Chapter 112

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Thanatos had vanished after that day. Well, in truth she wasn’t so much gone, but rather became invisible and dogged my every step. Although I didn’t know the full extent of her powers, she was sure to be useful. Also, it was good to know that no one else could see her besides myself.

The problem was that regardless of where I went, she was sure to follow.

The bedroom was a given, the lab, during dinner and even while I was bathing or in the restroom.

Just imagine a God of Death hovering beside you, watching your every move.

The only situation where she couldn’t stay by my side was when Vez wasn’t around

I was the only time which I was free of Thanatos.

“Jillian, Jerna, Mayardus, don’t stray too far from me.”

“Yes Master. Are you expecting it to become dangerous?”

Hmph! I’m not that weak.”

Although Jillian was quick to accept my concerns, the Princess was too proud. She was also a Nosferatu which was an elite vampire, so her strength was decent. At a B+ rank, she was almost on the level of a regular dragon.

At the moment we were clearing a floor of the Killion dungeon which none had previously come to, but my assistance wasn’t at all required. Over the past year my party members have really gained a lot of experience and strength, becoming first rate adventurers.

“Jerna, get ready there are a group of lizardmen ahead.”

“Mayardus was the first to notice the enemy with her enhanced perception. Jerna’s class had already advanced to an Archmage.

“Spirits of Ice heed my call, descend and freeze all before us!”

Following her spell the dozens of Lizardmen who were charging towards us were instantly rooted in place, having become monster popsicles. Lizardmen were genetically modified creatures so they were quite weak towards ice magic.

“My turn, Firestorm!”

Jillian had the same mastery of the fire element just like the Human Torch did. Only it was different from conventional, but rather some esper ability. Unlike regular magic which usually existed as an external force, Jillian could even control the fire within his own body.


Kieeek Kieek

According to Lena’s readings his Firestorm reached up to 2,000 degrees Celsius. Between the Ice magic, Firestorm and Mayardus personally piercing their hearts with her bare hands, The group of Lizardmen were quickly taken care of.

“What do you think, Johra? Still worried about us?”

“If there was something to worry about, it wouldn’t be versus some puny Lizardmen.”

Truth, I the reason I wanted them close to me was to keep Thanatos away, but I couldn’t very well tell them that.  

“Johra seems to be staying quite close to us ever since Melpomen escaped, are you thinking that we will also run away?”

“It’s not….”

Jillian cut Jerna of, but the Princess continued.

“That was Johra’s fault for overdoing it with her. Melpomene must have suffered too much at his hands so her running away is justified since she must have feared for her life.”

I saw Thanatos give me a creepy smile from afar.

“It’s fine if she escaped because I can still know where she is and that she’s safe. I’m in no hurry to go and fetch her and I’m willing to leave her alone.

“What, did you go so far as planting some tracking device on her?”

Jerna asked me somewhat bewildered.

“Well it’s for her safety.”

“It’s okay Johra, we won’t run away from you, we’ve already sworn to serve you until the day we die.”

I was touched by the Princess’ comment, but was worried that she’d later become like Thanatos.

“Want to continue? I was planning on going a bit further today.”

“I understand, hurry along Jerna. Princess, you too.”

Everyone nodded at Jillian’s suggestion,  and we all headed deeper into the dungeon.

We had already achieved the limit of what had previously been mapped out in the Killion Dungeon, but hadn’t discovered any path which led to the deepest levels.  

Two of the five paths hadn’t yet been explored, so it should be in one of those two.

“Will we do the blue today?”

“Hadn’t we decided on the red?”

At each of the five entrances, the magic circles leading in had a certain magic jewel placed within them. All that were left now were the red ruby and blue sapphire.

“I’d prefer the blue one….”

“How about we let the majority decide?”

“What’s a majority?”

“Huh, you don’t know about the majority?” It’s when you choose something based on what most people picked.”

It seemed that democracy hadn’t yet appeared in this world.

“If you decide that way, then won’t the few whose opinions were ignored, complain?” The Princess asked coldly.

“Right, but if you follow the opinion on the few and ignore the many, won’t it be the many complaining instead?” I countered.

“I don’t know, in such situations isn’t it easiest to ask what is the God’s will?”


“Master has such unique ideas.”

“Let’s give it a try, so how is it done?”

The Princess ended up agreeing in the end and it was put up for a vote.

“Blue! Today’s color is blue.”

The sapphire magic array was the one which we expected to go the deepest.

“Does this one lead to a next stage?”

In these dungeons the transition area between stages was usually protected by a boss monster.

This time around we arrived at tunnel which only one path which was being guarded by a huge black dragon.

“I don’t see any other way round it.”

I nodded back worriedly. Although the three look excited to face off against a dragon, I knew that their recent success had gotten to their heads and that they were not its opponent.

“Well, it wouldn’t be too bad for them to suffer a setback or two.”

“The dragon can likely speak so why don’t we try communicating with it first?”

“Is it possible that it would let us through without a fight?”

I nodded back.

“There is still a chance of settling this peacefully.”

“Has it happened to you before?”

“Yeah… so what should I tell it.”

Unfortunately things didn’t go as expected since it never even bothered responding.


As soon as we approached the dragon began to breathe in deeply.

“Damn, get behind me, it’ll launch a dragon breath!”

“Oh, but then what about you, Master?”


“ Jerna! Quit fooling around and get behind me. Princess, you too!”


I stepped forward to receive the brunt of its attack; however, just as the dragon breath was about to dissipate, the black dragon lifted its claw and pointed behind me.

“Thor’s Thunder! Thor’s Thunder! Thor’s Thunder!”

Pazzik! Paaazik!

The three lightning bolts struck behind me. The Rohim shield was barely able to cope with the Lv. 9 dragon breath and shattered instantly when faced with the three lightning spells.

“Sorry Johra, I wasn’t able to block those spells, they overwhelmed the shield far too quickly.”

I looked behind me and saw three charred corpses. Only the Princess’ was twitching ever so slightly due to the enhanced vitality of the Nosferatu, but it would still take quite the long time to resurrect.

“Dam you Krishna! How dare you kill my disciples!”

Kung Kung Kung

“Ho ho~ My breath was blocked by a mere mortal, not to mention that you even know my name.”

The black dragon Krishna eyed me curiously as it approached.”

“You don’t seem to be afraid of me.”

I quickly reached out to its giant maw which was now within arms reach and grabbed hold of an exposed tooth.


The dragon which had previously been confident that its defenses could never be breached by a mere human, now scuttled back in fear.

“What… you can’t be human! Are you a Messiah? No, it can’t be, the seal of the Gods is still in place so you wouldn’t be able to enter if that were the case. Just what are you?”

It had backed off cautiously, staring at me from a distance of one hundred meters.

“Just stay there quietly like a good little boy. If you move, you’re dead.”

I turned my back to him and began casting my Resurrection Song.

“You dare turn you back to me, the incarnation of death and destruction? Ha ha, I’ll crush you like the little bug that you are!”

Kung Kung Kung

It angrily rushed towards me in an attempt to stomp on me.

‘Huh? Why did the dragon stop? Of course the Rohim shield had been raised to its maximum power so there shouldn’t be a problem, but it couldn’t have known that.’

“Johra the black dragon seems to be lowering its head to something.”

‘Hmm… bowing down? Oh, right.’

I remembered that Thanatos was still nearby.

Black dragons were said to represent death and destruction, so it was only natural for it to be subservient towards the God of Death,Thanatos.

Kuuuooo… How come you can hear me?”

I bunch of loud sounds originated from behind me, but I couldn’t turn to take a look or it would interrupt my Resurrection Song.

“Johra the dragon was just blown up into thousands of pieces.


Finally my spell ended. It would still take some time for the three to regain consciousness, but they would surely be shocked by the scene before them.

“There are pieces of flesh everywhere.…”

“How are you doing, Master? I put that rude fellow into its place so I deserve some praise right?”

Thanatos lowered her head expectantly, perhaps wanting to be petted.

“Hmm… you did well, but I was hoping to use it to temper my disciples.”

I rubbed her head with an expression of regret.

“Oh… I didn’t know. Next time I’ll leave it half dead instead.”

“No, just don’t attack it at all. These young kids won’t grow if you deal with every troublesome situation. A difficult opponent is a chance to stimulate their growths.

“Oh~ Master’s wisdom is beyond compare. I’m so silly so allow me to punish myself.”


Thanatos instantly severed one of her arms and presented it to me.

“Please accept the apologies of this incompetent slave.”

I frowned seeing her severed limb.

“In the future don’t do that again. You belong to me in your entirety, so you can’t hurt yourself without my permission.”

“Forgive me… I was too impulsive, Master.”

“Stop that Thanatos, my disciples will soon wake up.”

“Yes Master, I’ll continue to observe from afar.”

Thanatos vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

Huu. the biggest stalker ever, just what has my life devolved into.’

As i muttered to myself, the three of them finally woke up.

Ugh… what happened?”

“Master where did the dragon go?”

“How are you….wait, weren’t we fighting a black dragon?”

“Um… how should I explain this?”

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