Chapter 109

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“Get down on your knees Melpomene!”

“Yes master.”

Holding her chest in pain, she had no choice but to obey due to the slave contract.

“Explain to me why you’ve done this.”

I speak out viciously, hardly able to rein in my anger.

“It is because of one of my brother’s prophecies.”

“What prophecy is that?”

“It is that the wearer of this necklace is sure to die.”

“I see, okay then.”

Placing my hand on her heart I cast my skil.

“Create Material: Arsenic”


I placed the Arsenic directly into her heart, causing her to vomit violently and faint shortly after.

“Lena, could you confirm her death?”

“She has gone into cardiac arrest, but there’s still some slight brain activity; however, the arsenic is blocking all neurotransmitters so it won’t be long now.”

“How long until she is completely dead?”

“2 minutes and 14 seconds until she is clinically dead.”

Holding Melpomene’s corpse in my arms, I look down in sadness.

“What a troublesome prophecy. I’d die if I were to wear the necklace? But if I were to wear it then I couldn’t take it off until I had ascended to Godhood?”

As Melpomene’s life force slipped away, the necklace revealed itself once more. I tried to reach out and grab it but it vanished as I got close.

“I guess it isn’t all that simple. I should hurry up and complete the Killion dungeon.”

“Johra, all signs of life have faded, she’s dead.”

“Okay, Lena please seal the room.”

“Sound waves and light rays are blocked, and Rohim’s shield is now activated.”


I began to cast my Resurrection Song. It was a beautiful melody which I would otherwise be completely incapable of reproducing. The spell seeped into her body causing her to bask in a golden nimbus. After about thirty minutes into the spell she once again drew her first breath.

Drawing out a chair I sat down and began to read a book titled, Genealogy of Gods, waiting for her to wake up.

It took some time, but she finally gained consciousness and mustered the power to ask.

“Um… didn’t I die?”

“Right, you did die.”

“So I died and now I’m a ghost?”

“No, I didn’t let that happen, You deceived me so I can’t let you off that easily.”

I spoke with a grim tone, but hearing my response, Melpomene couldn’t help but let out a few weak chuckles.

“Did you kill me and then bring me back?”


“Why didn’t you just leave me die?”

“I require the necklace you have around your neck.”

“I think it’s gone now though.”

“No, it’s still there, it just doesn’t want to be seen.”

“I guess just saying sorry isn’t enough right?”

Melpomene was giving me her sad puppy eyes but my heart was not easily swayed.


“Then are you curious to know why? Why it is I wore the necklace?”

“Yes, you just told me that the wearer would die.”

“Yeah, it was set to happen today, the 95th day after your child was born.”

“So you even knew the exact date, how did you learn of the necklace’s location?”

There wa this one time which I heard of a conversation between you and big sister, discussing the necklace. I then learned that you had it stashed in the lab and after coming here on several occasions, I was able to confirm its exact location.

“Lena, just what kind of security measures do you actually have in place?”

“Johra, last time you told me not to monitor those close to you.”

Hm, I vaguely recalled saying something along those lines.

“At least that prophecy has been completed.”

“Yes, all thanks to you.”

“The moment I wore the necklace I learned the require conditions to become a god.”

‘So it seems that you can only know the information once you wear it.’

“Tell me what the requirements are.”

“It was to kill all those close to you.”

The price to pay for Godhood was quite steep indeed. I’m glad that hadn’t worn the necklace and been faced with such a dilemma.

“As expected, it isn’t so easy to become a God.”

“Did you already know?”


“So that’s why you have yet to try it on.”


“But master.”

“What is it?”

“I think that the curse has changed since I’ve died and come back to life.”

‘Oh, can death cause the curse to change? That’s quite advantageous for us considering that I can easily revive her.’

“So what kind of curse is it?”

“I need to sleep with one million men.”


‘So the conditions aren’t only related to deaths.’

“Master do you truly need this necklace back?”


“I see. Then I’ll give it back, just give me some time please.”

“How will you manage to give it back?”

“I just told you, I need to just sleep with one million men, then I can lift the curse and hand you the necklace.”


Although she had betrayed me to some extent, it was not to the point where I’d want her to lay with one million men. Not to mention that we’d already had sex and Viezda would be terribly disappointed if she ever found out.

“You’ve already betrayed me once, but as if that wasn’t enough you want to now sleep with one million more men after having shared the same bed? I won’t allow it.”

“Then what should I do?”



“You will die and die again until the appropriate curse appears. Become a god and serve me in order to atone for the sins you’ve committed. This is now your path going forward.

“Well… you’re saying it like that, but isn’t it because you also have some feelings for me?”

Melpomene had a delightful smile learning that I didn’t what her to sleep with other men, but it was still a bit awkward since I had basically sentenced her to multiple deaths.

Since that day we’ve only slept two hours per day, spending the rest of the time killing and then reviving Melpomene. After repeated uses we managed to perfect it down to an art, by which I killed her in the quickest and least painful manner, causing my Resurrection Song to jumped to Level 4.

In that manner the next nine months flew by, and it was Veznos’ first year birthday.

“Happy birthday Veznos!”

The large dining hall was decorate with bright colors. It was the best birthday I had ever attended in this world.

“Congrats Vez, here I prepared this for you!”

Jillian handed her a chess set which he had personally carved.

“Wow! What is this?”

Vez now had the knowledge of a junior high school student, and the body of a five year old due to her Rapid Growth. The combination of genes from a MoonElf and a Meta Human gave her an incredible boost in learning ability.

“It’s called Chess. It’s a game which master first showed us, and now you can play it as well.”

The eyes of the Princess and Jerna began to shine. Soon they would have another worthy adversary.

“I prepared this one for you Vez. I was a bit worried about how fast your hair was growing, so here you are.”

Jerna handed her a dark red hairpin which matched beautifully with Vez’s sleek blonde hair.

“Wow! It’s perfect, can I try it on now?”

Jerna nodded back excitedly and helped her put it on.

“Well… I wasn’t able to prepare anything special, despite you being the daughter of the man who saved me.…”

She handed Vez a jewelry box which she had kept on her since her days in the palace.

“Sister princess, this is too much so I can’t accept it.”

Vez was already wise enough to refuse such an expensive gift.

“It’s fine, I’ve been trying to put my past behind me, so you’d actually be helping me out by relieving me of such a burden.”


“It’s fine, you can accept her gift.”

“Thank you sister princess, I’ll cherish it.”

After that every servant in the manor handed out their own gifts, and Vez would have a beaming smile every time. As her father, seeing so happy naturally brought a smile to my face as well.

“This is all I have to give you.” Melpomene slowly made her way to the middle of the hall and began singing in her rich and pure elven voice.

‘Uhm… isn’t this song….’

“Johra, isn’t this similar to your Resurrection Song?”

Lena and I both had the same question as we were able to find several similarities between them.

Melpomene’s song was so similar to my Ressurection Song, but others would never be able to recognize that fact.

Her lyrics spoke of the gods and the sorrow of humans. It was a clash between eternity and mortality. We all listened with rapt attention, staring at Melpomene sing.

“Johra, look at Vez.”

Viezda came over and leaned her head on my shoulder. We both turned to look at Vez who was now shining in a bright blue light.

“Johra, did you say Vez was a Demi God?”


“I think that light represents her feelings, so she must be very happy right now.”

Viezda put her arms around my waist at looked at our daughter with a smile. We were both content, seeing our daughter express such a big smile.

I was even happy with Melpomene’s performance, despite her earlier betrayal. Naturally that didn’t change the fact that I had to kill her later that night.

“Why are you hesitating, Johra?”

“I had already killed her countless times, but for some reason tonight was different.

‘Is it really so important for me to become a God? Can’t I find some middle ground with the High-Gods and achieve a compromise? Even after killing her hundreds of times we have yet to find an easy curse. Is it really worth putting her through such torture?’


While I was contemplating any further actions, Melpomene went ahead and decisively and stabbed her carotid artery.

Devastated, I look down at her. I needed her to die but was unable to do it by my own hand. I stood there, looking at her corpse for a few seconds, sighing and my own weakness and praising her decisiveness.

After resurrecting her she spoke out in a cheery voice, unlike that of someone who had just come back from the dead.

“Master, I think this time is the one.”

We would usually repeat this process 10 times per night, so she had experienced death roughly 2700 times over the past nine months.

“It was certainly painful to die, both physically and mentally exhausting. Although it wasn’t easy on my end to kill someone I cared for, it was still much harder to do the actual dying part. And yet, she was strong enough to go ahead and commit suicide herself, knowing that it would relieve my mind on the burden of doing it myself. After experiencing this last one, I had chosen to put and end to this farce, but as luck would have it, a miracle occured.

“Are you sure?”

I answered Melpomene.

“Yes, I think it shouldn’t be too hard to satisfy these conditions.”

“What is it this time?”

“To experience 100,000 deaths”

“What? 100,000 times!”

“I’ll get started.”



She once again cut her own carotid artery, before I could finish talking. Through the countless experiments we had done, we learned that the smaller the injury, the quicker it was to resurrect her; therefore slitting the carotid artery was the most efficient way.

‘Uh… but didn’t the conditions reset after every death? I guess we can only find out once she comes back to life.’

After a short time she once again opened her eyes.


“Are you awake Melpomene?”


“Are you ok? Did the condition change?”

Melpomene shook her head and answered.

“I’ve completed the first death.”

‘Is this some kind of special condition? It must be that this is a special case.’


Melpomene once again killed herself without giving me the chance to get another word in.

“Melpomene’s become a pro at dying….”

And so we spent that night in a cycle of death and resurrection, creating a new record.

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