Chapter 113

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“We had all died previously right?”

Actually the Princess hadn’t died, but rather lost consciousness due to her severe injuries.

“Yes you were all dead.”

“Then how is it that we are alive and well now?”

They all looked towards me, pressing me for an answer.

‘I guess they’ll find out eventually anyways so it couldn’t hurt to let them know now.’

“I’ve saved you. I can cast a revival spell, as long as there hasn’t been too much time that has passed.”

They stared at me, shocked into silence.

“Johra the ability to resurrect others has always been exclusive to the Green Elder dragon. Throughout history there has never been another, not even among the Gods.”

Princess Mayardus answered with a hint of uncertainty.

“Well if one can do it what is so strange about another person having the same ability?”

“Is there even anything that’s impossible when it comes to master?”

“Johra what about the black dragon? How did you deal with it?”

I shook my head in regards to Jenna’s question. It hadn’t been my doing.

“I have no idea.”

I told myself that I wasn’t entirely untrue seen as I hadn’t seen it happen. Just a simple white lie to protect certain secrets.

“Johra, then is it possible to resurrect the black dragon as well?”

“If I were to do that won’t it just attack us once more?”

I asked the Princess following here question, but she shook her head in response.

“I heard that dragons will always repay any favor shown. So even if you were considered an enemy before, it is sure to follow you if you save its life.”

‘Hmm… I didn’t get the same vibe I did from Valenor and Lilinor. Is it because it’s the dragon of death and destruction?”

Hearing the Princess’ suggestion I suddenly became eager to have the black dragon as a servant under my control.

‘It would be hard to pull it off though, the amount of damage caused affects the difficulty of the resurrection.’

“Help me gather the pieces of its body and we will try to assemble back once more.”

It took half a day even with the help of all three of them because Thanatos had thoroughly blasted it into thousands of pieces. I also had to try and collect and purify as much of the dragon blood which had spilt on the ground, making the task even harder.

“Everyone, close your eyes.”


It wasn’t that I was doing something secret, but rather that I was shy to be caught singing in front of others.

The Resurrection Song ended up being quite long at about two hours. It was mainly due to the dragon’s size and pitiful state its corpse had been in.


The dragon finally emitted a soft growl, showing some sign of stirring.

“It’s alive!”

“Have you done it, Master?”

“How incredible!”

The three were finally allowed to open their eyes and shouted in surprise.

I was still a bit wary though at stared carefully at slumbering dragon which was about twenty meters away.

After about thirty minutes it finally opened its eyes.

“Was it you who rescued me?”



“Simply because I could.”

“Hmm… I’ve already been abandoned by my God, I no longer have any reason to live on anymore.”

“Black dragon, are you the kind of being that wouldn’t repay the favor he’s shown you?”

Hearing the Princess’ accusation he turned to look at me unwillingly.”

Are you willing to accept this poor, half dead servant?”

I nodded back.

“Then I shall from here on out abandon this living body, Polymorph!”


A large black sword appeared in place of the dragon. As It fell down to the ground it sunk in considerably causing a large tremor in the cave.

I opened up the sword’s status page.


Name: Krishna

Damage: 6,666

Durability: 7,213,112/7,213,112

Magic Spells: [Dragon Flame Lv9] [Life Absorption Lv8] [Dark Space Lv7] [Telepathy Lv9]

[Summon Lv7] [Magic Enhancement LvMax]

“What? Did you become a sword?”

“Please pick me up, Master.”

I approached slowly and grasped the hilt. With a tug I was able to lift it, but despite my strength I felt it was quite heavy.

‘Since you can wield me, then I’ll properly recognize you as my master.’

[Acquired ⦅Title: Krishna’s Master⦆]

“Master is that sword the dragon?”

Jillian asked curiously while I nodded back.

“What, you’ve never heard of a dragon turning into a sword?”

The princess asked somewhat smugly as Jerna approached with wide eyes.


As Jerna attempted to touch the sword, it emitted a blinding light.

‘Master, please don’t let others touch me.’

“Jerna, Krishna doesn’t allow others to touch it.”

“It’s not like it’s going to wear down my me touching,” she answered disappointedly.

“Master, the path to the next floor is over there.”

Following Krishna’s defeat, the entrance had appeared.

“Would you like to go?”

Thanatos had a knowing smile on her face but I ignored her.

‘Huh, so is this all there is to this sword Krishna? If I were to use it versus an Angel or even a God, could I harm them?’

‘Master it is easy to draw blood from an Angel if you use me because we are more or less existences on the same level. If you take into account your strength as well, then it is likely that they can’t even withstand a single blow.’

‘Krishna, are you able to read my thoughts?’

‘Reading master’s thoughts is a matter of course for a tool such as myself.’

‘From now I even can’t even have any personal space?’

‘Don’t worry Master, I exist only as a tool in your service and would never betray you.’

‘Yeah… but I still require my own privacy.’

‘Privacy, what is that?’

As we headed down to the next level I took the time to have a nice chat with Krishna.’

‘Ah… I understand. So when Master tells me to, then I’ll stop reading your mind.’

‘Yes, let’s do it like that.’

Just as we finished our telepathic conversation, we arrived to the next floor where a young looking merchant awaited us. Behind him there was a large temple, much like in the past dungeon.

“Are you the spirit of Killion?”

Following my question my party members jumped in surprise, looking at the man’s appearance more closely.

“No wonder I thought I recognized him!”

“Right, it’s him!”

“Are you really Killion’s spirit, one of those Evil Gods?”

In answer to their questions the man simply chuckled, but didn’t say a word. He then began drawing something on the ground.


“It’s some sort of hieroglyph. It is a language restricted to the Gods, I’ll try my best to decipher it.”

The man which we assumed was Killion’s spirit finished writing some symbols on the ground, then placed a small jewelry box down and disappeared.

“Is that the reward for clearing the dungeon?”

Princess Mayardus reached forward to grab the box, as Lena shouted towards me urgently.

“Quickly stop her Johra! This is a test.”

“Mayardus, stop!”

Unfortunately I was a step too late.


Upon contact the jewelry box opened up and a black mist emerged, swallowing the Princess up.

“Shit! Jillian, Jerna get back!”

“But Master, the box….”

“We need to save sister!”

“Get back, that’s an order!”

Seeing the two finally retreat I asked Lena.

“Is Mayardus still alive?”

“There’s no way to know as of yet. The glyphs on the floor indicate that if she were to pass the test then she’d survive.”

“How annoying, we’ve already cleared the dungeon so what kind of reward is this?”

I stomped angrily on the ground, causing the marble floor to shatter and go flying in every direction. The pieces of marble which came in contact with the black mist however instantly vanished.

‘Krishna do you know what is going on?’

‘Sorry Master, I was only ordered by the God to protect the entrance, that is all.

‘Which God ordered you?’

‘Shiva, the God of Destruction. There are two Gods which I served, the one of Destruction and Death.’

‘Who was the God of Death?’

‘I recently met with the God of Death, Thanatos, but before that it had been Hera’

‘Can there be more than one God of Death?’

‘Right, there can indeed be more than one God representing a certain faction, but there will always be a High God which the others will serve.’

‘Then which one is Thanatos? The High God of Death or just a minor God?’

‘We can’t know as of yet, it is only when they meet the other Gods of Death that the hierarchy is established.’

‘How troublesome.’

Although I was ecstatic to have a God like Thanatos as a subordinate, I wouldn’t feel the same if she would later be under the control of another higher tiered Death God. Especially with her knowing so many of my secrets.

“Johra, I have some hint about how to open the box.”

Lena’s voice appeared like a beacon of hope.

“What is it Lena?”

“The glyphs are archaic so my database can’t translate crucial words though. It goes(Those who know… can obtain ….) Unfortunately that’s all I could decipher.”

“Ah! Good job Lena, I can figure out the rest”

“What! How can you solve it based on only that much information?”

“I got it.”


“Those who know a God’s true name, can obtain God’s power.”

Just as I finish speaking the box opened and the mist finally dissipated, revealing the Princess, a strange creature and pieces of marble.


“Princess Mayardus!”

We ran up to her body which was collapsed on the ground.

“She’s just fast asleep. Her vitals are strong, she’ll be fine.”

We all let out a sigh of relief.

“But what is that weird looking creature?”

From out of the black mist also appeared a weird gray ball which seemed to have a life of its own.

“Ho ho, I’ve finally awakened! Worship me you mortals, I’m back! Ha ha ha!”

On the previously smooth ball, a couple of wrinkles appeared. Shortly after they opened up to reveal a large eye and mouth.

“You shut up!”

I gave it a strong kick, causing it to go flying across the room and remain embedded into the wall.

“What? You dare to kick the God of Whispers! Actually…can you please help me out of here?”

Ignoring it, I simply left it there in the wall.

“Hey! Don’t leave me like this! Take me out of here?”

“Shut it! I don’t like noisy guys like you the most. In the end we’ve gained nothing useful out of this dungeon.”

I had been hoping for a huge haul after completing the Killion dungeon, but all we got was a noisy gray eye, a huge failure.

“I’m a God! Also I know a bunch of secrets pertaining the other Gods! Do you know how often Metatron tried to pry those secrets out from me? So if you’d just help me get out of this wall, i could let you in on some highly sensitive information!”

I was indeed curious after hearing him speak of Metatron. I decided to draw the teleportation circle and send my party ahead of me.

“You guys go back first and take good care of the Princess. I have business with that thing.”

“Yes Master.”

They headed back to the dungeon manor, carrying the unconscious Mayardus with them.

I then slowly made my way to the wall the grey ball creature was embedded in and dug it out.

Haha, it was quite troublesome to have been trapped in that box, thanks for getting me out o’ Condemned One.”

“I don’t need your thanks, so quickly tell me all those secrets you mentioned.”

Tong Tong

I instructed him while tapping his eyeball.

“I’m the great God of Whispers! Are you trembling now, Condemned One?”

“Stop speaking nonsense and start talking”


Krishna’s tip of sword  hit it straight on. Although it managed to close its eyelid, it still got burned.

“Pff… I’m an God, you could never… what you burned me? How? No, no stop!”

One who had never suffered a setback was sure to cringe when first feeling pain, and a God was no exception.

“Are you ready to talk now?”

I asked as I held Krishna overhead in a threatening manner.

“You think that I’d surrender to you, Condemned One? ”


I saw something forming at the center of its eye.

“Johra! It’s charging a spell! It appears to be very similar to the one cast by the Beholder in Jeduth.”

“Yes, I’m on it.”

I quickly pulled out the same mirror I had used last time.

“Ahhhhh! How?”

In the end his beam was reflected back on him.”

“I’ve previously faced off against one who used a similar skill to yours.”

Harpok was attacked by his own skill, and couldn’t move.

“First I need to put you in your place.”

I thrust Krishna in his mouth.”


“What was that? I can’t hear you properly.”

When I removed Krishna from the inside of its mouth were burning and smoke emerged. The veins on its eye seemed to be popping and it was clear that it was in a lot of pain.

Ohhhhh Sa…..Ohhh

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