Chapter 118

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I didn’t actually have any idea how to begin creating my very own 1000 km planet.

Naturally I knew a certain amount of math behind it. A planet with a diameter of 1000 km resulted in a volume of (1000*1000*1000*4*𝝅/3) = 4,188,789,330 km3 .

The density of iron was 8.37g/cm3, so one cubic meter would be 8.37 tons. One cubic kilometer would then be 8.370,000,000 tons, or about 8.3 billion tons. If we were to take that number and multiply it by the planets volume which was 4,188,789,330, it would result in more or less 3.23 *1016 tons, which according to Lena was a very very big number indeed.

The reason we based our calculations on iron is that in fact most planets were formed from material which is even denser than iron, so it was used to calculate the very minimum requirement.

At least it wasn’t the case that I would have to use Material Creation to supply all of our needs. Our main plan was to make use of the drones.

Gnoss had proposed to use nearby asteroids to help form the planet, and Lena went to work on figuring out the details.

These newest drones would be installed with our latest pulsar engine which were powered with my positron, giving them a working cycle of six months. Lena first had me construct her 100 androids which would then be used in the process of creating the space drones. The entire project was overseen by Gnoss. The whole time Thanatos was simply shadowing me, but I eventually tuned her out, becoming absorbed in the creation of androids.

After that was done, we then created the planet core. It was composed of a mix of incredibly dense alloys which I had created, and Lena was tasked with successfully fusing them together, which was quite an easy task considering her quantum computing abilities. Our core boasted a hardness and heat resistance which meant that it wouldn’t even dissolve if it were thrown in the sun. Naturally this was mostly due to the materials that I had provided, after all most of them were quite rare even across the universe and it had only been made possible due to my Material Creation ability.

“Johra, the planet core will soon be launched, 10, 9….”

A large, gold looking sphere with a 1000 kilometer diameter floated out into space. It has taken us a whole year to complete, but the core had finally been finished.

“Good morning everyone, I’m Zaira!”

“Who is this? Lena, did you somehow bring Zaira over?”

“Ha ha ha… no, but I knew you’d ask that. Actually since they share much of the same code, I was able to derive her from Lena’s programming and insert her into her own core in order to manage the creation of this planet.She is far better suited to the task than Lena who is more of an battle focused A.I.”

Lena grumbling could be heard after Gnoss’ explanation.

“It’s not that I’m not good at defending, it’s just that I wanted to have a sister.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Lara, I’ll leave this planet in your care!”

“Yes, let’s create the most wonderful planet in all the universe.”

“That sounds awesome, it would indeed be quite the achievement!”

“Johra would you mind picking a name for the planet?”

That very question which Lara had just asked me had become the source of my greatest dilemma yet.

“Uhm… can I take some time to think about it?”

“Sure, there are still 364 days, 19 hours, 16 minutes and 24 seconds to completion.”

Ever since that day my worries began. I had spent more than one sleepless night, awake and struggling with what I would name the new planet.

“It’d be best to avoid Necro this time, I think it might have been a small factor as to why the city was wasted last time around. I need to find a name which speaks to future happiness and prosperity….”

“Johra would you like to hear some suggestions?”

Lena who had seen me struggling so hard offered to lend a hand and I had no reason to refuse.

“Sure, let’s hear it.”

“I was thinking something along the lines of Atlantis, or Heaven or Utopia….”

“Wait! Utopia… that’s a good one, I like it!”

I liked the fact that it referred to the creation of an ideal society. Be it in science, economy, politics, it would be perfect in every way.”

“That’s good, let’s go with that.”

“Cool, I’ll let everyone know.”

Shortly after I got everyone’s opinion to it.

“Utopia? Sounds nice!”
“What is the meaning of Utopia, Lena?”

Lena transmitted to me the video recordings of everyone’s reactions.

“Good, I’m glad so see they all like it.”

“Of course, since Johra’s choice can’t be wrong.”

And so the name Utopia had been decided upon. We would strive to create a truly perfect world.

‘Is that not another dream of so many people? To create their own world and reign as a God.’

About a month later the drones had proven themselves useful, attaching themselves to small asteroids nearby and gently guiding them on a collision course with our planet core.

“So all I have to do is first resist the initial impact with the Rohim’s shield, and then slowly fuse these large rocks with our core?”

“That’s about right. It is in fact a bit more complex, but the drones will take care to control the incoming speed and leave enough time between collisions for the assimilation of the asteroids. I can show you the entire process of n this 3D hologram.”

Lena showed me the projection for the 300 planned mini collisions over the next six months. Involving a complex calculation which attempted to take into consideration every possible variable.

“I can’t understand it at all. Will it all be fine, Gnoss?”

“Yes, just leave it to me, but if ever there is an emergency, we’ll be relying on your ability to create positrons.”

“Why is that?”

“If we have emergency situation, positrons would be able to resolve the it.”

“That one again?”

“Yes. If for some reason something unpredictable occurs like an asteroids arriving to early or being larger than expected, we’d have to blast to bits with the Extinction gun.

“So it will be under Zaira’s control?”

“Yes, although this is all theoretical and not something I expect to occur. Still, it is best to be prepared because even between myself and Lena’s quantum computing abilities, we can’t predict everything with a 100% certainty.”

I shook my head while looking the Extinction gun.

“My hope is that it never has to be used.”

“Don’t worry about it, we will go at this slowly and securely. We’ve already lined up more than enough asteroids, resulting in 300% more mass than was required by your cursed necklace ”

“Great, your plan sounds perfect.”

“Well, if Gods don’t get involved, everything should be fine.”

“Then do you expect them to make an appearance, Gnoss?”

“Well, in truth I have absolutely no idea.”

“Why is that?”

“Because while it is true that normally the Gods are restricted from interfering in mortal affairs, Utopia is an entirely different case. The creation of a planet which houses life and therefore generates Divine Grace, is something of incredible importance to Gods. If a large amount of Divine Grace is introduced, then it can even shift the current established hierarchy among Gods.”

“Is that so? New worlds create a lot of Divine Grace?”

“ Right, They must all be watching this development closely. Between the both of us we can definitely succeed in creating a world which is teeming with life, which would result in a new source of Divine Grace. If it is to their advantage, they may choose to interfere. ”

“Then if they want to become tenants, they’d first need the permission of the landlord.”

“Of course, we’d be the ring leaders here.”

“Ha ha ha! Becoming a landlord of the Gods, I like it!”

“You know what you’re talking about Johra! Hu hu hu!”

I shook hands with Gnoss and we shared an evil laugh. At that time we both had no idea how impactful that handshake would become in the future. No, perhaps such a result had already been predetermined. I was the only one who had the ability to create such a planet and therefore become a god through the process.

In retrospect the quest given by this cursed God necklace was a bit too suited for me. If I had taken the time to stop and think about it, perhaps I could have discussed these suspicions with Gnoss and fleshed it out. However, the truth was that I had never doubted the entire process, even after the warnings I had received in my dreams. I had already set a course for the destruction of the universe.

Six months later, the first of the larger asteroid collisions began.

“Asteroid A01021 will cross the Roche Limit in 10 seconds.”

Hearing her scientific terminology, I asked Gnoss.

“What does she mean by Roche Limit?”

“Ten… nine… eight… seven….”

“It’s is when an object crosses a certain threshold of proximity to a planet, after which it is no longer possible to escape the planet’s gravitational pull.”

The large asteroid was about 100 kilometers wide, but it was now beginning to break apart into smaller pieces. As pieces of it broke off and approached out core, they were turned into fine dust.

“Wow, cool!”

Although Utopia’s core was still small, it was incredibly dense so with its attractive force alone, it was able to crumble the asteroid. About 10 hours later the process had been completed and the asteroid formed a thin surface across the core. This layer formed by the asteroid rock gave the planet a color of reddish rust.

“The temperature in the core is now roughly 3,000 degrees whereas the surface is at 1,000 degrees. Initiate the second collision.”

The process was repeated 150 times over the next three months. On a regular looking day where the assimilation of asteroids was going smoothly, a hiccup occurred.

“Uhm… we have ourselves a little problem.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Well…” Gnoss began.

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