Chapter 106

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TL Summary:

Name: Jillian H. Ernheim

Gender: Male

Status: Normal/ Enhanced Eyesight

Race: Human

Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

Rank: G+

Level: 99/99

HP: 312/312

MP: 642/642

Attack: 54 (+8)

Defense: 52 (+11)

Agility: 108

Intelligence: 231

✧ Unique skills

[Taunt Lv2] [One Handed Sword Mastery Lv2] [One Handed Shield Mastery Lv2] [Ground Smash Lv1] [Lightning Bolt Lv1] [Blessing of Defense Lv1] [Influence Lv3]


[Balanced Lv3] [Team Player Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

✧Evolution Choice

[Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]

‘Hmm… Jillian seems to be leaning slightly towards a Warriors build. He would make for a good tank to stand on the frontlines. He should still however learn the occasional magic spell to give him more of a complete build. His evolution choices seem to be the same ones which I was presented with last time around, but what kind of title is that Blessing of Death? It’s so strange, I don’t feel like it had anything to do with me right?’

Name: Jerna H. Ernheim

Gender: Female

Status: Normal/ Enhanced Eyesight

Race: Human

Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

Rank: G+

Level: 99/99

HP: 244/244

MP: 1048/1048

Attack: 34 (+8)

Defense: 44 (+11)

Agility: 83

Intelligence: 527

✧ Unique skills

[Taunt Lv1] [Staff Mastery Lv2] [Recovery Lv1] [Fireball Lv1] [Ice Spike Lv1] [Magic Research Lv1]


[Blessing of Wisdom Lv1] [Blessing of Knowledge Lv1] [Avenger Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

✧Evolution Choice

[Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Angel]

‘OK, so Jerna is definitely going to be a mage. She also seems to have a title related to Death, as well as the same evolution choices as Jillian. But what are those wisdom and knowledge titles? They appear to be incredibly useful. Also, she has Magic Research! Since when did she have that? What an incredible find!’

After having lived in this world for quite some time I’ve realized that it’s not just anyone that could view statuses, even their own. I was barely able to keep my composure, realizing that I she was a rare jewel which I had gained.

Keeping my nerve, I then go on to observe princess Mayardus’ status.

Name: Mayardus Gran Ainhart

Gender: Female

Status: Normal

Race: Human

Class: Banished Royalty/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

Rank: G+

Level: 99/99

HP: 244/244

MP: 1311/1311

Attack: 32 (+8)

Defense: 32 (+11)

Agility: 72

Intelligence: 717

✧ Unique skills

[Taunt  Lv1] [Staff Mastery Lv2] [Detoxify Lv1] [Fireball Lv1] [Ice Spike Lv1]


[Tenacious Spirit Lv3] [Throne’s Blessing Lv1] [Avenger Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

✧Evolution Choice

[Higher Human] [Meta Human] [Nosferatu]

‘Wait… why does the princess have an evolution like Nosferatu? Isn’t that some kind of vampiric creature? And that Throne’s Blessing, does it have something to do with her Tenacious Spirit?’

I once again had to take a moment to compose myself, before moving on to Melpomene’s status.

Name: Melpomene

Gender: Female

Status: Normal/ Polymorphed

Race: Human

Class: Slave/ Warrior/ Priest/ Mage

Rank: F

Level: 199/199

HP: 721

MP: 2733/2733

Attack: 76 (+8)

Defense: 88 (+11)

Agility: 147

Intelligence: 1237

✧ Unique skills

[Taunt   Lv1] [Staff Mastery Lv2] [Healing Hand Lv1] [Recovery Song Lv1] [Soothing Song Lv1] [Morale Boost Song Lv1]


[Title Producer Lv1] [Blessing of Heaven Lv1] [Curse of the Nameless One Lv1] [Blessing of Death Lv1]

✧Evolution Choice

[Curse Removal]

‘Huh, so she only has the one evolution choice, I guess it helps her break that curse right? She also seems to have a lot of skills which are related to singing, and what about that Blessing of Heaven? I can understand the Title Producer, but why is it so unique that it is rainbow colored?. I’m really curious now about the history of her curse.’

While I was deep in thought observing the statuses of my party members, Jillian, Jerna and Mayardus had stopped talking and only stared back. They were not doubt curious as to why I had fallen silent for so long, but for now I was like a child opening his gifts on Christmas morning, my vision narrowed down to these new prizes of mine and nothing else existed at the moment.

Melpomene on the other hand stood behind me and sang in a light hum. Although I couldn’t catch any of the words she was using, it felt like joyful song which uplifted all our hearts. Perhaps it was a Soothing song.

“So by now you must have all realized that you’ve undergone some big changes right?”

“Master, although it’s a bit tiring, the world appears so different compared to before. I can see so much more.”

“Same here brother, it might have something to do with our enhanced eyesight, everything looks brighter. I also feel that my intelligence has improved, and I can understand much clearer the knowledge lessons which Lena had previously imparted to us.”

“Indeed everyone seems to have changed a bit. For my part I have gained much confidence in myself, was it thanks to this ring?”

Princess Mayardus’ mindset was no doubt connected to her Throne’s Blessing.

Melpomene who had been pulling on my sleeve as she always had, didn’t realize her newfound strength and caused it to rip. Unfazed, she continued to sing her light hum, conveying to me her heartfelt feelings.

“Once you’ve reached your max level, as humans you are able to go on to a next step.”

“Really? Then….?”

“Johra I heard that unlike other races, there aren’t any cases of that happening because it’s much more difficult for humans to hit their max level within our short lifespans.”

The princess asked me with a dubious expression. Jerna and Jillian however sported a look of incredulity.

“Normally that would definitely be the case, but it’s all possible due to this ring which I received from clearing the Jeduth dungeon.”

“Such a legendary artifact has never been recorded in all of history. I have heard of a similar looking ring which can share experience between party members, but never one that can increase the experience received to such an extent.”

‘Ah… so the princess has heard of the party ring. Of course I can’t tell her the truth though.”

“This is on a completely different level compared to those party rings, so it’d be best if you don’t mention the existence of these rings to others, okay?”

I made up this white lie in order to hide that fact that the origin of such ridiculous amounts of experience was in fact me. On one hand I wanted to protect my secrets, but i also didn’t want to crumble the legendary image which my cute disciples held of me, by letting them know how easily I had achieved my strength with such a cheat ability.

“So what you are saying Johra is that humans can also evolve?”

I wondered how the princess had such precise knowledge about evolution. No doubt it was the royal family which had access to some secretive information which wasn’t made available to the public.

“There’s a legend that the first king of our royal lineage had evolved into a Higher Human, a race with incredible Intelligence that surpassed anything a regular human might achieve. It was said that he had achieved an existence which brought one close to a god.”

‘Hmm, so High Humans  are something like God’s sidekicks?’

In fact I was originally planning on using them to explore all three human evolution paths, but now that Mayardus had the ability to Evolve into Nosferatu, even more options were available.

‘It would be a bit difficult to convince a princess to turn into a vampire though, how can I go about this?’

“I’ve heard about High Humans, but I had no idea that it was the founding king who was the first to become so, it must have been some classified information.”

Jerna replied while looking at Mayardus curiously.

“More importantly, do you have the ability to check our Statuses? I saw you staring at us previously. According to the records of our Royal family, only existences on like supreme sages had that kind of ability. Can it be that you can also do it?”

It seemed that this princess had access to far more sensitive information than I imagined. I would have to keep a closer eye on her and choose my words carefully so as to have be exposed.

“Yes, I have the ability to view Statuses.”

“Really? Is it possible for me to evolve, Master?”


“Yes, you can indeed Evolve.”

I explained to Jillian Jerna and Mayardus what their current stats and evolution paths were.

“Ahem… so Jillian can evolve into a Meta Human, Jerna a Higher Human and for the Princess it’s a Nosferatu.”

Hearing my explanation the Princes’ expression turned cold.

“Mayardus, are you aware that a Nosferatu is much like a vampire?”

“Of course I know this much. They are very powerful and also have a much stronger vitality than humans.”

“Yes… but you’d essentially become a vampire.”

“As someone who wishes to rule above all others, this is a necessary sacrifice I suppose.”

She seemed determined, and I felt a bit bad that I was manipulating her into this to satisfy my own curiosity.

“Is it because vampires have specific weaknesses.”

“Right, when it lacks blood then they fall asleep into a deep slumber and in the sunlight they become like any regular human. Also they are very weak to any weapons crafted out of silver.”

Although it was different form the stories which I had heard about vampires, the princess seemed to be have all the facts and be making an informed decision, so I had no reason to oppose it.

“I still think it might be a good idea to collect as much information about the Nosferatu as you can before picking it as an evolution. Is there any place you can think of where we can find such information?”

“It can only be in our royal family’s private library. If it’s you Johra, I’m sure you can easily break in there.”

I nodded back and asked her for any details she which my help me get in.

I then teleported is back to the dungeon manor and planned my break in into the royal library. Viezda was lying down in bed all day because she was too heavy to walk around, so Lena didn’t let her come to greet us. We then had a sumptuous dinner together and left the three behind to continue to receive further instruction under Lena. Without anyone knowing, I escorted Melpomene down to the lab, just the two of us.

“Can you tell me know what you know about your curse?”

“Thank you for your concern, but before that….”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Why do you take such good care of me in spite of your doubts towards me?”

“So you knew.”

“Of course, I may not be able to see, but it makes me very sensitive to others’ feelings.”

“Then why are you also hiding that you’re a High Elf? Is it also related to your curse?”

“Ah, were you referring to my race?”


“It’s a curse I’ve received form the gods. In order for my twin brother to receive the power of foresight, a certain price needed to be paid. My eyesight was robbed from me for that reason.”

“The power to see in the future? What is your brother’s name?”

“He is Teireisias . He’s known as the cursed prophet.”

It was a name which I had heard several times already, form both Noc and Ardal.

“So you were cursed in order for him to gain his power?”

“High Elves are the race which are the most compatible with the power of the gods. Even then, there is still a certain price to pay to acquire such a power. This is an immutable truth, so because were twins and linked by fate, I suffered his punishment as a result. After my brother learned of this, he stopped creating prophecies for the Gods and we were cursed instead. That’s why he is now known as the Cursed Prophet.

“I see, so what kind of curse did you receive.”

“My curse is eternal suffering, losing my eyesight is also a result of it. The ultimately my Karma will continue to deteriorate over time which would increase my torture.”

“What a horrible fate.”

“My brother once prophesied for me that my savior would be the enemy of the High Gods. That he would be one who breathes, yet doesn’t live. I never expected that it would be you, Johra.”


“You aren’t human right, Johra? In fact you aren’t even alive are you? My brother’s prophecies have never been wrong.”

I was left stunned and speechless. I had never imagine that she had seen through my identity to such an extent.

“It doesn’t matter, you are my predestined savior, and I’ll follow you even if you are the Devil himself.”

Melpomene demonstrated her utmost devotion as she prostrated herself on the floor before me.

‘Hmm… this might end up be a good thing instead. This brother of hers, Teireisias…..’


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