Chapter 108

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I heard some crying coming from the medical wing as the steward urged me on.


“It was just born, come on!”

As I stepped into the room, I first noticed my cute baby girl in the android Hanna’s arms.  Viezda was laying down, terribly exhausted, but the one thing that jumped out at me was that our baby’s skin a was a light blue for some reason. (Delaila/ Humanoid Android, Hanna/Cat Ear Android, Riley/ Dog Ear Android)

“Did you give birth? Is that our child Viezda?”

Looking up at me she nodded.

“Please step outside since there’s a risk of infection.”

Delaila drove me away and I was resigned to looking in through the window. Standing there in a moment of bliss.

“Did I just become a father?”

“Yes, Master.”

The steward replied and give me a an encouraging pat on the back

“Why is such a great thing happening to me? I don’t deserve it.”

“Those kind of weak words are an insult to all fathers out there. ”

Steward answered strictly.

My mentality was still that of a high schooler. Although I had only spent roughly 6 months in this world, I had spent several years here last time around, not to mention my trip back to earth. My life’s clock which had been put on pause on that fateful day when I had tumbled down the manhole, had finally begun ticking again.

No, I forced it to start ticking in order to be a proper father to this child of mine.

“Master, this might just be a saying, but I’ve heard that a mother falls into her role naturally, while being a father requires determination.  If you are feeling anxious right now then it’s in fact a good sign.”

“Thank you steward, your words are quite comforting.”

“You are most welcome, although I’m sure you’d do just fine without my advice.”

All my worries in the world vanished as I stared at this child of mine cradled in Viezda’s arms. Whether it was time which had stopped or some other mystical effect, I couldn’t care less and simply kept staring.

Just for the sake of this child, I knew I was willing to forgive anything, and at the same time kill anyone in the world.


Just after the steward left to put the finishing touches on our baby’s new room, Melpomene snuck up from behind and wrapped her arms around me.

“Hi Melpomene.”

“Is the baby pretty?”


“How beautiful?”

“Enough to forgive the world.”

“Oh, then am I forgiven?”

“No, that’s still up in the air.”

“Did I truly commit a sin greater than the world itself?”


“I want to have a child as well.”

“We can’t”

“Why not?”

“I need to make sure there is nothing that can harm this baby girl of mine.”

“Why would it harm her? They could be close siblings, just like Viezda and I.”


“Do you mean it’s still a possibility?”

“Not for now, there are things I need to do.”

Hearing some voices coming this way, I removed Melpomene’s arms from around my waist. She pursed her lips in complaint, but she understood that it was because of the incoming footsteps, so she just focused on the sounds coming from the medical room.

“Master, sorry we’re so late!”

Jillian, Jerna and the Princess rushed down the corridor. Apparently they had just returned from some battle.

“It’s fine, I also just arrived.”

“What about the baby, is it born yet?”

At that moment they all curiously looked through the window, drawn in by the sight of my baby girl.

“Is that a mysterious creature?”

“Mayardus exclaimed in surprised.”

“I’m not color blind am I? She really is blue, right?”

“Umm… I think so.”

“Master have you named her yet?”

“I had previously decided with Viezda that if we had a daughter, we’d name her Veznos”

“Veznos? What does it mean?”

Jerna asked curiously as she swished her blond her and rearranged it behind her ear with a bright expression.

“It signifies forever.”

“Forever? Like in immortal?”

Jilion asked.

“Actually, it means to not disappear, to be everlasting.”

“Vez-nos… it’s a good, mysterious name.”

The Princess nodded, repeating the name to herself in a whisper.

“Viezda thought so too.”

“I’m quite happy that you all like her name, it must be an auspicious sign.”

“Come this way, it’s time for her to meet her father so let’s get you sterilized.”

Ridley came out and led me into the adjacent room to get me disinfected. She had a creepy smile and I felt like a prisoner walking into a gas chamber in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

‘Is she trying to kill me off like this? No, I can’t die before even holding my baby girl….’

The gases dissipated, putting an end to my delusions as she handed me a hospital gown.

“Come this way. Also, do you even know the proper way of holding a baby? You need to have one hand support her neck while the other cradles her from behind.”

More or less ignoring Riley explanation, I ran over to Viezda as soon as I entered the room.

“Viezda! Our baby girl!”

“Yes Johra. She just fell asleep after feeding, she must have been very tired.”

Veznos was sleeping so peacefully, without a care in the world. I approached her with my finger, curious what it would feel like to touch her but Viezda glared at me dangerously, so I backed off and gave Viezda a kiss on her forehead. It seems one should not make a mother feel jealous.

Although I could see the others waving excitedly form across the window, I was tuning them out, wanting simply to enjoy this moment just the three of us.

“Johra why don’t why just call her Vez for now, she’s still young and a shorter name would be easier.”

“Sure that sounds good.”

“It’s our baby but why is she blue skinned?”

‘I’m not sure, but I think it might have something to do with her abilities, I’ll explain them to you later okay?’

“Some mysterious blue light?”

“What’s not the specific answer?”

“Haha, don’t worry, it’s a good thing.”

“Mom? Dad?”

It had now been a week since little Vez had been born, but due to her abilities like [Rapid Growth] and [Quick Learner Lv7], she was unlike other newborns.

The first time a child calls it’s parents is a very special moment, but I still couldn’t truly believe that I had become a father.

I was having fun teaching our baby girl new things, and the fact that she learned super fast made it all the more enjoyable.

I focused on spending a lot of time with Vez, which gave Viezda the time she needed to recover from the pregnancy.

During the next three months Vez showed extraordinary growth. She stayed with me most of the time as Viezda took the time to explore the dungeon in hopes of rehabilitating her body.

Vez was able to walk and talk as well as any adult, and had the knowledge of an average fifth grader. The blueish light she emitted had for the most for disappeared. She gained a better grasp on how to control it, leaving behind just a small tint and almost looked like a normal child.

“Dad, please teach me about magic today.”

She put on her cutest face and grasped her hands together as she pleaded. She knew that it was too easy to manipulate me.

“If it’s about magic, although I use it, I don’t know much about it. Lena is far more knowledgeable about it than me so how about asking her?”

“Ah but I want to hear it with Daddy.”

“Ok, how about we go meet Lena together?”

“Yup! Then will she come in Riley’s body today?”

“Up to you Vez, do you prefer the Cat sister or Dog sister?”

She had a cute expression as she seemed to seriously ponder over the question.

“Hmmm… Yesterday was the Cat sister and the day before was the Dog sister, so today it’ll be the regular sister!”

“Did you get that Lena?”


Delaila was quickly sent over and began explaining the theory behind magic.

“In fact, magic, in its fundamental form is just another kind of science.”

“Oh, Are you sure?”

I cried out in surprise but Delaila quickly shushed me.

“Master please allow me to finish.”

“Are you sure what you are claiming is true?”

“Indeed it is, allow me to prove it.”


“Yes, in fact it was through observing your use of magic which I was able to determine that science is in fact at the very basis of magic. Although I’ve only based this on observations, I’ve applied the basic scientific method.”


“Yes, although I’m not 100% certain as of yet, there are several examples of simple magic which can be explained through science.

I was baffled by her recent findings.

I’ve analyzed thousands on books in this world, and it was clear that their understanding of science was very primitive, so this theory of mine indeed sounds a bit weak. Allow me to explain how I came to such a conclusion.”

“Oh right, Vez you wanted to learn magic form this right? Is this okay?”

“It’s fine, it sounds to be quite interesting so please continue sister Delaila.”

“Vez is a model student, unlike some other pretentious student  which I know.”


Despite feeling wronged, I was more curious about her subsequent explanation so I quickly focused.

“There are still a few phenomenon which science can’t yet account for such as certain Myths; Positrons, where by trying to experiment on them causes the results to change, and Entanglement, which is the theory which all things are connected, regardless of distance. There are still a lot of mysterious things which exists outside the boundaries of science,  such as the pocket dimension in the dungeons we’ve visited.

“Quantum theory? I’m not sure if it’s the best time for Vez to be learning that right now.”

“I disagree, I believe it to be at the very foundation of magic.”

“Really, what could magic possibly have to do with that?”

“So what is used to cast magic?”

“Mana, I guess… in this world we count it as MP.”

“Right, it is known as magic element in this world.”

“Magic element?”

“Right, it is that which fuels all spells.”

“Oh so it was something like that?”

“Right, for example when you want to cast a spell, it requires a certain chant. That chant guides the magic element in a manner which matches your intentions.”

“Oh… how interesting. Then is this magic element something sentient?”

“Johra I’ll be trying to explain it to Vez so please bear with me.”

“Sure sure teacher, but it seems it’s a bit complex for Vez, no?”

“I think I somewhat understand it, it’s just like the vibrations when you talk. I remember when I would speak but my head was lying down on the bed, I could feel some vibrations. Is it something like that?”

“Exactly Vez, When you say something, it causes vibrations. It’s these vibrations which act as a trigger for the magic element, in turn resulting in the spell you wanted to cast.

“Then what about magic spells that are cast without any chants?”

“For those instant cast spells, willpower is used as a substitute for sound, like some kind of EEG.”


“A scan which monitors electrical activity, essentially light waves.”

Delaila placed a sheet of paper on her hand, and through the emission of light managed to get it to vibrate. I feel that it was something only androids like her could achieve.

“Wow Dad! Look at sister Delaila’s hands!”

“I can only get to a frequency of about 30. Can you notice some differences on this paper?”

“Yes sister! Depending on the area of the paper the vibrations can be faster or slower.

Vez watched attentively with her glowing eyes.

“In fact every substance in this world has its own frequency at which it vibrates. These vibrations affect each other and result in magic element, or the interconnectedness of this entire world.”


I was incredibly surprised by this latest revelation.

“Any material can vibrate and therefore be subject to some form of magic. It is the chant which dictates how it will react and then the composition of magic elements acts as the trigger, allowing the magic to manifest itself.”

“Wow! With sister’s explanation it’s so easy to understand.”

I felt a bit awkward having such a genius daughter, seeing as I still found this answer to be quite complex.

“So in fact for there isn’t any one specific magic element? Any spell it can be cast without speaking right?”

“That’s right Johra, all the material in the world share a root magic element. in order to get a spell off.”

“Then by that logic, if you were to be in a vacuum then it should be impossible to cast magic.”

“We would would need to try an experiment in that scenario. Perhaps which your ability to create materials we can set it up.”

I was still struggling with Lena’s theory of magic. All that about applying advanced math and physics to create a magical circuit to guide the magic elements basically went in one ear and out the other. Vez on the other hand was like a sponge, immediately absorbing and understanding all new knowledge with a happy smile on her face.

It was a treat to see how smart my daughter truly was, but it was sad that I had to pretend to totally understand so as not to lose any face as her father.

“Ah, Mommy!”

Viezda walked into the room and Vez jumped into her arms.

“Have have you been little one?”

“I’m hungry!”

It was her feeding time so Viezda came to breast feed her. I was tempted to join in, but feared that Vez would get jealous and not want to share.

“What are you up to Melpomene!”

Returning to my lab I caught her fiddling with the necklace I had gained from Jeduth. When she heard my voice, she instantly put it around her neck.

“Master it’s my destiny.”

“What are you talking about? That isn’t yours to wear!”

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