Jillian a sword and shield. For Jerna a staff would do well, for Melpomene uhh….”

“Will I also fight?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Is it because I can’t see what’s in front of me?”

“Don’t worry about it, we’ll figure something out. For now we’ll get you a shield.”

“Your not planning on sending me out to the front line are you?”

Melpomene made a ridiculous face.

“Of course not, don’t worry about it.”

The last stop was to outfit everyone with some armor. I purchased a set of leather armor for everyone and then we headed back into the forest which I can hunted in so many times with Viezda.

“Look, it’s a horned rabbit!”


“It’s so cute! But it looks a bit savage.”

It took some getting used to but they were soon able to effectively hunt the rabbits with their swords and magic spells, resulting in decent experience.

Scouring the outer edge of the forest, we were able to catch a total of ten horned rabbits, which allowed us to improve our teamwork and fit into our roles. However Melpomene soon after began to complain.

“Why am I even here? I’m just a hindrance and you have to always lead my around by the hand.”

I tried to lift her spirits with some encouraging words.

“I don’t yet know of a cure for your condition but I believe that if we keep looking we are sure to find one!”

“Didn’t I ever tell you Johra? The loss of my eyesight isn’t the result of an injury.”

“Oh, were you born that way then?”

“No, I was cursed.”

“A curse?”

“Well… I’ll just explain it to you tonight, I don’t really want to talk about it right now.”

After nodding back solemnly to Melpomene, I called Jillian over.


“Yes master.”

“Are you now familiar with the basic skills and role of a warrior?”

Jillian who had previously received some lessons due to his status as the Count’s heir, was already proficient with the sword and shield. Likewise he was improving in the skills he had just received from Ryan, so he answered confidently.

“Please leave it to me.”

“From now on we will be hunting more dangerous prey, so everyone make sure to be careful.”

Up to now our hunting had been going very smoothly, but it seemed that my warning had gone a bit past the desired effect as it frightened them too much.

“Okay, it’ll be a bit dangerous but not too much. Just be sure to watch your surroundings and protect Melpomene, also don’t forget to wear your rings.”


Leaving them behind I headed deeper into the forest. My reasons for choosing this place were twofold, first was to gain some experience hinting as a party and the second was to power level then by using the goblins.

Actually, I had one more reason to come here, which was Lilinor. I had yet to hear back from her and despite having travelled deep in the forest I couldn’t find any signs of her presence.

“Where could she have gone?”

I was luring all the goblins I could find in the forest until I had almost a hundred of them following me.

“Master, behind you!”

“There’s a bunch of them coming this way!”

When I was still about twenty meters away form the group, I turned around to face the goblins.

“Help me out Lena.”

“Okay I’ve mapped them all out and predicted their trajectories. Those marked red are closer and therefore those you should prioritize.”

“Perfect, thanks.”

Shuu Shuu!

I began trapping them with my Web Shots, but it took almost 30 minutes to capture them all. It was laughable that they would ignore their trapped comrade’s pleas and simply charge head first, resulting in a giant mountain of more than one hundred goblin bodies.

“Is everyone wearing their ring?”


“Then let’s get started! Lena, Rohim’s Shield!”

Once the shield was up I began casting my skill.

“Create Material: Positron!”


I created a decent sized one and threw it to the center of the goblin mountain, resulting in a huge explosion.

“Was that too much overkill?”

[+5 experience points]

[+10 experience points]

[+5* 2^117 experience points]

[Level increased ➢ 932]

Following the mushroom cloud which shot up into the air, a wealth of experience points began pouring in. Fortunately we were protected by the shield and didn’t suffer any damage.

“Still not max level? At least it’s still a crazy amount of experience.”

“Master, just what is going on?”

Everyone in the party was freaking out about the insane amount of level ups

“This is the reason we are here, how is everyone looking?”

I opened up their statuses to take a look.

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