Chapter 117

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“How are you… wait, where is this place? Harpok’s body is here too? What’s going on Johra? Last I remember we were attacking the Rohim’s home planet. How long has it been since then?”

“Ugh… you just got back and are already so annoying, shut up.”

“Who are you talking to? Where did that gem come from?”

“Lena, I’ll need a moment to have an uninterrupted chat with my friend here, could you make sure all our countermeasure are up so no one can spy on us.”

“Got it!”

We hadn’t spoken to each other in quite some time but I had instinctively told him to shut up. It made beginning our conversation a bit awkward.

Finally Lena’s eavesdropping countermeasure were up and we could start.

Hoo I tried very hard not to think about you, but it seems that in the end I slipped up.”

“Why? Surely our relationship was much better towards the end no?”

“No, you should have told me how powerful Metatron was.”

“How could I tell you, you were ignoring anything I said.”


Knowing now that Gnoss was actually a reincarnation of Harpok complicated our relationship somewhat.

“It’s okay, I know undeads like you don’t have emotions, after all I’ve observed you for quite some time…wait, why do you feel different? Leader of the Fallen, what’s that? It isn’t even a race or profession, a unique class? Ha ha ha~ you really do surprise me every time!”

“What do you know, the real surprise hasn’t even arrived.”

“Oh, and even bigger surprise? Please, do tell, I’m so curious!”

“Do you know about Harpok?”

“He’s the God which stands even above the supreme sages. He’s the God of Whispers and Secrets.

“What, there was a God which the supreme sages served?

“Yes, most of what I know, I do because of Harpok.”

“I see….”

“Right, to become a supreme sage you need to be compatible with Harpok’s Divine Grace. The former supreme sage who mentored me said that I was a great match with Harpok.”

“Yeah, no kidding since you basically are Harpok.”

“Ha ha, my mentor would also say that I resemble Harpok quite a lot.”

“No, I’m not saying you’re like him, I’m telling you that you are Harpok.”

“Wait what? I’m Harpok?”

“Right, Harpok once reincarnated on Earth and that was your past life.”

“Wha…what are you talking about.”

“Look, Harpok’s body is here, but not his spirit. He’s already reincarnated.

“What? Why would he abandon his body?”

“I was torturing him for information and he couldn’t take the pain I suppose, so he committed suicide. After that, through his eye I could see that he had reincarnated and that he was living back on Earth. Living your childhood.”

“How shocking… I mean it’s hard to believe, even for me who has access to such much knowledge.”

“Here, I have your dead body.  Although you can’t see it, you should be able to feel something, right?”

“Yes… I can still vaguely feel Harpok’s presence since he died a short time ago. By the way how did Harpok even die, a God’s body is supposed to be immortal.”

“For minor Gods it is possible to kill them with an Artifact class weapon.”

“Do you truly have an artifact weapon?”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well if this truly is a God’s body then I actually have some hope of resurrecting.”

“Oh, how so?”

“As you know I’ve long been banished and we can only communicate due to the binding contract we had made. However, if I were to come in contact with a God’s corpse, I believe I can take possession of it. Sigh… is this fate?”

“Hmm… I see.”

“Could you touch Harpok’s corpse, Johra?”

I almost did what he asked out of reflex, before stopping to think. This was an opportunity, he couldn’t resurrect without my help.

“Before I do so, let’s make a contract, Gnoss.”

“Contract? Do we really need more of those between us?”

“Of course, I still can’t 100% trust you so I need this as an insurance.”

“Ok, what do I need to do.”

“I only require you to fulfill one condition.”

“Just the one? Is the reason there is only one because it’s a very stringent condition? Ok… just tell me already, I don’t have much of a choice.”

The more he spoke the weaker he sounded. He knew that I had a confrontational personality that wouldn’t back down, so he tried the opposite by appearing submissive. He was truly a manipulative one.

“I ask only that you be a true friend, and use all of your knowledge for my sake.”

“Hm…a simple enough condition, but it’s actually quite deep. Still, my answer is yes.”

“Great, thank you.”

“Aren’t you wondering why I said yes?”

“I know you will tell me first.”

“The reason Harpok chose death rather than spilling his secrets is that he didn’t trust you. I know you Johra, and ever since you’ve kept that promise of getting revenge on the Rohim, I’ve decided to follow you to the very end. Now, when I get in contact with the God’s corpse I’ll be free of any restrictions and….”

“Are you sure you’re not trying to trick me somehow?”

“No, I promise you’ll get the full story after I take over that body.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Yes, I swear it on my very soul.”


I brought the gem which Gnoss resided in and placed it on Harpok’s corpse. Upon contact it immediately absorbed the jewel and I stepped back to observe.

“Uh… so is it reviving?”

It took about half an hour, but his body regenerated all injuries and he opened his eye.

“Is that you Gnoss?”

“No, I’m Harpok again, but I now have Gnoss’ memories. Polymorph!”

He transformed in to Gnoss’ human form.

“Ah… it feels so comfortable in here. Could it be because all those memories which match up perfectly with this body?”

Gnoss muttered to himself as he touched his body everywhere.

“What you’re doing is a bit weird, put some clothes on Gnoss, I mean Harpok.”

“Oh right, Polymorph!”

He turned into the middle aged scientist which had contributed so much to the creation of Gamma.

“Huh? Creator? Why are you here?”

Lena piped up and broke the silence.

“Ah… well basically it’s Harpok which has come back to life.”

“Well even if you’re a bit different, you look the same. I didn’t think that I’d be seeing you again!”

“Ha ha ha ~ Lena! How did you come over to this world? With Johra?”

“It seems it was because Lena had planted some nanobots on my person.”

“What? No one’s thought about this before, crossing over in such a way. Lena, you’ve managed to take with you all of Earth’s knowledge! ”

“Of course,”

“Absolutely! Take a look at this ship, it’s named Nautilus but it can also fly and even go into space!”

“Wow, incredible!”

This childish AI and its creator spent the next few hours chatting away and catching up.

“Master, I’m back. Here’s Krishna… what’s going on? Wasn’t he dead?”

Thanatos returned to a living Harpok, so she was confused.

“It’s a bit complicated, but basically he’s come back to life.”

“Oh… then can I torture it some more?”

“Ah! Please, please don’t torture me anymore. We are on the same side now.”

Harpok knelt down at Thanatos’ feet, pleading for his life.

It seems that his time spent with her had been quite traumatic and left quite the scar.

“Harpok, do you have a way to solve my current curse?”

“It should be possible, Lena can you help me set up a three dimensional hologram?”

“Sure father!”


“Well, it was part of her programming to refer to me as father.”


Along with Thanatos, we watched Harpok and Lena hard at work. Finally after five hours the three dimensional spell was completed.

“That’s amazing, a magic array hanging in mid air.”

“Creating a 3D array is truly quite taxing, it was only possible due to Lena’s aid. Come over here.”


As I walked into the middle of the array, Harpok began casting a magic spell.

“Can this be dealt with just a single spell?”

Harpok nodded back and began chanting; however since it was to deal with a God’s curse, it was quite the long and complicated chant.


Finally, my curse was lifted.

“Marterial Creation: Iron”

A piece of high quality Iron appeared in my hand.

“I’m glad you’re back.”

“Johra did you have that legendary necklace?”

“How did you know?’

Well I do have Harpok’s memories, so it’s easy to guess based on the questions Thanatos was asking in our torture sessions.”

“Ah, right.”

“I should be able to help you out. Wear the necklace and I can reset the conditions until you find one that you like.”


“Yeah, don’t forget that I’m the God of Whispers and Secrets”

“How convenient.”

“Of course, why do you think that Metatron was trying so hard to pry that secret out of me?”

I quickly put on the necklace.

“What’s the condition?”

“It says I need to poison 10,000,000 people.”

Hoo, that’s a bit much.  Lena, let’s create the array I showed you earlier.”

“Yes father!”


They created another 3D magic array and I entered inside.

“Now you just need to wait a while.”

After about an hour my condition was reset.

“What is it this time?”

“Something crazy… I need to kill 100 million people with the use of magic.”

“Damn, another ridiculous one.”


“Shit, again!”

After two months of resetting I finally found one which was doable.

“This one should be fine.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“I need to make a planet which has a diameter of at least 1,000 kilometers.”

“Oh, that’s not bad. No one even has to die. Lena, scan the star system for a suitable location.

“I’ve already finished calculating and here are the results. If you use your Material Creation to power the Nautilus, we can arrive to the closest spot in 2 years time.


Material Creation: Iron”

“That’s enough for today, Johra.”

“Good job, Johra.”

“I’m indeed pretty tired tired.”

“I’ll open up a direct line with the dungeon manor, it seems they all miss you.”

“Okay, do it.”

After a short time Vez’s hologram appeared before me.


Her hologram tried to hug me but passed right through. She had grown so fast and looked like a budding 15 year old girl. Seeing my charming baby girl helped relieve me of all the fatigue I had been enduring.

“How are you doing, Vez?”

“Come back to the house, I want to see you!”

“Yeah, I know baby but I can’t go back right now, it might take a while.”

Gnoss had explained to me that it would be dangerous to use the teleportation array while in transit. Once we had arrived on the planet then would be able to set up the array and return.

“Everyone misses you…. Big sis Mayardus, sister Jerna and brother Jillian. Mother is lonely everyday, come home soon, dad.”

“It won’t be long now, just six more months.”

“Really dad?”

“Yes, not a day more, I promise.”

Exhausted after having experienced such a loaded day, I fell asleep while travelling through the deep and empty space.

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